Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, July 16, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 255~

Sonali got amused as she stood in between,observing Mayank on her left and Mahi on her right.Soon,it reached the first floor.Sonali realized that she had forgotten her car keys,and suggested to Mahi to go upstairs and get them for her.
Mahi:Arre,mere gaadi mein bhi toh chal sakte hain na?? 
Sonali:Uffo,tum samaj nahin rahe ho..Saare files mere car mein hain...Please yaar!!
Mahi:Ok fine!!(the lift doors closed while Sonali waited)
Jiya:Armaan,kya hai?Ghoor kyun rahe ho?
Armaan:Come on Jiya...Stop it for now!!What's going on?I know that you're hiding something from me..
Jiya:(was clipping the photographs she just developed)Armaan,do you mind answering the call for me?(Armaan saw Bharti's name and wondered if he ought to pick it up)Ab kya hua?Armaan,phone uthaao na..(Armaan reluctantly picked up)
Bharti:Jiya,Bharti here...Gosh,how long have i been trying your number?IN fact,i need to meet you and talk to you urgently...(Armaan fell lost in her voice and when Jiya was done,she snapped at him)Hello????
Jiya:(took the phone from Armaan and heard Bharti's voice)Bharti,hii...What's up??
Bharti:Weren't you listening to me??
Jiya:(looked at Armaan and covered her mobile)What was she saying?
Armaan:She wants to meet you urgently..
Jiya:(took her hands off)Sure,just swing by MU in the evening,k?Right now,i'm quite busy,Bharti..I'll be done by around 5:30 or 6 pm,so come around then..Ok??Bye..!!(hung up before Bharti could say anything)Armu,you could have spoken a word at least..
Armaan:She would have hung up instantly..Anywayzz,why does she want to meet you urgently??
Jiya:No clue!!But you're going nowhee when she comes...
Armaan:Excuse me??
Jiya:(rolled her eyes)As if,Armaan!!!
The lift was heading to the second floor,opening the doors unnecessarily in an ascending order as it headed to the third,fourth and fifth floor.All of a sudden,the lift got stuck after the doors closed.Mahi jerked a lil and looked around.The dim lights started flickering,adding to the much irritation that could fill up the threshold in Mahi's soul.Eventually,the lights went off and the lift stopped moving.She looked at Mayank who felt her suspicious eyes.
Mayank:Heyy,i didn't do anything!!(looked at the generator which managed to direct light between them)
Mahi:I'm not even talking to you!!Damn it!!(pressed the "Emergency Bell" button several times)
Mayank:(murmured to himself)This is the perfect chance to talk to her..Here she can't walk away and i surely need to win her trust at any cost!!
Mahi:(shuddered)Please,for God's sake,don't start talking to your deceased girlfriend now..It's just creepy!!
Mayank:What the...(paused before continuing)Did you even hear me mention Radhika's name??
Mahi:Oh well,i've heard you talking to her on some occasions,hence i'm free to assume that in this situation as well!!!
Mayank:(inhaled deeply before continuing further)Mahi,i came to Men's Universe for a reason..And what's with you not wanting to listen to me,huh??
Mahi:Who the hell do you think you are that i ought to listen to you??
Mayank:Just tell me why you're mad at me..(Mahi glared at him)Ok,if this is anything related to Niharika's suggestion...
Mahi:Wow...Someone's got brains!!(clenched her fists and banged it on the wall)
Mayank:Heyy,i had no clue of it whatsover,ok?
Mahi:Yeah,liek i'm gonna believe you..Look,i just don't wanna listen to any of your crap,get it?
Mayank:You've got to!!!
Mahi:No,i don't!!(took out her iPOD and plugged in to listen to the mp3 songs)
Mahi's attitude simply aggravated Mayank to the core.It seemed to him as though she was passing strong vibes to him that he's the root reaon for all the problems in her life.Mayank attempted to control his anger at Mahi but then he didn't care either and instantly snatched the iPOD of Mahi's and hurled it across the floor.Mahi stood,drenched in anger as her earphones got smashed along with her iPOD which was no longer  stood.She knelt down to take a closer look at it before she stood up and gave Mayank a death ray.
Mahi:Just how dare you??
Mayank:If you had bothered listening to me earlier,none of this would happened...
Mahi:And what the hell makes you think that i'm going to listen to you now??
Mayank:I've destroyed your iPOD and apparently ad you can't run from here without hearing me out..
Mahi:Let me warn you,Mayank..You've got to pay HUGE and i mean it!!
Mayank:I guess i already am by being romantically linked to you..
Mahi:Argghh,will you stop it??I can't stan a second with you,get that??(continued pressig the emergency bell)Damn!!Why isn't this working??
Mayank:It's not as if i'm enjoying this recently acquired status,alright?I've seriously told you not o swing by my place but you just had to come,pay no heed to a single word of mine!!
Mahi:Cuz i have trust issues with you!!I will never trust you,especially after whatever i've gone through with you before..
Mayank:I was going to break us up but apparently that couldn't work..But as far as the suggestion was concerned,i know nothing,i swear!!(Mahi ignored him and started jumping;Mayank was annoyed to the core by her antics)What the heck are you doing??
Mahi:FYI,we're stuck in the lift...Jumping can help..
Mayank:Seriously,are you out of your mind??Where did you get this idiotic idea from??(Mahi stopped jumping and glared at him before resuming her jump)
Suddenly, Mayank was shaken up from where he stood and he simply couldn't believe it.
Mahi:OMG!!OMG,did you see that Mayank??(held his forearm)
Mayank:Yeahh...OMG!!(noticed Mahi having held onto his forearm)Mahi,you're right...
Mahi:Wohi toh main...(paused as she realized having held him)I'm..(instantly withdrew her hand)Sorry...Ok,ermm..
Mayank:Niharika's suggestion was a total shoker for me too,Mahi..I'm..
Mahi:As I count,jump with me,you get it?
Mahi:1...2....3...Jump!!See that?
Mayank:Ok,th lift moved..Ok,erm...
Mahi:1...2...3..Jump!!(the lift didn't move this time round)
Mayank:(got amused)What happened,Mahi?
Mahi:Don't you laugh at me..It worked twice..
Mayank:(held Mahi's wrist,pulling her close)Listen to me for once and then  you can carry on with your jumping jacks or other antics you have up your sleeve..
Mahi:Let go of my hand,Mayank..(saw a reflection of Mayank's adamant nature in his eyes)I said,let go!!
Mayank:Nahinn!!Jab tak tum meri poori baat nahin sunn leti,tab tak nahin!!!Mujhe Niharika ki prastaav ke baarein mein kuch bhi nahin pata,samjhi??In fact,main khud parishaan tha poore weekend par aur aaj bhi ki mujhe yaad tak nahin ki mere appointments shaam ko hain..Mere hi galti thi ki maine woh situation theekh tarha se handle nahin kiya a..I'm just so sorry!!Lekin aaj main tumse vaada karta hoon ke jald se jald main humaari break-up karwaaunga..Mere paas ek idea hain...
Mahi:Mere haath chodo Mayank...Main sunn rahi hoon..(Mayank let go of her hand)
Mayank:Main Nihu ko bol dunga ki hum ab alag ho chuke hain...
Mahi:Kis reason ke thor par?
Mayank:Reason..Ermm,yehi ki hum dono workaholis hain aur hum apne sapnon ke saath compromise nahin karna chahthi..Aur humaare sapne hi humaare priority hain iss waqt,yeh rishtha nahin...So??What do you think??
Mahi:(broke into a smile)Not bad;finally ek acha sa plan sunn rahi hoon..Lekin mujhe Raj ke saath discuss karni padegi kyunki maine hi usse keh diya tha ki jab usne raita fehla diya ain,woh khud saaf karega Niharika se baat karke..
Mayank:Main Niharika ka bhai hoon..Main khd solve karunga..Tumhe itna sa bhi barosa nahin hain mujh par??
Mahi:Tum vishwaas ke baarein mein baat kar rahe ho?You've got the audacity to ask me that when you've let Ash resume working in Trends and accused Shreya of spreading the rumour of our so-called romantic relationship??Puhhlease!!!
Mayank:FYI,it's none of your business to why exactly i've re-hired Ash to work for me as my secretary,alright??I can see that Shreya is still naive but what about you?Looks liek even after having worked in this industry for 4 years,you don't know that you've got to be much closer and in touch with your rivals than your friends..(Mahi was extremely surprised as she glanced at Mayank)What do you think?That i don't know that Shreya's innocent in this matter??But that's for her to figure out on her own..(Soon,both fell silent with occasional glancing at each other going on,not knowing what to say but wait for the lift to resume functioning which only took place a few hours later)Finallyy..The lift door's open!!!Thanks to your jumping antic!!It sure means one thing...
Mahi:Miracles can happen if we work together??
Mayank:Wrong..We are on our different destinations always,and it's time to part!!(Mayank left,leaving Mahi in thoughts)
Mahi:Totally...What the heck was i thinking???
~Men's Universe~
~@Sonali's cabin~
Mahi kept fidgeting to herself as she rummaged through Sonali's desktop,flipping through her files as she searched for her car keys,"Where the hell did she put her car keys now??Maybe i should just call her up and ask where she had kept it.."
As she took out her mobile and unlocked the keypad,she widened her eyes in shock as it was 5 pm already,which basically meant that she had spent a whole deal of 3 hours with Mayank.However,what surprised her was the fact that Sonali didn't call her at all.
Sonali:Finally,Ms Mahi Talwar..(Mahi turned around)You managed to get out of the lift..
Mahi:Where the heck were you?
Sonali:Excuse me??I should be asking you that..!!!
Mahi:If you haven't heard from me,why didn't you call me???
Sonali:I didn't bother at all!!
Sonali:In your repeated attempts to ignore Mayank,i forgot my car keys but what had to be coincidentally frustrating anf maddening was the fact that none amongst the 3 of us saw the signboard...
Mahi:What signboard?
Sonali:You haven't noticed??(Mahi simply blinked her eyes in ignorance)Just outside the lift we had entered,there's a signboard stating,"Under maintenance..Enter at your own risk!!"
Mahi:What the...
Sonali:Only when i reached the first floor and saw some technicians that is,after youtwo left for upstairs,did I realize about the signboard..And it wasn't a surprise that those technicians went to eat their lunch..I took the stairs instead,got my car keys and conducted our two meetings..
Mahi:And i had to spend the last 3 hours with Mayank..Argghh!!What the hell..
Sonali:Waise,the way he waited to talk to you,to get your attention at any cost,was somehow romantic na??(Mahi glared at her before hitting her elbow real hard with her files)What did he wanted to say anywayzz??
Mahi:That he knew nothing about the announcement and he's got a plan for the break-up!!
Sonali:Yeah right..(paused as she saw Mahi's silence and grew stunned)Really??Like what??What...What...What's the plan??(just then,Mahi's mobile rang)Don't take it..
Mahi:It's important,Sonu..Excuse me!!(went outside)
Sonali:Hmm,as far as the dinner was concerned,Mayank must have obviously come up with some stupid sa plan..(paused)But what could have garnered Mahi's support??
Mahi:(got back)Something wrong with you,that you're talking to yourself??
Sonali:Tell me the plan,quick..
Mahi:Not now..Gotta head home cuz i had forgotten an important file and the client's expected to be here anytime soon..Please cover up for me,k??Please??
Sonali:(got annoyed,folded her hands)Really Mahi??(Mahi nodded and headed out)Oh yes,don't forget to take the lift!!(Mahi turned around,cross with Sonali's sarcasm but she was rather amused by Sonali's childishness for her not revealing Mayank's plan)
Mahi:(hit her head as she thought)Gosh,not the lift again..Get down the stairs!!(walked down the stairs)
Bharti stood outside and gently opened the doors,voicing out to Jiya in the darkness.
Bharti:You there,Jiya?
Jiya:(switched on one of the lights)Heyy,come on in..I'm done with my work and was waiting for ya..Is everything ok?
Bharti:Everything's fine Jiya..But what the hell's brewing between you and my best friend,Payal??Why is she mad at you??
Jiya:(clipped the developed photographs,turning away from Bharti)How am i supposed to know,Bharti?You could have asked her yourself..
Bharti:So,you wouldn't tell me the part of your story??You wouldn't want to jutify for whatever that happened in London between you and Bhaskar,huh??(Jiya turned to her in shock)
Jiya:Me and Bhaskar??What..What exactly are you trying to say??
Bharti:What Payal told m and what she had overheard you and Bhaskar talk to each other..
Jiya:Bharti,i really don't get what you..(pondered about what Bharti was fuming about)Payal had not been talking to me on several occasions and this has really baffled me..
Bharti:Oh really,Jiya??You expect me to believe that there's no smoke without fire??
Bharti:Oh,don't you seem tensed,Jiya??What are you hiding from me about Bhaskar??
Jiya:What did Payal tell you?
Bharti:So you wouldn't admit about your crime in meddling and coming in between Payal and Bhaskar,right??(Armaan overheard their conversation as the studio door was slightly ajar)
Jiya:Yeahh,i wou..(paused)WHAT???W...Wh...What??Bharti,why would i do that??
Bharti:Aww,Ms Jiya Mishra is so innocent,yeah??Don't you dare lie to me,Jiya..Tell me what exactly happened in London between you two..
Jiya:For God's sake Bharti,nothing happened..But i just don't understand why you're asking me such questions....
Bharti:Cuz Payal heard you saying that if Bhaskar weren't married,then you would have..You're having an affair with Bhakar,aren't you??Where's Bhaskar??I tried contacting him but neither is his mobile reachable nor is h at home..Where did he disappear to??
Jiya:Look Bharti,i really don't know..And don't you blindly accuse me of having an affair with him,alright?I did admit to him,while unwinding up at a bar,that i had a huge crush on him in the earlier days when i joined Men's Universe but then at that point of time,i had no idea he was married..Plus i began to hate them as i got to know of his arrogance towards Armaan,me and Raj and our line of work..And perhaps i was quite drunk to have blurted it out to him but he just jokingly pulled my leg,saying that he would have fallen for me if he hadn't been married either..Later,when we headed to our different rooms,he just consoled me that someone'll enter my life real soon and i just gotta be a lil more patient..(Bharti looked skeptical)
Bharti:I don't know if there's an inch of truth in what you've just said..But you had a huge crush on him and you didn't bother informing me at least???
Jiya:Bharti,this is just preposterous...Why shuld i make a mockery of my crushed hopes then??Besides that,i am so happy for both Bhaskar and Payal..Please Bharti..(held Bharti's wrist)Trust me!!
Bharti:(took her hand from her wrist)You were there at Rohan's wedding,right??Payal had been disturbed way before..(took a few steps behind and away from Jiya)And it's all because of you???(Tears began forming at the edge of Bharti's eyelids)You've got no idea how much she means to me!!And if anything were to happen..Do you even know that she's thinking of divorcing Bhaskar????
Jiya:(was grief-struck)Bharti,main...
Bharti:Just shut up,Jiya..(fidgeted)I've got very lil time to sort this out before this situation takes a turn for the worst..(turned to leave but just then,she bumped into Armaan and dropped his photographs)I'm..(looked at him and recollected the note she wrote to him as she knelt progressively with Armaan to pick up the photographs;she passed them to Armaan after having gotten up)I'm sorry!!(tried to leave and did so but Armaan pulled her towards him)
Armaan:Bharti,Jiya aise kabhi nahin kar sakthi...Main usse achi tarha se jaanta hoon..
Bharti:Woh jaanti hain ki Bhaskar kahaa hain..Par woh toh yeh baat chupaa rahi hain..
Armaan:Main maanta hoon ki woh kuch chupaa rahi hain kyunki usne mujhe bhi nahin bataaya par iska matlab yeh nahin hain ke uske aur Bhaskar ke beech kuch..
Bharti:Mere haath chodo,Armaan..
Armaan:Nahin..Bharti,tumhe mujhpar itna bhi barosa nahin hain??
Bharti:Jaise tumhe Jiya ko lekar ina fikr hain,usse kahin zyaada mujhe apni sabse kareebi dost,Payal aur Bhaskar ki shaadi ki fikr hain,,Aur agar Jiya ke waje se kuch bhi hua na Armaan,yaad rakhna ki main usse meri ek aisa chehra dikhaaungi jo usne pehle kahin dekhi hi naa ho..e right
Armaan:Tum Payal ki itni fkr karti ho na??Woh tumhaari sabse kareebi hin na??Par ab main yeh jaanna chahtha hoon ki main kya hoon tumhaare liye..
Bharti:Goa mein woh chitti padhkartumhe samajh mein nahin aaya ki hum dono ke beech ab pehle ke tarha dosti nahin reh paayega,huh??Tum...(took his hand turned away)Humaare beech ab kuch bhi nahin hain...(her pupils moved to the left and the right repetitively,in an attempt not to ry and left from there)
Armaan:Damn it!!Yeh Bhaskar gaya toh aakhir gayaa kahaa???

Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Mahi:Yeah,liek i'm gonna believe you..Look,i just don't wanna listen to any of your crap,get it?
Mayank:You've got to!!!
Mahi:No,i don't!!(took out her iPOD and plugged in to listen to the mp3 songs)
Mahi's attitude simply aggravated Mayank to the core.It seemed to him as though she was passing strong vibes to him that he's the root reaon for all the problems in her life.Mayank attempted to control his anger at Mahi but then he didn't care either and instantly snatched the iPOD of Mahi's and hurled it across the floor.Mahi stood,drenched in anger as her earphones got smashed along with her iPOD which was no longer  stood.She knelt down to take a closer look at it before she stood up and gave Mayank a death ray.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 254~

Sanjana:No explanations needed,Armaan..I had overheard everything!!
Armaan:What??(looked away)
Sanjana:Look at me,Armaan...Are you truly in love with Bharti or not or were you faking it???I man you guyzz kissed last night??But why did she..
Armaan:Sanjee,i have only loved her my life...
Sanjana:So,why did she think you're two-timing her and Shreya???I mean,why did she think it's for Shreya??
Armaan:Sanjee,i really don't know..In fact,i felt the spark between us as we..Even if it was for a brief moment,she made me feel as if she too...Shreya...(paused)She..
Sanjana:Believe it or not,she's always been like that..But you're no less at fault either..Shreya confessed her feelings for you and you remained far more silent..So,don't just blame Bharti...
Armaan:It was at the Trends success bash..I got jealous and a lil drunk..What could you have expected,Sanjee??
Sanjana:Kamaal hain yaar...You love Bharti but Shreya thinks and believes firmly that you're in love with her..Have you thought about her,Armaan??You're justifying your actions to me here...You're wrong but now i get what Bharti is up to!!
Armaan:You do?
Sanjana:Yes i do..Come with me!!
Armaan:Where to?
Sanjana:Just come,will you??(went to mingle with the other couples and saw Bharti talking and socializing with Alisha's parents and Naina;Sanjee took Armaan's wrists and placed them around her waist)
Armaan:What..What the heck are you doing?
Sanjana:(whispered)Sshh,zyaada sawaal matt karo..We're doing exactly what Bharti asked me to do..
Armaan:Bharti's watching us right now..
Sanjana:Thanks to the DJs and other couples..Just come closer to me!!!Smile and engage in a conversation with me,that you're deeply interested in me..Armaan,don't reveal your state of shock or else Bharti would figure out..
Armaan:What are you exactly trying to do?
Sanjana:Trying your disease on her;trying to get her to become jealous,so just play along with me right now with PDA..
Meanwhile,Bharti excused herself and Naina.
Bharti:Naina,aap mama ki ek madat karenge?
Naina:Bolo na mama..
Bharti:Yeh napkin,aap aapke Armaan dada ko de kar aana zara...Woh wahaa Sanjee didi ke saath dance kar rahi hain..
Naina:Ok mama...
Bharti:Jaldi aana...(Naina agreed)
Alisha excused herself and rushed to Sanjana and Armaan,pulling them apart as both of them were standing way too close to each other.In her eyes,it seemed as though they were about to kiss.
Alisha:What the heck,Sanjee??Aur tum,mere doston se toh bilkul bhi door rehna,samjhe??(Sanjee covered Alisha's mouth and lip-synched "I'll talk to you later" to Armaan who nodded in agreement)Now,where are you bringing me??
Sanjana:Uffo Alisha,saara plan chopad kar diya tumne...Plan thi Bharti ko jalan karwaane ke liye lekin tumhaari timing ka toh koi jawaab hi nahin...
Alisha:Kya????(Sanjee elaborated her plan to Alisha)Uff,pehle nahin bol sakthe the??
Naina:Armaan dada..
Armaan:Bol Naina...Kuch chaahiye tumhe??
Naina:Nahin toh...Bas yeh napkin aapko deni thi..Mama ki taraf se hain yeh napkin..
Armaan:Aapki mama ki taraf se??
Naina:Haan..(Armaan looked in the direction where Naina pointed to,and looked intently at Bharti)Okay,mama intezaar kar rahi hain,main chalti hoon...
Armaan:Sambhal kar chalna..(began to read what was written in the napkin)
"Armaan,i shouldn't have judged you like that..I just got mad at myself for having let whatever that happened between us last night..I'm extremely sorry for having complicated matters between you and Shreya!!She loves you dearly and look at what I've done..Last night,we forgave each other and i thought,i got back my secret friend but...I can't even face you liek before..I've changed the entire perspective of friendship between us and thus,in the best of your interest,just forget whatever that happened,k?Neither do i know you enough to judge you nor do you,Armaan for if you did know me,you'd rather wish having not met a girl liek me who's been raised in London for the first 12 years of her life who had seen people bidding farewell in a manner such as last night..Just forget me,alright??"
Rohan and Anjali cut their large choco-coffee cake, which which was ordered by Bharti,Alisha and Sanjana the day itself, after the outburst of confetti and balloons,with lots of cheers from friends and close acquaintances.Bharti fed the pieces of cake to Rohan followed by Anjali,Alisha,Sanjee,Naina and finally when it came to Armaan,she paused.She passed the piece of cake to Armaan who went towards her and ate from her hand,much to her bewilderment.She went to wash her hands and as she turned around,she bumped into Armaan.Bharti moved to her right and was about to leave when she heard him mutter,"Surely,the perspective of our friendship has changed,Bharti but you are and you'll always be my secret friend...I'm never ever going to forget you!!" and he left from there.
Before Bharti left,she wished Rohan and Anjali a blissful marriage and friendly blackmailed Rohan to take good care of Anjali and to visit Mumbai some time.Alisha and Sanjana helped Naina and Bharti to pack their stuff.
Rohan:Dude,do you really have to leave tonight itself wtih Jiya??
Armaan:If we didn't leave by tonight itself,we're surely gonna lose our jobs...(heaved deeply)
Anjali:Sorry Armaan,we tried our best..
Armaan:Chill Anjali..You tried and i expressed my love to her but if some things were not meant to work out,it just won't and we've gotta accept it!!Jiya,i'm talking to you as well..
Armaan:You ought to be supportive,helping me in this crisis..Now,i've got Shreya by my side to think about...
Armaan:Shreya's call,excuse me...
Anjali:Don't worry so much,Jiya..He's got to sort out his own life..Just stick with him cuz he needs you badly!!He may not say it or show it but he really needs you,hmm??(Jiya smiled and agreed)
~Next Day@Trends--Mumbai~
Mayank was at Trends,contemplating about Mahi's reaction during dinner two nights back.He knew that he could have handled the situation in a much better way instead of acting cowardly,just like what Mahi had implied indirectly.He swirled his mobile and loosened his tie.He wondered if it would be right to talk to Mahi at the moment about it.
"Trends ke CEO ho kar bhi ek ladki se baat karna nahin aata??Kya hain yeh,Mayank Sharma??Jo bhi ho,jab bhi woh gussa karti hain toh kuch na kuch sachaayi bak deti hain..Karoo toh bhi ab kya karoo??"
Shreya:Sir,kya main andar aa sakti hoon?
Mayank:Haan Mahi,andar aa jaao...
Shreya:Mahi??(Mayank closed his eyes and shook his head)
Mayank:Kaun Mahi?Shreya,aa jaao..
Shreya:Hmm,toh pyaar mein yeh sab bhi hota hain,kyun Sir?
Mayank:Pyaar?Kya bakwaas kar rahi ho tum?
Shreya:Mayank sir,aap Mahi ki khayaalon mein dhoobe ho aur mujhe Mahi bulaa rahe the..Iska main aur kya matlab nikaalo???
Mayank:Shreya,kya main tumhaari promotion kisi aur ko de doo??Huh??
Shreya:Sorry Sir..Main toh bas..Waise,aaj aap itni jaldi aa gaye the..
Mayank:Mere appointments ke list kahaa hain?
Shreya:Aapke saare appointments toh shaam ke liye fix karne ke liye bol diya tha kal raat..
Mayank:What??How could i have forgotten that??
Shreya:Sir,aap ek baar Mahi se baat kar leejiye..Phir uske baad aapko sab yaad aa jaayega...(Mayank gave her the death look)I better get going!!
Mayank:(murmured to himself)Kahin Shreya sach toh nahin keh rahi hain?Nahin,nahin...Main kyun baat karoo jabke maine usse saaf saaf manaa kiya tha aane se aur upar se Raj ka khufiyaa plan...
~Armaan's place~
Sudha:Armaan,uthoo..Subah ki dus bhaj chuke hain...
Armaan:Aww Maa,i missed you so much!!(laid his head on her lap)
Sudha:Maska maarna band kar,,Get up,tumhaare boss ka phone aaya tha jaldi karne ke liye par maine keh diya hain ki woh lunch ke baad hi aayega..
Armaan:Arre Maa,aap mujhe marwaane chahthe ho??(rushed to the washroom)
Sudha:Finally you got up..Ab jaldi fresh ho jaao aur aaja nashtha karne ke liye mere saath..I wanna hear gossip by the way!!
~Dining Table~
Sudha:Sachhi???Bharti aur Naina bhi wahaa pe thi??
Armaan:Haan Maa..Aap itni excited kyun ho??Uski internship khatam ho gayi thi aur usne Naina ko ghumaane le gaya aur woh bhi Goa mein..
Sudha:Waise tu toh ek exclusive phot shoot ke liye gaya tha na Goa mein?(Armaan looked puzzled)Mahi ka phone aa gayi thi;baaton baaton mein mein tumhaare yeh photo shoot ke zikr hua tha aur tab jaakar meri parishaani tohdi kam kardi usne..Warna toh...
Armaan:Maa,i'm really sorry that i shut everyone out that night,including you..Par Goa mein do cheezein acha hua tha..Pehle toh woh photo shoot jo Asia ki famous magazines mein bhi publish hoga aur doosri baat,Bharti aur main...
Sudha:Kya Armu?
Armaan:Bharti ne mujhe maaf lar diya hain aur hum phir se...Secret friends hain...(his mind seemed to linger back to the moment he read her note)
Sudha:Hayye!!!(Armaan snapped back to reality)This is so amazing,Armaan, and so unanticipated,actually!!Kitni ittefaq ki baat hain ki tum dono ek saath Goa mein the..Tumhaare project Goa mein based tha aur Bharti apni bachi ko le gayi Goa holidaying ke liye..
Armaan:To correct you,holidaying ke liye nahin..
Sudha:Toh phir?
Armaan:Rohan aur Anjali ki shaadi attend karne ke liye..Aur yeh bhi ek ittefaq hi tha ki Rohan ko Jiya achanak mil gaya tha aur Jiya ne shaadi attend karne ki zidd pakad liya tha aur haan keh diya tha jab main hichkichaa raha tha..Kyunki uss waqt Bharti ne mujhe ab tak maaf nahin kiya tha..Aur ab,agar ittefaq naam ki koi cheez hain toh phir kabhi Naina aur Bharti se milunga...
Sudha:Aisa kyun?Tum dono plans toh banaa sakte ho na milne ke liye,hmm?
Armaan:Plans,hmm..Aaj kal kaam ki schedule itna tight hain na Maa ki kya boloo...
Sudha:Waise,in your absence,Shreya and i went out for dinner..
Armaan:(gulped down the food down his throat)KYA???Kab??I mean...Jab mein Goa mein tha,Shreya ne mujhe do baar phone kiya tha par iss dinner ki koi zikr nahin hua tha..I mean...
Sudha:Itna ghabraa kyun rahe ho??
Armaan:Nahin,mujhe laga ki aap dono,you know...
Sudha:Kya??Mil jhul kar baat nahin karenge,huh??Woh tumhaare liye bohat khaas hain na?Aur mujhe sabse zyaada haqq hain yeh jaanne mein ki woh tumhaare liye sahi hain ki nahin...I mean,i should be able to get along with her as well as you,or at least a lil,na??And come on,tum dono ek doosre ko pasand karte ho,pyaar karte ho..(Armaan could only think about the kiss he so passionately shared with Bharti and how she had behaved so mysteriously towards him later on)Aur guess what?
Sudha:I'm actually beginning to like her...And i have a feeling that she;ll keep you happy!!Oh,just hold on Armu..(answered her mobile)Oh dear,ok,ok call for back-up...I'm on my way,give me 5 mins max!!Armu,mujhe jaana hoga..We'll discuss more,when we have our catch-up time,hm??(kissed his forehead and left in her car)
Armaan:Maa,main aapko kaise samjhaao jab ki Bharti khud..Aisa kyun kar rahi hain woh??She's got to somehow answer me!!(picked up his vest,briefcase and locked his home before leaving)
~Shaz's place~
Bharti:There you are,Payal...(Payal rushed and hugged her tightly,making Bharti jerk backwards a lil)I've dropped Naina at her playschool...I tried contacting Bhaskar but he's not picking up..And you??You left without a message??And so did Bhaskar!!What the....Payal?Payal????(held Payal's elbows and made her withdraw from their hug)Have you been crying??
Payal:Nahin...Nahin toh!!(kneeled down,leaned against the wall)
Bharti:Idiot!!Payal....Main kya London mein sadh rahi thi??Kuch bhi ho,ek phone tak nahin kar sakti thi??Main wahaa Goa mein apna time..(paused)
Payal:Tum wahaa Rohan aur Anji ki shaadi attend karne gayi thi..Main kaise??
Bharti:Kya woh shaadi zyaada zaroori hai tumhaari problem se,Payal??Kaash main yahaa par hoti,toh kam se kam koi aur complications nahin hota...
Payal:(wiped her tear)Kaisi complication,Bharti?
Bharti:Main kyun bataaoaa??Tumne toh mujhe paraaya kar diya tha na...
Payal:Bharti,kya hua tha Goa mein??(saw Bharti glaring at her)Bharti,Bhaskar aur mere beech ab kuch bhi theekh nahin hoga...
Bharti:Kya matlab?
Payal:Tujhe toh bata hain na..
Bharti:Don't tell me ki tum seriously yeh sochthe ho ki...
Payal:Bharti,i heard their conversation when i had called Bhaskar while he was in London..They're having an illicit affair and now he's acting as though nothing had happened..Aur iss liye main yahaa chali aayi...
Bharti:Sinking yourself in bouts of depression??I can't believe that my best friend will just ditch me!!
Bharti:Are you nutz or something,Payal??Bhaskar will never cheat on you!!You two are madly in love with each other for the past,what,7 years...This is impossible!!
Payal:Of course you strongly believe the contrary,Bharti...And even now I'm beginning to feel it's true!!
Bharti:(wondered to herself)And now i wish it wasn't true...Bhaskar can never cheat on Payal..He's been in love with Payal and so is she,ever since i've known both of them...(looked at Payal)Payal,i'll not let your marriage turn out to be a sham,get it??I'll prove it to you that this is nothing but a misunderstanding of your's!!
Payal:Yeahh,right!!(wiped her tears)
Bharti:Oh come on,give me a chance yaar!!
Payal:Fine,but i'm serious about consulting a divorce lawyer...
Bharti:WHAT????Gosh Payal,this is all way too fastmhmm??Promise me that you'll not go to any extreme measures without consulting me..(extended her palm and looked at Payal)What are you looking at??Come on,promise me!!(Payal hesitated before extending her palm to place on Bharti's,thus promising her)Good!!Acha,main university ho kar aati hoon,erm Dr Graham se mil kar..Tum meri Naina ko pick up karke ghar aana,samjhi??Tab tak main aa jaaongi!!
Payal:Yes,ma'm!!(Bharti smiled and shook her head before leaving)
Bharti sat in an auto and headed to the university and dialled Jiya's number.
"Payal shouldn't even have a clue of what i'm going to do..I storngly affirm that Bhaskar wouldn't even consider cheating on Payal but nowadayzz,you simply can't figure..And after Payal told me what she had heard,i just don't know if it's just a simple misunderstanding or if there's a concoction of truth mixed in it..Somehow i need Jiya to speak up.."
Mayank held an announcement for all to gather at the foyer for a few minutes.Mayank reached and saw everyone else having stopped fidgeting upon seieng him.Mayank saw Raj and nodded,acknowledging the fact that Khushi would have to leave soon.
Mayank:Everyone,one of our dear employees,due to personal reasons,would be leaving for London for a few months.In fact,she'll be of great help in assisting us in the setting up of the Trends office at UK and she's none other than Ms Khsuhi Dixit.Manwhile,as everyone must have already knwon,Shreya has recently gotten a promotion..Congratzz!!An intern will be joining us in a few days' time,filling up the position of Assistant to Chief Editor..Hang on in there,thinking of who he or she will be..(paused and murmured)What the...Ashley????(everyone turned around and made way for her in the middle,moving towards the left and the right)
Ashley:What a pleasure to meet you Mayank sir and that too after quite some time...
Mayank:(murmured)Khushi,get going with Raj..Give me a call once you've reached!!(Khushi left with Raj who was extremely shocked to see Ash back at Trends)Everyone disperse!!(slammed his cabin door,only to be opened by Ashley)
Ashley:Hi Sir...(Ashley closed the door and Mayank looked at her blankly)The period of my suspension is surely over,right?
Mayank:Oh yes,i surely forgot to fire you at that point of time...
Ashley:Mayank sir,i understand that you're still mad at me and till today,i can't bring myself to forgive myself but how could i stop myself from revealing a shocking piece of news to you?
Mayank:What news?
Ashley:Sir,at least let me continue working at Trends..Give me the guarantee that you've forgiven me,Sir!!
Mayank:Really,Ashley??And how long do you expect me to figure the deception in your "piece of shocking news"??
Ashley:Sir,don't you trust me at all??
Mayank:I'll find it real hard to do so,especially after what you did..(heard a knock on the door)Come in!!
Shreya:Sir,woh..(looked at Ashley and back at Mayank)I'll come back later,Sir..
Mayank:What is it,Shreya??
Asley:Sir,Shreya is responsible for leaking the info on your relationship with Mahi Talwar!!
Mayank:WHAT????(echoed with Shreya and looked at her who was totally clueless)
Shreya:Sir,i just came to give you the files you requested,which would be useful for today's appointments..
Mayank:Shreya,did you leak out the info??
Shreya:SIR!!!Why would i??Sir,i wouldn't!!
Ashley:Why not,Shreya??You came in recently with meagre skills and now just some weeks back,you won Mayank sir's trust,just like that??You got promoted so easily,when there were other employees who've wroked so hard over the years..Toiled to be in the position you're in at the moment..You've leaked the information and gave support to Mayank sir such that he mixed professionalism with his personal relationship..
Mayank:Shut the hell up,both of you!!Shreya,leave right now!!
Shreya:Sir??Why should i leave when i did nothing wrong?
Mayank:Do you hear me,Shreya??Just leave my cabin right NOW!!(Shreya left,disappointed and hurt)
Ashley:Sir,i'm sorry that i had to reveal this news to you like that but it is true!!At least she should have respected your privacy!!She had no right to hurt you!!
Mayank:You're right,Ashley..You're joining back in Trends as my secretary just like before,handling all my professional details in check!!Meanwhile,take a seat in your cabin,shifted upstairs!!
Ashley:Thank you so much Sir!!!(left from Mayank's cabin with a smirk on her face,which Shreya and Ishaan noticed instantly)
Dr Graham:Actually Bharti,the institute in London is quite impressed with your project on underprivileged kids and the challenges of single parents..In fact,you can actually start your training attachment programme with Alisha and Sanjana..
Bharti:OMG!!Dr Graham,this is really amazing!!
Dr Graham:To add on,you don't have to wait any longer..Just a couple of days..
Bharti:What do you mean?
Dr Graham:The attachment programme is in 3 days' time and by then,i'll just need all the documentation presented on behalf on our university..
Bharti:3 days??
Dr Graham:Why?What's wrong??Isn't this what you've always been waiting for,Bharti??
Bharti:Dr Graham,can i confirm you by tonight and let you know?
Dr Graham:Bharti,is there a problem?
Bharti:Actually Ma'm,i'm in a bit of a rush..I'll talk to you tonight..Bye!!
Dr Graham:Bye!!
Mayank:(in coversation with Nikhil over his mobile)Hmm bolo..
Nikhil:Got some news for you Sir..
Mayank:Stop it with the Sir now...We're good acquaintances now,so...
Nikhil:Alright..Well,this is about the person who leaked the rumour..
Mayank:And let me guess..Ashley,right?
Nikhil:Okayy,how did you figure??
Mayank:Just witnessed Ashley wanting to provoke a catfight with another employee of mine..
Nikhil:Damn!!I miss such fun!!
Mayank:Well,get on with your work..Will try to make it to your place tonight..Bye!!
Mayank:(hung up and thought about Shreya)Gosh,she must have been so hurt but i can't let go of Ashley so easily either..Hope Shreya gets that in her mind!!(dialled the receptionist)Connect me to Shreya...Oh ok,never mind!!(hung up after getting to know that Shreya had gone for lunch with Armaan and Ishaan)
~Men's Universe~
Mahi:Waise,when are you planning to head back home?
Sonali:Why??Are you getting perturbed or annoyed by my presence??
Mahi:Actually,you should be the one feeling burdened and wanting to leave but then who am i talking to??Yaar,go and talk to Pushpak na..I'm feeling extremely bad for him!!
Sonali:Excuse me?Whose side are you on??
Mahi:On both of your sides...Now,come on!!
Sonali:If i head back home,he'll surely reach there...And your perspective is so unacceptable,Mahi!!And if i were to bury the hatchet,it'll just be a routine and my would-be saad would take it to her advantage..Surely,that's not something which i'm looking forward to..Currently,Pushpak and I are on a break and let it be that way,hmm??Maybe we just need our spaces!!
Mahi:Aur yeh kab tak chalta rahega,huh?
Sonali:I don't have an answer right now,Mahi..But tell me something..
Sonali:Tumne..(admired her crimson red nail polish and looked at Mahi signing some documents)Tumne Niharika ke prastaav..Suggestion ke baarien mein kya socha hain?(Mahi stopped signing and looked angrily at her)
Mahi:How dare you even ask me that,Sonu??(shook her head)Itne saare kaam padhe huwe hain aur tumhaare yeh sawaal..Tumhe koi kaam nahin hain kya??
Sonali:Bas yehi reaction dekhni thi yaar...Itni dher tak mujhe pakaa rahe the na tum,bas ek choti si revenge thi..Sweet!!!
"Hate it when she's always right!!(Mayank recollects how Mahi had lashed out at him that his organization is pretty much corrupt and warned him about Ashley)Jab bhi gussa kart hain,sachaayi saamne aati hain..Kaash Trends mein uske jaise koi hoti...Arre,yeh main kya bol raha hoon??Main Mahi ke baarein mein iss tarha kyun soch raha hoon??Mayank Sharma,you've got to get her out of her head and for that,you've got to earn her trust back..I'll prove her belief wrong and i'll break us up!!This is a promise to myself and i've just gotten the perfect idea..(took the lift to MU and enquired from Jenny)"
~Men's Universe~
Jenny:(dialled for Mahi)Hi Mahi ma'm..
Mahi:Yeah Jenny..(Sonali stopped looking at the file Mahi gave her and stood up)
Mahi:Ek min Jenny...(held the receiver)Kya hain??(pointed her finger to Mayank)
Jenny:Ma'm,aapki boyfriend aapse milne aaya hain..(Mayank shook his head whilst Mahi gritted her teeth)
Mahi:Woh mera boyfriend nahin hain,i mean...Tell him to wait cuz i'm not free right now..(hung up)
Sonali:Really,Mahi?You're just gonna sit here and just pretend he's not here..Just stay in your cabin,huh?
Mahi:Who said anything about staying in my cabin?(Sonali seemed confused)Woh Trends ka boss zaroor rahega par yahaa woh sirf ek visitor hain,koi VIP nahin...
Mahi walked upstairs to Amarjeet's cabin,while Mayank's attempts of calling out to her fell on deaf ears.Mayank was extremely sure that Mahi had heard him but she had tuned out his voice on purpose.Sonali instantly engrossed herself in her files when she felt Mayank knocking on Mahi's cabin door.
Mayank:Okay,i'm just coming in,Sonali..
Sonali:(grinned and looked up)Heyy Mayank,what's up??
Mayank:Look,i'm here to meet Mahi but when i voiced out to her,she didn't reply..
Sonali:Maybe you know,she didn't hear ya..
Mayank:Really???If the rest of your staff could hear me,why couldn't she?It's not as if she was listening to her iPOD..
Sonali:Ohh,she very much does,Mayank and maybe that's why..
Mayank:Cut the crap,Sonali..
Sonali:Why don't you come some other time,some time when she's...
Mayank:She's actually venting her anger of Niharika's suggestion on me??Whatever for??Look,i didn't even know anything about your visit nor of her sudden suggestion of engagement..
Sonali:Shut your mouth,Mayank!!People are listening..(murmured)If you're not already aware,you've created enough tension for her!!
Mahi:(got back and Sonali moved a step back)Sonali,chal yahaa se..Files ke saath!!(grabbed her bag and got out of the cabin with Sonali)
Mayank:Mah..Mahiiiiii!!!!What the hell...How are she treat me as though i'm non-existent??(followed them to the lift lobby)
Just then,the lift door opened an out came Armaan and Shreya.Sonali was about to enter the lift but Mahi stopped her and asked her to wait for her.Mahi rushed and stood before Armaan and Shreya.
Mahi:Armaan,ab tum mujhse baat bhi nahin karoge??(Armaan saw Mayank having stood at a distance from Mahi)Armaan,i'm really sorry for what i concealed from you..
Armaan:Sshh..(hugged her)Everything's fine,ok??(withdrew from his hug and caressed her face)Tum Mayank se pyaar karne lage ho..Iss mein main kyun gussa rahunga??In fact,i wanna thank you for calling up Maa when i was in Goa..(Mahi was shocked and confused at th same time)You don't have to feel guilty about anything,ok?Promise me,come on...
Mahi:(nodded)Pakka!!(smiled widely)Heyy Shreya,i heard about your promotion..Congratzz!!(Shreya simply nodded)Kya hua tujhe?
Shreya:Armaan,i'll get going..Got work to do..Bye!!Bye Mahi..
Mahi:What's wrong,Armaan?(Mahi turned around as Armaan headed towards Mayank)
Mayank:Hi Armaan... 
Armaan:You've once warned me of not hurting Bharti ever..What an irony indeed Mayank,that you of all people,cheated on her with one of my dearest colleagues...To make things worse,you accuse Shreya of leaking information about the news of your relationship with Mahi??Let me warn you Mayank...Don't ever..Ever think of hurting Shreya or else things can turn ugly as well...Especially when Ashley has returned back for work!!Mahi was extremely taken aback by the revelation)
Sonali:(whispered)Ash's back??What the...
Mahi:Sshh!!Ab chal yahaa se..Kaam hain na,chal...(Armaan walked to the studio whilst Mahi and Sonali headed to the lift lobby and Mayank followed suit)Yeh toh peecha hi padh gaya..Chal,jaldi se andar chal!!(entered the lift and pressed the "Door Close" button repetitively,without having realized the signboard placed outside which read "Under maintenance,enter at your own risk",but Mayank's foot managed to stop the doors from closing and hence,he too entered;Mahi closed her eyes in frustration and stomped her feet mildly)