Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, August 3, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 256~

Raj:Now once you reach there,you're gonna give me a call,alright?
Khushi:Uffo Raj...Mere aur Niyati ke beech itna kuch ho chuka hain;ab aur kya hona bacha hain,hmm?
Raj:Waise Niyati hain kahaa?
Khushi:Washroom gayi thi na..Nidhi ne shayad number do kiya hoga..(saw Raj being all lost)Heyy,i think i just cracked a lame excuse..Where's your attention,hmm?
Raj:Mudke matt dekhna..(And Khushi did just that and smiled as she looked at Raj)Kya??
Khushi:You fancy her,don't you?Yes,you do!!!
Raj:No,i don't...
Khushi:Ahh,the common stage of self-denial,eh??Pretty obvious,don't you think?
Raj:Seriously,where's Niyati?
Khushi:Uff,baat ko ghumaao matt..Bol!!
Raj:I don't fancy Niharika,get it?
Khushi:Yeah,totally...I get it!!Unbelievabe..You've fallen for her,huh??By the way,does Mayank know? 
Raj:Will you just shut up?
Khushi:Uff...!!(elbowed Raj and brought her chair closer to his)
Raj:What do you think you're doing?
Khushi:Nothing..(held his palm and placed her's on top and pressed firmly)She's looking at us right now,isn't she?
Raj:How am i supposed to know?
Khushi:Oho mere majnu,ek dafa dekh toh sahi apne laila ke taraf..Oops,apne Niharika ke taraf..(Raj got annoyed and instantly let go of his hand,just like a tower had just fallen and Khushi got amused)Oh dear!!Waise Raj,i think i shoud definitely inform Mayank about this!!Don't you think so?
Raj:You do just that and i'm going to throw your mobile in the garage!!How's the deal??
Khushi wondered what was taking Niyati so long and she began dialling her number.
Raj:Tu nahin maanegi na??Ab dekh ki main kya mazaa chakaa tha hoon..(snatched her mobile and threw it in the  adjacent to their table)
Raj:Kyun?Tumhe kya lagaa??Ki tum Mayank ko phone karoge aur main yahaa chup chap sunn tha rahunga,huh??
Khushi:Duffer,main Niyati ko phone kar rahi thi!!
Niyati:Khushi,chale?Sorry yaar,tumhaari phone call nahin uthaa paayi..Yeh Nidhi toh ro rahi thi aur..
Raj:Khushi ne tumhe phone kiya tha?
Niyati:Kyun?Kya hua?Ab tum Raj ko iss tarha ghoor kyun rahe ho aur gusse se bhi dekh rahe ho??
Khushi:Toh aur kya karoo??Iss janaab ne mera hi mobile ko khachre ke dibbe mein chod aaya hain..Nahin,nahin...Phek kar aaya hain!!Ab chalo Niyati!!(stood up and turned to go but Raj stood before both Niyati and Khushi who glanced at each other,containing their amusement as Raj pulled his ears)
Raj:Sorry...Please?Chaaho toh tum mere phone..
Khushi:Tumhaare phone ke saath main kya karoo??Tumhaare ex-girlfriends se baat karoo??
Raj:Arre yaar,ab tum hi ek solution do mujhe..
Khushi:Yeh huyi na akal ki baat..Ermm,kya kiya jaaye??Ek toh tum mere mobile uss khachre se nikaal ke do...(Raj cringed his nose,not being able to visualize putting his hand inside to get it out,almost wanting to puke)
Raj:Doosra option..
Khushi:Yeh aakhri option hain,bataa deti hoon..
Khushi:Niharika se I Love You bol daalo,fatafat!!
Raj:Kya??Yeh kya exchange offer hain??Nahin!!Main aisa kuch bhi nahin karne waala hoon!!
Khushi:Tumhaari marzi..Mujhe kya??
Khushi:Kuch nahin...(looked at a clueless Niyati who raised her eyebrow and Khushi simply shook her head)Chalo Niyati,it's time to go..Niyati,i'm sure Raj wants a hug from Nidhi..He's been with her for months and he must be very emotionally attached to her..Hmm Raj,she must be your youngest fling,na??(Raj's mouth widened in shock and Niyati hit her real hard)
Raj:Thanks Niyati,she deserved it!!(hugged Nidhi and rocked her to sleep)Awww,i'm going to miss you so much,babe..
Khushi:(looked around and murmured softly to Niyati while Raj was feeling the fingers of Nidhi and holding on to her,caressing her cheek)You start walking with Nidhi first..I'll come behind you,k??
Niyati:(whispered)What?Something going on in your head?
Khushi:Sshh..You'll see..(turned to Raj)Ok Nidhi,time to go or else we'll be really late!!(Niyati took Nidhi and hugged Raj)
Raj:You won't hug me Khushi??(looked around and just as she saw Niharika wo was about to leave with her friend,she shouted on top of her lungs while Niyati had started to walk off with Nidhi)
Khushi:NIHARIKA!!RAJ MALHOTRA HERE LOVES YOU SO DEEPLY AND CRAZILY!!HE'S DENYING IT RIGHT NOW BUT DEEP DOWN, HE JUZ CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT YA!!(Raj covered her mouth instantly,feeling so flushed and embarassed but Khushi was not the type to back off and she kicked his tummy)HE'S A GREAT GUY,SO DON'T GIVE HIM UP FOR ANYONE,EVER....!!!BYE!!!(waved to Niharika who was as equally shocked and embarassed as Raj who turned to look at Niharika but Khushi turned his chin to face her)Jab dekhna tha tab toh nahin dekh rahe the...Ab kya hua??(pause before she smiled widely)Waise,you're forgiven and welcome by the way..(hugged Raj)Bye!!(smiled widely before she went through the departure gate for the immigration check-in with Niyati and Nidhi)
Just then.Raj received a call from Armaan from his place.
Raj:(waved to both Niyati and Khushi;Niyati was making Nidhi wave and Raj smiled before moving off and answered his call)Hello??
Armaan:Dude,it's Armaan..
Raj:Haan Armaa bol..
Armaan:Where the heck are you?
Raj:At the airport,just sent off Niyati and Khushi..Kyun?
Armaan:Huge problem!!
Raj:I'm listening..
Armaan:Bhaskar's missing..He's switched off his mobile for God knows,what reason..And Bharti's mad at Jiya..
Raj:Bharti came to MU today???
Armaan:In the evening to meet Jiya..
Raj:Ok,why is she mad??What's the huge problem?
Armaan:It all heads back to when Jiya and Bhaskar went to London for the fashion fiesta,remember?
Raj:Yeah i do remember but i'm still clueless of the prob..Carry on!!
Armaan:(narrated in full detail,including what Bharti had warned him of,to Raj)And i had specifically told Jiya to come over to my place and she did..But when i got out of the shower,she was no longer here...
Raj:So you are at your place and Jiya isn't right now...Dude,i think she must have felt guilty and perhaps had advanced to Bharti's place..
Armaan:Possible..Could you go over there and check for me??
Raj:Can't you just do that on your own??Why are you asking me??
Armaan:Cuz apparently Bharti wants me to stay away from her life...
Raj:Dude,i'm not going over there...In fact,you are!!Nidhi is gone and i need some time alone before i face my clients and their attorneys tomorrow..The one-year contract wasn't completed and i'm kinda screwed up..So right now,you go and defend our Jiya!!You don't have to worry about what Bharti or Payal may think!!
Armaan:And what about Bhaskar??He didn't come to MU today..Bharti's worried and she thinks that Jiya's behind this as well...
Raj:So go and prove her wrong!!Wait,have you tried checking any of the pubs he go to?
Armaan:Bharti must have checked out those places by now,right?
Raj:Good point..Well,in that case,i've got no clue..I'm heading to MU before heading home..Let me know about the situation at Bharti's place,alright?And do take care of Jiya!!
Armaan:Hhmm,ok bye!!(both of them hung up)
~Men's Universe~
Sonali:Interesting...At least this plan was so much better than the one he told me at his place during dinner..
Mahi:What did he say??
Sonali:Nothing so brainy but why are you so interested?
Mahi:I'm so not,alright?
Sonali:I really can't believe that you two spent hours in the lift...Just thinking of the past confrontations you've had with him,i seriously didn't think that you two would actually talk and manage to come out of the lift in one piece..
Mahi:Sonu ki bachi,tu mere haath se zaroor maar khaayegi!!
Sonali:Koi gall nahin,aadat si padh gayi hain..Chale??Waise,Raj ko bhi khabar karni hain na Mayank ke plan ke baarein mein..
Mahi:Arre haan par..Maine toh usse sirf subah hi dekhi thi..Phir bata nahin kahaa margayaa...
Raj:Gurlzz,you're still here?
Sonali:And you're finally back??Where did you go?
Raj:Long story cut short..To send off Nidhi,Niyati and Khushi to the airport..To London!!
Mahi:Acha sunn, i need to talk to you urgently...
Raj:Not now Mahi..I'm heading back home;itz been a long day and i'm anticipating Armaan's call anytime soon..
Sonali:Armaan's call?Anything we ought to know?'
Raj:Did you gurlz meet Bhaskar today?He's not picking up any of our calls...
Mahi:Not that i know of..
Sonali:Oh wait..I think i did see him today like around 3 or 4 pm..(looked at a confused Mahi)Arre,when you and Mayank were stuck in the lift..
Mahi:Nothing at all..
Sonali:I'll tell you everything later..
Mahi:Can we get back on track,Sonu?
Sonali:He was with a client,i guess and he headed inside Rheo Pub..I tried calling him but...
Raj:It doesn't make sense at all!!
Sonali:What isn't?
Raj:I just hope Armaan's there with Jiya..
Mahi:Raj,what the heaven's going on??(Just then,Raj's mobile rang and he requested the girls to keep still as he placed his mobile on loudspeaker mode)
Bharti:Payal,just don't..(Payal didn't pay heed)No!!!!(Payal slapped Jiya across her cheek)
Payal:What were you thinking,casting your eye on Bhaskar,huh??(Mahi and Sonali gasped in shock)
Bharti:Payal,ek minute..Please mere liye,shaant ho jaao!!Jiya,for God's sake,ab oh apna mu khol kar bataao ki Bhaskar hain kahaan..
Payal:Yeh kya bataayegi?
Bharti:Payal,Naina so rahi hain na..Shaant ho jaao!!Jiya,i'm waiting..
Jiya:Bharti,i swear upon you..Mujhe sach much nahin pata ki Bhaskar kahaa hain..Aur jo kuch bhi maine tumhe MU mein bataaya tha,woh sab sach hain!!
Payal:Bharti,tum toh university gayi thi na?
Bharti:Haan,aur uske baad Jiya se milne gayi thi..
Payal:Oh i get it now!!Ab tum bhi mujhse baatein chupaane lagey ho,huh?
Bharti:Payal,aisi baat bilkul bhi nahin hain..Main sachh jaanna chahthi thi aur..
Payal:Aur?Aur kya,Bharti??
Bharti:Payal,yeh sirf Jiya ki taraf ki kahaani hain aur jab tak hum Bhaskar se baat nahin kar lete,tab tak hum koi nateeje par nahin pohanch sakte!!
Payal:Acha,Bharti?Toh phir woh kahaa hai?Agar Bhaskar waaqay mein innocent hain,toh usse toh yahaa pe hona chaahiye na..
Payal:Don't you even defend him in front of me,Bharti..I know him way before you!!I've spent 7 years of my marriage with him but just as i'm beginning to revel in the longevity of my married life,i've got to know about him in this manner!!Bharti,tum sahi ho aur main galat!!Sacha pyaar jaise kuch bhi nahin hota hain iss duniya mein..(Bharti shook her head,in an attempt to stop speaking but to no avail)Tum bilkul sahi ho!!Main bhi itni foolish thi aise sochne mein ki Bhaskar,the man..Bhaskar ki casanova image shaadi ke baad badlega!!!(looked intently at Bharti with her welled up eyes)He has stopped loving me,Bharti and perhaps,the least i can do for him is to get a divorce!!!
Sonali:Oh crap!!Noo!!
Raj:Why isn't Armaan or Jiya saying anything??
Jiya:(was entirely numb with shock)Payal..(wiped her tears and ran towards her,pleading before her)Please,Payal..Don't be rash in this matter..Bhaskar was just consoling me that night and i promise that nothing had happened nor will happen ever in the future...Bhaskar's my dear friend too and i wouldn't want his life to be ruined because of me..!!
Payal:(went a step forward,looking her in the eye)You think i'm going to buy it??Never!!You've...You've hurt me deeply and so have you,Bharti!!(Bharti closed her eyes in pain and Payal stormed inside Bharti's room and locked the door)
Jiya:Bharti,please go and explain to Payal that she's doing the wrong thing!!
Bharti:Jiya!!I've seen rough patches of their married life but what are you hiding from me and Payal about Bhaskar?She's thinking of divorce...Do you even understand what that means??(shook Jiya)You've not only deprived her of her life but you've begun to isolate me from her..You're doing this despite knowing that Payal means the world to me,huh??(Jiya closed her eyes,letting her tears stream down her face and involuntarily,her shoulders sank in sync with her face;Armaan grabbed her and comforted her)
Armaan:(murmured as he hugged her)Don't worry,main sab sambhaalunga..Tum jaa kar gaadi mein baith jaao aur mera intezaar karo!!Jaao..(Jiya left and Armaan looked at BHarti)Bharti,tumhe aisa kyun lag raha hain ki Jiya..
Bharti:Maine pehle bhi kahaa hain tumse,Armaan ki mujhe Goa ke baarein mein kuch bhi nahin sunna hain,,It was a freakin' mistake,alright??Just stay out of my life!!!(turned away but Armaan held her wrist and forced her to look at him with her welled-up eyes)
Armaan:At this point of time,i can't help but interfere cuz my best friend is allegedly having an affair with your best friend..If i'm here,it's for Jiya and i won't tolerate a single word against her,Bharti!!
Bharti:(shook her wrist forcefully to remove Armaan's grip and thought)"Indeed,this has turned out perfect to distance him from my life!!"(looked at Armaan)Get out of my house right now!!
Armaan:I sure will,Bharti..I'll put an end to this matter for good for i know Jiya's a trustworthy friend of mine who woud never meddle in anyone's life!!And i don't need anyone's certificate to prove that!!
Bharti:Just leave and mind your own buiness!!(Armaan hung up,switched off his mobile and drove off while Bharti locked the door)
She couldn't digest what had just happened between her and Payal.She had no clue of what's the actual truth but she's certain of her friendship with Payal deteriorating along the way and she just got 2 more days to bring Payal and Bhaskar together.Bharti took her house keys and headed out in an auorickshaw at the main junction.Just then,she received a call from Mayank.
Bharti:Hi Mayu..
Mayank:You sound so low,yaar..Sab theekh thaakh?
Bharti:Somewhat...You called regarding..??
Mayank:Was missing ya..And you haven't dropped by,ever since your visit to Goa..
Bharti:Aur kuch?
Mayank:Yeahh,a tiny problem to discuss with ya..
Bharti:Open the door,i'm outside..
Mayank:What??(Bharti rang the doorbell and hung up)Arre??Come in,come in..
~Men's Universe~
Raj:Nothing's going out from here,k?(Sonali and Mahi agreed)
Sonali:I'm still in shock yaar...Goa mein Armaan aur Bharti mile the??Kya bhool hua tha??
Mahi:Sonu,focus yaar..Bhaskar ko dhoondhna hoga..
Raj:Bata nahin ki Jiya kis haal mein hogi!!Mujhe bohat chinta sataa raha hain..
Sonali:Raj,tum ghar ja kar aaraam karo...Hum dono jaa kar kuch bhi dhoondhne ki koshish..
Raj:Pushpak aur uka maa ka kya,huh?
Sonali:Woh...(hesitated and looked at Mahi)Main phone karke bataadungi..Tension lena bandh karo,hmm??
Mahi:Jaao Raj,don't worry!!We'll contact ya if necessary,hmm?(Raj nodded and went off)Pehle humein Bhaskar ki cabin check karna hoga..Chal!!
~Bhaskar's cabin~
Both Sonali and Mahi entered his cabin,only to be shocked at lots of crushed papers lying around.This was never seen in his cabin for it was considered to be the neatest,in comparison to Raj's or Armaan's.
Mahi:Ok,something's definitely wrong!!
Sonali:We came in the right cabin,right?
Mahi:Uffo Sonu,we are in the right cabin but just look at the mess!!Atypical of Bhaskar..Unless...
Sonali:Unless..Someone came and ransacked his cabin..
Mahi:Or else Bhaskar was very much disturbed himself..He went to Rheo Pub,remember??
Sonali:Haan!!!Par Payal toh fashion fiesta ko lekar gussa hain na..Humne toh humaare pehle ki issue mein chapaa tha na iske baarein mein??Zaahir si baat hain ki photographs bhi honge..
Mahi:Arre par unn tasveeron ke sang hum Bhaskar aur Payal ko aur kareeb kaise kaa sakte hain??Unn dono ki shaadi daaw pe hain,yeh bhi toh socho!!
Sonali:Aur iss liye main keh rahihoon..Hum Jiya ko innocent saabit kar sakte hain!!Dekho,hum yeh dikhaadenge ke Bhaskar aur Jiya dono ek saath nahin,bhalke alag alag sections mein kaam kar rahe the,aur unwinding ke liye woh done pub mein gaye the,,
Mahi:Precisely my point..Hum yahaa atke hain!!Payakl ne woh dono ki conversation sunn li thi aur galat matlab nikaal diya hain..
Sonali:Crapp!!Ab toh phir se square one par aa gayi!!Kuch suraag dhoondh lete hain!!(Mahi nodded)
Mahi:(fidgeted under her breath)Humein yeh tak nahin bata ki humein kya dhoondhna chaahiye..
Sonali:7 years of marriage,yaar Mahi..Aise kaise ek hi jhatke mein??
Mahi:Bata nahin yaar par tumne suna tha na ki Bharti kya keh rahi thi??Bhaskar bhi kuch dino se alag si bartaav kar raha tha..
Sonali:Woh toh hain..Chalo kuch aise suspicious waale cheez dhoondh the hain..
Mahi:Talking of suspicious,take a look at this printout..
~Armaan's home~
Armaan:Tumhe wahaa jaane ki kya zaroorat hain??Maine kahaa tha na tumse ki jab tak sitution shaant nahin ho jaata tab tak tum..Lekin tum toh...Ab dekh liya na jaane ka kya asar hua hain...
Sudha:Ab mujhe koi bataayega ki Jiya ke saat kya hua hain...??
Armaan:Aapko itni hi shaukh hain toh apne laadli beti ko phone kyun nahin kar leti??
Sudha:Meri laadli beti??Armu,tum seedhe seedhe bataaoge ke nahin?
Armaan:Jiya,tu jaa kar aaraam kar..Jaao!!(made the bed in Sudha's room and closed the door)
Sudha:Bol kya baat hain..Itna parishaan kyun ho?
Armaan:Main aur Jiya Bharti ke ghar se aa rahe hain..(told her what had happened between Jiya and Bharti at MU and at Bharti's place)Yeh sab sunn kar aap chup kyun ho?
Sudha:Kyunki Bharti ki baaton mein sach hain!!Jab tak Bhaskar se baat nahin ho paata hain,tab tak koi thos faisla nahin kar sakenge..I really didn't anticipate the seed of divorce in Payal's mind at all..Unn dono ki shaadi ko kitne saal ho gaye hain?
Armaan:Saat saal..Kyun?
Sudha:Nahiin..Aaj kal toh couples chote mote misunderstandings ke kaaran divorce kar dete hain par saat saal toh kaafi achi baat hain..
Armaan:Maa,Bhaskar bata nahin kahaa ghayaab ho gaya hain aur aap ho ke...
Sudha:Main Payal se baat karoo?
Armaan:Nahin Maa...Filhaal mujhe nahin lagta ki yeh sahi waqt hain kyunki woh bohat gusse mein hain aur usse lagega jaise maine aapko r sab kuch aakar bata diyaa hain..Aur waise bhi,aapki beti toh khud yehi chahthi hain ke main uske zindagi se door rahoo..
Sudha:Kya?Kya kahaa tumne?
Armaan:(just realized what he had blabbered unintentionally and murmured)Yeh maine kya keh diya?
Sudha:Acha,tumhaare aur Bharti ke beech tension chal rahi hain,kyun?Meri laadli beti,hmm??
Armaan:Wohh...(Sudha raised his chin and her eyebrows)Usne mujhse kaha ki mujhe inn sabse door rehna chaahiye aur maine badle mein kaha ki main peeche nahin rahunga kyunki yeh meri best friend ki baat bhi hain..Woh kaun hoti hain Jiya par ilzam lagaane waali???
Sudha:Hmm,clashes of opinion,huh?Phir bhi tumhe koshish toh karne chaahiye the apne secret friend ko samjhaane mein..
Armaan:Aapko kya lagta hain ki maine koshish nahin kiya tha??(Sudha got amused,looking at her son's face)Maa!!
Sudha:Sorry Armu par jab bhi tum rooth jaate ho na,bohat cute lagte ho!!(pinched his cheeks)
Armaan:Maa,aapse baat karna toh ek dum bekaar hain..
Sudha:Acha,acha sunn...Tum...(paused as the telephone rang)
~Men's Universe~
Mahi:Don't you think we ought to inform Armaan and Bharti about this?
Sonali:Bharti,yes...But why Armaan?
Mahi:Cuz Jiya's involved as well!!We should call them together and...
Sonali:(her face sparkled)I've got a brilliant idea!!
Mahi:Ermm,you're creeping me out!!Bu anywayzz do tell..
Sonali:If you would have noticed,there is tension brewing between Armaan ad Bharti..
Mahi:Oh Gos Sonu,tu phir se focus se hatt rahi hain..This is not about them but Bhaskar and Payal!!
Sonali:Nope i'm not!!Agar hum yeh baat pehle Armaan keh dete hain ki Bhaskar ab London ke raaste mein hain,toh??(looked at the printout which was a copy of his flight to London)
Mahi:Main kuch samjhi nahin..
Sonali:Uffo meri Mahi,agar Armaan ko pehle khabar hoga toh woh Jiya ke liye kuch bhi karega usse innocent saabit karne mein,khaas kar Bharti ke saamne!!Don't we jut know how much Bharti's thoughts affect him?
Mahi:Aur Bharti?
Sonali:Bharti ko bhi bataadenge..Bas thode dher ke baad..Kya kehti hain?
Mahi:You mean to say that you're offering Armaan a chance to change Bharti's perspective of him and rekindle their friendship,hmm??
Sonali:Maybe and bring Payal and Bhasar together..
Mahi:What are you doing on your Iphone??
Sonali:Checking other flight timings to London..So that we can send both of them together!!I'll call Armaan first and after that you'll call Bharti,hmm??(Mahi nodded and Sonali started dialling Armaan's mobile)
~Mayank's place~
Niharika:(yawned and came out of her room with an empty bottle of water)Oh Bharti,it's you??
Bharti:Hi Nihii..Kaisi ho??
Niharika:Just too tired these days..(yawned)Sorry about that..(filled her bottle)You and Mayank keep talking,i'm off to sleep..
Bharti:Nitezz..(Niharika closed her room door upstairs)Bataao baat kya hai??Office ka tension toh nahin hoga..
Mayank:Actually woh bhi hain..Aur kuch aur bhi!!
Bharti:Matlab??Ek,ek,ek minute...Tumhaare aur Mahi ke beech sab kuch theekh hain na??
Mayank:Actually nah..Nahin...
Bharti:Ab kya kiya hain tumne??
Mayank:Tumhe har waqt aisa kyun lagta hain,Bharti,ki maine ki kuch galat kiya hain..??
Bharti:Mayu,i think mere instinct kaafi hadd tak sahi hain,tum dono ke maamle mein..Bolo kya hua hain..
Mayank:Woh..(hesitated and Bharti shook her head as she crossed her legs and faced him)
Bharti:What happened with Mahi?
Mayank:Bharti,it's actually her fault..I told her specifically not to come to my place for dinner as per Niharika's invite but she just had to come withSonali and ruin everything for me..
Mayank:Arre yaar..Jab tum Goa mein thi na,tab..(turned away from him instantly as she recalled Armaan coming closer to her;Mayank paused and raised his eyebrow as he noticed her array of changed facial expressions)What's wrong Bharti??
Mayank:You'e creepy tonight!!
Bharti:Just continue,will you?
Mayank:Actually Niharika caught me and Mahi by surprise with her special announcement..That she wants us to get engaged..ASAP!!!
Mayank:Precisely,i mean..
Bharti:Are you serious??This is such great news and you're only telling me NOW??
Mayank:WHAT??You're actually excited?
Bharti:Ahem,now what do you mean by that,huh?Of course,i'll be excited for my dear friend who's gonna get engaged!!(Mayank glared at her as she clasped her palms together)Ermm,what's the death glare for??
Mayank:No one's getting engaged,Bharti!!!
Bharti:But..That means you had no idea of the announcement??(Mayank shook his head)Btw,how did Mahi take it?
Mayank:She fled instantly with Sonali and she's mad at me..
Bharti:So,you didn't do anythin this time round and she's mad at you..(smiled weakly)What do you want me to do?Talk to her??
Mayank:Actually,it's not her i want you to talk to..It's Niharika!!
Mayank:She's just hell bent on getting me married!!And you know how i feel about marriage..Remember our pact which you broke when you got married,hmm??
Bharti:Uffo Mayu,you love Mahi..I mean,you can get engaged but think about marriage some time later...
Mayank:You don't understand,do you Bharti??
Bharti:What?What is it,Mayu?
Mayank:Mahi and i have thought deeply..And she..She has different priorities and so do I..We're both career-oriented and you just know how much of a workaholic I can be..I haven't told Niharika anything as of yet..
Bharti:(widened her eyes in shock)Both of you have broken up?
Mayank:It's not official,as of yet,but yeahh sort of..
Bharti:(stood up instantly)How could you,Mayu??Just how could you??Did you even know how ecstatic Niharika was when she called me up after i got back from Goa,after attending Rohan's wedding??
Mayank:Iss liye keh raha hoon jald se jald yeh news..
Bharti:Kyun?Tumhe mujhe hi mila tha yeh news official karwaane ke liye,huh??
Mayank:Aisa nahin hain,Bharti...
Bharti:Toh phir kaisa hain??Divorce aur break-ups ki season chal raha hain kya aaj kal??
Mayank:(murmured)Divorce??(looked confused and shook his head)Tum pehle baith jaao aur shaant ho jaao...Yeh divorce ka kya chakkar hain??(Bharti told Mayank everything,pouring her heart out;Mayank placed his arm over her shoulder,hugging her while kissing her forehead)
Bharti:Tum jaante ho;maine Bhaskar ko har jagah,jahaa hum saath jaaya karte the,wahaa sab chaanbeen kiya tha par....Aur mere paas sirf do din bacha hain sa kuch suljhaane ke liye...
Bharti:Mujhe,Alisha aur Sanjee ko London mein training attachment programme ke liye selection mil gayi hain..
Mayank:Kya???Iska matlab tum mujhe chod kar jaa rahe ho??
Bharti:Tum toh aise react kar rahe ho jaise ki main yahaa har waqt tumhaare paas hi rehti hoon..
Mayank:Bharti,you can't do this to me yaar..Tumhaare bina mera kya hoga?
Bharti:Kyun?Niharika hain na??Aur ab toh Mahi bhi...Seriously tumhe apne faisle ke baarein mein dobara soch lene chaahiye..
Mayank:Nahin Bharti...Woh mujhe nahin samjhegi aur naahi main usse..Maine toh tumhe hamaare doosre behes ke baarein mein nahin bataaya na??
Bharti:And i guess woh office ka tension hi hoga..
Mayank:Maine Ash ko kaam par waapas rak diya hain..Yeh baat kisi ko hazam nahin hua,kyunki maine Shreya ko bohat daatha tha mere aur Mahi ke relation ke baarein mein press mein leak karne mein..Jabki asal mein mere informer ke hisaab se yeh saara kaand Ash ne hi kiya tha...
Bharti:Toh tum jaan booj kar Ash ko hire kiya tha??Some sort of professional sabotaging and revenge??
Mayank:Maybe Bharti but you got the point!!Par ab mujhe nahin lagta ki main aur Mahi...I mean...I can't do this!!
Bharti:Tum aur Payal itni jaldi haar kyun maan rahe ho?
Mayank:Baat haar maanne ki nahin hain..Sawaal pyaar ki hain!!(thought to himself)"Wah,kya dialogue maara..Iss mein toh Bharti zaroor piglegi aur mere madat karegi!!"
Bharti:Seriously tum dono waaqay mein paagal ho..Pyaar ke liye break-up aur divorce!!What utter crap!!
Mayank:Bharti,tum samajh nahin rahi ho..
Bharti:Kya?Ki main yeh sab nahin mehsoos kar sakti kyunki maine abhi tak pyaar nahin kiya hai?Well,FYI,karungi bhi nahin..Aisa faltu cheezo ke liye kisi aur ko dhoondhlena..
Mayank:Acha,theekh hain par please mere madat toh kardo!!Niharika aur Mahi se baat kar do!!
Bharti:Mahi se kyun?Tum dono ko toh break-up ki bhooth chadaa hua hain na..Tumhe kyun farqh padhtha hain ki Mahi tumhaare baarein mein kya sochthi hain,mm??
Mayank:Mujhe nahin ta,alright?Par mujhe itna zaroor bata hain ki iss baar,uske soch galat hain aur woh door hoa chahthi hain..I think it's best to end things on good terms!!
Bharti:Theekh hain par yeh sab kuch Bhaskar ko dhoondhne ki baat hi karungi aur unn dono ko milaa kar hi karungi..
Mayank:Aur yeh main kaise maanloo ki tum mujhe madat karne nahin bhoologe??Aur tumhaare paas do din bacha hain;how do you even expect to resolve and save a marriage??How do you even expect to find Bhaskar in the first place??
Bharti:Nothing's impossible,Mayank..
Mayank:Mujhe nahin lagta ki aisa kuch hoga..Ek,ek minute..Mere job offer ka kya??
Bharti:(pretended to not know)Kaunsa job offer?
Bharti:Washroom ho kar aati hoon,hmm??
~Men's Universe~
Sonali kept dialling Armaan's mobile but it was switched off and hence she tried his landline number.
Sonali:Hi Aunty...Sorry to bother you at this hour!!
Sudha:Sonali...(looked at Armaan and raised her eyebrow;Armaan simply shook his head)What a pleasant surprise hunn..Sab theekh thaak?
Sonali:Yeah Aunty,actually Armaan hain kya wahaa pe?
Sudha:Haan,main bas usse bulaathi hoon...(handed over the phone to Armaan but took it back,much to his surprise,and switched on the loudspeaker as she placed the retriever in its place)
Armaan:Hi Sonu..Everything ok?
Sonali:Look,i heard about Bhaskar and i've got good news!!
Armaan:What?What?What is it?
Sonali:Bhaskar's on a flight to London right now,about 3 hours back..
Armaan:What??But why is he going to London for??
Sonali:Idk Armaan..But you've got to bring him back!!
Armaan:What do you mean?
Sonali:Look,Bhaskar's not the type to run away from problems,unlike Bharti...
Armaan:You know what??That is so true!!(lookd his mum in the eye and smiled)She just loves running away!!Ek,ek minute..Why are you telling me all these when you ought to have called her??
Sonali:Armaan,you think i don't know what's going on between you two??
Armaan:(Sonali noticed the smile on her son's face having vanished;instead,he was lost in his thoughts)"How can Sonu know anything that happened between me and...Bharti can't possibly have told her that we both.."
Sonali:Heyy,you there Armaan?
Armaan:Yeahh,but i'm not exactly sure what you're exactly saying..
Sonali:Did you think neither of your colleagues could see the fact that there's tension between you and Bharti...You can not only bring Bhaskar back but reunite him and Payal..And all the allegations against Jiya can be finally dissolved!!
Armaan:You're right Sonu!!Jiya needs me and i'll go miles to prove her innocent at any cost!!
Sonali:I've checked the flight timings Armaan...Tomorrow 9 am is the earliest..I've booked for you online and faxed it to you..
Armaan:Thanks Sonu..Thanks a tonne!!(Sonali hung up and so did he)Maa,i know you're hating the smile on my face right now but it's for the best..I'm gonna sleep since i've got a flight to catch!!(went to his room to sleep)

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