Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, September 1, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 257~

~Mayank's place~
Bharti's mobile rang as Mayank browsed through some magazines and voiced out to her.
Mayank:Bharti,your mobile's ringing...
Bharti:Uffo Mayu,pick it up..I'm coming..
Mahi:Heyy Bharti,it's me Mahi..Sorry yaar itni raat ko phone kar rahi hoon par baat hi kuch aisi hain..
Mayank:God,this is unbelievable...
Mahi:Mayank Sharma??(checked her mobile twice and resumed talking)
Mayank:Yeahh,pretty much and here we're talking again..
Mahi:(murmured)I don't believe this!!Bed ke kis side se uthaa tha maine aaj jo iss sadoo se baar baar baat kar rahi hoon??
Mayank:Seriously you should really consider covering the part of the receiver which i can hear so clearly..
Mahi:You know what?I didn't cover it on purpose..
Mayank:How would i know,Mahi?The only thing i've gathered is the fact that you tend to pick fights with me and i get to be blamed by Bharti..
Mahi:You think i care?
Mayank:Seriously,i don't care either...
Mahi:What are you doing with Bharti's mobile?
Mayank:She's with me at my place but she's in the washroom...Bharti!!!
Mahi:How is that even possible??She was at her place an hour back..
Mayank:Do you mind?
Bharti:Heyy..What's up,Mahi??(heard Mahi's voice on the loudspeaker mode)
Mahi:Hi Bharti..What are you doing at the sadoo's place??
Bharti:Sadoo,huh??Is that the cute nickname you have for him?Now,don't be jealous for i'm here to meet my friend...
Mahi:Now why would i be jealous??
Bharti:According to Payal's love theory,any girl in love will feel jealous over the girl spending more time with her love..
Mahi:You're his dear friend,Bharti so why would i mind?Anywayzz,i called with an important info about Bhaskar!!
Mayank:Now,how is that even possible when Bharti herself couldn't find him??
Mahi:Mr Mayank Sharma,jus like you've got a bunch of informers,so do I...(Sonali got amused,hearing Mahi)Bharti,believe me..3 hours back,he had sat on a plane to London!!
Mayank:Yeahh right..And why would he go to London right now instead of solving his own marital problems,hmm??
Mahi:How am i supposed to know??I just wanted to inform Bharti,that's it...Bharti,the next earliest flight is at 9 am tomorrow...I..
Bharti:Mahi,thanks a tonne!!This is indeed perfect...I can bring back Bhaskar,solve their problems and head off to London too..Amazing!!
Mahi:Bharti,you're having a double trip to London??
Bharti:Oh yes Mahi,i forgot to inform ya...I'll be heading to London with Alisha and Sanjee for the training attachment programme...I got selected!!Okiezz,bye!!
Mahi:(sounded dull)Bye!!(hung up)
Bharti:What are you looking at me for,Mayu???
Mayank:You gotta be kidding me Bharti....We're not done!!!First,you've already forgotten my problem as well as my work proposal for ya...
Bharti:I haven't forgotten anything Mayu...I just don't think i can fit in Trends and that too as an assistant editor...Look at my qualifications,for God's sake...
Mayank:Look,i can talk to your supervisor and get the training needed here as well,Bharti....I really need you here!!
Bharti:What for,Mayu??
Mayank:Ok,serously what are you running away from??I've ben noticing you ever since i've mentioned Goa...
Bharti:Nothing...It's just your illusion,Mayu...
Bharti:I can't tell you,alright??
Mayank:Right,so i was right...Something did happen and you just don't wanna tell me....If you'll tell me,i'll let you go to London..
Bharti:You won't let me go in any way,right???Whether i tell you or not,you are just adamant on wanting to know...Well,i met Armaan and Jiya by coincidence at Goa...
Mayank:Armaan....Why does Armaan have to come into our problems,Bharti??
Bharti:What do you mean??What did he do to you??
Mayank:Well,FYI,he threatened me to not break Mahi's heart or i'll be messing with him...You know,along the lines of me blackmailing him not to hurt you in any way before.....
Bharti:What?When did you??I don't believe you,Mayu!!!!You know what??Now,i'm not going to help you at all...This is ridiculous!!!!
Mayank:Bharti,woh sab toh beeti baatein hain na...Please!!!!
Bharti:Mayank,tum achi tarha se jaante ho ki mujhe yeh programme kis liye chaahiye...Sirf graduation ke liye hi nahin...
Mayank:Bharti,mujhe bata hain...Aur iss liye main tumhaari madat karna chahthi hoon...Mere liye aasan nahin hain mere aur Radhika ke relation ko bhoolna...Bharti,main aur chup nahin reh sakti...Mahi aur mere beech kuch bhi nahin hain....
Bharti:Kya??Par tumne toh abhi abhi kaha tha na ki tum dono ne abhi tak break up ke baarein mein sirf soch rahe the...
Mayank:Uss din jab tum achanak se mil gaye the toh mere mu se kuch nikal gaya aur tum kuch aur samajh the rahe..Aur upar se Mahi aur Sonali aur Jiya yeh chahthe the ki mera aur tumhaare break up ho jaaye..That's why i played along with the misunderstanding...
Mayank:Ssshh,dheere se!!
Bharti:You're still not over Radhika?There's nothing between you or Mahi??
Mayank:You got it right...Plus Niharika got this from you and with time things just got even more messier...
Bharti:Wow...First,Payal's thinking of divorce,then comes Bhaskar's news of heading to London and finally your revelation that you're not at all in love with Mahi....I'm just wondering why i'm not getting a panic attack by now!!!
Mayank:Bharti,i'm so sorry...
Bharti:Just shut up,Mayu!!!Main Niharika ko kaise...Kya samjhaao usse??
Mayank:Just don't let her know that there was nothing between us....Just inform her of the break-up;i promised Mahi that i would break her and me up asap!!!
Bharti:Aur uske baad kya,Mayu???You told me she's bent on getting you married....
Mayank:Look,i don't want to get Mahi into any more mess....
Bharti:Fine,i'll help you and not let Niharika know anything!!
Mayank:Is it a lot to ask if you solve my problem first???
Bharti:I swear i'll kill you...
Bharti:Nope!!!Payal and Bhaskar comes first...And i promise you that i'll solve your problem before leaving for London,alright???
Mayank:Do you really have to go???
Bharti:Sshh...Let me see what i need to do right now....I can't possibly go to London without Naina....And i can't leave Payal in this state either....I need someone else to go in my place and bring Bhaskar back!!Bhaskar's not like me to run away from any miseries...There must be a reason for him to be in London...
Mayank:Wait a sec..I know someone who's in the immigration department...I'll call him and check it out...
Bharti:Do that immediately!!
Bharti dialled Amarjeet's number and attempted to find out Bhaskar's whereabouts and if he were sent on yet another business trip but her guess turned out to  invalid and Bharti hung up.The only lead she's gotten is from Mayank's friend that Bhaskar got a first class ticket and the next earliest flight to London is 9am the next day.
Bharti:Wait..What are you doing?
Mayank:Sending him my details for the London trip tomorrow...
Bharti:(stopped him from typing any further)No,don't do that..I've got a better plan!!
Mayank:But you just told me that you wanted me to cancel my appointments and go...
Bharti:Yeahh but i think it's better if Naina,Payal and I go and meet Bhaskar personally...
Mayank:But you don't know where Bhaskar will be,unless....Hold it!!
Mayank:Hold on...(talked to his friend and hung up after a while)Well,one of my informers,is in London..He'll help follow Bhaskar but before you ask..(took Bharti's mobile)I'm sending him a photograph of Bhaskar!!I'll give him your contact number and he'll text you of Bhaskar's whereabouts.. 
Bharti:Wait..In that case,i'll need to inform Payal of this short trip to London,not to meet Bhaskar,of course but just to divert her attention elsewhere..Let me just call her up..
Mayank:Yeahh you do that...I'll be right back!!
~Mahi's place~
Sonali:Finally,our plan is going to work..
Mahi:Duffer,don't you realize that in the midst of uniting Payal and Bhaskar,Bharti's gonna head to London??
Sonali:Apparently Mahi..She has to go,na??
Mahi:Don't you understand??She got selected for the training attachment programme in London!!
Sonali:Uffo,it's not as if she's never going to return to Mumbai yaar...
Mahi:She's going away from us,Sonu and that is something we've gotta accept and that includes Armaan as well..Hence there is no point...
Sonali:She won't be able to go once everything gets resolved between her and Armaan...
Mahi:Sonu,we are no God to play with their lives..If nothing has worked till now,then there's no hope!!And i just don't know how Armaan's going to take it..Guess i've become so attached to her friendship in such a short span of time that..
Sonali:Yaar,she can never go far from us..We'll talk to her once she's back with Bhaskar and Payal,hmm??Plus,we'll head early to the airport as well...
Mahi:Hmm ok!!
~Mayank's place~
Mayank:So what did she say?
Bharti:Thank God she agreed..It'll surely shift her mind for some time before she meets Bhaskar!!Plus,it'll be a short trip for Naina as well..
Mayank:Your princess's pretty lucky by the way,having frequent travels..
Bharti:So toh hain..Meanwhile,you'll talk to Nihi,k?
Bharti:Trust me Mayu,she'll feel so much better if you were to tell her personally instead of me and bring Mahi along too..Nihi will surely understand!!She's mature enough..
Mayank:Yeahh right..
Bharti:Mayu,trust me yaar...
Mayank:Fine,on one condition!!
Bharti:Oh God..No Mayu!!!Not the job,please!!
Mayank:What are you running away from,this time round?
Bharti:Nothing...What are you...
Mayank:So,what's stopping you from accepting my job proposal??
Bharti:I'm under-qualified,simple?
Mayank:That's not even an excuse..In fact,you ought to be grateful that i'm kickstarting your career for ya..
Bharti:I know Mayu,but i got selected for the programme in London,remember?
Mayank:Ohhh....Darn it,na Bharti?But you know what..I can talk to your supervisor,Dr Graham and convince her..
Bharti:Nahh,that' not even necessary..I...
Mayank:What happened in Goa,Bharti?Ohh,don't give me that look of your's...I've spilled my beans and now it's your tur!!!And i've been noticing that ever since I've mentioned Goa,you just turn your face away,whch makes it so apparent that you're hiding something...
Bharti:The same root of the problem in our lives at the moment...I met him and Jiya at Rohan's wedding..
Mayank:Armaan??What was he doing there??
Bharti:Some exclusive outdoor photo shoot...Rohan invited him and Jiya and they came..
Mayank:So,what's there to hide?
Bharti:Damn it,Mayu!!I just wished i knew about Payal's problem way earlier..At least,i wouldn't have made such a BIG mistake in my life...
Mayank:What mistake?
Bharti:Armaan and I..(paused for a while)We kissed...It was an unintended,brief moment and nothing else!!
Mayank:Bharti,how could it just happen?And you're only telling me about it now???
Bharti:Look,i've not told anyone anything and i just wanna forget the whole icident..I've told him to stay aay from me for good and that we can no longer b the kind of friends we used to be..
Mayank:And how did he react?(Bharti kept mum)Look Bharti,i really don't think that he would have taken it the way you would have wanted him to..But tell me something...Are you......in love.....with him???
Bharti:(answered him abruptly)NO!!No wayzz,Mayu!!I'm not in love with anyone,alright?
Mayank:Wait a sec..You're refusing my job proposal because you're running away from Armaan??From facing him??You're actually letting him decide your career??
Mayank:Don't shout!!Why is he important to you,Bharti??(Bharti turned away)Bharti,look at me and tell me what's going on...
Bharti:He loves me but i don't,alright??I care for his happiness for at one vital phase of my life,he had helped me,be it out of revenge,but he did help me via the contract marriage..I don't know how many times i've broken his heart by pretending to be unaware of his emotions towards me but now because of this stupid mistake of mine,he feels as though i'm...I'm just trying to push him away from me,my life and my past!!!
Mayank:Bharti,don't you realize somethnig by now??The more you try to push him away,the more closer he's getting to you and your thoughts!!
Bharti:I've been fighting this emotion for months and yet i don't have a solution..
Mayank:Leave it to me;i've got a perfect solution for ya..Trust me,you'll be grateful to me!!For now,go and get some rest..We'll wake up early,pick up Payal and Naina along the way to the airport,hmm?(Bharti nodded and slept in Mayank's room while he slept on the sofa)
~Next Day@Airport~
Mayank was at a registration counter with Payal and Naina while Bharti excused herself to the washroom.Just across the counter distant from that of Mayank's,stood Mahi and Sonali.
Mahi:(grabbed Sonu's T-shirt)Oh crap!!What is Mayank doing here??
Sonali:Where??(Mahi gestured to her to look across)Yeahh,why is he here??(walked as she got the boarding ticket for Armaan as she walked off with Mahi) 
Mahi:Payal aur Naina bhi hain saath mein..Toh phir Bharti kahaa hain??Kahin Mayank London toh nahin jaa raha hain,huh?
Sonali:Let's wait at the departure gate for Armaan..What's taking him so long??
Mahi:He's coming..Heyy,look...Bharti's coming out of the washroom..(stood stunned as Bharti bumped into Armaan and fell into his arms)
Bharti saw Armaan gazing intently at her and she abruptly stood upright,taking a few steps behind.She looked to her sides.Despite his questioning if she was alright,Bharti turned away and rushed from there without turning back.
Mahi:Sonu,you still think there's any hope left?
Sonali:We'll talk about this later..Hmm come!!
Just then,both Mayank and Armaan came face to face with the boarding tickets.Mayank was surprised to see Armaan with Sonali and Mahi.
Armaan:Mahi,i can't reach Maa..Do me a favour;pass this note to her,hmm?(Mahi nodded)Chalta hoon..
Mayank:Hey you guyzz,,(looked at Payal and Naina)Have fun,k?(hugged Bharti and murmured)Remember what i said,Bharti...Leave your prob to me;it'll be solved just like that..Don't worry so much!!Keep me in the loop and thank you for coming over last night..(withdrew from his hug)
Bharti:Naina,chale?(Naina planted a kiss on Mayank's rigt cheek and forehead before waving to him and Armaan)Chalo princess..(waved to Mahi,Sonu and Mayank before leaving)
Mahi and Sonali were about to go whe Mayank voiced out to Mahi.Mahi glanced at Sonali and raised her eyebrow,looking at her blankly before he stood before her.
Mayank:Where is Armaan headed to?
Mahi:Why???Didn't you ask him??(waved to Armaan one last time before he advanced and Mayank then realized)
Mayank:He's heading to London??
Sonali:What's your problem,Mayank??
Mayank:Damn it!!Don't tell me that he's going there in hopes of meeting Bhaskar...
Mahi:Of course,he is..What's your problem,huh?
Mayank:(murmured)Crap!!Bharti's plan might get foiled and Payal may figure everything out ahead of time..I need to text Bharti about this!!(SMS-ed Bharti instantly)
Mahi:Chalo Sonu..
Mayank:Ek minute..I don't wish to delay anything further,Mahi...
Mayank:Come with me..
Mahi:Excuse me?Where to??
Mayank:My place..We need to talk!!
Mahi:Oh hello,I'm not coming anywhere with you,alright??
Mayank:(looked to his left and right before staring right into her eyes)Don't!!Don't make me compel you to bring you with me,alright??(Sonali was stunned)
Sonali:(stood before Mahi)How dare you talk to her like that?(glared at him)
Mayank:FYI Sonali,this is between me and Mahi,so stop meddling..(shoved her aside)
Mahi:Don't even think about it,Mayank...Who are you to shove my best friend??
Mayank:Come with me and you two don't have to create a scene by defending each other...
Mahi:You want me to come with you?Fine!!!First,apologize to Sonali!!
Mahi:You heard me..(Mayank glared at Mahi who stood firm;without thinking twice,he held Mahi's wrist and dragged her along with him and Mahi kept looking back to Sonali who was totally shocked)Chodo mujhe...(her cries fell on deaf ears as Mayank pushed her inside the front seat of his car and drove off while Sonali was too late to reach her best friend) 
Sonali:I'm not letting her go alone with Mayank!!!(got inside her car and headed to Mayank's place)
~After some time~
Sonali received a call from Jiya from MU.
Jiya:Sonu,where are you?
Sonali:Somewhere out,Jiya..Need anything?
Jiya:Raj and i might need a HUGE favour from you..We're both at MU..
Sonali:Both of you are already at MU?
Jiya:What do you mean by that??
Sonali:I mean,Armaan told us that you were totally disturbed last night and i too expected Raj to take some days off,as he seemed quite low ever since Khushi and Niyati left with Nidhi..Anywayzz,how can i help?
Jiya:Could you reach MU asap?
Sonali:Is it really urgent?
Jiya:Yeahh,or else i wouldn't have disturbed ya..
Sonali:Am on my way..Cya!!(hung up)Damn it!!I just wish Mahi reaches MU asap!!I won't spare that idiot if he harmed her in any way!!!

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