Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, September 1, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 258~

Alisha and Sanjana went to meet Dr Graham personally.They were allowed to enter but Dr Graham gestured to them to take a seat each while she attended her call.
Dr Graham:Yes Mayank,you're Bharti's friend,right?
Mayank:Yeahh..I'm her close friend..Actually she asked me to pass a message of her's..
Dr Graham:Hmm,what is it?Actually i've been waiting for her reply..
Mayank:She's gone to London due to personal matters..
Dr Graham:Personal issues??She didn't address any of them to me..
Mayank:Actually she was in a rush today and hence she couldn't inform you..
Dr Graham:Go ahead..What's the message??
Mayank:That she's willing to head to London for the attachment programme..(Mahi closed her eyes and shook her head,as she recollected having discussed her fears with Sonali)But ma'm,I have a proposal fo you..(Mahi opened her eyes)
Dr Graham:Proposal??
Mayank:I've offered her a job in Trends and it's a very promising one indeed,that of an Assistant Editor..(Mahi glanced at him in amazement)
Mahi:(thought to herself)"Wait a sec..Isn't that what Gyaan was applying for??(remembered sneaking at and snooping about his and Vinita's cabins a few weeks back)OMG...If Mayank is offering Bharti the job,then she'll surely accept the job and stay here!!"(smiled widely at the thought and continued listening)
Dr Graham:You mean,in your fashion magazine??But i'm really sorry,Mr Mayank Sharma..She has already been selected and is one of my promising candidates..
Mayank:But Dr Graham,is it possible if she could work here for a month or two before heading there for the training??I mean,this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her..It would be a great asset for her career to get kick-started!!I can vouch for that since a lot of her colleagues from Men's Universe had written testimonials about her,which is truly encouraging..
Dr Graham:Has she agreed to your offer?
Mayank:She hasn't,as of yet, for she was pretty much in a dilemma,choosing between my job proposal and the training programme,which she had been waiting eagerly for,since months..She  told me she'll be back in two days but i thought of contacting you and discussing the official matter with you first before coaxing her..
Dr Graham:You're such a manipulator,Mr Mayank Sharma..You called me so that you could withhold my best candidate to work with you,hmm??Give me a day to think about it and i'll let you know!!
Mayank:Hmm alright..In any case,you have my number..Thanks for hearing me out,Dr Graham..Bye!!(hung up)Mahi.listen..It wasn't right of me to drag you from the airport like that..I'm sorry but my only intention was to get you to come with me for i needed you at my place when i was going to talk to Niharika about our break-up!!
Mayank:Yeahh!!In fact,i'm going to talk to her right now but please don't mention anything about the reality of us not being a couple in the first place..In fact,i was just going to go with the differences in priorities,worhaholic natures and no proper communication between us..Come!!l
Mahi:(murmured)Gayi bhains paani mein...And here i thought i could ask him about what Dr Graham said..(Mayank knocked on the glass window,breaking the chain of her thoughts and she got out of the car and Mayank rang the doorbell)
Mayank:(Niharika opened the door)Nihu,are you going somewhere??
Niharika:Uffo Mayu,yeh kaisa sawaal hain??Kaam par jaa rahi hoon aur kya??Arre Mai,tum yahaa??Kaise??
Mayank:Airport par mila tha..Niharika,baith jaao..Mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baat karni hain..
Niharika:Huh??Niharika??Kuch serious baat toh nahin,Mahi??(Mayank locked the door)
Mahi:(glanced at Mayank)Woh darasal...
Mayank:Main bata tha hoon Nihu par tumhe mujhe promise karni hogi ke chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye,tum mujhse ya phir Mahi se naaraaz nahin rahoge aur tum yeh baat maturely handle karoge...
Niharika:Mayu,tum yeh gol gol baatein kyun kar rahe ho??
Mayank:(knelt dwn on his knees before Niharika)Baat yeh hain ke Mahi aur mere beech..(paused)I mean...Hum dono ne bohat socha,humaare alag priorities ko lekar..Tum toh jaante ho ki main kaam mein itna ulaj jaata hoon ke kabhi kabhi tumhaari calls return nahin karta hoon aur naahi ghar aata hoon..Aise mein,mere aur Mahi ke beech yeh communication ka deewar khada rahega har waqt..Aur tumhe toh bata hain ki communication zaroori hain ek successful relationship ke liye..
Niharika:Tum dono...You guyzz are breaking up??(Mayank held her palms but she withdrew them instantly and stood up and away from Mayank,trying to grasp what he exactly said seconds ago)OMG!!!!(felt her head throbbing)But both of you love each other...I mean,things can work out,right Mahi??No,this can't be happening...
Mayank:(shook her)Nihu,get a hold of yourself!!You've got to understand and take this maturely..I know you want me to settle down in my life..But i guess the relationship..(glanced at Mahi) that i share with Mahi is a complicated one and it's best if it's kept as an incomplete one!!Some love stories are never meant to be,Nihu and you've got to accept it,for my sake,hmm??
Niharika:(her eyes were welled up)And i thought my Mayu has found his life partner once again..(hugged her brother intimately and Mahi,then realized that her eyes got welled up as well,surprising her)
Mayank:Heyy,what is this,Nihu??Bharti told me that you're way more mature than me and here you are,crying...(Niharika instantly wiped her tears and withdrew from Mayank's hug)
Niharika:Who told you i was crying??Bharti is so right!!Now,you go ahead and get dressed..I'll get all of us a coffee each..
Mahi:Nihar,it's totally ok;i'll get going..
Mayank:Mahi,have the coffee..I'll drop you at Men's Universe..
Niharika:Come Mahi..(started to boil water on the stove and turned around)Is it because of my sudden announcement during the dinner,Mahi,that you two decided to break up??
Mahi:No...No,Nihar..It's nothing like that!!It's just crazy..I mean,i never get the time off my hectic schedule and neither does he..
Niharika:Can't you prioritize?Isn't your relationship important at all??
Mahi:To be frank Nihar,both of us barely got to know each other and we're both not ready for a deeper level of commitment as of yet..I'm afraid it's just not going to work out!!I guess we're still stuck to each other's past and are not ready to move on!!
Niharika:Are you talking about Radhika??How Mayank talks to himself,when he justifies,stating that he's talking to Radhika??
Mahi:Initially it creeped me out when i had heard him at one of the social parties..But then i didn't ask him anytihng further,for it is his past and i didn't want to..
Niharika:Radhika's the best thing that had happened to him in his entire life..I had only met her like five or six times since i was abroad,busy with my work and studies..I only came over to Mumbai during parts of my vacations..But..(tears streamed down her cheek)
Mahi:The coffee..(switched off the stove and wiped Niharika's tears)Is everything ok,Nihar?? 
Niharika:I can never forgive myself for not being there for Mayu when he needed me the most!!I was abroad and he almost fell into trauma when Radhika passed away but had Bharti not been there,he would have killed himself,committed suicide..Bharti's a guardian angel in our lives and she had called me up and i tried to reach as soon as possible but i had to choose my examz over my Mayu!!Bharti was equally devastated for Radhika was her support system and yet she couldn't save her..Bharti not only had to console Mayu but she had to console and comfort me for the remorse and the gult that was apparently embedded deeply within me..Now,i'm ever so thankful to her for having brought even an inch of a smile on my Mayu's face..Mahi,mere Mayu itna bhi bura nahin hain...
Mahi:Main jaanti hoon,Nihar..
Niharika:Then why are you...(paused)I'm really sorry..I'm not trying to compel you or anything but it's just...How do i make you understand??(fidgeted)I've got not much time or else i would hav handled myself better...
Mahi:Not much time??For what???
Niharika:Nothing Mahi..Have your coffee!!
Mahi:What is it,Nihar??(just then,Niharika started coughing badly and Mahi instantly poured a glass of water for her and helped her out while she noticed Niharika grab some pills and eventually she was alright)
Niharika:I'm fine,Mahi...
Mahi:But pills?
Niharika:Ohh,i was unwell a few days back,so these are just some antibiotics,that's all...
Mahi:Are you sure??
Niharika:Yeahh,of course..
Mahi:I'm sorry Nihar,that things didn't work out... 
Niharika:Ahh..I can't say that i forgive you but it'll take some time for me for this revelation to sink in my head..(wiped her tear)Promise me something...That if Mayu faces a problem in his life when i'm not around,you'll be there for him!!
Niharika:Promise me,Mahi...
Mahi:I...I...I promise!!But why are you saying such inauspicious things??I mean you're always there for him..
Niharika:That's the deception that i've been facing for the past few months...
Mayank:Nihu,mere red tie kahaa hain yaar??
Niharika:Uffo Mayu..Mahi,main bas abhi aayi..Coffee peeyo!!!
Mahi:Hmm ok..(got confused over Niharika's words about deception and the promise she had just made to Niharika)Woh aisi baatein kyun kar rahi thi??(took a sip of the coffee and looked around before checking the name of the pills which Niharika took and instantly kept it away as she saw Niharika and Mayank coming downstairs)
~Men's Universe~
Sonali:Sorry yaar..Traffic bohat tha..
Jiya:It's ok...
Sonali:So,what's the emergency??
Sonali:Before that,tell me something...What are you two doing here??I mean i heard everything from Armaan last night about what had happened between you and Payal and Mahi and I had personally asked Raj to take some days off since he's feeling quite low since the departure of Nidhi...
Jiya:I had to bring him out from the dark...He wasn't answering any of my calls and was sleeping away...He's in a mess!!
Jiya:He didn't have to say anything but his house just gave it away...
Sonali:Let me get coffee for all of us..And wake him up!!If Amarjeet saw him like that,then we all know what can possibly happen..
Jiya:Well,it's still quite early and he's not here yet..
Sonali:I'll be right back with the coffee...
~After some time~
Sonali:He hasn't woken up yet???
Jiya:He won't wake up like that...Just look at what i'm gonna do..(took a cup of coffee and gently took Raj's finger and dipped it in the cup of hot coffee)
Raj:Ouchhh!!!!Owwww...(shook his finger repetitively)Jiyaaaaa,you idiot!!!Aise koi uthaa tha hain kya???
Sonali:Good morning!!What the heck are you doing here when i told you to take some days off??
Raj:Ask her..She dragged me all the way here...
Sonali:Spill it then,Jiya...
Jiya:Whatever you've heard from Armaan...It's all staged!!
Jiya:Sshh,mellow your expressions,for God's sake!!!Actually Bhaskar had contacted me via SMS last night a day earlier...That he's planned a surprise for Payal,which he wouldn't tell me either...But all i know is that it's a huge surprise for her...And he's...
Raj:Excuse me..What did you just say??You mean to say you got slapped by Payal for no reason...Aise hi???
Sonali:Ohh crap!!!!What the heck have Mahi and I done???Damn it Jiya,couldn't you have told us earlier???
Jiya:Ok,what's wrong Sonu???(Sonali told Jiya and Raj what she and Mahi planned)
Sonali:Arre,maine toh socha ki iss tarha Armaan aur Bharti ke beech ki jo dooriyaan mit jaayenge..Aur saath saath Payal aur Bhaskar ke bhi patch up ho jaayegi..Par mujhe kahaa pata tha ki yeh sab kuch ek drama tha??Aur asliyat kuch aur hi hogi???
Jiya:Sonu,look...I only talked to Bhaskar yesterday..You can say it's staged in a way but for a good reason..I mean,it wasn't intentional..And how was i supposed to know what you had planned??Ahh,Armaan didn't want to wake me up and tell me where he was going,now i get it...If he had,i could have cancelled his trip!!
Raj:Oh really,Jiya??You could have??I mean you would have??It's kinda hard to believe since i thought you'd be the first to push him to Bharti...
Jiya:Raj,stop it!!!I won't push him to Bharti any longer,especially after trying my best at Goa..(Raj gestured to Sonali to look at Jiya)I've given up on Bharti for good and my dearest frind deserves so much better than her..!!(Sonali raised her eyebrow whilst Raj almost choked)
Sonali:Serious??I mean,i've been hearing this thing about Goa but tell me,what exactly happened in Goa,hmm??
Raj:(tapped Jiya's back and shoulders)Come out,i say..Come out!!
Jiya:What the hell,Raj??What are you doing??
Raj:Get me my Jiya back..She wouldn't even think of giving up on Armaan and Bharti at all,even if God were to intervene!!(Sonu got amused)
Jiya:Tu kyun hass rahi hain,huh??Aur Raj,tum..Paagal ho gaye ho??
Raj:Paagal nahin hua hoon..Bata nahin kitni bar maine tumhe samjhaaya hoga par tumhe toh hameshaa apne manmaani karni hi thi aur hameshaa unn dono ke peeche hi padhe the..Koi dual personality toh develop nahin kiya tha na Goa mein??
Jiya:Very funny!!
Raj:Then laugh...(grinned)
Sonal:So this was the emergency??(murmured)Bata nahin woh Mahi abhi tak uss sadoo ke saath kya kar rahi hain..
Raj:Mahi abhi tak Mayank ke saath hain??(stifled his amusement)
Raj:No,i heard something happened in the lift till evening..And someone was supposed to feed me the details!!
Sonali:Ab mera mood bilkul bhi nahin hain..Excuse me!!(dialled Mahi's number)Hello??Kahaa ho tum Mahi???Don't tell me ki tum abhi tak uss sadoo ke saath ho...Kab se main tumhaari intezaar kar rahi hoon MU mein..Mujhe bilkul bhi acha nahin laga jab woh tumhe daseet ke uske gaadi mein lekar gaya..I mean,how dare he just shove me away,drag you from you the airport,huh???I was about to follow his car but i had to come to MU for an emergency....Hello...Are you even listening to me,Mahi???
Niharika:Ermm Sonali,right??Hi,this is Niharika!!
Sonali:Niharika???(Raj stopped sipping his coffee upon hearing Niharika's name)
Niharika:Ermm Sonali,Mahi washroom mein hain..Aur main Mayank ke bartaav ke liye maafi maangna chahthi hoon..Mujhe nahin pata tha ki Mayank aisa kuch bhi karega par mujhe ab yakeen ho gaya hain..Ki shayad mere Mayu ab tak mujhe khush karne ki chakkar mein tha..
Sonali:(thought to herself)Yeh Niharika kya bole jaa rahi hain??
Niharika:Shayad meri inn aankhon ne dhoka khaa liya tha...Maine hi usse zor diya tha shaadi karne ke liye..Par meri iss faisle ke waje se maine Mayu aur Mahi ko itna dukh diya hain...Ki aaj main apne aapko sambhaalna bhi mushkil mehsoos kar rahi hoon..
Sonali:Niharika,tum yeh...Kaisi mushkil??(Raj got concerned but just then he received Armaan's call and excused himself for a while)
Niharika:Sonali,Mayu aur Mahi ne break-up kar liya hain..(inhaled deeply)Aur mujhe laga tha ki Mayu ko phir se ek maksat mil gaya tha jeene ke liye..(turned around and saw Mahi)Actually,achi baat hain...Kam se kam ab Mahi ko mere sadoo Mayu ko jhelne nahin padegi,lo Mahi se baat karlo..
Mahi:Haan Sonu..
Sonali:OMG yaar..Finally sadoo ne kar dikhaaya hain apne kamaal!!I'm so thrilled yaar...Aren't you??I mean,you must be so relieved by now!! Chutkaara mil hi gaya,by God!!Arre,bas main hi bolti rahungi kya??
Mahi:Hmm,totally Sonu..Par samjhaa kar,jab tak main MU waapas nahin aati,tab tak..(Raj got back)
Sonali:Yeahh,ok whatever yaar but i'm so thrilled!!In fact,if i had known what Mayank's intention was,i wouldn't have intervened yaar..I would let him take you,in the first place..Now you're totally free from this fake relationship,all thanks to Mayank..I need to apologize to him,actually,for misunderstanding him..And we'll treat him,on our behalf,what say??
Mahi:Main filhaal phone rak thi hoon..MU mein baat karenge,hmm??
Sonali:Alright,jaldi aana..(hung up)You guyzz won't believe this!!(told Raj and Jiya everything about Mahi getting stuck in the lift with Mayank and meeting him at the airport,ho he dragged her from the airport and now their relationship is finally over)I'm so...(Pushpak came and her smile vanished)Guyzz,i just recalled some important work to do..Gotta go!!(left from there without even looking at Pushpak)

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