Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, October 29, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 262~

~Mayank's place~

Mayank:Sorry Nihu...Late for dinner!!
Mayank:Everything ok??
Niharika:Yeahh sure..Let me see why it is...Yes,that's cuz i didnt prepare you dinner!!
Mayank:Par Nihu,i'm super hungry yaar...
Niharika:Make dinner for yourself..I'm going to bed!!Nitezz!!(went to her room and slammed the door)
Mayank:What had happened to her all of a sudden?(went to take a shower first)

~Niharika's room~

Niharika dropped herself on the bed and looked at her mobile,which apparently showed no text messages,voice mails or even missed calls from Raj.

"Idiot!!Phone tak nahin kar sakta mujhse maafi maangne ke liye..Kya khaaq pyaar karta hain woh mujhse??I'm just so,so stupid!!Yes,that's what i exactly am,for believing in Khushi's words and expecting anything from Raj..After all,she could be wrong too...And perhaps Niharika is just another fling for Raj Malhotra..That's right..Arghhh!!Damn it!(headed to the washroom)

She turned on the tap and splashed water on her face.As she closed her eyes and ran her right palm down her face,ridding excess water,she felt rose petals being showered on her from behind.She opeed her eyes to Raj's reflection in the mirror and instantly turned around.Raj continued showering rose petals on Niharika as he gradually headed towards her.

Raj;This is for real,Nihar..(Niharika widened her eyes in shock,upon seeing Raj right before her)I heard your mutterings,by the way..All i wanna say is you're different,Niharika and this is not a fling.It's hrd to explain,Nihar,but the truth is very simple.Despite wanting to respect your decision of staying far from you,i can't..And that too especially what you did this morning!!You coming over to my place,was si unexpected!!I over-reacted and i'm sorry!!But why did you..

Niharika:I wanted to surprise you..

Raj:You what?

Niharika:I don't know..I just craved for someone to be close to me,to hear me out and to understand me and my emotions...Emotions which is linked to Mayank's breakup,which i can't possibly share with Mayank himself!!

Raj:You have no idea either,do you?

Niharika:About what?

Raj:I had been thinking about you the whole morning too..Ever since i heard about Mahi's breakup,i wondered how you were taking it...Even if you didn't come,i would hve called or come over to meet you but you came to my place,which really took me by surprise..I didn't see that coming!!And it was a truly bad timing cu i have a lot of things running on my mind,Nihar!!

Niharika:I'm sorry,I..

Raj:Nihar,just listen to me..(cupped her face)I...I...I truly care about you!!(gazed deeply into her eyes)I've not felt this way before in my life!!I've had all kinds of relationships;flings,one-night stands and so much that i won't even recognize most of them n my life but you're diferent,Niharika!!I love you,Niharika..I really do!!

Niharika:So whatever Khushi said at the airport...

Raj:She really embarased the crap out of me!!

Niharika:(leaned over to kiss his cheek)Thanks for clarifying..(stood back)The rose petals surely did the magic here,earning you instant apology..And right now,i think you should get going..

Raj:Wait,that's it?

Niharika:What were you expecting??Because of you,i didn't cook dinner for Mayank..

Raj:Really??So i do have an effect on you,huh??(raised his eyebrows)

Niharika:Get going,Raj,just like how you came to my room..(got out of the washroom)Through the balcony via the ladder,hmm??Don't look at me like that!!I've sneaked into my own room like that several times...Now,get going!!

Raj:Ok,so i assume everything's clear about us?

Niharika:Yes Raj...

Raj:And no one will know about us,hmm??

Niharika:Apt plan!!

Raj:And you'll go out with me,as and when,huh?

Niharika:You're pushing it now..

Raj:Ok lastly,you'll marry me,right??


Raj:(bursted out laughing)Gosh,just look at your face!!!I was just kidding..Bye!!!

Niharika:Bye!!(waved to Raj as he looked back at her and smiled)

~Hallway @ Ellington Inn~

Bhaskar:(realized that he can't possibly run since Armaan's standing right before him and Bharti)Hehe...Heyy Armaan,what's up?

Armaan:What the heck,Bhaskar??How come you're here??Hi Bharti...

Bhaskar:Well, I'm here,ermm...For Bharti!!(Bharti looked super confused)

Armaan:Are you sure??Look,if i'm not disturbing you,Bhaskar...I seriously need to discuss with you about Payal..

Bharti:I think i made it pretty clear to you that you need not intervene in Bhaskar's amd Payal's personal life..

Armaan:Bharti,please try to understand!!It's about their marriage..Bhaskar,Payal had misunderstood you and Jiya..

Bhaskar:Yeahh now i know that..If i had known earlier...

Armaan:And now,Payal is thinking of divorcing you!You gotta do something quick!!

Bharti:(muttered)Damn it!!


Bharti:Armaan,will you top it now??

Bhaskar:You mean,she was holding onto the divorce papers just now,when you were talking to her??

Armaan:You saw us??

Bhart:Armaan,i specified things clearly that i want no interference of any sort,either in my life or their lives...Which part of it did you not understand??

Armaan,So now,we're talking?

Bharti:No,we're still not!!

Bhaskar:So,this was the surprise you were talking about earlier,Bharti??

Bharti:You must be so satisfied by your accomplishment na,Armaan??Yes Bhaskar,the divorce was meant to be your surprise!!!

Bhaskar:OMG!!!What am i going to do??I can't lose her now!!

Bharti:What do you mean by now?

Bhaskar:I mean,not at all...I need her and can't visulize living the days of my life alone...She's my life!!

Armaan:Bhaskar,i want to help you in every way possible for it's due to Jiya that things have fallen apart even further.(Bharti was flabbergasted)

Bharti:Don't you dare,Bhaskar...And i mean it,don't you dare take his help!!

Bhaskar:But Bharti,what's the problem?

Armaan:Yes Bharti,what's bothering you??

Bharti:I don't believe this!!I had come all the way from Mumbai to patch things up between you two without even giving her a clue but no..Oce again,you had to make the same mistake again..You've got to choose him over me to help you!!You've got no value for my friendship--Fine!!You know what?You can just go to hell,Bhaskar!!(went to her room)


Bhaskar:I wanted you two to help me out in this but she didn't bother to listen...Crap!!!Armaan,you've really got to help me!!

Armaan:(thought to himself)Maine toh keh diya hain ki main madat karunga lekin kaise???Upar se,Bharti bhi chali gayi hain mujhse naaraaz ho kar!!Kuch toh sochna padega!!!(just then,his mobile rang)Bhaskar,i'll take care of everything..Don't worry..We'll think of something by tomorrow;i'll call you,k??(both headed to their rooms)

~Armaan's room:556~

Armaan:You've called at the right time..Need your brains badly!!

Raj:Huh,what??(Armaan narrated the entire situation)Payal is so mad that she signed the divorce papers already?OMG!!!

Armaan:Gosh Raj,have you been listening or not?Bharti's mad at me for having intervened in Bhaskar's and Payal's personal matter but i've got to cuz...Cuz it was truly alarming to see the divorcing papers and just imagine the drastic efect it could have on the three of them!!!

Raj:Aha!!!I'm so proud of you yaar...


Raj:You went agianst her and interfered...That's quite a miracle,as far as i'm concerned but you can still do better!!

Armaan:Tumhe mazak sooj rahi hain,Raj?Yahaa meri haalat kharab ho raha hain aur tum ho ke...Dude,i need ideas!!!

Raj:Hhmm..Ideas toh bohat hain yaar lekin mujhe ek vaada chaahiye tumse...

Armaan:Kaisa vaada?

Raj:Mere rules ko follow karoge??

Armaan:Bharti ke dil jeetne ke liye?Seriously Raj,muje tumhaare...

Raj:Ideas chaahye ke nahin?

Armaan:God,yeh main kahaa atak gaya hon...

Raj:Inn choti choti baaton ke liye um God ko kyun parisaan kar rahe ho,Armaan??

Armaan:Theekh hain Raj,bolo...

Raj:Pehla idea toh yeh hain ke tum Payal aur Bhaskar ko phone karo..Payal ko yeh bataana ki Bhaskar ki acciden ho gaya hain aur Bhaskar ko Payal ki accident ki khabar dena...Dono ko ek hi jagah par milwa kar baat karwaa dena aur sari galat fehmi door karna,simple!!

Armaan:Yeh main bhi toh soch sakta hoon..Kitna puraana idea hain!!

Raj:Puraana hain lekin effective hain,samjhe?

Armaan:Ok,ok...Par yeh Plan A hain..Back-up plan ki zaroorat padh sakta hain,Raj..Plan B!!

Raj:Hhmm true..Sochta hoon..

Armaan:Haan socho socho...

Raj:Arre,tu bhi toh soch...

Armaan:Hmm,waise tumne Maa ko mere message diya ke nahin??

Raj:Kaunsa message??Tumne mujhe koi message dene ke liye nahin kahaa tha...

Armaan:Arre haan,maine Mahi ko message diya tha..Sorry!!

Raj:Mm..Mil gaya idea!!(his eyes widened)Tum ek kaam karo,tum Baskar ke surprise ke baarein mein bata lagao...Aur Payal ko ek clue de do uske baarein mein aur pyaar se samjhaao....

Armaan:Yeh tumhaara back-up plan hain?Dimaag toh thekh hain?Pyaar se hi toh samjhaa raha tha Payal ko itni dher se...Par woh kuch maanne ke liye tayyaar nahin hain!!!Aur iss waqt par Bharti ko mujhse problem honi thi...I could seriously use her help!!

Raj:Bechara!!!God,please iska madat karde!!!Dude,you gotta stop thinking about her...Patch Bhaskar and Payal up by yourself and you'll win half the battle...You'll win her heart already by that cuz now she's underestimating your ability in patching them up but after emerging victorious,she'll respect you much more and take back her decision of not wanting to extend "the secret friendship" you guyzz share...Trust me,dude!!It's gona work just fine...

Armaan:I don't know..I mean..She's really adamant,Raj and..

Raj:Uff,stop doubting yourself...It must have been an exhausting trip,so go and get yourself some rest!!

Armaan:Raj,waise is everything fine there??

Raj:Be specific,dude..If you're asking about Jiya...

Armaan:I'm so not...She created this stupidmess!!Once i get back,i'm really going to give her a piece of my mind!!

Raj:No,you're so not!!All you would do is chide her and then hug her for being loyal to Bhaskar..Come on,you can't deny the fact that she's such a great friend,someone whom you can rely on to guard your secrets...

Armaan:Really,Raj?How come i don't hear you complimenting her or letting her in on your secrets,when she's around??

Raj:Who told you so?Don't you see how i flirt with her,huh?And even now she's getting me an attorney for my case,since i breached the laws of the contract..

Armaan:Damn it,i totaly forgot..Is it very serious??

Raj:Well it depends on whether Mr Gaurav reaches an agreement with the client's attorney or not...Or else i could be sued and charges could be filed against me...Not a big deal!!

Armaan:Sarcasm at this moment?Seriously,Raj???Wait a sec...Wht's the lawyer's name again?

Raj:Gaurav something...Couldn't exactly recall his last name..But what's wrong?

Armaan:Nothing..I know of a Gaurav from Goa,whom i'm not exactly..Anyways,he must be a different guy...

Raj:I've not seen you awkward at social parties,Armaan..Who's this Gaurav?

Armaan:Ermm,as far as i know,he's Alisha's mentor and a distant relative of Anjali,Alisha's sister-in-law...

Raj:Hmm,i've no idea yaar..But anyways i've yet to find my contract papers and for that,i would be turningmy house upside down..Ok,i've just reached home;you've got any messages for anyone else??

Armaan:No Raj,just keep me in the loop about your case,k?

Raj:Hm ok...But i got a message for you..Just keep practicing on ignoring Bharti;it'll get better witheach try!!Take care,bye!!

Armaan:Bye!!(hung up)

~Mahi' place~

Sonali:What's cooking,Mahi?

Mahi:Nothing..Just noodles!!

Sonali:Uffo,that's so boring..

Mahi:Indeed it is,cuz i'm really hungry..

Sonali:And i thought we could e celebrating tonight since it's the day of your breakup...(Mahi glared)Ok,i just realized how that sounded but i'm just so thriled...I've ordered Pizza from Dominoes by the way...


Sonali:Uffo,now don't tell me you don't wanna celebrate yaar..Come on!!

Mahi:Ok,let's celebrate...(Sonali jumped and hugged Mahi tightly)

Sonali:Ok,i'll just refresh myself and come,k??(Mahi nodded)

~Room 576~

Bharti rang the doorbell several times.

Payal:Uffo Bharti,kya kar rahe ho?Naina so rahi hain yaar..(saw Bharti's annoyed looks)Heyy,kya hua hain tujhe?

Bharti:(drank aglass of water)Payal,main fresh ho kar ati hoom..

Payal:Arre,par..Ek minute!!Tum itni tension mein kyun ho?

Bharti:Tum sahi ho,Payal!!Yeh BHaskar kisi kaam ka laayak nahin hain!!Aur tumhe pata hain,uss Armaan ki waje se...

Payal:(widened her eyes in dibelief and kept thinking)Oh God,please don't tell me that Bharti bumped into him!!

BHarti:He's staying in this hotel..Of all the hotels,he had to be here!!And what was he talking to you about,huh?

Payal:Nothing,Bharti...I was just quizzing him on whee you are..I mean,we saw each other and got talking..

BHarti:I just can't believe you would lie to me,Paayu...You had your divorce papers with you,for God's sake!!You know what?I'm not going to stop you;do as you wish...Go ahead and sign those papers..On one hand,Bhaskar trusts Jiya more than you or me and on the other hand,I'm damn sure that Armaan must have come here to defend his friend more than anything snf influenced you even further..Well,what the hell yaar...Why should you care,Payal,when Bhaskar doesn't care??Go ahead and divorce him!!

Payal:Bharti,yo'r getting it all wrong...

Bharti:Paayu,apne faisle se mukhar rahi ho tum,huh?Darr lag rahi hain???


Bharti:Divorce papers kahaa hain?Abhi sain kar mere saamne se..(told hold of the divorce papers and saw Payal's signature only on the first page)Payal,sign kar!!!(Payal's fingers trembled and she looked to Bharti who had her eyes fixed on the divorce papers)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 261~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 261~

Bharti:Ok fine,don't tell me about the surprise!!But what the heck went wrong with you??How could you just disappear like that,without even contacting me!?You had problems with Payal but what did I do to you??You just wales away...I mean,what we're you thinking Bhaskar??(finished the grilled chicken)
Bhaskar:Whoa Bharti,that's a lot of questions yaar..
Bharti:(slammed her plate on the tray,shaking the utensils as she glared at Bhaskar before standing up and walking away from the sofa)Damn you,Bhaskar!!Your life is like a game for you,right?Where you just play with people's emotions,yeahh??Did you at least think about me?How I almost went in a state of frenzy searching for you??Ok,forget about me but what about Payal,your love??Any idea of what she's going through??Do you even know what she's thinking about you??I can't bear to see her in this state and it's all thanks to you and your conversation with Jiya which made her think that she's losing you to Jiya!!!
Bhaskar:WHAT???NO!!That's not possible...(stood up and looked at Bharti who turned to face him)Oh God..Why didn't she talk to me openly about this??Bharti,she too left me the night just like that..How am I supposed to know what's running in her mind if she don't confide in me??
Bharti:And then you left Mumbai..Did you even know what had been happening??Payal's problem had started since your London trip with Jiya but I thought I had handled her well then..I wanted to bring with me to Goa...If I hadn't left her alone,the gravemistake wouldn't have accrued im Goa in the first place..(paused)I meant,both of you wouldn't have distanced each other so much!!Payal wouldn't have vented her frustration  and temper by slapping Jiya nor would I have to hear so much taunt from Armaan who totally believes that Jiya isn't at fault at all!!
Bhaskar:She isn't,Bharti...
Bharti:Now I know that,Bhaskar!!But why for God's sake,did you keep her in confidence??I kept asking her several times for your whereabouts but her lips had to be tightly sealed..Seriously Bhaskar,was I dead to you??
Bhaskar:Whoa,you're mad at me!!
Bharti:(gritted her teeth and gave him a cold stare)You think??I can't believe that I as out of this all along yet I came all the way here to save your marriage..I can't bear to see you two falling apart but no!!You are not at all serious about this,are you??You know what?You can go to hell,for the heck I care!!(turned to go)

~Outside Room 576~

Payal went outside and tried calling Bharti but somehow she wasn't getting through.Just then,she saw Armaan almost checking into his room but she voiced out to him.Payal waved to him and he waved back while advancing towards her.

Armaan:Payal,tum yahaa?
Payal:Haan,par tum?
Armaan:This is where I usually stay whenever I come to London..This is so unexpected!!You're alone??
Payal:No,Armaan..Naina's asleep and I don't know where the hell Bharti had gone to..I've been trying to call her some time for now..
Armaan:(thought to herself)What a coincidence indeed!!But first I need to talk things out with Payal...
Payal:You carry on,Armaan..You must be tired!!(turned to go inside)
Armaan:Payal!!I'm really sorry!!
Payal:What for??
Armaan:The whole mess which Jiya created..I had no idea that her friendship with Bhaskar would have to bear the cost of your marriage..I now realize it's her fault..I mean...(saw Payal's signature on the divorce papers which he instantly recognized)
Payal:Till yesterday,you were defending her,Armaan..I just don't..(Armaan pointed to the divorce papers)You don't have to interfere,Armaan..
Armaan:I've got to,Payal!!Do you know how much remorse I feel when I see the divorce papers??Of all people,Payal,you know Bhaskar and how deep his love is for you..How can you overlook that,Payal??
Payal:(smiled)Armaan,that's very sweet of you to say but often, people change into what they promised not to be..Perhaps Bhaskar has changed or his love for me did!!And the divorce will just make things easier!!Sorry Armaan..I know you care as a friend,but I've made my decision!!
Armaan:But can't you see what this could do to your friendship with him and Bharti????(Payal kept mum)

Just as Bharti got out of Bhaskar's room,she stopped in shock upon seeing Armaan and Payal together, talking outside the hotel room quickly hid at an adjacent pillar and Bhaskar too,followed suit.

Bharti:What the freakin' hell is he doing here?First,the airport..Then,the aeroplane and now here??
Bhaskar:Ahh,your boyfriend's here??
Bharti:Just shut up,Bhaskar!!He's not my boyfriend!!
Bhaskar:Ok fine!!So..(continued looking at Armaan and Payal)So you're still mad at him for the accusations?
Bharti:I'm not mad at him..I've forgiven him in Goa but I'm not talking to him,thatz all..
Bhaskar:What??But why?
Bharti:Nothing which I would wanna speak of,at the moment..
Bhaskar:What the heck is he doing with my wife,holding her hands??
Bharti:Bhaskar,why are you grabbing my hands now??Chodo!!

Armaan:Payal,this would shatter everything...The special bond of friendship that has been intact for so many years,will just be broken with this divorce!!(shook her)Say something,Payal!!
Payal:(started crying)It's not my hands anymore,Armaan!!I can't live without him but he may have fallen out of love with me..Why should I keep him tied down in this marriage if he isn't happy with me??

Bhaskar:What's that in her hands??
Bharti:(smiled)Thatz het surprise for you..You'll get to see it pretty soon..
Bhaskar:What surprise??

Payal:,Armaan,I need to get changed..,Bye!!(rushed inside the room;Armaan wanted to knock but he couldn't bring himself to do so)
Armaan:Sab iss Jiya ke waje se ho raha hain...Agar inn dono ki divorce sach much ho gaya toh main apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahin karpaaonga!!

Bhaskar:You better tell me whatz the surprise Bharti...
Bharti:Why should I when you can't even disclose your surprise??
Bharti:Oh freak!!(turned around and away and so did Bhaskar)