Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, November 11, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 263~

~Mayank's place~

Niharika had come down and Mayank noticed her humming as she flitted down the stairs.He was very much confused as she pinched his cheks and began to warm some milk.

Mayank:Are you ok?
Niharika:Haan Mayu...Had your dinner already?
Mayank:Yeahh,i've decided to give you a day off since you were in a foul mood just now but if i had known that your mood was as malleable as this,i would have waited longer!!
Niharika:Well,meanwhile,there's coffee for both of us..
Mayank:Thanks...But seriously you're fine,na?
Niharika:'ve got hot coffee in my hands,Mayu..Don't make me spill it on your T-shirt!!
Mayank:Now,you're my normal sis all over again..Cheers to that!!
Niharika:Mayu,you never loved Mahi,did you??(Mayank's smile faded)You seem so joyous ever since you've broken up with her..Am I not right in saying so??
Mayank:Niharika,woh main..
Niharika:(took her last sip of coffee)Mayu,i really don't know how to put it before you but i must have compelled you to take a decision,na..I'm sorry!!Really sorry then when i wasn't e there for you and now for having created this mess in your life!!(stood up and washed her mug before heading to her room)

~Room 556~

Armaan was just walking to and fro after his quick shower.He was pondering on how to execute Plan A of Raj's idea.He knew that right now it isn't the perfect time and in order for this plan to work out,he needed to be extra cautious,not only of the timing but also in the extreme urgency to be felt in his tone so that both Bhaskar and Payal would believ instantly.He laid on his bed,thinking but just then Shreya's call interrupted everything.

Armaan:Shreya??What a pleasant surprise yaar...
Shreya:Surprise ko maaro goli...Why didn't you tell me that you were headed to London,huh??
Armaan:Last minute plans,Shreya..And i had come here to solve a personal crisis...
Shreya:Personal crisis,huh?I know everything..You're cheating on me,aren't you??
Shreya:Darn it!!I just wish i was there right now to see your shocked face yaar...Come on,i was just kidding..Don't i know you??That we love each other,hmm??(Armaan recollected how Bharti stormed away from between him and Bhaskar)Armaan,you there??
Armaan:Huh?Haan Shreya...Shreya,darasal main woh...
Shreya:Armaan,i'm having dinner with Sudha aunty tonight..Ok she just arrived;i'll talk to you later..Bye,bye!!
Armaan:Hello,what??Shreya...??(realized she had hung up and he hung up as well)Maa ke saath dinner??

~Room 576~

Bharti:Payal,i'm going to take a bath..By the time i get out,i want it signed...
Payal:Bharti,wasn't it you who told me not to sign these papers before?
Bharti:That was then,Payal..Now,i dont even know if he cares about you or not..He's just been MIA,something which he hasn't done to us before!!He seems so distant,so different from the Bhaskar i know..(kept thinking about how Bhaskar chose Armaan over her,adding to her share of hurt and annoyance)
Payal:Bharti,that can't be true..He can't have changed so much in these few days!!
Bharti:You're not at all ready to part from him,right?You're such a coward,Payal!!You're scared of facing your emotions and accepting them..
Payal:Don't talk about emotions in front of me and accepting them..Cuz i can go real far with you running away from your own emotions for Armaan!!
Bharti:My emotiions,Payal??The only emotions i harbour for Armaan are that of regret and annoyance,alright??And i'm talking about you here,not me or Armaan!!
Payal:Why,Bharti?Why should the rule of accepting the truth apply to me alone??
Bharti:You know what?If you don't move on from your feelings for Bhaskar,you're the one at loss...And if you really want to waste your life,then don't bother signing..Just stick to Bhaskar for the rest of your life...Do as your wish..Bhaskar said the same thing as well(shook her head,resting the case)In the end,nothing i say or do matter to you guyzz,so...Do as your heart desires!!!(headed inside the washroom)

~Mahi's place~

Mahi:You know i don't drink..
Sonali:Come on yaar,aaj ke din toh mujhe company do..It's your break-up,for God's sake!!
Mahi:You just need a reason to celebrate,don't you??
Sonali:A reason to be truly happy!!
Mahi:If that's the case,then why aren't you with Pushpak??(Upon hearing his name,Sonali gulped down the tequila shot)
Sonali:He doesn't love me,Mahi..It's that simple!!
Mahi:You too know,that's not true!!He comes to my cabin daily and asks about you,Sonu...He's stuck between you and his mum..I think we should really tell him about your whereabouts yaar..
Sonali:Don't you dare,Mahi!!His mum gets all the importance..I'm nothing to him!!No matter how much she may hurt me,he doesn't care!!He....doesn't....C-A-R-E!!!
Sonali:Mahi,i don't wanna spoil the celebration yaar,please!!(Just then,Mahi's mobile rang)
Mahi:(thought to herself)Ab isse kya chaahye??Sab kuch toh khatam ho chuka hain,toh phir...
Sonali:Arre,phone toh uthaao...Kaun hain?
Mayank:Hi..Main bas eksawaal karna chahtha tha...Tumne Niharika ko poori sach bataayi thi yahaa se jaanne se pehle??
Mahi:Kaisi sach?
Mayank:Yehi ki humaare bech pehle se hi kuch bhi nahin tha..
Mahi:Nahin toh...Nahin Mayank,maine aisa kuch bhi nahin kahaa tha,i promise...Par tum...Wait a sec,tumne iss liye phone kiya tha kyunki tumhe mujh par shaq tha??I don't believe this!!!Aur mujhe laga tha ki tum..
Mahi:Ki tum mujhse maafi maangne ke liye phone tha apne bartaav ke liye...
Mayank:What??Apne galat fehmi zaroor door karna...Main tumse koi maafi maangne ke liye phone nahin kiya tha,ok??Nihu ko kisi tarha pata chal chuki hain ki hum dono ke beech actually kuch bhi...Aur ab woh Bharti ko sab kuch...(hung up)
Mahi:He..Helloo??(hung up as well)Just unbelievable!!(fidgeted under her breath)Break-up hone ke baawajood peecha chodne ka naam nahin le rahaa hain!!

Bharti got out of the washroom and as she combed her hair,Payal stood from the bed and walked to her,Seeing her stand beside her,Bharti kept the comb aside and walked towards the window where her tote bag was kept.Payal tried talking to her.

Payal:Bharti,please ruk jaao...I didn't mean to..
Payal:I'm sorry!!
Bharti:Don't be!!Who am i to you,anywayzz??Do what you want to,Payal,for i'm not going to stop you..I'm going out for some fresh air..If it is possible,do take care of Naina butif you can't,just let me know right away!!
Payal:Bharti,stop beaving like this...Of course,i'll take care of Naina but please listen..(Bharti already left)Payal,Payal...You're such an idiot!!Why did you mentin his name when it's the last name Bharti wanna hearright now?She's barely recovered from all the painful accusaions and you've just got to ruin it!!(thought about her decision to divorce Bhakar)Hold on a sec..She was all so tensed when she got back...And she also said Bhaskar said the same as me...She's mad at both of us??Why would she be mad at Bhaskar??


Bharti had headed to the campus at the University of Bradford,where she's been shortlisted for the training attachment programme and if she had decided,she could graduate from here.However,she's pretty much in a dilemma and hence,she decided to call up Mayank.

Mayank:Ms Bharti,you've finally decided to join Trends,that's good..
Bharti:No,i have not!!
Mayank:What?You mean the talk with Dr Graham turned out to be fruitless??
Bharti:You did what?
Mayank:Nothing...(slapped his forehead as he swithed off the TV and heaed to the terrace upstairs)
Bharti:How dare you Mayank?You..You talked to my supervisor???What were you thinking??There are loadzz of deserving people out there!!People are dying to work with you,for you!!
Mayank:And yet i'm choosing you,Bharti!!
Bharti:Seriously,have you lost it?This is so not done,you hear me??
Mayank:I hear you,loud and clear!!Don't tell me you still haven't decided yet...
Bharti:I'm confused Mayu...Everytihng is going so wrong...Bhaskar's in London and so is Armaan..I shouted at both Payal and Bhaskar because of that Armaan,who's apparently staying in the same hotel as the three of us...Payal has no clue of Bhaskar bing in London or in the same hotel as us...And i had even asked her to sign the divorce papers!!
Mayank:You so did not,Bharti!!
Bharti:Yes,I did!!I was so mad because of Armaan!!
Mayank:Armaan?What did he do now??
Bharti:First,my dear friend,Bhaskar  had to choose Jiya over me in confiding his surprise plan for Payal..Then Armaan has to go and butt in,talk to Payal and intervene in her's and Bhaskar'spersonal probz...After a somewhat long discusion,Bhaskar once again chose Armaan instead of me for help...Can you believe that??No matter how many times i tell him not to interfere,he's just got to butt in!!
Mayank:Why does it matter so much to you that Bhaskar chose Armaan's help?After all,the ulterior motive is to patch both of them up..I still don't understand why you asked Payal to sign the divorce papers!!That is not what you're supposed to do for yuor best friend,yaar...Look i'm not siding Armaan and i won't but what happens to you every time his name is mentioned??
BHarti:Mayu,please don't get started like Payal..I just hate it when she starts about how i'm denying some stupid feelings for him,which i so don't have,alright???I just hate him so much!!!Cuz he's snatching my two best friends from me!!!
Mayank:Bharti,just chill yaar...Just breathe,hmm?Well,that explains your confusion to me about you not wanting to join Trends...
Bharti:Mayu,it's nothing against you or The Trends...It's my selection in the TAP in London ityand i don' know if i'll ever get such a chance again...
Mayank:Oh shut up Bharti!!Just admit it that you want to maintain as much distance as possible and that neither me or my offer mean anything to you!!
Bharti:Mayu,stop with your emotional blackmailing,alright??(Mayu smiled as he knew this trick will surely work out)You mean a lot to me,understand?
Mayank:Then Bharti...Join Trends..Work with me and gain exposure!!!

~Payal's room~

Payal:Ok,this is it!!I can't just sit around..I've got to talk to Bharti now!!We can't stay mad at each other..(dialled Bharti's number)Damn it..Bharti,pick up the phone yaar..Busy!!Yaar,tumhaari phone har emergency par hi itni busy kyun rehti hain...(disconnected her call and thought about Bharti's last conversation)Kya waaqay mein Bhaskar badal gaya hain??Bhale hi mere liye uske dil mein pyaar kam hua ho par dosti kam hone ka kya matlab hua??Woh Bharti ke saath aisa har gheez nahin kar sakta!!I mean,woh aisa kyun karega??Sachaayi jaanne ke liye mujhe Bhaskar ka saamna karna hi hoga par...(dialled Shaz's number)Shaz,sunn...Mujhe tumhaari madat chaahiye yaar....
Shaz:Haan bol,Payal..(paused as she heard Payal)Kya????Arre,mujhe kaise pata chalega yaar...
Payal:MU jaao aur pata lagaao
Shaz:Par tum toh usse divorce...Don't tell me you changed your mind,hm?
Payal:I don't know,Shaz!!I'm confused and it's only because of Bharti's changed perspective..Initially,she told me not to sign but now she's asking me to,for she feels that Bhaskar doesn't care..I don't want the friendship between both of them to get affected because of the divorce..Help me out!!
Shaz:You tried calling him?
Payal:No,i haven't...Can you call?I'll text you his number...
Shaz:You're just unbelievable,do you know that?
Payal:Please,Shazzy...Help me..Bharti's mad at me and had gone out and i don't know when she'll return...
Shaz:Relax,Payal...Text me quick and i'll get back to you as soon as i get some info...


Bharti:Tumhe ek baat samajh mein kyun nahin aa raha hain,Mayu??
Mayank:I want you to stop running,Bharti!!It's enough..You're telling me Armaan's in London and you want to come here asap...When i ask you about work,you reject my offer cuz you're worried about Shreya but more than that,you're fearful about bumping into Armaan again and again...Why are you giving him so much footage and importance in your life,Bharti??
Bharti:Importance??How dare you say that,Mayu??
Mayank:Pretty much,Bharti!!Cuz i know you inside out,just like i know Radhika...I know what made you come to Mumbai in the first place,Bharti..I know what's been haunting you ever since her death..Both of us long for her,especially you and i know that very well,Bharti..I know how dependant you were on her in your childhood and early teenage life,way before you met Bhaskar and Payal..
Bharti:Mayank,what are you coming at?
Mayank:Bharti,i just don't want you to be hurt by depending on anyone...Just like how your world shattered before your eyes when Radhika had suffered...
Bharti:Mayank,please....(stopped herself from tearing up and took a deep breath)Stop!!!How in the world is Armaan linked to any of this?
Mayank:Bharti,i'm just warning you!!For God's sake,you're basing your decisions,thinking about the possibility of bumping into Armaan and ruining his life...Can't you see how much you care about him?Stop denying it,Bharti!!At least not in front of me!!!
Bharti:Mayank,there is nothing like that at all...In fact,if i'm caring,it's just because i feel so used to being his secret friend and if anything were to go wrong in his life once more,i wouldn't be able to take it!!!First,it happened with his ex-girlfriend,Preity and now Shreya...Mayu,i'm such a trouble-maker,i tell ya...
Mayank:Uffo,tum kabhi nahin sudhroge na??
Bharti:Hmm bilkul bhi nahin...
Mayank:In that case, meri job offer accept karo...Aur main tumhe Armaan se bohat door rakhuna,theekh hai?
Mayank:Kya hua??
Bharti:Mayank,tumhe Niharika ko baahar lekar chalna chaahiye...I mean,spend some quality time with her...
Mayank:I so knew it...That right now you were going to divert the topic...So typical of you!!!
Bharti:Whatever Mayu,but do it...And if i'm joining Trends,i demand no special treatment from you and you won't do anything to hurt Armaan and Shreya,hmm???Ok,i'll talk to you soon...
Mayank:Fine Bharti but talk to Payal first before things start taking a devastating turn..(Bharti agreed and both of them hung up)I just can't believe how Bharti agreed to join Trends because of him...She can so easily deny and i know that even her feelings for him...I know her so well,Radhika and i know that even you will agree that our Bharti has started falling for him...She simply doesn't want to acknowledge her feelings for him..I know how she must be feeling,for i had also been like her at some point in my life before you changed it forever!!Right now,i want her career to get kickstarted and for that,if i have to drive out all the hurdles,so be it..Even if one of them is Armaan himself!!!

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