Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, December 8, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 264~

Meanwhile,Payal wondered what she ought to do,for she can't just sit idle and do nothing.Just then,her mobile rang.She had picked it up without looking who it was.

Payal:Hello Bharti???Kahaaa ho tum yaar...Kabse main tumhe...
Shaz:Payal,Shaz bol rahi hoon...
Payal:Shazzy yaar,tum???Kuch pata chala ki Bhaskar hain kahaa??
Shaz:Yeh tum mujhse pooch rahi ho??
Shaz?Payal,Bhaskar London mein hi hain aur tum ho ke mujhe aisi faltu cheezon ke liye..
Payal:Bhaskar London mein hain???Ek minute...Tum yakeen ke saath keh rahi hona??I mean...
Shaz:Oh God,Payal,why would i lie to you??In fact, main toh MU gayi thi aur wahaa mujhe Jiya mili thi...Usse kuch jhooth bol kar bataa laga liya tha...
Payal:Tabhi toh,Shazzy!!Tabhi toh!!!
Payal:Bharti bohat ajeeb tarha bartaav kar rahi thi...Usne toh mujhe uski training programme ke baarein mein jaanne ke liye yahaa lekar aa gayi thi...Ek bahaana banaa kar par sach toh kuch aur hi hain...Woh khud mujhe aur Bhaskar ko milwaane ki koshish kar rahi thi aur main bhi kitni paagal hoon...Yaar Shazzy,thank you so much!!
Shaz:Toh iska matlab tum Bhaskar ko divorce...
Payal:Unn dono ki dosti ko bachaana hain mujhe..Filhaal main divorce nahin de rahi hoon..Shayad meri kadam hum teeno ki zindagi hamesha ke liye badal sakti hain,jaise Armaan ne kahaa tha..Mujhe Bhaskar se sab sach sach jaanna hain usse divorce dene se pehle...Soch samajh kar kadam uthaana hoga!!Filhaal main Bharti ko university mein milne jaa rahi hoon...Woh toh mujhse aur Bhaskar se roothi huyi hain,aur main usse kho nahin sakti...
Shaz:Theekh hain....Agar kuch bhi chaahiye,toh phone karna,hmm?Chal,rakti hoon...
Payal:Acha,sunn Shazzy...Thank you so much yaar...
Shaz:Bas kar Payal...Ab toh mujhe kya kuch nahin karna hain tumhaare liye,hmm?Phone rakho aur Bharti se jaakar baat karo!!(Payal agreed and both of them hung up;Payal woke Naina up and both of them hailed a cab heading towards the University of Bradford)

She kept dialling Bharti's number but her number seemed busy.Little could she have figured it out that Bharti too,on the other hand,had been trying to contact her best friend.Eventually,both of them gave up contacting each other.Payal kept instructing the cab driver to speed up while Bharti headed towards Ellington Inn,hoping to meet Payal and apologize to her in person.

~Ellington Inn~

Armaan finally managed to get his call through to Payal, after having made the call to Bhaskar 20 minutes back. He almost felt that he would be caught by Bhaskar but he didn't, as a result of his melancholic tone and as he dialled Payal up, he felt more confident.

Armaan:Payal,hi..It's Armaan here..
Payal:Bolo Armaan..Kuch kaam tha kya?
Armaan:I'm afraid so..Just hear me out Payal..
Payal:Armaan,if you're going to say i shouldn't divorce Bhaskar,then don't worry..I won't,at least for now cuz i have yet to clear everything amongst me,Bharti and him...And thanks for informing me about Jiya!!
Armaan:(thought)Oh God,what should I do now?I've already told Bhaskar to go to Elis Hospital and meet Payal...Arggh,let me just get ahead with my plan!!
Payal:In fact,i wish to apologize for treating Jiya with such disregard..I shouldn't hav
 slapped her after having had misunderstood her...
Armaan:Payal,listen to me...Bhaskar's in London,at Elis Hospital in a critical condition...He's been hospitalized!!!Please rush here quickly!!!
Payal:Wh...WHAT???Bhaskar's hospitalized??What...How do you know that he's...
Armaan:I came to London to specifically meet him and knock some sense into him but before i could talk to him and clear his misunderstanding about you and me...
Payal:What?You and me??He thought i was seeking your companionship??(instructed the cab driver to rush to Elis Hospital instead of the university;she agreed to pay him extra if he rushed without giving her the cold stares)He was actually jealous and insecure??(thought to herself))He still loves me for real!!!(just then,she recalled the shocking news of his accident and her smile vanished)OMG Armaan!!!Is he ok????I...I'm scared!!
Armaan:Payal,i'm on my way as well...Don't worry,just pray that everything's alright!!I'll meet you there straight away,k?
Payal:Hm hm ok,bye!!

Bharti kept knocking on her room door but just then a receptionist came and informed her that she just received a message from a lady named Payal about Bhaskar's accident and his hospitalization at Elis Hospital.The lady soon left.

Bharti:(thought to herself)Bhaskar's at Elis Hospital?How is this even possible??(dialled Bhaskar's number)
Bhaskar:Thank God Bharti ki tumne phone kiya yaar....
Bharti:Bhaskar,tum theekh ho?
Bhaskar:Bharti,main bilkul bhi theekh nahin hoon...Main kaise theekh ho sakta hoon jab Payal Elis Hospital mein admitted hain??Tum kahaa ho yaar?
Bharti:Payal ko kya hua hain?
Bhaskar:Bata nahin par uski haalat bohat critical hain...
Bharti:Bhaskar,yeh khabar tumhe kisne diya tha??
Bhaskar:Armaan ne...Kyun???
Bharti:Armaan ne??(thought to herself)Armaan Bhaskar aur Payal dono se jhoot kyun kahega??Yeh double games khelne ki kya zaroorat hain??
Bhaskar:Bharti...Are you there??
Bharti:Haan Bhaskar...I'll be there in a short while,k??
Bhaskar:Bhrti,hold on...I just want you to hear me out...
Bharti:What is it, Bhaskar??
Bhaskar:I didn't mean to choose Armaan or Jiya over you...They're as eequally close to me as you and Payal are...Just like how you and Radhika were,before you met me and Payal at your dad's socialite parties..You're not any less important than Armaan,Bharti...In fact,i wanted both of you to help me out when you had just misunderstood me just now...
Bharti:OMG!!!Bhaskar,it's Armaan...He lied to you about Payal's accident...
Bhaskar:Bharti,have you lost it?Why would he do that??
Bharti:He lied to both of you so that you and Payal could come face-to-face at Elis Hospital...He's doing this to patch you two up...
Bhaskar:OMG Bharti!!!
Bhaskar:I see Payal and Naina right before my eyes...And she's totally fine!!!
Bharti:Oh God...I'm coming!!!(hung up and asked the cab driver to rush)

Armaan looked around and went to the A&E section and the ICU, where he had told both of them to wait. He rushed upstairs and as he turned around from the reception,he saw both Bhaskar and Payal standing face-to-face with Naina by Bhaskar's side. Armaan smiled weakly,praying silently to God to set things right.

Payal:Bhaskar,tum theekh ho??Armaan ne mujhse kahaa tha ki tumhaare accident...
Bhaskar:Jhoot kaha tha usne...Mujhse bhi kahaa tha ki tumhaare accident hua tha,sirf hum dono ko milwaane ke liye..
Payal:Kya???Aur tumhe pehle se hi bata tha?
Bhaskar:Nahin,badus minute pehle,jab mujhe Bharti ki call mila tha...I don't know but she knew it instantly that Armaan was lying...
Payal:I had left her a message about your accident at Ellington Inn...Perhaps that's how...
Bhaskar:I'm so sorry Payal...I didn't mean for us to grow distant in this manner at all!!!I am still in shock at how we grew so distant beause of these misunderstandings...I really want to make it up to you so much,Payal!!!If Bharti hadn't told me, i wouldn't have known at all!!!
Payal:OMG,is that Armaan???
Bhaskar:Oh freak...Bharti's here already??
Payal:Hope she doesn't vent her anger on Armaan...
Bhaskar:Let's rush to her..She won't open her mouth;she'll just be excited that both of us have patched up...
Payal:Okie...Come Naina!!
Bhaskar:Bharti!!!!(rushed and hugged Bharti)I'm so happy yaar...Payal and I are not getting divorced!!!(withdrew his hug)
Payal:(withdrew from her hug with Armaan)Thanks to you and Bharti for opening our eyes...I could have signed those papers long time back but had it not been for both of you,we could have taken the wrong step!!(Bharti looked at Armaan who was smiling at Payal)
Armaan:It's nothing like that,Payal...Now,my heart is at ease for i did a lil to set things right but i'm really sorry for pulling off this prank!!
Bhaskar:Dude,you could have at least informed me about this...But anyways...Bharti???
Bharti:Huh??(snapped out)I'm sorry,i need to make an urgent call...Excuse me!!

Bharti pretended to make a phone call,standing at a corner. As she looked at Payal and Bhaskar laughing merrily and Armaan holding onto Naina's fingers,she pondered.She realized that no matter what,Armaan wasn't going to listen to her or respect her decision.Bharti scrolled down the call log and dialled Mayank's number for she found the solution to her problem.

Mayank:Bharti,seriously you've got to let me sleep!!
Bharti:Mayu,trust me...I called you to make sure you lose your sleep!!
Mayank:What the heck happened,Bharti?What did he do now?
Mayank:Armaan aur kaun?
Bharti:Shut up,Mayu!!Listen to me...
Mayank:Haan bol...
Bharti:Payal and Bhaskar have patched up,just 5 minutes back!!
Mayank:OMG;you patched them up?
Bharti:No,he did!!
Mayank:And you're fine with it?
Mayank:Ok,i'll shut up!!!
Bharti:I'm willing to work for Trends,provided you select me according to merit and qualification via interview...
Mayank:Hmm ok...(paused for a while and BHarti patiently waited)What?????You're saying Yes????Wait...OMG!OMG!!!!You're not kidding,right??Ok,why would you kid me...Stupid question!!!(took his mattress and kept aside)
Bharti:Mayank,just schedule the interview and let me know...I'll b back in Mumbai by tomorrow!!
Mayank:Ok,do you want me to pick you up?
Bharti:It's ok yaar..Tum bh na...
Mayank:Bharti,this is your decision,na?
Bharti:Yes it is...Ok,i'm quite tired and i think you ought to rest as well,k?See you soon,k?Bye!!
Mayank:Bye!!(hung up and smiled widely)Finally,she said Yes!!!!Now i'll make sure no one comes in her way or mine...You want an interviw..You'll get it!!And i'll make sure you get the job,Bharti!!(dialled Shreya's number)

~Raj's place~

"Ab bata nahin ki maine woh contract papers kahaa rak diya tha...Agar Jiya hoti toh woh fatafat mujhe madat karti dhoondhne mein...Phone karta hoon usse!!(Just then the doorbell rang)Great,ab iss waqt kaun aa gaya hain???(left his mobile on the dining table)

Gaurav:Raj Mlhotra,right?Hi,i'm Gaurav,your attorney...Jiya must have informed you that i'm coming??
Raj:No,she didn't..
Gaurav:She did not?Okay...Well i'm here for the contract papers??
Gaurav:What happened?
Raj:Why don't you come in and make yourself comfortable??(saw Gaurav scrutinizing his home)Well,it's not exactly tidy for a highly organized fre...I meant..Why don't you sit down??
Gaurv:Sure..Let me guess;you were looking for your contract papers??(held the contract papers and Raj was surprised)
Raj:(smiled widely)OMG!!The contract papers...Thanks dude!!!Would you like a beer?
Gaurav:Not now;let me go through the clauses amd terms listed in the contract..By the way,be prepared for a brief meeting with the client tomorrow...
Raj:Yeah,ok//Just let me know the time!!
Gaurav:Sure,i'll keep the contract papers and will return it to you tomorrow...
Raj:Sure you don't want a beer before leaving?
Gaurav:No,not until we get the case closed in our court!!Cheers to that thought...I'll get going!!(handed Raj his contact info and his card before leaving)

~Mahi's place~

Mahi and Sonali were sleeping in the hall when her mobile rang. It was Pushpak and she quickly picked it up before Sonali woke up. Pushpak couldn't make out from the hushed voice of Mahi who instantly went to her washroom and locked it before raising her voice a lil.

Mahi:Pushpak,do you even realize what the time is,huh?
Pushpak:Mahi,where is Sonu?I need to talk to her now...She isn't picking up her phone!!
Mahi:Look at the time,Pushpak...Talk to her tomorrow!!
Pushpak:Mahi,don't play with me please...ave an inkling that i have already told you about h
Mahi:Why would i do that,Pushpak?IN fact,she doesn't even know that i've told you about her whereabouts and if she did knew,she'd kill me for sure!!
Pushpak:Mahi,my mum's at Fortis Hospital,in the ICU...
Mahi:What?What happened?
Pushpak:She had an onset of acute migraine..And she's under observation now!!I'm feeling really worried yaar...She was literally shaking and she had lost consciousness along the way to the hospital...
Mahi:OMG!!!Wait..Armaan's mum,Sudha aunty works there..Oh no,wait!!She's a psychologist...Pushpak,let me try to wake her up and send her to Fortis,k?
Pushpak:That would be a great favour,Mahi..
Mahi:No guarantees,Pushpak!!
Pushpak:Please try your best,please!!
Mahi:Keep me in the loop,k?(hung up and got out of the washroom)Oh God,please help me convince Sonu!!!

~Armaan's place~

Sudha:Are you serious.Armaan??
Armaan:(at Elis Hospital)Haan Maa...Bohat serious hoon!!!Both of them patched up and they invited me for dinner treat...
Sudha:I'm so proud of you Armaan...
Armaan:Maa,it was a silly old trick of Raj's...I seriously didn't expect it to work but it did!!Unbelievable,i tell you!!And after knowing the truth,Bhaskar and Payal didn't grow mad at all...Even Bharti didn't get mad at me...Just imagine if the plan were to get foiled...
Sudha:Then i'm pretty sure that Raj would be dead meat by now...But i'm not just proud of you for this,Armaan...
Armaan:Maa,main kuch samjha nahin...
Sudha:Uffo,i'm talking about Shreya,Armaan..You've decided to move on from Bharti and you've emerged successful at it..
Armaan:Maa,aap yeh kya baat...Maamaapne Shreya ke saath dinner kiya tha kya?
Sudha:Kyun?Kya main apne hone waali bahu ke saath dinner bhi nahin kar sakti,hmm??Sirf tumhe haqq hain kya???
Armaan:(muttered)Hone waali bahu??Oh God...Maa,yeh aap kya bole jaa rahe ho???
Sudha:Armaan,you know i've got no problems with your choice,right??And after our dinner,i feel that you made a right choice and i just want for you to be happy with her...Alright???
Armaan:Sure Maa but we'll talk when i get back,k??Bhaskar and Payal are calling..Love you Maa..bye!!(hung up)Mujhe Maa ko pehle sab kuch sach sach bataana padega warna bata nahin woh kya kar baithegi...Par kaise????

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