Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 278~

Raj:Should I give up on Nihar?(Armaan turned around)
Armaan:Dude,are you alright??You..
Raj:I'm serious,should i??Itz been days since we both talked..
Armaan:You expect me to believe that?You snuck out with her at your victory bash,for God's sake!!
Raj:No,I did not!!
Armaan:Denial,seriously Raj?I saw you with her that night..
Raj:No,you couldn't have..You were busy dancing and having a gala time with Shreya..Freak!!!You saw us together??(Armaan flashed his subtle smile and nodded with great pleasure,brimming in his mind)Oh wait,crap...That means Mayank must have seen us together too..Bharti shouldn't have waited..but she was ever so confident...
Armaan:(stopped smiling and grew surprised as ever)Bharti was behind this??And you ruined her plans for you both??
Raj:(snapped at him)Yeah,whatever but now Mayank must be super pissed...
Armaan:Nope!!Dude,he doesn't know anything..
Raj:How sure are you??
Armaan:If he had known,he would have beaten the crap out of you by now!!
Raj:Oh yeah,thatz true!!(smiled weakly)
Armaan:So,why did you give up on the perfect moments of intimacy between you two..I mean thatz not typical Raj in any sense unless you're..You are??(widened his eyes)Have you lost interest in her already??
Raj:Shut up Armaan..I'm serious about her!!
Armaan:Okay,firstly,wow...Secondly,how preposterous can you be..(flicks Raj's ears)
Raj:Ouch!!!What the hell,Armaan...
Armaan:Why would you even think of giving up on her if you're so serious about her?
Raj:I don't know..(looked at Armaan)Erm,maybe because she is Mayank's sister??(Armaan rolled his eyes)
Armaan:So you would just let her go,suspend your emotions,let them cluster in the air just because of her identity??Have you lost it??Don't tell me you don't have guts to face him..
Raj:I'm not a coward like Pushpak,get that??
Armaan:So,be her warrior..Remember what you once told me??
Armaan:Raj,that you fall in love with a girl for whom you'll fight with the entire forces of the universe for,be it anything,the society,distance,misunderstandings,flaws and in your case,it's just an overprotective brother and nothing else...
Raj:And in Bharti's close friend and the CEO of Trends..Damn it!!!Why does she have got to be Mayank's sister??
Armaan:Come on Raj..We've got to be at the photo shoot..Hurry up!!(picked his cardigan and left to go)
Raj:Damn it...And i thought i would find ot what's running in his head!!

Armaan and Raj were talking to Jrnny while the latter tried to eavesfrop on Bhaskar's and Payal's conversation.
Bhaskar:Payal,don't cry..She'll come round...(wiped Payal's tears)
Payal:When,Bhaskar??She's not even answering my calls..It's been 5 days already..
Raj:(whispered to Armaan who was signing some papers)5 days since Bharti talked to Payal??
Armaan:(fidgeted)You're listening to their conversation?You're worse than girls..Geez!!
Raj:Ermm,my ears are open and so are your's!!
Armaan:Come with me!!(left from there as Bhaskar hugged Payal.reassuring that everything will be fine)
Raj:(entered the lift)What the hell's going on?At least,we should have said Hi to Payal...
Armaan:You don't know anything,Raj??Hasn't Jiya told you anything??
Armaan:Like how Bharti and Mayank came to my place at a late hour,only to leave abruptly after having this showdown with Payal..God knows what that was entirely about,though...I'm not so sure but after that,Mayank just brought Naina away from my place based on her instructions and the three of them left..Strangest thing that ever happened was the association between today's conversastion with Bhaskar and the conversation amongst me and Jiya..And i had slapped her for that!!
Raj:That's the mark on her face??She wouldn't even talk about it..
Armaan:Mind you,it was just a faint mark..Raj,i told you about the night about what happened between me and Jiya already..Which world are you in??
Raj:You did??Oh yeah,you did...Text me about it but apparently i had forgotten..Dude,ok..didn't it strike youu how and why Jiya was behaving as such??Like,trying to stand out and all and do something dare-devilish??(Armaan was blank)Remember how she tried to save my career without thinking about Sudha aunty's reputation??
Armaan:Jiya's behaviour started changing ever since then??
Raj:Yeah,apparently..but why???And also I had noticed that whenever i bring up Bharti's name,she becomes this strange girl who's got issues with Bharti,as though the latter is her foe or something..She diverts the topic to something else..It's like she becomes a whole strange Jiya,someone whom I'm not exactly giving preference to having around me...
Armaan:Thanks anyways..Apparently,there has been much frequent tiffs between us regarding Bharti but the problem now is something else,Raj..Why would Bhaskar call Bharti a freeloader??
Raj:Guess he chose the safe option since Payal was there..
Armaan:Oh come on,she wasn't there when we were talking...
Raj:Can't say for sure..Payal was sitting there for God knows how long,before Jenny interrupted us...but indeed,he shouldn't have sold out Bharti like that..She's his close friend na..
Armaan:Precisely!!Bharti had practically brought Naina away from Payal that night,as though she didn't want Payal to bring Naina at my place..
Raj:Nahh,i don't think so...

Payal was so quiet during the car ride with Bhaskar to a new restaurant for lunch.
Bhaskar:Ok seriously,you've got to stop doing this..
Bhaskar:All these quietness is really killing me,Payal..My Payal is so chatty and peppy..She can't be not doing her radio shows too..Bharti will come around,Paayu..She can't stay mad at us for too long..
Payal:5 days isn't long enough to you,Bhaskar??I brought Naina there for her happines..What's wrong in me looking after her happiness?There has never been a problem in me babysitting Naina so far and i don't ask Bharti before bringing her to places so what;s her freakin' poblem now??
Bhaskar:Ok,calm down;i'll talk to her ok?
Payal:No,you won't!!It's not our fault and when she understands that,then we'll talk to her..Enough of this!!What was going on between you and Armaan just now at the staff lounge?
Bhaskar:Nothing..nothing really,just some professional issues..
Payal:I don't have to get worried,right?
Bhaskar:(smiled)Not at all,my jaan..(paused)You don't have to worry...

Mayank was perplexed seeng Bharti so engrossed in her work.As a boss,he would be extremely proud to have an amazing employee working so hard and delegating her work and tasks accordingly but he knew she had gone through a rough patch just days back.He knew this side of her's only after his beau's death,which only gave him the creeps.He instantly shut his file and went to her cabin and locked the door.

Mayank:Hi Ash..Leave Bharti's cabin right now..
Ash:Sir,par Bharti..I mean Ms Bharti..Unhe mujhse kuch kaam hai...
Mayank:Ash,leave with these fuiles...(picked randomly)Go!!And close the door on your way..
Ash:Sure,Sir!!(fidgeted as she stood outside)What's his deal with Bharti?Damn it..Whatever it may be,some fun's meant to come out of this by having the door a lil ajar..(smirked but was shocked to see Mahi approaching Maria,their receptionist and holding Mayank's coat)Whoa,that's interesting...Mayank sir's coat with Mahi???(headed towards the reception)
Mahi:Hi,may i know if Mr Mayank Sharma is available??(Ash got amused as she heard Mahi's question)
Ash:Hi Mahi..What a pleasant surprise indeed!!Surely,Mayank sir is definitely not available for you cuz he's ever so busy with Bharti,practically all day and night..(Maria was amused and both of them Hi-5ed each other)
Mahi:Much as i would like to hear your remarks about my curiosity,I am better off,so much more than to indulge in your Mayank sir's arms,alright??
Ash:Oh really??So what are you doing with his luxurious coat??
Mahi:FYI,I came here to return this piece of dirt to the rightful owner..(Maria gasped)You don't have to gasp so loudly,as though those words were the first time you were hearing it..
Shreya;Mahi,hi..(Mahi stopped herself and smiled at Shreya)What brings you here?
Mahi:Oh goodie,such a relief to hear from you..Could you do me a favour,in fact itz rather huge..
Shreya;Sure,what is it?
Mahi:Could you actually help me return this coat to your boss?I've got lots of errands to do..And by the way,thanks for not letting some idiot screw my mood for the rest of the evening..(Shreya looked at Ash and then back at Mahi)
Shreya:Ahh,i'm very much familiar with the devils here..Don't let that get into your head but i'm not exactly sure if he's here cuz i just got back from a meeting with a fashion consultant..Let me ask Ishaan..
Ash:He's in Bharti's cabin...
Ishaan:There you are Shreya..Boss has been looking for you..Go quick!!
Shreya:Mahi,juz come with me..
Mahi:But Shreya...Ufff!!!(just then,her mobile rang)Damn it!!(rummaged through her bag and finally when she answered the call,the hanger which had Mayank's coat slipped from her hand and it landed on the floor)Uffo...Hello??

Armaan:Seems like someone's not in the right mood...
Mahi:Armaan,heyy..what's up??Where are you?
Armaan:Hmm well Raj and i juz finished our first set of fashion shoot with the international models..Quite fun but why isn't Sonali around and why are you huffing??
Mahi:Sonali hasn't reached MU???What the hell...I called her just now and she told me she's on her way..She's really getting on my nerve and the fashion consultants from Golce are waiting for her..And now i'm stuck at Trends...
Raj:Why are you at Trends??
Mahi:What th....Raj's with you??You put me on loudspeaker,Armaan??
Armaan:Haha,yeah...So,whatcha doing at Trends?
Raj:Come on,spill it out Talwar..
Mahi:Just a social visit,you know..
Armaan:Oh really??Who's so sick there??(bursted out laughing with Raj)
Raj:Good one,dude..So who's the sick one seeking your solace and attention,hmm??
Shreya:Mahii..Hurry,Mayank sir's in Bharti's cabin.I'm so sorry as i got some urgent errands to run and if he sees me anywhere here,he'll kill me..Just return his coat yourself,hmm??I hope you don't mind..
Mahi:What?(Shreya left)
Armaan:Mahi,was that Shreya??
Mahi:I don't believe your stupid girlfriend could do this to me...All i asked of her was to return Maya k's coat so that i can quickly scram from here..This is the least favourite of places for me to keep coming..I sent his coat to the dry cleaners and got there personally to get it despite my hectic schedule and i've got to hear this from her..Arrgghhh!!!
Raj:Umm Mahi,did you just commit the grave mistake of calling Shreya,urf Armaan's girlfriend stupid??
Armaan:Ignore him,Mahi..How did Mayank's coat land up in your hands anyways??
Mahi:Don't even get me started on him on the night of Raj's victory bash.Of all nights,Sonali had to fall unconscious and he had to offer to help me.He carried Sonali and laid her on the seat at the back and it was raining heavily so he offered his coat for me.He drove me and Sonu to my place and helped me carry her to my room.For his help,i offered him some coffee and...(paused for a while)And by then Bharti came and both of them rushed from there,not realizing about his coat..Yeahh,thatz gossip for you guyzz!!
Raj:Ohho..Coffee and all with Mr Sadoo??Not bad,Mahi..Still got the etiquettes going even for sadoo..
Armaan:Don't talk so much and tease her or else i'll inform Sadoo abt your fling with his sister..
Raj:Shut up,you idiot!!
Mahi:Goodness,itz a fling,Raj??And Bharti made me and Sonali dance and distract him so that you both can spend time together...You idiot!!Couldn't you have informed me earlier??
Raj:Ok firstly Mahi itz not a fling..And the relation is quite complicated..
Armaan:You're the one making it all so complicated because of her identity..
Mahi:Ok guyz,just hold on..(heard Bharti and Mayank's conversation)

Mayank:So you're not overstressing yourself about anything??You think i'm blind,Bharti??
Bharti:(looked up gradually from her laptop and looked at him and turned her rotating chair to face him diagonally)Mayank,I'm fine..
Mayank:No you're not!!(looked away and back at her)No one..No one knows you so closely as me..No one!!I told you specifically not to go there that night..But you just defied me,thinking that whatever you are doing is right..And you just had to go there!!
Bharti:Mayank,my daughter was there,i had to go and get her..
Mayank:You think Naina wouldn't return with Payal and Bhaskar from Armaan's place if you hadn't gone there???
Bharti:No,i just wanted to..bring her back!!
Mayank:No,you didn't do that..Instead,you created a whole lotta scene out there,as though no one was watching you...What was that all about??Did you even think what Payal must be going through??(saw Bharti's phone vibrating and it was Payal's call)Pick it up,what are you waiting for??(Bharti reluctantly picked up and swiftly disconnected the call,pretended as though the call got disconnected on its own)
Bharti:Call got disconnected,hm??
Mayank:Yeah right...(took her mobile and checked)10 missed calls and that included the last call as well...Ignoring her calls??
Bharti:What do you expect me to do,Mayank??I can't talk to her right now..
Mayank:Talk to her,sort things out,finish everything between you both..She must have felt so insulted in front of her husband who's also your dear friend..and i so hated the way you made me bring Naina away from them!!
Bharti:What did you want me to do then?I was mad,ok??
Mayank:That was precisely my point when i told you not to go to Armaan's place the moment you picked me up from Mahi's place..
Bharti:I was mad..I made a mistake of asking Payal to help me whenever i was busy wth my work to take care of Naina..I shouldn't have done that and if i hadn't,at least she wouldn't have brought Naina to Armaan's place..(Armaan was appalled upon hearing it)
Bharti:I can't let her anywhere near Armaan or Mom..He clearly stated that there are no relations between us or anyone that links us to each other and that he's moving ahead in his life...I shouldn't create any more havoc in anyone's life anymore!!So that's the deal and this is how i'm respecting his decision..Problem solved!!
Mayank:No it's not...You are doing this for that Armaan??You're giving him so much of importance in your life...For what,Bharti??(Mahi got irked by Mayank)Alright,stand up..
Mayank:Come on..(made her stand up)You create havoc in people's lives,thatz a way of sheer joy and thatz how you spread happiness..But i assure you that you do not have to care for anyone,who can apparently change his decisions according to his whim and desire when his eyes get opened..Look,you do not have to care about him at all..He is nothing,got it??
Bharti:Mayank,he is nothing to me..I got mad because i don't want Naina getting attached to him or Mom..Maybe him!!
Mayank:FYI,Payal had messaged me about Sudha aunty having contacted her to go over on the night of Raj's victory bash..Since she was babysitting Naina,so she and Bhaskar brought her over..
Bharti:No more,Mayank!!Payal don't have to look after Naina after this incident..
Mayank:Too late,Bharti..Naina's already emotionally attached to Sudha aunty and if you didn't notice,she calls Armaan,"Armaan dada"..
Bharti:Itz never too late..
Mayank:You can't force your decision on the young adopted kid of your's..You have to think about her before your selfish motives..
Bharti:Don't call me that..And Mayu,she calls you dada as well..We can bring her closer,much more closer than ever...(saw someone's coat at the glass door of her cabin)And if you may,you shall not indulge in my private life,Boss..
Mayank:Boss??(appeared blank but Bharti gestured to him to turn around and as he did,he progressed and opened the door wide)Ash,what the hell...(Mahi dropped her phone in fear and his coat as well)Mahi???(Armaan disconnected the call)

Armaan:Raj,this call never took place..got it??
Raj:Dude,no worries..I'll talk to you later..(got going to his cabin)

Mayank was stunned as Mahi picked up his coat and her phone.She almost screwed up by giving him her phone.She fumbled and quickly gave him his coat back and ran from there as quickly as possible,shocking him to the core.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 277:Changing Friendshiip Equations~

Bharti:Hiii Mom..I missed you so much too..But...(paused for a long while and Sudha's instant maternal instinct provoked her to think as she withdrew from the hug and looked at her daughter)
Sudha:Bharti..But what??
Bharti:But i didn't get you anything while coming here...(Mayank breathed normally after hearing those words from her)Itz been a long time na,Mom??
Sudha:Of course Bharti but what took you so long to miss me,hmm??And are you thinking of getting away from me,hmm??
Bharti:What??(Mayank was equally confused)
Sudha:What??You are talking to me outside home..Come in,both of you..
Mayank:Aunty,sure...I was just thinking the same...
Bharti:Mayank,isn't Niharika waiting??At home,hmm??
Mayank:Oh yeah,i..I missed that point...
Sudha:Give me your phone,Mayank..I'll give her a call and let her know that you're here..Don't think that i'll let both of you go off so easily..Come in!!
Mayank:(Sudha went in and Bharti glared at him)What?I tried..
Bharti:Sure,you tried to intervene...
Mayank:Thatz cuz you were going bonkers..
Bharti:Don't cross my path,Mayank..Trust me,i'm not doing anything wrong!!(went inside and a skeptical Mayank followed suit)

Bharti was shocked to see Armaan and Shreya playing with Naina together with Jiya,Bhaskar and Payal.Naina turned around and saw her mama and ran towards her gleefully.Naina brought an already irked Bharti back to her senses. 

Naina:Mama,aap aa gayi...Chaliye na mama,hum sab khel rahein hain..
Bharti:(knelt down towards Naina)Nahin Naina,bohat raat ho chuki hain,ab humein ghar jaana chaahiye..
Bharti:Pehli baat toh yeh hain ki aapne mama se kuch bhi naa kehke yahaa par aa gayi...Aur..Ab yahaa sabko sona hain na,toh hum unhe kyun disturb kare,hmm??
Naina:Mama,main Armaan dada se milna chahthi thi..Aur Bhaskar mamu aur Payal aunty bhi maan gayi...
Bharti:Toh iska matlab aapke iss mama aapke liye kuch bhi nahin hain na??Aap ek baar mama se kuch bhi nahin poochoge,hmm??
Payal:Bharti,yeh kya pooch rahi ho tum?Bachi hain woh...
Bharti:Toh phir main tum se hi pooch leti hoon..Tumhaari iraada kya hain,huh??
Payal:Bharti,main bas Naina ko..
Bharti:Bas,Payal...(murmured)Main ab iss baarein mein kuch bhi sunna nahin chahthi..You've crossed the limit,today!!
Payal:Excuse me??Bharti,i have been looking after her whenever you are busy and during your last minute emergencies and now you're pointing fingers at me??Are you making me count the number of times i've looked after her??
Mayank:Payal,Bharti's doing nothing of the sort..She's just..
Payal:Mayank,ek minute...Answer me,Bharti...
Bharti:Mayank,bring Naina outside and both of you,wait for me outside..
Naina:Payal aunty,mama...
Mayank:Naina,mama will come..Come!!(both went out)
Naina:Ok Mayank uncle,chaliye....
Payal:(felt exasperated,getting no reply of any kind from Bharti)What has gone into you,Bharti??
Bharti:You should have asked!!!!
Payal:Ask you what,Bharti??Naina is a small kid and if you have not forgotten,she has gelled so well with Armaan and Sudha aunty...Just because you do not share any sort of a relationship with Armaan,you can't stop Naina or me and Bhaskar from coming here out of your compulsion..
Bharti:Yes,you are so freakin' right,Payal..I might be forcing my decision on Naina but i'm doing this for benefit,be it Naina's or anyone else in that matter..But if you can't even understand this simply,then i don't really give a damn about it..(turned to go)
Payal:What the hell do you think of yourself,Bharti,huh??That you have the authority to rule me or even Naina??I totally get the fact that you are her guardian but don't you ever misuse your rights on her..
Bhaskar:What is going on between you two??(both Payal and Bharti stopped and looked at Bhaskar)
Payal:(echoed with Bharti)It's nothing..
Bhaskar:Seriously,you two are up to something..You could have come over there,have a chat with me,Armaan and Shreya as well instead of harbouring some secretive girl stuff..
Shreya:Absolutely right,Bhaskar..Is everything alright??
Bharti:(interrupted as Payal was about to say something)Shreya,some things are better left unsaid as there is no use of spending your remaining energy on people who can't even understand you..(Bhaskar was now absolutely confident that something was wrong between the two besties)Now i believe itz pretty late and i should get going..Good night,Shreya..
Shreya:Heyy,wait..Won't you bid goodbye to Armaan??(Armaan stood beside Shreya and Bharti looked at him)
Bharti:It's too late for that,Shreya..And there's no point,either..Cuz we both know how much it hurts in times of farewell..(Sudha heard everything and was stunned at Bharti's nature but kept silent)Good night,Shreya!!(turned to go)

Payal:What is wrong with her all of a sudden??(Sudha went back to the kitchen after Shreya told her that Bharti had left)
Bhaskar:Paayu,nothing's going right,hm??
Bhaskar:Give her some time..She might be going through some troubles of her own and she vented her frustration on you...
Payal:Seriously Bhaskar,grow up..She's not like that..She's not Armaan,for your info..
Bhaskar:Sshh..What are you saying??
Jiya:Sure,she's not Armaan...But Payal,you should realize one thing..That Naina's her adopted child,not your's and she's just taking advantage of your free time,just like any freeloader..(Payal was shocked)Why are you looking as such??Think about it..You have always been there for her whenever she's busy and you take care of her child just like your own..Has she shown her gratitude towards you in any way??
Armaan:Jiya!!What rubbish are you uttering??Are you in your senses??
Jiya:Why,Armaan??What have i said now to hurt you?
Armaan:Payal,Bharti could have been busy with work and you should know that she's such a workaholic,a dedicated worker..You know her over the months and you should know how she never takes advantage of her friends..
Jiya:Why are you supporting her so much,even after all the hurt she has given you,Armaan??(Shreya was surprised)If she has ever come into your life,surely it is for  reason..A reason for you to regret for she can never be the source of happiness a friend can provide..You wasted so much of your time on her but don't repeat that mistake again in your life ever!!(Armaan slapped Jiya,who felt her cheek redden)
Armaan:Don't you ever say anything against Bharti or else i will forget that we are friends,Jiya...
Shreya:Armaan..What have you done??
Bhaskar:Payal,i think we ought to leave now..(bid goodbye to Sudha who was too shocked to react, and Armaan who quickly went outside to see Payal and Bhaskar off,hoping to see a glimpse of Bharti but she had already gone with Mayank and hence he returned with much despair)
Sudha:Haan Shreya..
Shreya:I better get going since itz late..Armaan,can you drop me home??
Armaan:Come Shreya...

Shreya:Armaan,ek baat pooch sakti hoon tumse??
Armaan:Jiya ne jo kuch bhi kaha woh theekh nahin tha aur iss liye maine usse..
Shreya:Main maanthi hoon ki woh baatein sahi nahin the par agar main uski jagah par hoti,toh kya tum bhi mujhe aise hi...
Shreya:Kya tum bhi mujhe maaroge??Woh tumhaari dost hain..
Armaan:Haan..Kyunki Bharti mere bohat kareebi doston mein se ek hain..Aur agar koi bhi kuch bhi ulta seedha kahe Bharti ke khilaaf,toh main usse sabak zaroor sikhaaonga!!
Shreya:Chaahe woh main bhi kyun na hoon,hain na?
Armaan:Chaahe woh koi bhi ho..Shreya,tumhaare ghar..
Shreya:Jaate jaate main tumse kuch kehna chahthi hoon,Armaan...Agar Bharti tumhaare itne hi maaine rakthi hain,toh tum dono ke beech aisa kya ho gaya tha ki ab tum dono theekh tarha se baat bhi nahin kar rahe ho??Tum dono ki dosti ko kiski aankh lag gayi,Armaan??
Armaan:Shreya,ghar jaaoo..Main tumse kal milunga..Good night!!
Shreya:Hmm ok,good night!!(Armaan drove off)Bata nahin kyun mujhe aisa lag rahi hain jaise inn dono ke beech bohat adhoorapann baaki hain...Kahin aisa toh nahin jaise sab sochthe hain Trends mein??(recollected the gossip she had heard about Bharti from Ash as well as from Vinita and Gyaan from Men's Universe)Mujhe sach ka pata lagaana padega!!

~Few Days Later~

Bhaskar was very much lost at Men's Universe.Armaan too was no less tensed,as he and Raj joined him at the staff lounge during their lunch break.It seemed as though three heartbroken bachelors were sharing their space,silently mourning over their loss.

Bhaskar:Ok,what crap is this??(broke the silence after much mourning)I have reason to be deeply worried about Payal and Bharti for both of them wouldn't open their mouths to talk to me about what's been going on..But what about you two??Armaan,you've got good news..Sudha aunty is bringing awesome lunch today..And you,Raj...You've gotten back to MU now and that too with your name cleared..Rare case,dude and don't forget the big party we threw for you...
Raj:Technically speaking,it was Bharti's and Khushi's party..
Armaan:Still,you enjoyed,didn't you???
Raj:Well,i can't deny that for most of the night though...
Armaan:Ohh,give me a break..Don't tell me you are going to deny the tiny bit that you didn't enjoy and that you had something to grieve about..You sneaked out,you sly idiot..
Raj:Yeahh i did...Only i wished i hadn't spoiled Bharti's two surprises for me...Argghh i just feel like cursing myself..And you...You were so lost in Shreya,as though you couldn't see anything beyond her..
Armaan:You thought so??(murmured)That means she must have thought so too...
Raj:(caught the hint)Don't leap into conclusions...She so didn't notice you..
Bhaskar:Guyzz,stop it,ok??
Raj:Bhaskar,we have all something to grieve about..For me,well...
Armaan:Raj sneaked out with Niharika..
Bhaskar:Mayank's sis??So it's official between you two??Awesome..But wait,how did Mayank agree to this?
Armaan:Well,he wouldn't need to,since he obviously has no idea of it!!!
Bhaskar:Seriously???Dude,holy crap..What have you gotten yourself into??
Raj:That's my major issue...And your's is about Bharti and Payal's friendship issues...But Armaan is super happy since everything is going well for him..
Armaan:Yeahh right..Have you even noticed Jiya at all,lately Raj??
Raj:Why??What's wrong with her??(all of them looked at her across,seeing her absorbed in work)She's just become another workaholic like Bharti..
Bhaskar:Sure you can say that...But it isn't her,Raj..I mean she is a diligent worker but not to this extent,nope..
Armaan:I had slapped her,Bhaskar..So that basically has hit her real hard...
Raj:You what??
Armaan:Don't tell me you didn't notice her cheek..
Raj:I guess i was lost in thinking about other stuff other than her cheek..But i don't really think that it's that obvious..But why??
Bhaskar:Yeah,i kinda missed that Armaan..She called Bharti a freeloader..Itz kinda true though..I mean i can't deny that at times cuz it happens several times when i get my free time with Payal..Nothing against Bharti but still yeah,i do feel crappy and i feel annoyed when my quality time with Payal gets further disrupted...
Armaan:Ok,am i the only sane guy here??Bhaskar,Bharti's your friend..For God's sake,you don't think she's a freeloader,do you??(saw him become silent)What???You think Jiya's right,in this situation?
Raj:Armu,chill..(Armaan glared at Raj)Yeah,your mum and Jiya call you that so you better chill,yaar..
Jenny:Sorry guyz to interrupt..Bhaskar,Payal's here to meet ya..
Jenny:There,she's waitint by the reception..I've kept her seated..She just came..
Bhaskar:Ok,let her know i'll be right there..(Jenny left and Bhaskar stood up and looked at Armaan)Ok,listen Armaan..She's my friend,in fact one of the best but i can't deny the truth either that Bharti can be a freeloader..In fact,everyone is,at some point or the other cuz we all take each other for granted..
Armaan:(held Bhaskar's collar)Stop,right now,ok??Bharti is never a freeloader..Freeloaders are a whole lot of crappish idiots who are bent on taking advantage of the others just to attain their selfish motives and i know for certainty that Bharti isn't one of them. Bharti trusts you her precioud daughter and that's why she doesn't think twice before asking you two to take care of Naina..
Bhaskar:(looked at Armaan's hands on his collar and Armaan soon withdrew his hands)Armaan,Bharti being a freeloader or not isn't an issue here...There is something else,BIG, that's going on here...And i'm heading out to figure it out from my wife..(left from there)
Raj:(stood up and pondered)"Is Armaan still hung up on Bharti??I thought he has moved on but clearly,he's making a big mistake here...(Armaan turned and looked at a confused Raj)
Armaan:I'll make a move as well..Can you just go and check up on Jiya later??I'm heading out for a photo-shoot,ok?(turned to go)
Raj:Sure,dude but answer me first...
Armaan:(turned around and asked)What is it,Raj??
Raj:(thought of asking directly but twisted his question,knowing Armaan's nature)Should I give up...on Niharika??(Armaan was stunned)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 276:Looming Pasts Amidst Motherhood

Niharika tripped and fell on Raj's bed whilst seeing him close to her. She didn't get a single chance to talk about herself in front of Raj. She couldn't entirely blame him for being extra romantic that night, which apparently Bharti had slyly prepared for her and Raj at the last minute, for she was partly at fault for her lack of boldness;a state of fear which she succumbed to,thinking of not wanting to ruin Raj's special night. Raj progressively approached her on his bed,touching her fingers gently.Niharika was planning on getting up but Raj held both of her palms and pulled her upwards, kissing her palms.

Raj:Thank you for this beautiful surprise,Nihar...I thought we were not going to tell anyone..
Niharika:Bharti and Khushi found out about it...I didn't say a word and i'm just so worried about Mayank for Bharti hides nothihng from him...
Raj:(placed her hair strands behind)She won't be planning two surprises in a row if she intended to tell Mayank everything about us..In fact, i had no clue that she would pull out these surprises in the presence of Mayank.She's really so brave!!
Niharika:Raj, isn't it late?
Raj:No Nihar, there's still about 20 minutes..We can still make it in time to your place..(Raj leaned forward)
Niharika:Shall we go then??(stood up from the bed)Come,let's go!!!(Raj missed his shot at kissing Niharika's cheek)Raj!!!
Raj:Uff yeh ladki bhi na...Aaa rahaa hoon!!!(took his car keys)Nihar....(stopped as he saw her spreading her arms, trying to grab hold of the strong breeze around her and before she knew, Raj stood before her and saw her eyes shut as she swirled;the breeze subsided and Raj noticed the cute irritated expression and as she opened her eyes,he smiled)
Niharika:Raj...You jst startled me..Come,give me your car keys;i wanna drive!!
Raj:(his smile faded)What?Nope...I'm not givng you my car keys..
Niharika:Oh really??(touched the button of his shirt,motioning her finger upwards,arousing a tingling sensation within Raj as she stopped and pulled him closer to her lips)What would happen if i were to kiss you right now?
Raj:Nice try,Nihar...You wouldn't even let me come close to you amd now you're saying...(Nihar kissed him in the middle of the road, surprising him)

She opened her right eye,winning Raj's confidence as he pulled her close, caressing the nape of her neck. She gently delved into his pocket and grabbed the keys,withdrawing her lip from his.She sat in the driver's seat,proclaiming her victory which Raj didn't see coming.He smild,hitting his head but rushed over a she called him to get inside.

Mayank:How come she got herself so drunk?
Mahi:I don't know..
Mayank:Is she disturbed because of her break-up?
Mahi:Will you jis shut up,focus and drive??
Mayank:(looked at her and thought)"I think i poked my nose in her best friend's affair and she might not have liked it!!(looked in front and drove)Mahi,i'm..
Mahi:Mayank,i'm sorry...(Mayank stopped the car)What happened??What made you stop the car??
Mayank:Mahi,we've reached our destination..(gestured to her,pointing in the direction of her home)Shall we help Sonali??(Mahi saw him get out of the car and she just pondered)
Mahi:"What the heck i wrong with hm tonight??
Mayank:Aren't you coming??(by the time she got back to her senses, Mayank had already stood,placing Sonali's arms over his shoulder and standing outside her gate;Mahi insantly rushed to him)
Mahi:You should have called me..
Mayank:Didn't you hear me ask,Mahi??Anyways,it's ok..Unlock your home door..(She did so)Which way??
Mahi:Towards the right side..(Mayank laid Sonali on Mahi's cozy king-sized bed and just as he was about to go,he heard Sonali mutter)
Sonali:(muttered)Bharti' plan totally workd tonight na, Mahi..For Raj and also for you...You finally danced with Mayank..Hmmm...(dozed off)
Mayank:Sonali,good night...(helped cover Sonali with a warm blanket and switched on the dim lights before he turned to go)
Mahi:(left the room door slightly ajar)Mayankk!!(Mayank stopped and looked at her)Ek minue ke liye rukhoge??
Mayank:Mahi,bohat raat ho chuka hain aur Niharika in tezaar kar rahi hogi..
Mahi:(thought to herself)Ab iss duffer ko kaise samjhaaoo ki woh Raj ke saath hain..Mujhe kisi bhi tarha isse rokna hoga, kam se kam Bharti ke aane se tak!!
Mayank:Main chalta hoon..
Mahi:Ek minute...Bharti ki phone aayi thi..Woh keh rahi thi ki woh yahaa aa rahi hain aur tumhe intezaar karna chaahiye..
Mayank:Bharti??Arre haan..Tumhaari gaadi lekin tum toh thak chuki ho na..Main nikalta hoon..Agar Bharti aa jaaye toh usse keh dena ki...(Mahi dragged him,holding his wrist and bringing him to her open kitchen)

On the other hand, Bharti drove,accelerating through the highway with not much vehicles passing by. She kept having flashes of Armaan's eyes having watched her's,as though he wanted to garner her attention. She only began to find it discernible after she had watched Mahi and Mayank dance.She saw how he looked into Shreya's eyes and danced with so much elegance and serenity,that for a second she wished,if only he would have lookd at her and understood her pain. Whether it was a stroke of coincidence or telepathy,she had no clue but just within a split second, he looked at Bharti with longing eyes accompanied by a gradual smile which soon dissipated upon seeing a glass of mocktail in her hand as Gaurav and Khushi invited her to dance.

"Sure he's happy with her...I was happy to see him with Shreya but why did he look at me in such a way??He's about to get engaged to his best friend and he's moving on,finally...All bonds are broken between us so what's bothering him so much??"

KK:You're bothering him...Who else has gotten the guts to do that?
Bharti:(abruptly pressed on the brake with much force,letting the car screech to a halt)Freak!!!What the.....KK??
KK:Hii...Continue driving...
Bharti:Where did you come from??(looked to her left and right)
KK:Do you want me to drive?
Bharti:No thank you!!!!I'm already suffering much,thanks to you...
KK:What wrong have i committed now?
Bharti:You almost ceased my heartbeat...
KK:Ohhh that!!It's kinda normal,i thought you'd have gotten used to it by now...But now, what made you think of Armaan??(Bharti stared at him)Oh,stop glaring..Don't you always call me a psychic or a mentalist,hmm??(smiled)
Bharti:Well,you're right..I was thinking about how happy he was tonight,dancing with Shreya and all..
KK:And yet a little piece of your heart wished that he would have asked you for a dance..(Bharti ignored him)Yet somehow you desire for him to have walked towards you..(Bharti began to fall into a trance as she visualized)Rightfully,chose you and held your wrist and bring you closer to him...
Bharti:(instantly raised both her palms to shut her ears for she no longer wanted to hear him)Bas,KK!!!Ab aur nahin...Ab aur nahin!!(closed her eyes)Bas chale jaaoo yahaa se..(exhaled rapidly for some time before she finally relaxed and opened her eyes and realized that KK has already disappeared)Iss KK ko toh main...(continued driving)Yeh Raj phone kyun nahin uthaa raha hain???

Raj:This is so not done,Nihar..
Niharika:Isn't this fun,driving on the remote highways at great speed...Itz exhilarating,unlike what Mayank lets me drive his Ferrari at..
Raj:You'll go to the extent of breaking the rules he set for you,hmm??
Niharika:Sure,if it really bothers him,haha...Waise main mazak kar rahi thi,k?Mayank meri jaan hain!!
Raj:Aur main??
Niharika:Tum...Woh actually na..
Raj:Tum ghabraa kyun rahi ho?
Niharika:Nahin toh..Chal meri saath..(stopped the car and proceeded to the cool springs nearby)
Raj:Arre sunn toh Nihar..Humein dher..(just gazed at her intently)"She's just so beautiful..Damn it!!Why does she have got to be Mayank's sister??(Niharika gestured to him to join her and after taking her beautiful photograph,Raj saw several missed calls from both Mahi and Bharti)Crap!!It's almost time.."(looked at Niharika)Nihar..(gestured to her to come back but she didn't)
Niharika:(giggled)Aa jaao Raj...
Raj:(without much of an option,he headed further)Nihar,it's late..I should get you back home now..Come!!(Niharika stopped Raj who looked at her)
Niharika:Mere kehne se bhi rukhoge nahin?(pulled him real close in such a way that he was gazing at her lips and she simoly watched him)Mujhe kuch aise doge taaki main zindagi bhar bhool na paao,hmm??
Raj:Nihar,bohat raat ho chuka hain..
Niharika:Main Mayank ki behen hoon,iss liye??
Raj:Nihar....(Niharika leaned in to kiss him but he couldn't,hence pushing her away)Yeh sahi nahin hain!!
Niharika:Haan shayad,Raj par agar meri wajood Mayank ki behen ki naa ho toh??
Raj:Chalo Nihar...(both of them went off from there,Niharika following suit behind Raj)

Raj kept taunting himself in his mind of his stupidity in distancing Niharika from him. He had never done that, even to any of the supermodels in his entire career. Provided his flmboyant personality and superfluous attitude, he would never have given up the opportunity at all!!He dropped off Niharika without bidding goodbye to her. Niharika felt offended by Raj and simply rushed back home,rubbing her moist eyes repeatedly before unlocking her home door.

Mahi:Sshh..Bas chup chaap baitho..Coffee banaa rahi hoon,tumhaare liye aur mere liye bhi..
Mayank:Mahi,iski koi zaroorat nahin hain..
Mahi:Sshh!!(Mayank grew confused at her gesture;just as he stood up,his mobile rang)
Mayank:(answered)Heyy...Kahaa ho tum??
Mahi:Mayank,tumhaari coffee??
Bharti:Mayu,tum ab tak Mahi ke saath ho?
Mayank:Haan,uske ghar aaya tha usse aur Sonali ko drop karne ke liye na..
Bharti:Mayu,i need you right now!!
Mayank:Bharti,sab theekh hain??(Mahi started to feel doubtful)Bharti???
Bharti:Mayu, Payal and Bhaskar took her to meet Mom..You know the tension between me and Armaan,right??I just don't want to face Mom alone...I can't bear this whole drama on me again..
Mayank:For God's sake Bharti,stop it!!!Come to Mahi's place right now and pick me up!!You don't have to go to Armaan's place at all,especially at this hour..Just come now!!(hung up and fidgeted)Ab yeh sab naya drama kya hain???
Mahi:Mayank...(placed the mug of coffee in front of him)Coffee..Sab theekh?
Mayank:(glanced quickly at her and took a sip of coffee)Haan..Bas Bharti ko aana hain aur phir hum dono yahaa se jaayenge..
Mahi:Mayank,mujhe tumse ek zaroori baat kehni...
Mayank:(interrupted)Mahi,suno...Aaj raat humaare beech jo kuch bhi hua tha,woh phir se kabhi nahin hoga..In fact,main toh Raj ke party sirf Bharti ko khush rakne ke liye aur usse vishwaas dene ke liye aaya tha..Yeh dilaasa dene ke liye ke main Radhika se aage badh chuka hoon par sach toh yehi hain ke aaj main Radhika ke saath naach raha tha,usse sataa rahaa tha aur jab Bharti ne seeti maarne shuru kar iya toh mujhe acha lagne lagaa tha par phir tumhaari chehraa saamne aa gayi..Lekin mere bartaav tumhaari orr jaise tha,waisa hi hain aur hameshaa aisa hi rahega, toh yeh coffee tum khud pee lena..
Mahi:Mayank,tumne toh meri mu ki baat cheen li hain..Main tumse yehi baat kehne waali thi..Woh dance phir kabhi nahin hogi kyunki maine bhi aaj mehsoos kiya jaise main sach much Vedant ke saath naach rahi thi..Kaash woh pal mujhe phir se dobara milti lekin maine yeh sab kuch Bharti ke kehne par kiya tha...Mujhe bhi koi shauk nahin hain aur naahi maine yeh sab dosti nibhaani ki koshish mein kar rahi thi..(turned to go but Mayank pulled her elbow but she slipped and fell in Mayank's arms;both of them gazed at each other)

~Tere mere beech mein kabhi koi baat ho koi
Jeet mein chippi'
Chippi kahin pe maat ho koi~

Just then, Bharti entered and saw both of them.
Mayank:(turned and saw Bharti,letting go of Mahi instantly)Bharti..Woh...Chale??(looked at Mahi who fell on the floor and he then realized that more coffee spilled on Mahi,upon which he offered to help her stand upright but she refused and stood up on her own)Bharti,chale??(ignored Mahi)
Mahi:Bharti,coffee peeyoge?
Bharti:Abhi nahin,Mahi..Gotta go!!Chalo,Mayu..(passed Mahi her car keys before leaving abruptly from there)
Mahi:Ab Bharti aur Armaan ke beech kya ho gaya hain??Iss sadoo ko toh main...Ouchh!!!Meri kamar...Iss sadoo ki coat??(quickly took it off her having realized it)Damn it,maine phir se...Kal subah main pehle iss coat ko dry wash ke liye bhejungi!!Argghhh...(went to refresh herself)
~Along the Way~
Mayank:Kisse phone laga rahe ho tum??(Bharti ignored him but Mayank kept persisting as he drove)Bharti???
Bharti:Hi Payal...Naina kya kar rahi hain??
Payal:Woh toh Bhaskar aur Sudha aunty ke saath...(realized what she just blabbered and slapped her lips instantly)Bharti...Woh actually n Naina ko bohat icha thi Armaan aur Sudha aunty se milne ke liye aur Bhaskar ka bukhaar bhi uthar gaya tha toh hum dono ne socha ki...
Bharti:Socha ki tum wahaa jaaog,mujhse bina pooche??Jaise main uski koi nahin hoon,hmm,kyun Payal??
Payal:Bharti,maine aisa kab kaha?
Bharti:Payal,tum wahaa par gayi...Ek baar bhi mere baarein mein nahin socha??
Payal:Bharti,maine Naina ki khaatir...(Bharti hung up and asked Mayank to stop driving)
Bharti:Baahar niklo,Mayank..
Mayank:(got out,feeling confused)K...Kya hua,Bharti?
Bharti:Main gaadi chalaaongi...(Mayank was stunned but rushed inside when Bharti started the car)
Mayank:Bharti,aisa kya ho gaya ki tum...(paused as he was taken aback by the driving speed of Bharti's,swerving to th right)Kahaa jaa rahe ho tum iss tarha se??Koi museebat hain kya??
Bharti:Tumhe jaldi pata chalega,hmm??Sabr karo aur mera dimaag matt khaaoo!!
Mayank:Whoa..Ok chill!!(thought to himself)"Bata nahin isse ho kya gaya hain...Naina is at Armaan's home but why??And Bharti's mad at Payal..What for??And where the hell...Wait a sec,she's heading to Armaan's home??"(looked at Bharti)What are you up to,Bharti??I told you we don't have to go to Armaan's home now!!
Bharti:Don't tell me what i ought to do and what not...(stopped the car)
Mayank:Ok,you are seriously mad at Payal..But please relax..Don't do anything out of haste,Bharti!!
Bharti:If i don't do anything now,things will only worsen..My daughter's in that home and i need her to understnd certain things and that includes staying away from Armaan and Mom,as much as possible...Payal may not get it but i don't give a damn;my daughter needs to obey me and follow what i say..
Mayank:Ok now you have seriously gone crazy...What's..
Bharti:Don't ever talk to me like that,Mayank!!I am her mum and i know what i'm doing...
Mayank:No,you don't!!
Bharti:I don't have time for this..(got out of the car)
Mayank:(followed suit)Bharti,rukh!!!(Bharti rang the doorbell and Sudha opened the door)
Sudha:OMG Bharti!!!You have finally come...I really hoped that you would come today...(hugged Bharti tightly)
Bharti was confused and tongue-tied.She glanced at Mayank who shook his head,warning her not to say anything.Bharti looked away and her eyes seemed determined as ever.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 275:Love stories being created/Pushed to the Limits~

~Ritz Hotel~

Armaan and Shreya had no clue about Bharti's whereabouts. Jiya wondered why Raj was so concerned about Bharti after all.She didn't like how Raj was giving so much of preference to Bharti these days and it pissed her. She excused herself without saying anything.

Niharika entered the ballroom, searching for Raj through her eager eyes.However, she alnost hit her head, bumping into her very own brother.

Mayank : Hmm..Who were you looking for??
Niharika:What? No one, Mayu!! I was looking for you and Bharti..
Mayank:Well, you found me but I thought Bharti would be coming with you, hmm??
Niharika:Well I thought she'd be here with you..
Mayank:Crap, my mobile's dead..Give me your phone!!
Niharika:Oh hello.. (Mayank dialled Bharti's number)
Mayank:Sshh... (waited for Bharti to pick up) What's taking her so long?
Niharika:(silently prayed) Oh Lord, please don't let Bharti pick up the call.. (heard Mayank saying Hi) Damn it!!.
Bharti:Uffo Nihar..I'm coming!! Preparing a surprise for you and all..
Mayank:Bharti, itz Mayu!! Where the heck are you after having invited me, hmm??
Bharti:(murmured) Oh freak, I almost mentioned Raj..Ok, calm down...
Mayank:Bharti, you there??
Bharti:Oh hi Mayu, how come you have Nihar's mobile??
Mayank:Mobile batt's flat..Where are you??
Bharti:I'm...I'm..I'll be there in 10, k? (hung up) Phew!!
Mayank:What the hell..She just hung up?? (gave Niharika her mobile back) Wait, she mentioned some surprise for you..What's that??
Niharika:(hesitated) Well.. (gulped down the cocktail) How am I supposed to know when it's a surprise, hmm??
Mayank:You're right..
Niharika:What happened to your special blazer? (Mahi was nearby and she coincidentally heard their conversation as paused her conversation with soneone else) Hmm?? Oh hello, don't you remember how you wouldn't even let me touch blazer of your's only cuz Radhika bought it for you..I'm sure I didn't stain it so how could you be so careless now?? (Mahi felt even more guilty and walked away)
Mayank:Nihu, it eas by pure accident..Mahi spilled her cocktail on my blazer and she almost fell and hurt herself because of the shattered glass pieces of glass but I saved her in time..
Niharika:You what?? You saved her? Really??? How sweet, Mayu... (pinched his right cheek but withdrew instantly) Hold on a sec..You and Mahi often tend to pick a fight whenever you two see each other, so what happened today?
Mayank:Nothing..I don't wish to steal someone else's limelight tonight..
Niharika:How thoughtful can you be at times, Mayu??
Sonali:Hi Niharika..Itz been a while, come join me and Mahi. Let's dance!!

Bharti finally reached the ballroom, almost tripping as she adjusted her high heel platform pump shoes.Her eyes searched for Mayabk who was spotted by her, as about to have his cocktail but she took it and drank it up, mich to his surprise.

Mayank:(held her elbow) Where the heck were you?I've been waiting for you for so long..
Bharti:Now I'm here Mayu so just chill!!
Mayank:Bharti, were you crying? (felt her tear towards the end of her lower right eyelid and Bharti wiped it away)
Bharti:Mayi, it was the rains which kept me late..Waise how sexy do I look?
Mayank:(smiled) Now I realize wjy so many guys still flirt with you..But let me warn you, our bet isn't over, Bharti..
Bharti:Oh really??
Mayank:Sure!! Choose anyone from the crowd and I'll make her fall for me..Just like how Radhika did!!
Bharti:Excuse me?? You fell for Radhika, remember?? (hit his head and looked around for someone for Mayank)
Shreya:Hi Bharti..Raj was searching for you.
Bharti:Oh uhm..Hi Shreya.. (hesitated to greet Armaan but she did anyways) Hii Armaan.. (shifted her attention to Shreya) Shreya, you look real gorgeous tonight; I bet Armaan must have conplimented you throughout the way here..
Shreya:Not really, Bharti.. (blushed)
Bharti:You know him better than me, na..He can be such an introvert at times..
Shreya:Of course I know him better than you but he's so much more open, unlike college times.. (stroked Armaan's neck gently and Bharti felt uncomfortable and looked away)
Armaan:in fact, Mayank..(looked at Bharti and said) Shreya's the best thing that could have happened to me and I'm very excited. She inspires me a great deal!!
Shreya:Ahem so are you calling me your muse??
Armaan:No, you're such a sweetheart, Shreya.. (smiled at her and Mayank noticed Bharti)
Mayank:Well,I'm very happy for both of you and so is Bharti!! Right, Bharti??
Armaan:Sure for she's the very reason Shreya came into my life!! Oops I almost forgot, Bharti..
Mayank:What is it Armaan??
Armaan:Maa wanted to talk to Bharti urgently..So just give her a call when you can, Bharti..
Raj:There you are, Bharti..Come with me!!
Bharti:Excuse me, Mayank!! Raj, what the hell.. (Raj brought her away)
Raj:Where's my surprise and what took you so long??
Bharti:One of your surprise is already here and yes I was late.. (placed her arms around Raj's neck) That too while planning your second surprise..
Raj:Two surprises in a row?? Oh wow..What are they??
Bharti:Open your eyes and you'll know them pretty soon.. (Bharti withdrew her arms)
Khushi:Bharti, you're here at last..
Bharti:Why is everyone busy focusing on me tonight?? Itz Raj's big nite..Focus on him, not me..
Raj:Well, Khushi's focusing on you as she's trying to keep away from Gaurav..
Khushi:He set me up..Can you believe that?
Bharti:Of course..Raj is famous for such priceless moments..
Raj:Are Payal and Bhaskar coming??
Bharti:I so badly wanted to bring Naina with me but Bhaskar's down with a fever and thus Payal is looking after both of them..Bhaskar can be such a child when he's with Naina..Those two must be making a mess out of Payal's home.. (Raj and Khushi smiled)

Just then, the disco ligjts interrupted their conversation, highlighting all over the ballroom.It was an open invitation to dance for everyone.Raj seemed pretty excited and held Khushi's wrist, inviting her to go and dance with Gaurav. Bharti teased her, that she may never get such a chance again but assured her that she'll dance with him if he irked her.Khushi was stunned by her reaction, letting Gaurav lead the dance.Soon, everyone else joined the dance floor except for Mayank, Raj, Bharti on one end and Mahi, Sonali and Niharika on the other end.

Raj:Mayank, aren't you dancing?
Mayank:Well, Bharti's going to choose someone for me, right Bharti?
Bharti:Why should I? You had the confidence to charm girls, don't ya? But before you pick anyone, dance with me.Come on!! And Raj, look out for clues to your surprise!!
Bharti:Nothing, Mayu..I had planned something for Raj tonight..
Mayank:Ok, so what about Nihu?? You had planned a surprise for her too, hmm??
Bharti:What surprise?
Mayank:You said over the phone.. (Bharti grew hesitsnt but soon, she diverted the topic)
Bharti:Uffo Mayu, just forget all of that and let's enjoy the music, hmm??
Mayank:I feel quite confident tonight, that I'm going to lead the race far ahead of you..
Bharti:Oh yeah?? (looked at Sonali, giving her a cue with her wink)
Bharti:(silently prayed)I couldn't be more happier for you if you win tonight.. (Mayank let her swirl and drop backwards with her arms wrapped around his neck bit he pulled her upwards abruptly) What??
Mayank:What? I was juz warming up..

Sonali:Come, let's dance, Mahi..It's our cue from Bharti..
Mahi:I'm not dancing, got it?? Especially not with that sadoo.. (Niharika heard them all along as she stood beside them)
Sonali:You spilled your cocktail on his shirt and he kept mum..He went went to the extent of saving you from hurting yourself just now, yet he was concerned about y9ur welfare and now you're. .
Mahi:What, Sonu?? Itz not as of I'm ungrateful to him..I just don't wanna dance..
Niharika:Mahi,i'm here by your side, listening to you and Sonali bickering aboit my brother..
Sonali:Niharika, we weren't bickering..We didn't intend to..
Mahi:Yes, Nihar..It's just..
Niharika:Chill!!I know he can be sich a pain in the ass at times but let me tell you something..He's got a real soft spot, which only his ex-girlfriend and Bharti truly knows..He can be easily misunderstood but I giess Radhija really brought out hos soft side back then before he reverted..In fact, he's the one who dances so effortlessly compared to me..
Sonali:No kidding?
Niharika:Not at all..
Mahi:Nihar, don't misunderstand me..It's juz that I..
Sonali:Don't listen to her, Nihar..She can ne such an idiot in these matters..She's got dome self-esteem and dancing issues..

Bharti:(looked at Sonali and felt agitated) I need to do something..
Bharti:Mayu, I meed to use the washroom..Pick someone else to dance..
Mayank:Heyy!! (Bharti left towards the loo) Gaurav's a lucky ass, getting everyone to dance with him.. (looked around)

Meanwhile, Bharti called Sonali and asked her to go and dance with Mayank and dicert his attention from Niharika. Sonali felt stuck between Niharika and Mahi.Just then, she saw Mayank striding towards them and she quickly hung up.She took the first step in asking Mayank to dance with her and he smiled, nodding in agreement.

Bharti let down her hair, looking at the mirror in the washroom.She recalled reading the first few pages of the diary entries of her's and Radhika's, shared in a series of books over the years.Seeing Mayank gelling so well made her feel happy upon her small achievement . However, she missed Radhika so much that her eues didn't think of controlling her streaming tears.Much more than feeling unwanted by Armaan, she missed her best friend for the latter was closest to her amongst her pals, the confidant she could ever have had in her life.With Rafhika around, she knew her secrets would be sealed within her bosom.Bharti turned on the tap and rinsed her fave, preoccupied with the thoughts of seeing someone else with Armaan.She walked out of the washroom after wiping herself w8th some facial tissues.

Mayank:I thought you would be busy mingling with Pushpak. .What made you stand and wait alone?
Sonali:Let me correct you for a start..I'm npt with Pushpak as I've moved on..And I wasn't alone..I was standing there with my best friend cum your nemesis..
Mayank:No, Mahi's not my nemesis..
Sonali:Is that so?? From the way you two react whenever you meet, it appears to everyone how much you two hate each other..
Mayank:There's nothing of the sort, Sonali..You seem nice, she seems strange..Anyways, don't mind me asking..Did you or Pushpak do something to break the bond that you two share deeply??
Sonali:If she's not your nemesis, then surprise me by asking her for a dance..
Mayank:Are you crazy? She would instantly run away from here..
Sonali:There's nothing impossible--Didn't you mention a fashion articls stating that as your theme for your previous issue? So why are you backing off? Are you scared??
Mayank:Scared of Mahi? No chance!!
Sonali:So why hesitate?
Mayank:Why are you so adamant on me dancing with your best friend?
Sonali:I want her to break out of her comfort zone..I want her to think that there are people whom she can dance with, who wouldn't judge her by her physical appearance. .Who would bring back the moments of joy in her life which is devoid of all tjat becaise of her ex-husband, Vedant..She deserves to be loved; she deserves to be happy once again in her life.. (Mayank looked at Sonali and at Mahi who stood alone) She..
Mayank:She'll be happy once again in her life, hmm?? Don't worry so much about her..Excuse me!!(got himself and Mahi a drink each) Hi..have this!!
Mahi:No thanks..Where is Sonali??
Mayank:She's dancing with Raj, I assume..Have this drink, I insist..

Mahi took the drink reluctantly, feeling extremely guilty for how she reacted for the night.She knew it was not right on her part but somehow she couldn't bring herself to apologize, under which both of them misunderstood each other in such a way that neither of them had become friends till now.

Mahi:Look, I..I didn't ruin your blazer on purpose.
Mayank:I know..You don't have to feel guilty about it at all..
Mahi:But this boazer is very special to you, isn't it??
Mayank:Sure it is..Letz talk about something else, hmm?? Uhm, would you care to dance with me??
Mayank:I'm apparently talking to you, so yeah..
Mahi:I'm sorry..I can't..
Mayank:Ok.. (turned to go but after some time, he returned to the same spot, startling him)
Mahi:Yes?? (Mayank held her right wrist and pulled her mildly towards the dance floor)

Everyone was surprised to see both Mayank and Mahi dance.Mayank fell lost in Mahi's eyes which focused intently on him.Bharti smiled in delight and texted Raj that it's time for his first surprise.Raj slowly sneaked away upon Sonali's intrusion.Raj met Niharika who stood behind Bharti.

Raj:Bharti, how did you..You planned this with Khushi..And that too when Mayank's here...
Bharti:Don't worry about him..He's my concern, alright? I want your misunderstandings, all of them to be cleared and a new chapter to unfold in your love life, hmm?? Tonight, Nihar will spend time at Raj's place..Right, Raj???
Raj:No doubts about that..She's my responsibility and she'll be back before Mayank discovers anything..
Bharti:(Raj hugged Bharti) Uffo, get going now and spend an intimate night together.. (Raj withdrew from his hug) Ab jaao yahaa se..Gd nite guyzz.. (Bharti saw both of them having intertwined their fingers into each other's) How sweet!! Oh crap, Mayank!! He must be waiting.. (texted Raj the place of his second surprise and to let Niharika reach home in an hour's time)

On the other hand, Armaan was enjoying his dance with Shreya on the outside, who laid her head on his chest and had lost herself in the music.His eyes were searching for his friends. Jiya was dancing with Sonali while Raj was nowhere to be seen, as they enquired.He was extremely surprised to see Bharti standing alone and Mahi dancing with Mayank.For a moment, he wondered if he was dreaming.

Mayank:I didn't mean to pull you out but..I believe that we both need to start from some place..
Mahi:Excuse me?
Mayank:We share deep bouts of grievances in our lives, Mahi, something which don't intend to discuss with anyone for they are the only memories which have been keeping us alive..I didn't believe in coming tonight but I did it for Bharti's sake..This is not my comfort zone.. (swirled Mahi around and held her close, letting her sync her steps with his) But Bharti wanted ne to be present for her friend's victory bash..Tonight, I wish you could do the same for Raj's and Sonali's sake..For once, you deserve to be loved again, to find joy in your life again. It may be difficult and perhaps impossible but if you trust the process, it makes things a lil easier..Life doesn't become so complicated...(inhaled, letting go of Mahi)
Mahi:(let Mayank go a bit further but held his wrist in time to stop him) Stop.. (pulled him)
Mahi:Letz dance, shall we?? (both of them broke into a smile, and danced to the upbeat song, Lat Lag Gaye, inviting the attention of several, as Mayank threw his coat at Bharti and let Mahi dance to her heart's content, holding her as she gently bent backwards)

Bharti was so thrilled to see her dear friend dancing away and gelling with Mahi, without any efforts from her side.She whistled for him.Armaan smiled widely upon seeing her spirited nature and the fact that she didn't take any drinks with her or else she was never without a drink in her hand at such parties. Just then, Gaurav bought her a drink and she smiled.Armaan looked away while Gaurav and Bharti conversed.He soon left to drop Khushi while she applauded for Mahi and Mayank at the end of their dance.Her eyes watched Armaan's, intently that she didn't even realize that Sonali was standing next to her.

Sonali:They look so perfect together na, Bharti? Armaan looks so happy..
Bharti:(sounded melancholic) Sure they do..Armaan's happy now, something which he might have been missing out on, for many years..
Sonali:But not perfect yaar..There's a missing puzzle..Somewhere....
Bharti:No Sonu..his life couldn't be anymore perfect than this, now that I'm gone from his life...
Sonali:(took another shot of tequila) No one's life is perfect..Bharti, look at mine for instance; shattered because of love..I tried to seek happiness from Pushpak's love, but alas..It took me so long to realize how wrong I was, thinking of him as my life..Happiness comes from within and it's a mistake to run back to the past!!I'm ever so glad that you've pushed Armaan to move on in his life.. (drank another glass of wine)
I'm sure Pushpak must be feeling so busted right now..Haha... (giggled)
Bharti:Sonu, are you ok??(saw her staggering)
Sonali:I'm totally fine, Bharti..Our plan totally rocked today..Didn't it??
Bharti:Oh damn sure, Sonu..In fact, did you see how both Mahi and Mayank danced? It was incredible  (turned to look at Sonali) Sonuu!!!!! (attracted Mahi's and Mayank's attention together with the rest and Bharti knelt down towards Sonali) Sonu!!! (shook her) Shuckz!! Someone, please help!!
Mayank:Bharti, relax..She's inebriated; I'll drop her home..
Mahi:You don't have to, I'll bring her.
Bharti:Mayu, drop Mahi and Sonu home.. (heaved a sigh of deep relief) Mahi, don't worry..I'll drive your Ferrari to your place, hmm??I'll be right behind Mayank, k? Come, let's hurry!! (Mahi wiped the concern off her face and hurried after giving Bharti her car keys)

Bharti saw Mayank and Mahi simultaneously hold Sonali outside, towards the exit of the ballroom to where he parked his car.It was already raining heavily.Bharti looked away from Armaan and rushed towards Mahi.She saw Mayank offering his blazer to Mahi and stopped.Mahi froze upon Mayank's gesture, getting drenched in the rains further.She looked around for Mahi's car.Having found it from a distance, she rushed to getting the car started, and dialled Raj's number to know about Niharika's whereabouts but he wasn't responding at all.She grew worried, confused yet again at Raj's imperfect timings and the relation brewing between Mahi and Mayank.


Monday, August 19, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 274~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 274~

Mayank:Tumhe woh sab kehne ki kya zaroorat thi?
Mayank:Itni bhi bholi banne ki koi zaroorat nahin hain..
Bharti:Well,it was a formal invitation,Mayank and i thought it would be wonderful to actually say it on your behalf..It's something refreshing!!
Mayank:Not for me,Bharti!!Raj's your friend and you saved his career with the help of Khushi..I'm not coming for the party,hmm?
Bharti:What??This is freakin' crazy,Mayu...I invited them on your behalf and you won't be there?Stop acting childish..Put a stop to all these anti-social elements within you,yaar!!Surely it's not business related but a personal gathering..Something to celebrate,something we used to do a lot often few years back with..(paused for a long while) 
Bharti:You tell me to forget our past so why aren't you implementing it in the first place??
Mayank:Fine,Bharti!!As you wish...
Mayank:Itna bhi khush matt ho..Main jaldi hi niklunga wahaa se...
Mayank:Bharti,we are at Trends now..It's Mayank now!!
Bharti:Sure Mayank sir...(both of them smiled as Mayank parked the car)We surely didn't expect to bump into Mahi,did we Mayank sir??(raised her eyebrow at her best friend)
Mayank:Get going before i change my mind,hmm??
Bharti:Ok ok alrite!!I'm going..Be at Ritz Hotel on time,k?(called up Niharika and told her of her secret plan)

~Jiya's cabin~

Armaan:I'm sorry???
Jiya:Shut up and go...I'm not talking to you..
Armaan:Yes you are,,(went in front and stood in her way)
Jiya:Armu,you...(paused as she looked up;Armaan gestured to her to smile as he pulled his ears to apologize)No!!(Raj and Pushpak saw them from a distance and were soon accompanied by Mahi and Sonali who were crossing their fingers for Jiya to forgive Armaan)
Sonali:Raj,what do you think?
Raj:Oh hi gurlz...Well,i obviously know that Jiya can't stay mad at Armaan for long and i can never be Armaan in her life..
Sonali:That's true..Heyy,let's do something..(Sonali told them to go one by one with a file,a mug of coffee, some chocolates and flowers and they did so, till Jiya realized what the foursome were up to)
Jiya:Raj,were you up to this?
Sonali:I was..Come on Jiya,Armaan hates it when you're mad at him..
Jiya:So why do things that annoy me?
Raj:In that case, i can also ask Armaan why he did certain things to piss Bharti off..
Jiya:What??He did what?(Raj bit his tongue and as he looked at Armaan, the latter shook his head)
Raj:Nothing..Anyways,i'm not mad at him but you..How could you not have agreed to Armaan?He was protecting you and you couldn't even see that..What you intended to submit, could have had possible legal consequences and put Sudha aunty's and her colleague's career and reputation at stake!!You wanted that,Jiya,hmm???
Jiya:No..Never!!I didn't think from her perspective!!!Damn it...I'm so sorry,Armu!!!(hugged Armaan)
Sonali:(whispered to Mahi)Wow..Raj's words did the charm!!
Mahi:(whispered back)Instead of your idea,hmm??(Sonu hit her elbow mildly and both girls left from there)
Pushpak:Great work,Raj..I'll get...(paused as he noticed Sonali having left already and Raj noticed him)
Raj:Come with me!!(both walked out silently towards Pushpak's work space)Dude,she's moved on and she's not going to come round..
Pushpak:She was right..My mum staged the whole thing to get rid of her in my life..She let me go and saw me with another girl and things worsened further..Basically i just feel i can't win her back at all!!
Raj:Get a life,Pushpak..Don't talk like a loser!!You acted like a jerk with her so don't think of winning her back...Look at her and Mahi working in my cabin..What do you think?Does she need you??
Pushpak:That doesn't mean i don't need her..I love her,Raj!!
Raj:You didn't act at the right time..Prove to me and her that you're worth every moment of her life..Then we can strike something..If not,make sure you move on and not get stuck in a rut like Armaan!!(Pushpak got confused as he looked at Raj talking to Mahi and Sonali,discussing about the the creative newsletter; he felt that he had to do something significantly challenging to win Sonali back)I'm not going to give up now!!

~Trends:Bharti's cabin~

Bharti:(picked up the call)Hello?
Mayank:Ms Bharti,in the conference room,right now!!
Bharti:Sure!!(sounded delighted upon hanging up)Can i come in?(Mayank pulled her hand and brought her inside and locked the door)Whoa,what's wrong with you?
Mayank:What is this doing on my desk?
Bharti:Don't you like it??Radhika had gifted this blazer to you years back during your courtship period, didn't she?
Mayank:Wait a sec..How did you know?Did you browse through my wardrobe??
Bharti:(tightly pressed her lower lip and smiled)You think i needed to?I was there at the mall when she bought this,alright?
Mayank:Ok,so why now?
Bharti:Very simple..You're coming to Raj's victory bash(moved around in excitement as she talked)..wearing this since the theme is red and black..Trust me, you'll look charming in this!!
Mayank:That's not for you to say..
Bharti:Who are you exactly waiting for to come and say this to you??
Mayank:Bharti,i really can't...
Bharti:(held Mayank's wrist)I know what this means to you..I know just how hard this is for you,to put yourself out there and gel with everyone..But somehow if my words mean anything to you, i want you to be there. I wanna capture a glimpse of Radhika and her beau who's smiling,dancing gaily ad immersing himself in the delight of the evening..I want him to be there!!(her eyes welled up)
Mayank:Bharti,stop it...Ok,alrite i'll come!!
Bharti:(trickled her tear from the tip of her finger and smiled,raising her eyebrows)Fantastic!!
Mayank:I can't believe you tricked me into this again...How can you do this to me,huh?
Bharti:How can you fall for it again,Mayuu???(smiled subtly and turned to go)
Mayank:What are you wearing for the evening?
Bharti:A red dress..Got myself a new one!!
Mayank:Whoa,like college times??
Bharti:Mind you,guys still come after me,just like in college..Shart lagaadoo??
Mayank:Theekh hain..Lagi paanch sau ki??
Bharti:Mayank Sharma,mujhe nahin pata tha ki tum itne bhi cheap ho...Paise ki bet rehne do...Agar maine jo kaha woh sahi nikla toh..
Bharti:Toh tum Ash ko Trends se nikaaloge..Bata nahin ki tumne usse phir se yahaa naukri par kaise rak liya...Maine tumse kuch bhi nahin kaha lekin sach toh yeh hain ki woh bohat jald ek bohat bada kadam uthaane waali hain..Bata nahin ki tum mujh par yakeen karoge ya nahin..(studied Mayank's face)..Tum mujh par bilkul bhi yakeen nahin nahin kar rahe ho;main bas ek hi mahine ki mehmaan hoon na..Toh thayr raha ki agar maine shart jeet liya toh Ash Trends se baahar aur agar main haar gayi toh Ash rahegi,theekh hain??
Mayank:Aur tum London nahin jaaoge..Apne training attachment programme ke liye..
Bharti:Oh hello,London ki baat kahaa se beech mein aa gayi?
Mayank:Kahin se bhi lekin agar tum haar gayi toh tum mere saath hi kaam karoge,deal?
Bharti:Whatever,Mayank..Let's see about it..Wear this blazer and come!!

Niharika was busy getting ready for Raj's party. She wore a stylish black outfit which she got from Bharti's university mate,Sanjana who came to deliver the dress that Bharti had ordered for Niharika. She took her medicines with a glass of water and before leaving, she looked at herself in the mirror.She decided that she wouldn't hide anything from Raj regarding her health condition any longer and tonight she'll let him know everything. She smiled nervously but strided outside after locking her home door, with a spur of optimism that Bharti will make things smooth for her tonight, without Mayank's knowledge.
~Armaan's place~
Armaan:Maa, i'll be late...I'll drop off Shreya and Jiya before coming back,hmm??
Sudha:Wow,you're looking very handsome tonight..Don't steal glances from anyone else tonight apart from Shreya's!!Hurry up,she's waiting in the dining room..
Armaan:Yes Maa...Maa,regarding the kid, has any guardian come to claim her???
Sudha:Not yet,Armu but you don't worry..My colleague and i are trying our best to reach out with our attempts..
Armaan:Aww Maa,aap befikr rahiye..Aur haan,mera koi bhi madat chaahiye toh bataa dena..
Sudha:Haan haan theekh hain..Waise agar tum Bharti ko miloge toh usse kehna ki mujhe phone kare..Mujhe usse bohat zaroori baat kehni hain..
Armaan:Kaunsi baat??Ab toh kuch bhi nahin hain na...
Sudha:Kya matlab??
Armaan:Nahiin..Woh main keh raha tha ki ab woh aapki bahu nahin hain toh..
Sudha:Toh kya hua??Woh aaj bhi meri beti hain..Samjhe??Jab tum usse miloge, mere message de dena...Hmmm??
Armaan:(murmured)Ab mujhe usse baat bhi karna padega??
Armaan:Kuch nahin...Shreya,chale???(Shreya nodded and waved her hand at Sudha as she and Armaan left from there)
~Ritz Hotel~
Everyone had gathered at Ritz Hotel. Raj was eyeing the guests who have appeared at the ballroom.It seemed to him as though it was a big event. Surely it was, thanks to both Khushi and Bharti who had organized this special surprise for him. Had it not been for both of them, his career would have followed the path of ruins.One by one,each of the guest came forward and congratulated him and networked with him. It was unlike any social gathering, which seemed more professional than a personal ambience which he had expected in mind. He kept looking out for Bharti but she was nowhere in the hotel itself. He tried calling her. Just then, Khushi tapped on his shoulders. She teased him and asked him if he was searching for his lover. He smiled and denied her cute accusation.Instead,he had asked for Bharti, which she had no clue of either as she too was looking for her.
Khushi:Raj,how do i look??I mean, i didn't man to ask you that...But i was hoping that i don't look too attractive from any angle..
Raj:That's somethig weird..Why not??
Khushi:Cuz i want to get away from Mr Gaurav,whom you supposedly set me up with..
Raj:Haha oh yeah.i totally forgot about that..
Khushi:Sure you would...Why in the world would you remember that??Speak of the sly,flirtish devil and here he is...
Gaurav:Hi Raj...Hi Khushi,you look great!!
Khushi:And you look just the same...Did you wear the same coat as yesterday??
Gaurav:Ahh you sly girl..You were observing me???How nice indeed!!
Raj:Stop pulling her leg,Gaurav..Oh my, she's blushing already..
Khushi:Haha you're so funny,Raj...
Raj:Crap,where is she???Your ally...She's not even picking up my phone!!!Look,Sonali and Mahi are here as well...
Khushi:Excuse me...Hi Mayank..(excused herself to meet Mayank)
Raj:Gurlz,did you try contacting Bharti??
Mahi:(widened her eyes)What did you just say??
Sonali:She's not here yet?
Raj:Nope,i thougt you girls would be coming with her...
Sonali:She told us she's already here...We called her about fifteen minutes ago...
Raj:Apparently she's not here...Armaan and Shreya are here with Jiya...Let me ask them as well!!(excused himself)
Sonali:Ok well,that's interesting!!!
Mahi:(fidgeted)What is so interesting??She told us she's already here and now what the heck are we spposed to do??Look,we are not following her plan,get it??
Sonali:Oh yes,we are,Mahi!!!!She'll be here any minute!!
Mahi:You really think so??I doubt it!!
Sonali:Chher up,we'll get to dance with Mayank..
Mahi:I'm not going to...
Sonali:Oh really???Haha i've got to see that one then...
Mahi:No matter what,im not going to dance with him....(turned and spilled her drink on Mayank's blazer as she bumped into him)
Mahi froze in shock. Her wine glass dropped and she looked away. She took her first step to walk away from Mayank but she slipped upon tripping on the shattered glass piece. Mayank nstantly leaned forward, holding her from behind.Mahi looked at Mayank who gradually made her stand upright.
Mayank:Tum theekh ho???
Mahi was suprised by his gentle tone.She had spilled her drink and ruined his blazer but he was still gentle.This was something she had not expected from him.She stll kept quiet and Mayank realized how uncomfortable she was feeling.
Mayank:Dekh kar chalaa karo..(picked up the shattered glass pieces near her leg and threw them in the bin nearby and walked away)
Mahi was about to walk away when she felt a tinge of pain in her ankle. It was not so painful but it still did hurt.She was able to walk, hence she didn't make a big deal out of it. She put on her high heels and looked around.She stopped as she saw Mayank looking at her.She looked blankly at him. He gestured to her to place her curls behind her ear.Initially she didn't bother but as she noticed Mayank looking away,she placed her curls behind and looked at him. He wasn't looking at him anymore, neither was he making a big deal out of the mess she had created.
Maybe he's not so bad after all..I ought to give him a chance of friendship.Maybe i could share my grief with him or help him share his.Bharti could be right after all..