Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

~Candid Chat with JLH team~

~A candid chat with the JLH team~

How long has it been that we've met the JLH team,my dear friends??As the new year kick started,we saw a series of exciting episodes on Jab Lurve Hua,which makes it even more unpredictable for the future tracks of tomorrow to get disclosed.Reaching almost 270 episodes,our dearest fan,Sadaf talk to several members of the team.

Sadaf:Bharti has returned back to Mumbai from London...How was the experience shooting in London??

Bharti:Well,it's just been fantastic..Speaking of which,i'm already missing Naina,Payal and Bhaskar who'll be back soon...Miss shooting with them already!!It was a hell lotta trip as Bhaskar's secret was finally revealed to all of us and the misunderstanding's been cleared and they're back together..It's going to be more fun when they all return...

Sadaf:We hear that you've landed a high-paying job at Trends??

Bhati:Yep,you're right....I impressed Mayank with my answers and the least he could do was to offer me a job as his assistant..(laughs)

Mayank:On a quick note,her work experience will be totally different as compared to her work life in MU..To make things worse,there's going to be lots of hurdles, namely the office politics to be initiated by Ash and Vinita, Shreya's blooming one-sided relationship with Armaan and not forgetting Gaurav,who has relations with quite a number of people whom Bharti knows...

Bharti:Hear it from the man himself...Aaja beith le..

Sadaf:Hi Gaurav,tell us about your character...Is it a cameo??And are you interested in Bharti??

Bharti:I had no clue that i was such hot property in the first place!!

Gaurav:Well,according to Bharti,i'm Alisha's mentor and Anjali's distant cousin and a guy whom Alisha had set her up with,without her knowledge...However,she doesn't know of me being one of the major shareholders in Trends as well as a creditor in MWorld,where Alisha and Sanjana work..By profession,i'm a witty lawyer who loves playing mind games and right now,i'm handling Raj's case,much to Bharti's bewilderment.My role is a pretty distinct one,but it doesn't overshadow any of the major characters  who have been on air till now..But it's an unforgettable character,very well etched out and conceived by Jassie for this is no ordinary cameo;my role is extended to Season 2..It might seem that i'm interested in Bharti by the way i go after her and flirt with her full-on bu the only thing i can surely tell you is that i'm connected to Bharti in a dangerous way..In a myserious way!!

Sadaf:Now you've really got us hooked to JLH...Bharti's life is surely going to take a curve in Trends but what about Armaan??

Raj:Well here, some of the colleagues secretly plan on uniting Armaan and Bharti and somehow stop Armaan's and Shreya's engagement from happening..Jiya has been an exception and there has been a transformation for this time round,she's not pushing her best friend towards Bharti at all!!In fact,she's simply trying to protect her best friend's heart from getting boken all over again and that too by Bharti.She's beginning to dislike Bharti's attitude towards Armaan but she tries not to show it in front of me or Armaan.Right now,all i can think of,is....the case and once Armaan returns,there'll be more drama to unfold on the run!!!

Sadaf:Wow,this is brilliant...We have so much to forward to,with so many questions yet to be answered,ultimately leading to the BIG QN--Will our januable couple,ArBi be distant because of much involvement from their friends and colleagues?Will they ever be together???Letz continue,getting ourselves hooked up to JLH a the mysteries and drama unfold...And keep a watch for this section weekly for more news on JLH!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 267~

Jiya:Sonali,kya hua?
Sonali:Jiya...(locked Mahi's cabin door)Mahi's unconscious..I came to get the folder and there she's..OMG!!(knelt down to see Mahi's left hand)
Jiya:Kya baat hain,Sonu?
Sonali:Look at this..She has had sleeping pills and the bottle's empty..
Jiya:OMG!!(saw a petrified Sonali)Let's talk to Sudha aunty..
Sonali:No!!I'm bringing her to Dr Ankita,whom i had previously contacted..Jiya,i'll bring her in her car..You've had a long day so just go home..I can't take any chances with her..I deserve more than this for leaving her alone at dinner...(Jiya helped Sonali bring Mahi to her car)
Jiya:Please keep me updated,k??(silently prayed for Mahi while she called up Raj)

~Amore Salon~

Sush:Ok Nihar,i'll make a move..But before that,do turn around..
Niharika:Raj??I thought he's busy today..
Sush:Ahem..do i have to know anything?
Niharika:Just that he's sweet..
Sush:I'm warning you..Guyz like him are heartbreakers...
Niharika:Whatever,Sush..Get going!!
Raj:(entered the salon)Hi gorgeous..
Niharika:You said you were busy and that you had a lot on your mind today..
Raj:I thought so too but i wanted to see the smile on your face which would instantly erase all the lines of discomfort and problems in my life at the moment..
Niharika:Thanks for these fresh flowers...(kept in her vase)What's wrong,Raj?
Raj:Crap,hold on..(answered Jiya's call)What is it,Jiya??
Jiya:Are you bz?
Raj:What do you think?
Jiya:Raj,i'm so sorry to disturb you at this hour...
Raj:Hurry up Jiya,shoot it..
Jiya:Mahi popped sleeping pills and Sonali had driven her to see some Dr Ankita..
Jiya:(sounded extremely panicky)Raj,i was shell-shocked..She looked so creepy and so cold...And so stiff,as though..(paused)As though she's..Raj,i've never seen her like that!!
Raj:Ok Jiya,just calm down..Where is Mahi right now??(Niharika seemed concerned)
Jiya:I don't know Raj..Sonu brought her to the doc she knows of..Sonu was feeling so guilty..
Jiya:Actually she told me what happened between her and Mahi at dinner...


Shreya had kept the folders of recruitment lists,under which potential candidates' files were placed,which Mayank and his panel were going to interview the next day. She left soon after that,not realizing that she was being watched by Ashley.Right after Shreya left,Ash added another file to Shreya's list, and texted Vinita of getting the work done.

Raj:What??So she just left Mahi??
Jiya:Raj,it was just a small retribution,i guess...I didn't ask much.But i'm basically freaked out right now!!
Raj:Ok wherever you are,come over to Amore..Can you do that??(Niharika's shocked)
Jiya:Amore,as in Niharika's salon?
Raj:Yeahh,hurry cuz she's gonna close soon..I'll be waiting for you..Bye!!(both of them hung up)
Niharika:What the hell,Raj??I thought we aren't telling anyone..
Raj:Nihar,Jiya needs me!!She's freaked out!!
Niharika:I'm not stopping your meet-up but here??She's going to find out everything and soon Mayu will know everything...I don't want him to find out from someone else..
Raj:(held Niharika's arms)Nihar,things are going out of control..I want you to hear me out..At dinner,Mahi and Sonu had a tiff...(elaborated on what Jiya had told him,shocking Niharika to the core)
Niharika:She really took sleeping pills??
Raj:I don't know how her situation is,now..Jiya has no idea which hospital Sonu had brought her..Damn...What's taking her so long??
Niharika:So what's your plan for now?
Raj:I just don't know...(hugged Niharika)What could have happened to her all of a sudden??
Niharika:She'll be fine,Raj...Trust me!!
Raj:(withdrew from his hug and kissed Nihar's palms)Thanks!!
Niharika:I gotta take this call,it's Mayu..Raj,look..Jiya's here..Get going!!Just text me if you need me,k?(Raj nodded and left in Jiya's car)

~Mayank's home~

Mayank:Nihu,what took you so long?
Niharika:Nothing,Mayu..Just like that!!
Mayank:Hold on..What are you so tensed about??Is everything ok?(Both Mayank and Niharika sat on the sofa)
Niharika:Yeah,everything's just..How was your day,Mayu?
Mayank:I had a long chat with Bharti last night and today as well...She might join Trends after my panel and i interview her tomorrow..And i got you your special craving--beef lasagne..And if i hadn't checked,you would have gotten Mahi's food..(Niharika's eyes welled up as he told her everything)I just don't understand how she manages to appear everywhere i go..It's just so ridiculous,i tell you..(Niharika bursted out crying,confusing Mayank)Kya hua,Nihu??(she cried endlessly)Heyy,look at me..(Niharika looked at him as he wiped her tears)Won't you tell me anything??Who made you cry??
Niharika:I'm scared for Mahi,Mayu...
Mayank:(let go of her hand)What??
Niharika:Her friend..R...(made up a lie)Jiya told me that when Sonali reached  MU after her meeting with Jiya, she went to Mahi's cabin...Mayu,Mahi had popped sleeping pills,several of them..Sonali had taken her to a hospital but all are scared if she would make it or not...
Mayank:(got disturbed)Sleeping pills??(murmured)OMG!!(tears slowly formed by the edge of his eyelids)
Niharika:Mayu,she would make it,na???


A girl was brought to the operation theatre in a stretcher pushed promptly by several nurses at late night.Mayank and Bharti were told to wait outside.

Mayank:Bharti...(couldn't stop his tears)Bharti,usse kuch hoga toh nahin na??
Bharti:Radhika ko kuch nahin ho sakti..Woh tumhaara pyaar hain na,usse kuch bhi nahin hoga...(bursted out crying,leaning on Mayank's shirt,smearing the blood stains from her dress)Woh humaari farishta hain aur usse kuch bhi nahin hoga...(the doctor came out)Doctor,doctor...(held Mayank's hand firmly)
Doctor:I'm afraid to inform she's no longer with us...We tried our best but she had bled out way too much,by the time we operated...
Bharti:(let go of Mayank's hand and held the doctor's coat)How could you say that??How can you give up on my best friend??She's my protector,my angel..How could your team give up??Who licensed you to even become a doctor in the first place???(Mayank slowly took her hands off from the doctor's coat)
Doctor:I'm really sorry for your loss...
Bharti:The hell you are..(the doctor left and Bharti looked at Mayank)I can't,Mayank...She's always been there for me..I still think she's alive..(went inside)
Bharti:Look at her,Mayank...Radhika,utho...Dekho,tumhaari Mayank intezaar kar raha hain...Uth yaar...Dekh,zyaada bano matt,umne usse bohat thadpaa liya hain...Ab aur nahin!!!Mayank,tum bhi kuch bolo...Radhika!!!Wake up,damn it!!!(Mayank snapped out as Niharika'a mobile rang)

~Fortis Hospital~

Outside the ICU stood Raj,Jiya and Sonali who had informed her friends.Niharika rushed to Jiya,murmuring to her about her lie and as Mayank approached them,she enquired about Mahi's stats.All were pretty much clueless,hoping that the doctor would come out soon.Mayank stood at a corner,thinking of what had happened to his love and his dear friend.He closed his eyes,as recalled bringing Bharti to the hospital as she too had taken several sleeping pills,not being able to take the pain her guilt-filled heart was giving her.Bharti had been a destroyed soul,after being separated from Radhika who died,while trying to protect and save Bharti.If Bharti had the power to reverse things,it would only be to revive her best friend and bring her back to life.Mayank silently prayed that none of that happens with Mahi.He had no clue of what could have possibly occured to lead to such drastic measures,but right now he just wanted her to be alright as he doesn't want a best friend to yet another close friend of her's.

The doctor came out after some time and smiled at Sonali,informing her that Mahi is now out of danger but she requires rest for a couple of days and Sonali guaranteed to take great care of her best friend.Niharika went to Mayank who opened his eyes and got the positive news from Sonali's smile.Raj and Jiya went in with Sonali to see Mahi before leaving off.Jiya offered to drop Niharika home.Meanwhile,Sonali asked Mayank to stay for a while as she needed to get the medications.Mahi tried to adjust herself but Mayank stopped her.

Mayank:Don't strain yourself so much..
Mahi:Stay away from me...I don't need anyone's help for i can take care of myself!!
Mayank:I think you've already shown me and everyone else that..
Mahi:Why are you here in the first place??(Mayank saw Mahi fidgeting restlessly as she looked at him)
Mayank:I wasn't here on my voluntary will...Nihu was very much worried for you and hence i had to accompany her to meet you..
Mahi:So,what's stopping you now??
Mayank:I've gone through what you're going through right now and i almost lost my friend to the pills and had i not reached in time...(snapped out)You're lucky this time round but you'll never be all the time,if you're thinking of drastic measures...(leaned forward and looked her eye-to-eye)Giving up your life despite being surrounded by people you care and that includes Sonali..Have you thought about her,who stood by you through thick and thin???But i guess you're simply a weakling who can only lash words at me...A coward is who you are,Mahi and that totally defines you!!!
Mahi:Who the hell do you thi...(got interrupted as Sonali came back with the medications)
Sonali:Give me a break,you guyzz...You two will never leave a place out to fight,huh??(both Mahi and Mayank looked at each other)Ok,stop looking at each other..It's a hospital,for God's sake!!!
Mayank:Sonali..I'm not needed here any longer so i'll make a move..But yeah,if you need anything...
Sonali:Yes,Mayank?(Mahi looked at Sonu in irritation)
Mayank:Call Niharika,she'll be ever ready to help!!
Sonali:Thanks for dropping by at this hour!!(Mayank looked at Mahi)
Mayank:Sonali,take care!!(left from there)
Sonali:How sweet of him,na?
Mahi:Shut up!!
Sonali:Oh come on,he's come all the way and now he's left,asking you to take care..
Mahi:Yeah,right!!(shook her head as she thought of Mayank saving his friend who took the sleeping pills)

~Next Day~

Bharti landed in the afternoon and unlocked her home.She called up Payal and Bhaskar to inform them of her arrival before she called up Mayank to know the time of her interview scheduled at Trends.She decided to sleep for a while before preparing herself for the interview.

~Fortis Hospital~

Sonali:So,tell me..
Sonali:Why???You're surely not so mad at me that you popped the pills...
Mahi:Well,i clearly was...Don't you think so?
Sonali:No!!I believe i've heightened your madness at me before...So why??
Mahi:Well,i choose not to answer you,hmm?
Sonali:What the hell do you think of yourself,huh?You've got no choice but to answer me,correct??
Sonali:I'm your closest friend and i'm exercising my rights upon you..So,tell me..
Mahi:Sonu,it was a mistake,k?
Sonali:What???Taking your life...a mistake???Wow!!!And i thought Mahi Talwar could come up with something better!!

Just then,a nurse came to check on her and soon,she brought the discharge papers.Sonali drove Mahi back home and stayed with her for a while.

Mahi:What now?Aren't you going to go and work?
Sonali:I'm not done with you,Mahi!!!
Mahi:Whatever,Sonu!!You're not going to get anything out of me cuz..My plan has obviously failed!!!
Sonali:What plan,huh?(Mahi blended her act and disguised it with her plan of uniting Pushpak and Sonali)
Mahi:Why do you care?You don't want to accept Pushpak neither see your mother-in-law..You don't care about my opinions or advice for you so why should i tell you?
Sonali:(stood up and held her elbow)What??Wait....What???You mean,you did this so that Pushpak and i??(glared furiously at her)Are you freakingly out of your mind??Even at this point of time,you care about Pushpak and his mother??For God's sake Mhi!!!I thought you understood me when i saw you defending and vouching for me in front of him but you just...You just don't get it,do you Mahi??You simply don't get it!!Even you think that i'm making a huge issue out of what had happened between me and Pushpak..You have the slightest idea of what i went through when i saw you unconscious in your cabin!!But you don't care about our friendship at all!!You know what?Just do whatever you want!!!!(stormed from there)
Mahi:I'm sorry Sonu..(wiped her tears)I can't tell you what i saw and what caused me to take my life...I can't let you see my soul having been torn apart,which you saw years back,all over again..Not again,Sonu!!!


Mayank:Come in...Yes Maria???
Maria:Sir,aapne koi bouquet order kiya tha??
Mayank:Haan..Ok,tum mera ek kaam karo..Likho...(dictated a short message to writ on the Post-It note on the bouquet)Uska address...Tum jaao...
Shreya:(saw Maria leave)Good afternoon,Sir...Sir,woh Assistant Editor ke post ka candidate profiles maine kal raat hi rakh diya hain...Woh bouquet?
Mayank:Tumhaare liye nahin hain..
Shreya:I was just asking,Sir..Sorry!!
Mayank:Interview kitne baje rak diya hain?
Shreya:Ek ghanta baad,Sir!!
Mayank:Ok,i'll be back in an hour!!
Shreya:Sir,par aap kahaa jaa rahe ho?
Mayank:Baahar,hmm?I'll be back in an hour!!(left from there)
Shreya:Sir,itni jaldi mein kisse milne jaa raha hain??

~Fortis Hospital~

As Mayank enquired from Dr Ankita,she informed him that Mahi has already been discharged,a few hours earlier.He found out her address from a nurse who had attended to her and headed towards Mahi's place.

Meanwhile,Mahi headed to shower.She kept reminiscing about her married life,crying her heart out as she submerged herself in the pool of warm water in the bathtub,having flashes of Alisha and Ved.

Mayank reached Mahi's place and rang the doorbell repeatedly but there was no response.Now,he wished he had not thrown the card which she had offered him to contact her anytime.He became a lil concerned for Mahi for she had just been discharged and tried to think positively. He read the message which Maria wrote on the Post-It note.

xxYou're a bold,independent girl..Think of those who care about you and never be a coward in the race of life,ever xx

"Why should i be concerned for her??Maybe she went out for a while with Sonali...(looked at his watch)I'm running late..I'd better get going!!(placed the bouquet by the side,at the doorstep before leaving)Totally looking forward to meeting Bharti.."(drove off from there)


The interview had already begun.Mayank kept Bharti's folder at the end,since he realized that she hadn't reached as of yet.There was a total of 12 candidates.The panel did most of the questioning while Mayank asked a question or two.Bharti finally reached Trends but she realized that the interview was over as there were no more candidates. Just then,Maria came and Bharti enquired from her. She heaved a deep sigh,feeling very much relieved that the interview wasn't over.She headed to take a seat outside the conference room.

Maria called her inside and she left from there.Bharti looked at Mayank and both of them smiled subtly.She thanked Mayank silently while he gestured a Thumbs Up.She began to answer each question confidently until Mayank asked her a question.

Mayank:Very well,Ms Bharti..How are you going to manage your career with your daughter by your side??What will your priorities be here--your daughter or your career??
Bharti:Hmm Mr Mayank Sharma,i value your question.It is indeed unacceptable on my part to neglect my daughter nor is it in my interest to not pursue my career objectives.This is a challenge i face every day and both my daughter and I are very well aware of.I've attended this interview only due to the fact that this job will be my big blueprint of success and Trends will never regret its decision upon hiring me!!(smiled as she knew she had impressed Mayank big time)
Mayank:The interview's over but please be seated outside.
Bharti:Sure!!(couldn't help but wink at Mayank subtly)

As she got out of the conference room,she was shocked to see Gyaan seated across her. He walked forward and sat next to her.She crept out when he had asked her,"So,how did your interview go??"

Monday, January 7, 2013


Mahi:So,what's stopping you now??
Mayank:I've gone through what you're going through right now and i almost lost my friend to the pills and had i not reached in time...(snapped out)You're lucky this time round but you'll never be all the time,if you're thinking of drastic measures...(leaned forward and looked her eye-to-eye)Giving up your life despite being surrounded by people you care and that includes Sonali..Have you thought about her,who stood by you through thick and thin???But i guess you're simply a weakling who can only lash words at me...A coward is who you are,Mahi and that totally defines you!!!
Mahi:Who the hell do you thi...(got interrupted as Sonali came back with the medications)
Sonali:Give me a break,you guyzz...You two will never leave a place out to fight,huh??(both Mahi and Mayank looked at each other)Ok,stop looking at each other..It's a hospital,for God's sake!!!
Mayank:Sonali..I'm not needed here any longer so i'll make a move..But yeah,if you need anything...
Sonali:Yes,Mayank?(Mahi looked at Sonu in irritation)
Mayank:Call Niharika,she'll be ever ready to help!!

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 266~

Bharti:Why are you so shocked,Mayu?He's moving on from me,one thing which i've always wanted him to do since forever,Mayu...He's finally doing it!!I can't be more happier than thi!!
Mayank:(thought to himself)Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hain ke woh apme aapko jhoota dilaasa dene ki koshish kar rahi hain?Woh bohat udhas hain,phir bhi khush hone ki dikhaava kar rahi hain...Aakhir kyun?
Bharti:Mayank,thank you so much for this news yaar for you've made my day..Thanks yaar,acha main rakti hoon..I need to head towards the departure hall..See you real soon!!
Mayank:Hello..Arre par...Kaat diya??(hung up)She surely sounded different!!(headed to Phoenix Restaurant to grab an early dinner)

Naina tugged at Bharti's jeans,asking for her permission.Bhaskar and Payal couldn't help but they too knelt down together with Naina,embarassing Bharti even further and leaving her no option but to agree and give in to let Naina as she was also getting late.She made Naina promise not to disturb Bhaskar and Payal and also made sure that her friends don't pamper her daughter too much either.Armaan couldn't help himself at all,wishing earnestly that he was still an integral part of Bharti's life,raising Naina along with her.Bharti kissed Naina's forehead and cheeks and turned to face Armaan.Bharti shook hands with Armaan,who was quite confused by her gesture.Just as he thought her handshake was for helping her dear friends reunite,she wished him well,"Congratz,finally you've made the right choice...Bye!!".By the time Bharti left,he fell deep in thoughts.

He looked towards the direction she had headed to,but in vain.Bharti had already left.Armaan's pupils moved repetitively to the left and right,trying to find the answer to the mysterious words of Bharti's.

"Why was she congratulating me for?And what right choice did I make??All i know is that i've wronged my heart and soul in not being clear about my emotions,my love for her..I've seen the love in her eyes at Goa,yet she didn't want to befriend me for she didn't want to hurt Shreya..But i just can't do this anymore!!!She's a carefree soul,so why is she worried about hurting anyone??I'm suffering way too much without her in my life and all she could say is that i've made the right choice??What is that supposed to mean??Maybe Raj could know the answer to what Bharti truly meant...(was about to dial Raj's number when he got a call from Sudha)

~Fortis Hospital~

Sudha:Hey Armu..How are you?
Armaan:Not ok,Maa...Aap mujhe ab phone kar rahe ho?
Sudha:Woh toh main thodi si busy thi..Kya karoo??
Armaan:Busy??Kiske saath?
Sudha:Oh hello...Tumhe yaad bhi hain ki tum kisse baat kar rahe ho??
Armaan:Maa,aap bhi na...Kaise ho??Waise,main aapko kisi aur ke saath waqt nikaal ne nahin dene waala hoon,yaad rakhna!!
Sudha:Acha,aur tu kya kar raha hain London mein,hmm?
Armaan:Maa,woh sab kuch toh theekh ho gaya hain...In fact,mujhe aapse kuch poochna tha..
Sudha:Haan,main sunn rahi hoon...Pooch!!
Armaan:Maa,mere ek dost ne jaate waqt yeh kahaa ki maine finally ek acha sa faisla le liya hain..I mean,mujhe kuch samajh mein nahin aa raha tha...
Sudha:Itna kyun soch raha hain tu,Armu???Jaa kar apne dost se pooch..
Armaan:Par woh toh jaa chuki hain,Maa!!Mujhe Bharti ki baaton ka kuch bhi...
Sudha:Bharti????(Armaan closed his eyes,realizing how much he had blabbered so effortlessly)Kya woh wahaa pe hain kya?Mujhe usse baat karni hain...
Armaan:Maa,you're too late!!She's already in the plane b  now...Bhaskar and Payal managed to compel her to let Naina stay with them for a few days...
Sudha:And when will you be returning,Armu?
Armaan:Tomorrow,Maa...But help me out,na...What do you think she meant by me finally making the right choice??She just left without saying much...
Sudha:Armu,even i agree that you made the right choice!!
Armaan:Maa,ab aap kya keh rahe ho,hmmm??
Sudha:Yehi Armu,ki mujhe Shreya bohat achi lagti hain...In fact,she's the right choice for you and perhaps Bharti too was trying to say the same but how did she get to know about my secret plan?
Armaan:Secret plan?Kaunsa plan,Maa??
Sudha:Kuch bhi toh nahin..
Armaan:Hold it...Bharti was talking to Mayank before she departed..If Bharti knew about your plan,so did Mayank!!Maa,jaldi bolo ki baat kya hain...
Sudha:It's a surprise planned for you by both me and Shreya...So just wait till you get back home,hmm?
Sudha:Gotta go...Bye!!!
Armaan:Maaa!!!(hung up as well)Aakhir aisa kaunsa plan jo mujhe nahin pata??

Armaan knew that he had to seek Raj's counsel despite it being such a bad timing.Just as he was about to dial Raj's number,he grew enraged to see Jiya calling him.He instantly disconnected her call,and this was repetitively going on till he received a message from Jiya.

xxStop cutting my calls.Itz urgent.Sudha aunty had dinner with Shreya and looks like she's going to do everything to hitch you two..Trust my instincts this time,if you've ever considered me your true friendxx

"Oh crap!!I hope that's really not the secret plan which Maa has in mind...It's ok if she likes my friend,Shreya but it's so not ok if she really likes my girlfriend,Shreya and if she's trying to get me settled with her...Freakin' hell !!(dialled Jiya's and Raj's number and made a conference call)

~Meanwhile @ Phoenix Restaurant~

Mayank was looking around the stalls for some Italian food.He finally decided on buing lasagne,which Niharika had been craving for and something else for him.Just as he looked up at the board which had its menu listed out,he bumped his head into Mahi who shook her head vigorously,widening her pupils in disbelief upon seeing Mayank.

Waiter:Your order...
Mayank:(ignored her)Erm one beef lasagne,make it extra cheesy and spicy....
Mahi:Really?That's for you?
Mayank:What's your prob?It's for Niharika....
Mahi:Now that sounds more like it...
Mayank:Will you...(shut his eyes,filtering out Mahi's comment)
Waiter:Sir,anything else?
Mayank:Yes...I'll have...
Mahi:Sure,why not??This health freak will have your Romanian salad..
Mayank:Ok,that's it...(the waiter misunderstood and went inside)What is your freakin' prob,huh?
Waiter:Sir,ma'm...It'll take 5 minutes for your food to be ready...Please kindly wait...

After 5 minutes, both of them came and gave ther receipt to the waiter. They glared at each other before taking their individual trays away from each other and left to their respective tables.

Mahi:Oh crap!!
Sonali:What took you so long?
Mahi:This is not the food i ordered!!
Sonali:Sure,it isn't..You'd never order salad....Whose is this by the way?
Mayank:It's mine!!And just how dare you,Mahi...
Mahi:Excuse me??You too didn't take what you ordered as well so why are you only blaming me...
Sonali:(got amused)Wow,i think it's been a long time since i've seen this comradarie between you two...(both Mahi and Mayank glared at Sonali)Wow,impactful glare you two share...Well,not to deviate from the stares and all,but don't you two want to eat your food served warm??(Mahi snatched the tray from Mayank's hand)In fact,why don't you join us,Mayank??(saw Mahi giving her a death stare)What???You deserve this for pulling off your stupid act last night..
Mayank:Much as I would love to,Sonali...I'd rather ask the waiter to pack my food and leave..(gestured to the waiter's assistant to pack his food)
Sonali:Come on Mayank,are we such bad company?Oh wait,let me guess..You've got another girl to add to the list of your mysterious girlfriend,hmm??
Mayank:No Sonali...Have anymore doubts in your head??
Sonali:Sorry Mayank..My mood is quite off,so don;t mind me...I'm just so pissed off with my best friend,Mahi Talwar..
Mayank:Interesting...Then we can surely be super pissed at her together..(both Mayu and Sonu bursted out into laughter,much to Mahi's irritation)Some other time,Sonali..I'm rushing home to have dinner with Niharika...
Sonali:Sure,bye...(smiled and waved at him)
Mahi:What the heck,Sonu?Are you flirting with him?(ate her dinner)
Sonali:Hmm yeah,do you mind?
Mahi:You're in a relationship with Pushpak,for God's sake...
Sonali:Really,Mahi?But i don't think so...
Sonali:If he was really serious about me,he would have done something by now to save our love..
Mahi:So??You mean to say you're planning on going out with other guys??
Sonali:Not guys,Mahi..Open your eyes...Maybe i might just...Go out with Mayank,hmm??
Mahi:(almost choked)What??Why would you??
Sonali:What's wrong with you?I'll go out with whomsoever i wish to...
Mahi:No wayzz Sonu,not even Mayank...You get that??
Sonali:Sorry Mahi but that is just not possible...And now you just have got to head back to MU on your own since i'm taking your car..
Mahi:Heyy,i'm not done with my dinner yet..
Sonali:Too bad,Mahi...Bye!!

~London:Raj somewhere out in his car:Jiya's cabin~

Armaan:Raj,need your help yaar..
Jiya:Then why the heck did you call me for,huh?
Raj:Tell me,this is about ignoring Bharti??
Jiya:What?What's going on???
Armaan:Raj,this is and isn't about Bharti.. 
Jiya:I thought this is about Sudha aunty and Shreya..
Armaan:Raj,Shreya had dinner with Maa yesterday and Maa seemed super ecstatic when she talked to me just now..
Jiya:Oh ok,so you already got the news before my sms,hmm?
Armaan:Not only is that disturbing but Bharti just told me that i finally made the right choice before she boarded the plane for Mumbai...Now,what's that supposed to mean?
Raj:Ok,she said that?
Jiya:Why are both of you avoiding me?
Armaan:Cuz u're better off without us..And i wish i could just..
Raj:No calling of names here,Armaan...Come on yaar,bechari se galti ho gayi..Maaf bhi kardo!!
Armaan:Raj,Jiya bechari nahin hain..In fact,woh toh ek number ki shaitaan hain jo Bharti ko apne doston se door rakne waali thi...Just imagine if i had been a lil late in implementing the plan!!
Jiya:Armaan,i admit i messed up but it was just for Bhaskar's sake..And since when have your friends become inferior to Bharti,hmm?
Raj:Don't you get it Jiya,that itz always been that way??So dude,how is this linked to Bharti?
Armaan:You two are as equally important to me as how Bhaskar and Payal are to Bharti,get it??I'm feeling real scared as Maa is thinking of hitching me with Shreya...She keeps referring to Shreya as her daughter-in-law...
Jiya:What?He brought it on himself..What do you expect me to say?He tried to seek Bharti's attntion by silently yet indirectly letting Shreya on..And now even Aunty's happy with his choice..
Raj:Dude,that's exactly why i've been telling you to try ignoring her..Maybe she'll have a change of heart..
Jiya:Raj,it's too late..If she had to feel something fo Armu,she would have felt it long time bck..(Armaan couldn't help but think about his kiss at the gazebo which was abruptly ended by Bharti)
Raj:Armaan,yaar..Time is just slipping from our hands and i think the best way out of this is to tell Aunty the entire truth..
Jiya:Or else...
Armaan:Or else what,Jiya?
Jiya:Stop Shreya..
Jiya:Think,Armu!!!You should have thought about it before letting her on..
Raj:Jiya,you're not helping..
Jiya:Ok,ok i'm sorry...Look,if we just focus on one of them,we might overlook the other and lose the precious time which is alrady so scarce..
Raj:You mean to say we've got to stop both Sudha aunty and Shreya??
Armaan:OMG,what if we're already too late??What if i really got hitched to Shreya...These few days had been so hard on me,you guyzz...I just...
Jiya:Armaan,you wasted way too many opportunities..But not anymore,get it?Or else,your life will be totally ruined!!And i don't want that to happen to you at any cost...If you want,i can talk to Bharti..
Armaan:She indirectly knows that i love her..Yet she's keeping a distance from me and it was only in front of Payal,Bhaskar and Naina that she was talking to me..Or else she wouldn't...
Jiya:OH God,i needto go with Sonu for an important meeting with a fashion associate..Tell you what,Armu?I'll head over to your place to talk to Sudha aunty tonight while Raj will talk to Shreya..
Raj:Heyy,why me?I've got my case,Jiya..I wonder if Gaurav has found any loopholes as of yet..I did this for Niyati but alas..
Jiya:Gaurav will find it out,Raj but can't you just help Armaan out for now?He is in need of your help right now!!
Raj:I'll tr my best,dude..(reached a floral shop before headng to surprise Niharika at Amore)
Armaan:Thanks guyzz..I'll meet you both tomorrow..Thanks for being there for me!!(hung up,so did Jiya and Raj)

~Phoenix Restaurant~

Mahi had just finished her dinner.She took her handbag and looking at her watch,she rushed out of the restaurant,only to realize that Sonali was true to her words.She had indeed taken her Ferrari from where Mahi had parked.She recalled how Sonali was openly flirting with Mayank.Knowing her best friend well enough,who did so to irk her even more,Mahi realized that it was critical to give a payback to her.Just then,she accidentally saw a girl hugging a guy,whose face she couldn't see clearly as both of them were apparently looking away from her.Mahi thought of an idea to bring Pushpak to his senses.She almost hailed an auto when the guy's face became clear to her.It was Ved.He was right in front of her and she froze,not responding to the autodriver's calls.The autodriver left and so did Ved and the girl who turned out to be none other than Alisha,Bharti's friend,leaving Mahi's eyes sunken in tears.

Mahi gasped in shock,crying endlessly.In a split second,she felt as though the flashbacks of her failed marriage came to light as destiny had brought Ved in front of her.She sat on the pavement,reminiscing of how painstakingly she was divorced.From her perspective,it was the separation from Ved which akmost brought about a major depressive onset in her post her abortion.She wondered why she had to be the one suffering while Ved get to be the happier soul,basking in the beauty of other feminine souls as Alisha.

Mahi stood up and started walking from there. She hailed another auto and headed to Men's Universe an hour later,She closed the door of her cabin and started searching high and low,in between her neatly organied folders and drawers.In a sudden rage bout of frustration,she hurled all her files onto the floor.She shook her desk and just as it hit her,she opened her drawer and sat on the floor.

After some time,Jiya and Sonali returned.Sonali headed to Mahi's cabin to get the folder of the fashion associate with whom she and Jiya had met an hour back.Sonali opened the door to see papers and files all over the place.

Sonali:Uffo Mahi,don't tell me ki tum mujhse ab bhi naaraaz ho..Come on yaar,it was just casual flirting with Mayank and nothing else..To irk you and to ensure that you'll not pull off a silly act such as yesterday..That's all!!Anyways,tumne woh Lizz Designs ki folder toh dekhi hain kya?Abhi bhi unke fashion associate se milkar aa rahi hoon Jiya ke saath..(continued collating all the papers into the various folders)Mahi,sunn rahe ho ke nahin??Shayad humaari meeting pakki ho sakti hain inke saath..Mahi,chup kyun ho yaar???(placed all the folders on her desk and went to Mahi who had her eyes closed)Mahi,ro kyun rahe ho yaar??Mahi,dekho ab maine kaan bhi pakad liya hain...Sorry yaar!!Arre Mahi,ab bas bhi kar yaar..(shook Mahi real hard and only then did Sonali realize that Mahi's unconscious,taking her aback in extreme fear)Mahi...Mah....MAHI!!!!!)tried splashing water but to no avail and just then,Jiya arrived to see Sonali's devastated state)

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 265~

Mahi tried waking Sonali up and when all her attempts failed,she resorted to pouring icy cold water on her face.Mahi bursted out laughing when Sonali sat uprightly with her disheveled hair coming in the way in front of her face.She instantly got her hair pulled to the back and splashed some water on Mahi's face as well to stifle her laughter.

Sonali:What's your prob,huh??It's only 12....Why did you have to wake me up at this hour?
Mahi:Please give me some company..
Sonali:Where are you going at this hour,huh??(saw Mahi grabbing her home and car keys)
Mahi:Somewhere quiet..Come on,i'm bored and i'm not getting any sleep at all!!Join me on a log drive...
Sonali:Yaar,mujhe sach much bohat neend aa rahi hain...
Mahi:I can por some more icy water if you insist...
Sonali:What the hell,Mahi...
Sonali:Argghh....Chal!!(Mahi smiled widely)

~Elis Hospital~

Armaan had hung up and continued his banter with Naina while Payal and Bhaskar excused themselves for a while.

Bhaskar:I just hope everything's ok between us..I'm so sorry that of all the things,this could have happened..Once again,there's nothing between me and Jiya and there'll never ever be!!
Payal:Now,i know that and thanks to Armaan that everything's clear..But why was Bharti mad at you for,earlier?She seemed so disturbed just now..
Bhaskar:Payal,i wanted both her's and Armaan's help but she misunderstood me,thinking i chose him over her..
Payal:She was mad at you for that?Are you even sure??
Bhaskar:That's what she claimed to be mad at...
Payal:Something's amiss,Bhaskar..
Bhaskar:What makes you think so??

Bharti had walked towards Naina and Armaan who stopped talking.

Bharti:Thanks...(paused before continuing)Mere doston ko milwaane ke liye...Unhe rokne ke liye!!
Armaan:Bharti,woh main...Yeh sab jaan bhooj kar nahin kiya tha..Yeh maine...I'm sorry!!
Bharti:Yeh sorry kehna ka waqt nahin hain..(Naina saw Bhaskar and went to him and Payal)
Armaan:Bharti,kya hum dost nahin reh sakte?
Bharti:Tum yeh sawaal baar baar kyun pooch rahe ho jabke tumhe achi tarha se bata hain ki meri jawaab kya hain??(turned to go but Armaan held her wrist)
Armaan:Main sirf yeh ummeed lagaa kar pooch tha hoon ke ek din tum meri dosti phir se qubool karoge..(Bharti turned to face him)
Bharti:Tum achi tarha se jaante ho ki yeh harghiz naa mumkin hain...Khaas kar uss din ke baad...Tum Shreya se pyaar karte ho aur phir bhi tumne mujhe...Mujhe kuch bhi nahin sunna hain!!For God's sake,leave me alone!!
Armaan:(his eyes welled up instantly,firming his grip)Chod nahin sakta main tumhe...Kyunki tum mere dil ke itne kareeb ho,ki tum soch bhi nahin sakti..(Bharti fell lost in his eyes,both of them unaware of the fact that Payal and Bhaskar were watching the,)
Bharti:Main tumhaari zindagi mein aur mushkilein badaana nahin chahthi..Kab samjhoge tum yeh baat,huh??Mujhe bhool jaao...Main tumhaari kabhi thi hi nahin!!(Armaan loosened his grip)
Payal:Heyy Bharti,kahaa reh gayi thi tum yaar?(Bharti instantly took his hand away from her wrist)
Bharti:Bas ek phone call karni thi...Payal main nikal thi hoon;kal ke liye bohat tayyaari karni hain par tum aur Bhaskar thode aur dino ke liye yahaa pe ruk jaao apne teesre honeymoon ke liye,hmm??
Payal:Tum kal jaa rahe ho,hm??Yaar,rukho na...
Bharti:Nahin yaar,bohat kaam pada hain aur Mayank se bhi milna hain!!Ek interview bhi hain agle din..
Payal:Kal dinner ke baad chali jaana,hmm??
Bharti:Fine,make it an early one,k?My flight's in the evening...
Bharti:Chalo,Naina...Aaj Payal aunty aur Bhaskar mamu ek saath rahenge...Hum chalte hain!!
Payal:Let's all go together...Come,Armaan!!

~Bhaskar's room~

Bhaskar:Finally we've shifted all your stuff here...Payal,you seem so tired!!
Payal:No Bhaskar,i'm fine...
Bhaskar:Ok now,that's one of the classic lies you girls enjoy telling..Come on,what is it?
Payal:I keep having the vibes from Bharti,as though something had gone wrong..She's hiding something from me,from us for sure but i didn't push her buttons further..She practically jumped all over me when i mentioned Armaan..
Bhaskar:She told me that she's forgiven him but she's not on talking terms...Strange or what?
Payal:Exactly,Bhaskar!!I felt so terrible when she just walked out from the room...I shouldn't have uttered his name in the first place!!
Bhaskar:It's ok jaan...(Payal looked at him and gazed longingly)Kya hua?
Payal:Aisa lagta hain jaise bohat arso ke baad tum mujhe jaan pukar rahe ho...(Bhaskar sat beside Payal and interlocked his fingers in her's;Payal leaned on his shoulder promptly)Bohat taras gayi thi tumhaare pyaar ke liye,Bhaskar!!
Bhaskar:Tumhe waaqay mein laga tha ki main aur Jiya..
Payal:(instantly sat upright,facing away from him)Nahin toh..(stood up from the bed but Bhaskar stopped her,holding her wrist)
Bhaskar:Tumse zyaada pyaar main kisi aur se nahin karta,Payal...(pulled her inwards and made her face him)I shouldn't have gone to London alone but what should i do with my stupid heart who's bent on having a grand surprise for you???
Payal:Surprise?What surprise???
Bhaskar:(placed his finger on her lips)Sshh...Kal,dinner se pehle,tumhe sab kuch pata chal jaayegi...Ok?(Payal nodded and kissed his cheek)Tumne dekha kaise Bharti ne ab hum dono ko kaise kareeb le aaya hain??
Payal:Hmm..(nodded and smiled)I love you!!
Bharti:Love you too,jaan...(kissed her forehead before both of them slept in each other's arms)

~Fortis Hospital~

Sonali:Hospitals of all places,Mahi??This is the best place you could drive to,on a long drive after waking me up from my sleep,huh?
Mahi:Come on yaar...I needed someone to accompany me to meet my friend who's in distress...
Sonali:Oh hello...(got out of Mahi's car,following her inside the hospital)It's your friend,not mine..So much for losing my sleep!!
Mahi:Chup chaap chalna,meri Maa...
Sonali:Who's this ridiculous friend of your's by the way?
Mahi:You'll get to know soon!!

As they kept walking towards the energency ward,Sonali stopped as she saw Pushpak.Mahi turned around and saw Sonali looking at her with fury as she went to talk to her best friend.

Sonali:So this is your friend,Mahi?Is this truly why you woke me up from my sleep,huh?
Mahi:Sonu,listen to me yaar...He had called you several times but you weren't picking up..His mum...
Sonali:You told him that i was with you all these while?
Mahi:Sonu,juz hear me out yaar...
Sonali:Yes or No???
Mahi:(hesitated before nodding in agreement)Yes...But only after hearing that his mum is unwell..
Sonali:So??Why do you care,Mahi,when i clearly don't??
Mahi:Sonu,how can you say that yaar??She's your mother-in-law!!
Sonali:She's not,Mahi!!(watched Pushpak)And i don't think she'll ever be!!(Pushpak was taken aback)
Mahi:Sonu???What rubbish are you uttering???
Sonali:This isn't rubbish,Mahi..In fact,i'm in my senses now!!I'm not going to let someone rule my life,alright?If his mum ever cared for his happiness,she would have apologized instantly but she didn't!!She doesn't even care if I'm in Pushpak's life or not;it doesn't make a difference at all!!I can't fight with her my entire life to garner a place in Pushpak's heart..I'm not going to do that at all!!(looked at Pushpak with tears)I've literally given up,Pushpak!!Neither you nor your mum care,so why should i even bother?And Mahi,don't..Don't try to talk me into seeing her,no matter how serious she is...I'll not let anyone take advantage of me,unlike you!!I'll wait in your car!!(left from there)
Mahi:(sat on the adjacent chair available)Sonali,you shouldn't have said the last few words...Pushpak,i'm sorry...
Pushpak:(sat next to her)I'm really sorry,Mahi..Yaar,tum toh jaante h ki main usse kitna pyaar karta hoon..I can't give up on her just like that..
Mahi:Then why aren't you doing something about it,Pushpak??Why aren't you proving it to her that she makes a great difference in your life??That without her,you are incomplete,hmm??
Pushpak:Mahi,just excuse me..The doc is here...
Mahi:Sure..(Pondered)Am i really a pushover??
Pushpak:Mahi,the doc said that he'll keep my mum under observation..Thanks for trying,Mahi..
Mahi:Seriously Pushpak,what the heck is wrong with you?Don't you care about her at all??You keep calling me...Why are you involving me in all of this?Why can't you sort this on your own??(Sonali stopped as she overheard after she came back looking for her)I can't believe that you would do this to her..I've got no problems in taking care of her and staying by her side for the rest of my life...That's what who I am to her but don't ever think of taking advantage of her or me in that matter!!If you're going to remain spineless,then I'll have to take some action!!

As Mahi turned around,she saw Sonali who had witnessed everything. Sonali smiled at her but she walked to her car and Sonali followed suit.

~Next Day~

Shreya had woken up and as she switched off her alarm,her hair strands almost jumped as she sprang from her bed to the washroom.She had come out of the washroom to take her clothes and got inside. Without having breakfast,she headed to Trends as soon as possible.She knew that Mayank was surely going to reprimand her and hence,she got mentally prepared.


Mayank was trying Bharti's number but she wasn't picking up.Shreya knocked and entered to see the cold looks of Mayank who glared at her after taking a quick glance at his watch.

Mayank:Do i have to spell it out to you,Shreya??How do you manage to come late for work most of the time?
Shreya:Sorry Sir!!
Mayank:Ash is so much more efficient compared to you!!She's done most of your work for the day and I can't believe that i got you the promotion..Is this the gratitude you have for your boss??Here,i'm reprimanding you for your childlike,immature attitude towards work and you're smiling??What's wrong with you??
Shreya:Sir,may I?
Mayank:What?(grew confused as Shreya hugged him in excitement)Let me go right now!!
Shreya:Oops,sorry Sir..Main itni excited hoon ki main aapko kya bataao..Sir,i'm going to get engaged!!Sir,i'm telling you first,aren't you excited??
Mayank:Engagement??(grew blank)Are you sure??
Shreya:Of course,Sir...In fact,Sudha aunty had convinced me that she would get me and Armaan engaged as soon as possible,over dinner last night..
Mayank:And Armaan consented to it?
Shreya:OF course, Sir..Yeh kaisa sawaal hain Sir?Woh mujhse pyaar karta hain..Zaahir si baat hain ki woh yeh surprise engagement ko lekar bohat excited hoga..
Shreya:Sir,maine aapko meri zindagi ke ahem announcement sunaaya hain aur aap khush nahin ho?
Mayank:Aisa koi baat nahin hain,Shreya..Main bohat khush hoon!!Congratzz!!Aaj ke liye tumhe maaf kardunga par aainda se..
Shreya:You're the sweetest boss ever,Sir!!And you're the first guest to be invited on my engagement!!
Mayank:Get back to your work!!

Shreya left to her desk while Mayank wondered if he ought to call Bharti to give her the news.

"Bharti would have known the news of Armaan's engagement by now..No!!Shreya just told me,so how would she know?In addition to that,Armaan's also in London..Obviously,he too isn't aware of this surprise engagement..Should i call or should i not tell her anything??She said Armaan's nothing to her,no one to her...So she should be the least affected by this piece of news!!Hmm,i'll call her after my meeting!!

~Few Hours Later~

Raj,Jiya and Mahi were talking to Gaurav about Raj's case but their hopes were greatly simmered by Gaurav.

Gaurav:This is supposed to be a 12-month contract,Raj..And you've simply completed..
Raj:Yeah,yeah i've just completed 9 months...Tell me if there are any possible loopholes..
Gaurav:Dekh raha hoon,Raj..The next meeting is in 3 days' time..I'll need to go through the entire contract..
Raj:Do whatever you want,Gaurav but i don't want any hassle..If nothing can be done,just be lean..I'll pay the charges..(just then he got a call)Jiya,handle this..Gotta take this call..(went inside his cabin)Hi Nihar,kaise ho?
Niharika:Theekh hoon..Kuch hua hain kya?
Raj:Nahin toh..Aisa kuch bhi nahin hain..
Niharika:Toh phir aaj tum mujhe miloge shaam ko?
Raj:Aaj nahin Nihar,bohat saara kaam padha hain..
Niharika:Koi baat nahin,Raj..
Raj:Sorry yaar..
Niharika:Chodna Raj..Get back to work!!
Raj:Hmm ok..Bye!!
Niharika:(realized that Raj had already hung up)Love you..

~Some time later~

Payal was blindfolded by Bhaskar who drove to Payal's surprise venue,where everyone was excited to go to. Even Bharti gestured to Naina to keep mum. Soon,everyone got out of the car.Bhaskar held Payal's hand firmly while she followed him,with not much of an option besides getting no answers out of Bhaskar.Bharti,Naina and Armaan tagged along cluelessly.Bhaskar untied the knot of the blindfold and Payal looked at the construction wok that took place.Bharti couldn't get a clue of why exactly Payal was beaming with pride when all she could see was an incomplete home in front of her,with no particular significance.

Naina:Bhaskar mamu,yeh kiska ghar hain?
Bhaskar:(carried Naina and turned to look at a confused Bharti)Yeh aapka Bhaskar mamu ka aur Payal aunty ke naya ghar hain par abhi tak tayyaar nahin hua hain...Bas bohat jald hi saara kaam khatam ho jaayega...(Bharti just realized that Payal had often talked to her about her dream home in London and how Bharti had chided her of her plan to stay away from her;she gasped in shock)
Armaan:Yaar Bhaskar tu toh chupa rustam nikla...Payal,Bhaskar...I'm really so happy for you both!!OMG...I can't wait to see the beautiful home once it's completed!!(hugged Payal while Bhaskar saw Bharti in tears and let Naina stand,heading to her)
Bhaskar:Heyy,what's wrong?
Bharti:(wiped her tears)Nothing...It's just...Why did you keep it so secetive??You could have told me,right?I've been part of your plans but you simply couldn't trust me on this one,right?
Bhaskar:Arre Bharti,you know that's so not true!!Yaar,i wanted to gift Payal this dream home when it was entirely ready but things got so bad between us that i had to prepare my anniversary gift for her...(Bharti caressed his cheek as he looked down)
Bharti:You couldn't have made it any more special for her,dude..And i'm real sorry for being such a petty friend..I shouldn't have brought up such issues of you wanting to seek the trust and help of your colleagues...Sorry about that!!
Bhaskar:Shut up,Bharti!!Don't you ever say sorry to me again,hmm??(Bharti smiled weakly and Payal stood beside Bhaskar and hugged Bharti real tight)
Bharti:Ok,that's so much of love for now!!I need to pack my stuff and get going..Come Naina!!
Payal:Bharti,kya tumhe aaj hi jaana hoga,hmm??Thode aur din ruk jaana yaar...
Bharti:(whispered to Payal)Tum ruk jaao apne erm...Teesre ya chauta honeymoon ke liye,hmm??(Payal pushed her mildly)Sorry yaar...Actually mujhe kal ek interview bhi hain..Now i'm no longer working at MU and i need to get my final draft of my thesis forwarded to Dr Graham by the end of this week too...But you and Bhaskar enjoy more days here,hm??
Bhaskar:What time is your flight?
Bharti:About 4 hours later..
Payal:Damn it yaar...I thought we could have inner together first before your departure...
Bharti:Sorry babez..I'll make a move then,k?
Bhaskar:Wait,we can all go together..Armaan,you've got any other plans??(He shook his head)Great,come with us..Let's go!!


Bharti's and Naina's luggage had already been checked in and thankfully she didn't experience any discomfort or any rude service from the airways staff she  had booked on urgent notice.

Payal:(saw Bhaskar hugging Naina)Sach yaar,Naina ki itni aadat ho gayi hain ke..
Bharti:Kya Payal?
Payal:Yaar,bura nahin maanoge toh ek baat kahoo?
Bharti:Cut the crap,will you?
Payal:Naina ko mere aur Bhaskar ke saath rehne do...(Bharti widened her eyes in disbelief)
Payal:I mean, you'll be really busy and you really need your time alone...She might be a distraction for your thesis..And how would you manage if you were to go for your interview??
Bharti:Payal,she's always an inspiration to me,never a distraction..
Payal:She'll need your constant attention yaar..Look at her yaar..I've babysat her several times and she always wants you to reach home early and play with her..
Bharti:Paayu,i know i'm not perfect mom material neither will i ever be for i'm a single parent..Thanks for reminding me that by the way..But...(Just then,Naina came running to her)
Naina:Mama,kya main aaj Bhaskar mamu ke saath reh sakti hoon??(Bharti's taken aback)
Bharti:Par Naina,aap ke bag toh...
Naina:Mama,please...Aaj Bhaskar mamu ki holiday hain aur meri bhi...Please mama???
Bharti:(looked at both Payal and Bhaskar who stood slyly beside his wife)You think i don't know what you two have been up to,hmm??(Just then,she received Mayank's call)Excuse me...Hi Mayu,you don't have to pick me up...(Armaan was near Payal and Bharti)
Mayank:Uff Bharti,i know that and that's not why i had called you...I've got news for you!!
Bharti:I need the interview,Myank...
Mayank:Just hear me out,will you?
Mayank:Shreya broke the news to me just now..She came late as always but this time round,with a special announcement..She had dinner with Sudha aunty and voila..She's getting engaged!!!!To Armaan...(Bharti's smile faded as she heard the news and looked at Armaan in shock)Heyy,you there???
Bharti:(snapped out and moved away from Armaan)Yeahh i am...This is good,Mayu...In fact,great for everyone!!!Thanks for informing me yaar...Finally someone's decided to move on for good and that too without me knowing...Total strangers;he's respecting my decision and hence i will respect his!!You know something?I'm happy for him,just like how any stranger ought to feel when such news is broken to her...(Mayank was totally shocked)