Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

~Candid Chat with JLH team~

~A candid chat with the JLH team~

How long has it been that we've met the JLH team,my dear friends??As the new year kick started,we saw a series of exciting episodes on Jab Lurve Hua,which makes it even more unpredictable for the future tracks of tomorrow to get disclosed.Reaching almost 270 episodes,our dearest fan,Sadaf talk to several members of the team.

Sadaf:Bharti has returned back to Mumbai from London...How was the experience shooting in London??

Bharti:Well,it's just been fantastic..Speaking of which,i'm already missing Naina,Payal and Bhaskar who'll be back soon...Miss shooting with them already!!It was a hell lotta trip as Bhaskar's secret was finally revealed to all of us and the misunderstanding's been cleared and they're back together..It's going to be more fun when they all return...

Sadaf:We hear that you've landed a high-paying job at Trends??

Bhati:Yep,you're right....I impressed Mayank with my answers and the least he could do was to offer me a job as his assistant..(laughs)

Mayank:On a quick note,her work experience will be totally different as compared to her work life in MU..To make things worse,there's going to be lots of hurdles, namely the office politics to be initiated by Ash and Vinita, Shreya's blooming one-sided relationship with Armaan and not forgetting Gaurav,who has relations with quite a number of people whom Bharti knows...

Bharti:Hear it from the man himself...Aaja beith le..

Sadaf:Hi Gaurav,tell us about your character...Is it a cameo??And are you interested in Bharti??

Bharti:I had no clue that i was such hot property in the first place!!

Gaurav:Well,according to Bharti,i'm Alisha's mentor and Anjali's distant cousin and a guy whom Alisha had set her up with,without her knowledge...However,she doesn't know of me being one of the major shareholders in Trends as well as a creditor in MWorld,where Alisha and Sanjana work..By profession,i'm a witty lawyer who loves playing mind games and right now,i'm handling Raj's case,much to Bharti's bewilderment.My role is a pretty distinct one,but it doesn't overshadow any of the major characters  who have been on air till now..But it's an unforgettable character,very well etched out and conceived by Jassie for this is no ordinary cameo;my role is extended to Season 2..It might seem that i'm interested in Bharti by the way i go after her and flirt with her full-on bu the only thing i can surely tell you is that i'm connected to Bharti in a dangerous way..In a myserious way!!

Sadaf:Now you've really got us hooked to JLH...Bharti's life is surely going to take a curve in Trends but what about Armaan??

Raj:Well here, some of the colleagues secretly plan on uniting Armaan and Bharti and somehow stop Armaan's and Shreya's engagement from happening..Jiya has been an exception and there has been a transformation for this time round,she's not pushing her best friend towards Bharti at all!!In fact,she's simply trying to protect her best friend's heart from getting boken all over again and that too by Bharti.She's beginning to dislike Bharti's attitude towards Armaan but she tries not to show it in front of me or Armaan.Right now,all i can think of,is....the case and once Armaan returns,there'll be more drama to unfold on the run!!!

Sadaf:Wow,this is brilliant...We have so much to forward to,with so many questions yet to be answered,ultimately leading to the BIG QN--Will our januable couple,ArBi be distant because of much involvement from their friends and colleagues?Will they ever be together???Letz continue,getting ourselves hooked up to JLH a the mysteries and drama unfold...And keep a watch for this section weekly for more news on JLH!!!

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