Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, January 7, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 265~

Mahi tried waking Sonali up and when all her attempts failed,she resorted to pouring icy cold water on her face.Mahi bursted out laughing when Sonali sat uprightly with her disheveled hair coming in the way in front of her face.She instantly got her hair pulled to the back and splashed some water on Mahi's face as well to stifle her laughter.

Sonali:What's your prob,huh??It's only 12....Why did you have to wake me up at this hour?
Mahi:Please give me some company..
Sonali:Where are you going at this hour,huh??(saw Mahi grabbing her home and car keys)
Mahi:Somewhere quiet..Come on,i'm bored and i'm not getting any sleep at all!!Join me on a log drive...
Sonali:Yaar,mujhe sach much bohat neend aa rahi hain...
Mahi:I can por some more icy water if you insist...
Sonali:What the hell,Mahi...
Sonali:Argghh....Chal!!(Mahi smiled widely)

~Elis Hospital~

Armaan had hung up and continued his banter with Naina while Payal and Bhaskar excused themselves for a while.

Bhaskar:I just hope everything's ok between us..I'm so sorry that of all the things,this could have happened..Once again,there's nothing between me and Jiya and there'll never ever be!!
Payal:Now,i know that and thanks to Armaan that everything's clear..But why was Bharti mad at you for,earlier?She seemed so disturbed just now..
Bhaskar:Payal,i wanted both her's and Armaan's help but she misunderstood me,thinking i chose him over her..
Payal:She was mad at you for that?Are you even sure??
Bhaskar:That's what she claimed to be mad at...
Payal:Something's amiss,Bhaskar..
Bhaskar:What makes you think so??

Bharti had walked towards Naina and Armaan who stopped talking.

Bharti:Thanks...(paused before continuing)Mere doston ko milwaane ke liye...Unhe rokne ke liye!!
Armaan:Bharti,woh main...Yeh sab jaan bhooj kar nahin kiya tha..Yeh maine...I'm sorry!!
Bharti:Yeh sorry kehna ka waqt nahin hain..(Naina saw Bhaskar and went to him and Payal)
Armaan:Bharti,kya hum dost nahin reh sakte?
Bharti:Tum yeh sawaal baar baar kyun pooch rahe ho jabke tumhe achi tarha se bata hain ki meri jawaab kya hain??(turned to go but Armaan held her wrist)
Armaan:Main sirf yeh ummeed lagaa kar pooch tha hoon ke ek din tum meri dosti phir se qubool karoge..(Bharti turned to face him)
Bharti:Tum achi tarha se jaante ho ki yeh harghiz naa mumkin hain...Khaas kar uss din ke baad...Tum Shreya se pyaar karte ho aur phir bhi tumne mujhe...Mujhe kuch bhi nahin sunna hain!!For God's sake,leave me alone!!
Armaan:(his eyes welled up instantly,firming his grip)Chod nahin sakta main tumhe...Kyunki tum mere dil ke itne kareeb ho,ki tum soch bhi nahin sakti..(Bharti fell lost in his eyes,both of them unaware of the fact that Payal and Bhaskar were watching the,)
Bharti:Main tumhaari zindagi mein aur mushkilein badaana nahin chahthi..Kab samjhoge tum yeh baat,huh??Mujhe bhool jaao...Main tumhaari kabhi thi hi nahin!!(Armaan loosened his grip)
Payal:Heyy Bharti,kahaa reh gayi thi tum yaar?(Bharti instantly took his hand away from her wrist)
Bharti:Bas ek phone call karni thi...Payal main nikal thi hoon;kal ke liye bohat tayyaari karni hain par tum aur Bhaskar thode aur dino ke liye yahaa pe ruk jaao apne teesre honeymoon ke liye,hmm??
Payal:Tum kal jaa rahe ho,hm??Yaar,rukho na...
Bharti:Nahin yaar,bohat kaam pada hain aur Mayank se bhi milna hain!!Ek interview bhi hain agle din..
Payal:Kal dinner ke baad chali jaana,hmm??
Bharti:Fine,make it an early one,k?My flight's in the evening...
Bharti:Chalo,Naina...Aaj Payal aunty aur Bhaskar mamu ek saath rahenge...Hum chalte hain!!
Payal:Let's all go together...Come,Armaan!!

~Bhaskar's room~

Bhaskar:Finally we've shifted all your stuff here...Payal,you seem so tired!!
Payal:No Bhaskar,i'm fine...
Bhaskar:Ok now,that's one of the classic lies you girls enjoy telling..Come on,what is it?
Payal:I keep having the vibes from Bharti,as though something had gone wrong..She's hiding something from me,from us for sure but i didn't push her buttons further..She practically jumped all over me when i mentioned Armaan..
Bhaskar:She told me that she's forgiven him but she's not on talking terms...Strange or what?
Payal:Exactly,Bhaskar!!I felt so terrible when she just walked out from the room...I shouldn't have uttered his name in the first place!!
Bhaskar:It's ok jaan...(Payal looked at him and gazed longingly)Kya hua?
Payal:Aisa lagta hain jaise bohat arso ke baad tum mujhe jaan pukar rahe ho...(Bhaskar sat beside Payal and interlocked his fingers in her's;Payal leaned on his shoulder promptly)Bohat taras gayi thi tumhaare pyaar ke liye,Bhaskar!!
Bhaskar:Tumhe waaqay mein laga tha ki main aur Jiya..
Payal:(instantly sat upright,facing away from him)Nahin toh..(stood up from the bed but Bhaskar stopped her,holding her wrist)
Bhaskar:Tumse zyaada pyaar main kisi aur se nahin karta,Payal...(pulled her inwards and made her face him)I shouldn't have gone to London alone but what should i do with my stupid heart who's bent on having a grand surprise for you???
Payal:Surprise?What surprise???
Bhaskar:(placed his finger on her lips)Sshh...Kal,dinner se pehle,tumhe sab kuch pata chal jaayegi...Ok?(Payal nodded and kissed his cheek)Tumne dekha kaise Bharti ne ab hum dono ko kaise kareeb le aaya hain??
Payal:Hmm..(nodded and smiled)I love you!!
Bharti:Love you too,jaan...(kissed her forehead before both of them slept in each other's arms)

~Fortis Hospital~

Sonali:Hospitals of all places,Mahi??This is the best place you could drive to,on a long drive after waking me up from my sleep,huh?
Mahi:Come on yaar...I needed someone to accompany me to meet my friend who's in distress...
Sonali:Oh hello...(got out of Mahi's car,following her inside the hospital)It's your friend,not mine..So much for losing my sleep!!
Mahi:Chup chaap chalna,meri Maa...
Sonali:Who's this ridiculous friend of your's by the way?
Mahi:You'll get to know soon!!

As they kept walking towards the energency ward,Sonali stopped as she saw Pushpak.Mahi turned around and saw Sonali looking at her with fury as she went to talk to her best friend.

Sonali:So this is your friend,Mahi?Is this truly why you woke me up from my sleep,huh?
Mahi:Sonu,listen to me yaar...He had called you several times but you weren't picking up..His mum...
Sonali:You told him that i was with you all these while?
Mahi:Sonu,juz hear me out yaar...
Sonali:Yes or No???
Mahi:(hesitated before nodding in agreement)Yes...But only after hearing that his mum is unwell..
Sonali:So??Why do you care,Mahi,when i clearly don't??
Mahi:Sonu,how can you say that yaar??She's your mother-in-law!!
Sonali:She's not,Mahi!!(watched Pushpak)And i don't think she'll ever be!!(Pushpak was taken aback)
Mahi:Sonu???What rubbish are you uttering???
Sonali:This isn't rubbish,Mahi..In fact,i'm in my senses now!!I'm not going to let someone rule my life,alright?If his mum ever cared for his happiness,she would have apologized instantly but she didn't!!She doesn't even care if I'm in Pushpak's life or not;it doesn't make a difference at all!!I can't fight with her my entire life to garner a place in Pushpak's heart..I'm not going to do that at all!!(looked at Pushpak with tears)I've literally given up,Pushpak!!Neither you nor your mum care,so why should i even bother?And Mahi,don't..Don't try to talk me into seeing her,no matter how serious she is...I'll not let anyone take advantage of me,unlike you!!I'll wait in your car!!(left from there)
Mahi:(sat on the adjacent chair available)Sonali,you shouldn't have said the last few words...Pushpak,i'm sorry...
Pushpak:(sat next to her)I'm really sorry,Mahi..Yaar,tum toh jaante h ki main usse kitna pyaar karta hoon..I can't give up on her just like that..
Mahi:Then why aren't you doing something about it,Pushpak??Why aren't you proving it to her that she makes a great difference in your life??That without her,you are incomplete,hmm??
Pushpak:Mahi,just excuse me..The doc is here...
Mahi:Sure..(Pondered)Am i really a pushover??
Pushpak:Mahi,the doc said that he'll keep my mum under observation..Thanks for trying,Mahi..
Mahi:Seriously Pushpak,what the heck is wrong with you?Don't you care about her at all??You keep calling me...Why are you involving me in all of this?Why can't you sort this on your own??(Sonali stopped as she overheard after she came back looking for her)I can't believe that you would do this to her..I've got no problems in taking care of her and staying by her side for the rest of my life...That's what who I am to her but don't ever think of taking advantage of her or me in that matter!!If you're going to remain spineless,then I'll have to take some action!!

As Mahi turned around,she saw Sonali who had witnessed everything. Sonali smiled at her but she walked to her car and Sonali followed suit.

~Next Day~

Shreya had woken up and as she switched off her alarm,her hair strands almost jumped as she sprang from her bed to the washroom.She had come out of the washroom to take her clothes and got inside. Without having breakfast,she headed to Trends as soon as possible.She knew that Mayank was surely going to reprimand her and hence,she got mentally prepared.


Mayank was trying Bharti's number but she wasn't picking up.Shreya knocked and entered to see the cold looks of Mayank who glared at her after taking a quick glance at his watch.

Mayank:Do i have to spell it out to you,Shreya??How do you manage to come late for work most of the time?
Shreya:Sorry Sir!!
Mayank:Ash is so much more efficient compared to you!!She's done most of your work for the day and I can't believe that i got you the promotion..Is this the gratitude you have for your boss??Here,i'm reprimanding you for your childlike,immature attitude towards work and you're smiling??What's wrong with you??
Shreya:Sir,may I?
Mayank:What?(grew confused as Shreya hugged him in excitement)Let me go right now!!
Shreya:Oops,sorry Sir..Main itni excited hoon ki main aapko kya bataao..Sir,i'm going to get engaged!!Sir,i'm telling you first,aren't you excited??
Mayank:Engagement??(grew blank)Are you sure??
Shreya:Of course,Sir...In fact,Sudha aunty had convinced me that she would get me and Armaan engaged as soon as possible,over dinner last night..
Mayank:And Armaan consented to it?
Shreya:OF course, Sir..Yeh kaisa sawaal hain Sir?Woh mujhse pyaar karta hain..Zaahir si baat hain ki woh yeh surprise engagement ko lekar bohat excited hoga..
Shreya:Sir,maine aapko meri zindagi ke ahem announcement sunaaya hain aur aap khush nahin ho?
Mayank:Aisa koi baat nahin hain,Shreya..Main bohat khush hoon!!Congratzz!!Aaj ke liye tumhe maaf kardunga par aainda se..
Shreya:You're the sweetest boss ever,Sir!!And you're the first guest to be invited on my engagement!!
Mayank:Get back to your work!!

Shreya left to her desk while Mayank wondered if he ought to call Bharti to give her the news.

"Bharti would have known the news of Armaan's engagement by now..No!!Shreya just told me,so how would she know?In addition to that,Armaan's also in London..Obviously,he too isn't aware of this surprise engagement..Should i call or should i not tell her anything??She said Armaan's nothing to her,no one to her...So she should be the least affected by this piece of news!!Hmm,i'll call her after my meeting!!

~Few Hours Later~

Raj,Jiya and Mahi were talking to Gaurav about Raj's case but their hopes were greatly simmered by Gaurav.

Gaurav:This is supposed to be a 12-month contract,Raj..And you've simply completed..
Raj:Yeah,yeah i've just completed 9 months...Tell me if there are any possible loopholes..
Gaurav:Dekh raha hoon,Raj..The next meeting is in 3 days' time..I'll need to go through the entire contract..
Raj:Do whatever you want,Gaurav but i don't want any hassle..If nothing can be done,just be lean..I'll pay the charges..(just then he got a call)Jiya,handle this..Gotta take this call..(went inside his cabin)Hi Nihar,kaise ho?
Niharika:Theekh hoon..Kuch hua hain kya?
Raj:Nahin toh..Aisa kuch bhi nahin hain..
Niharika:Toh phir aaj tum mujhe miloge shaam ko?
Raj:Aaj nahin Nihar,bohat saara kaam padha hain..
Niharika:Koi baat nahin,Raj..
Raj:Sorry yaar..
Niharika:Chodna Raj..Get back to work!!
Raj:Hmm ok..Bye!!
Niharika:(realized that Raj had already hung up)Love you..

~Some time later~

Payal was blindfolded by Bhaskar who drove to Payal's surprise venue,where everyone was excited to go to. Even Bharti gestured to Naina to keep mum. Soon,everyone got out of the car.Bhaskar held Payal's hand firmly while she followed him,with not much of an option besides getting no answers out of Bhaskar.Bharti,Naina and Armaan tagged along cluelessly.Bhaskar untied the knot of the blindfold and Payal looked at the construction wok that took place.Bharti couldn't get a clue of why exactly Payal was beaming with pride when all she could see was an incomplete home in front of her,with no particular significance.

Naina:Bhaskar mamu,yeh kiska ghar hain?
Bhaskar:(carried Naina and turned to look at a confused Bharti)Yeh aapka Bhaskar mamu ka aur Payal aunty ke naya ghar hain par abhi tak tayyaar nahin hua hain...Bas bohat jald hi saara kaam khatam ho jaayega...(Bharti just realized that Payal had often talked to her about her dream home in London and how Bharti had chided her of her plan to stay away from her;she gasped in shock)
Armaan:Yaar Bhaskar tu toh chupa rustam nikla...Payal,Bhaskar...I'm really so happy for you both!!OMG...I can't wait to see the beautiful home once it's completed!!(hugged Payal while Bhaskar saw Bharti in tears and let Naina stand,heading to her)
Bhaskar:Heyy,what's wrong?
Bharti:(wiped her tears)Nothing...It's just...Why did you keep it so secetive??You could have told me,right?I've been part of your plans but you simply couldn't trust me on this one,right?
Bhaskar:Arre Bharti,you know that's so not true!!Yaar,i wanted to gift Payal this dream home when it was entirely ready but things got so bad between us that i had to prepare my anniversary gift for her...(Bharti caressed his cheek as he looked down)
Bharti:You couldn't have made it any more special for her,dude..And i'm real sorry for being such a petty friend..I shouldn't have brought up such issues of you wanting to seek the trust and help of your colleagues...Sorry about that!!
Bhaskar:Shut up,Bharti!!Don't you ever say sorry to me again,hmm??(Bharti smiled weakly and Payal stood beside Bhaskar and hugged Bharti real tight)
Bharti:Ok,that's so much of love for now!!I need to pack my stuff and get going..Come Naina!!
Payal:Bharti,kya tumhe aaj hi jaana hoga,hmm??Thode aur din ruk jaana yaar...
Bharti:(whispered to Payal)Tum ruk jaao apne erm...Teesre ya chauta honeymoon ke liye,hmm??(Payal pushed her mildly)Sorry yaar...Actually mujhe kal ek interview bhi hain..Now i'm no longer working at MU and i need to get my final draft of my thesis forwarded to Dr Graham by the end of this week too...But you and Bhaskar enjoy more days here,hm??
Bhaskar:What time is your flight?
Bharti:About 4 hours later..
Payal:Damn it yaar...I thought we could have inner together first before your departure...
Bharti:Sorry babez..I'll make a move then,k?
Bhaskar:Wait,we can all go together..Armaan,you've got any other plans??(He shook his head)Great,come with us..Let's go!!


Bharti's and Naina's luggage had already been checked in and thankfully she didn't experience any discomfort or any rude service from the airways staff she  had booked on urgent notice.

Payal:(saw Bhaskar hugging Naina)Sach yaar,Naina ki itni aadat ho gayi hain ke..
Bharti:Kya Payal?
Payal:Yaar,bura nahin maanoge toh ek baat kahoo?
Bharti:Cut the crap,will you?
Payal:Naina ko mere aur Bhaskar ke saath rehne do...(Bharti widened her eyes in disbelief)
Payal:I mean, you'll be really busy and you really need your time alone...She might be a distraction for your thesis..And how would you manage if you were to go for your interview??
Bharti:Payal,she's always an inspiration to me,never a distraction..
Payal:She'll need your constant attention yaar..Look at her yaar..I've babysat her several times and she always wants you to reach home early and play with her..
Bharti:Paayu,i know i'm not perfect mom material neither will i ever be for i'm a single parent..Thanks for reminding me that by the way..But...(Just then,Naina came running to her)
Naina:Mama,kya main aaj Bhaskar mamu ke saath reh sakti hoon??(Bharti's taken aback)
Bharti:Par Naina,aap ke bag toh...
Naina:Mama,please...Aaj Bhaskar mamu ki holiday hain aur meri bhi...Please mama???
Bharti:(looked at both Payal and Bhaskar who stood slyly beside his wife)You think i don't know what you two have been up to,hmm??(Just then,she received Mayank's call)Excuse me...Hi Mayu,you don't have to pick me up...(Armaan was near Payal and Bharti)
Mayank:Uff Bharti,i know that and that's not why i had called you...I've got news for you!!
Bharti:I need the interview,Myank...
Mayank:Just hear me out,will you?
Mayank:Shreya broke the news to me just now..She came late as always but this time round,with a special announcement..She had dinner with Sudha aunty and voila..She's getting engaged!!!!To Armaan...(Bharti's smile faded as she heard the news and looked at Armaan in shock)Heyy,you there???
Bharti:(snapped out and moved away from Armaan)Yeahh i am...This is good,Mayu...In fact,great for everyone!!!Thanks for informing me yaar...Finally someone's decided to move on for good and that too without me knowing...Total strangers;he's respecting my decision and hence i will respect his!!You know something?I'm happy for him,just like how any stranger ought to feel when such news is broken to her...(Mayank was totally shocked)

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