Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, January 12, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 267~

Jiya:Sonali,kya hua?
Sonali:Jiya...(locked Mahi's cabin door)Mahi's unconscious..I came to get the folder and there she's..OMG!!(knelt down to see Mahi's left hand)
Jiya:Kya baat hain,Sonu?
Sonali:Look at this..She has had sleeping pills and the bottle's empty..
Jiya:OMG!!(saw a petrified Sonali)Let's talk to Sudha aunty..
Sonali:No!!I'm bringing her to Dr Ankita,whom i had previously contacted..Jiya,i'll bring her in her car..You've had a long day so just go home..I can't take any chances with her..I deserve more than this for leaving her alone at dinner...(Jiya helped Sonali bring Mahi to her car)
Jiya:Please keep me updated,k??(silently prayed for Mahi while she called up Raj)

~Amore Salon~

Sush:Ok Nihar,i'll make a move..But before that,do turn around..
Niharika:Raj??I thought he's busy today..
Sush:Ahem..do i have to know anything?
Niharika:Just that he's sweet..
Sush:I'm warning you..Guyz like him are heartbreakers...
Niharika:Whatever,Sush..Get going!!
Raj:(entered the salon)Hi gorgeous..
Niharika:You said you were busy and that you had a lot on your mind today..
Raj:I thought so too but i wanted to see the smile on your face which would instantly erase all the lines of discomfort and problems in my life at the moment..
Niharika:Thanks for these fresh flowers...(kept in her vase)What's wrong,Raj?
Raj:Crap,hold on..(answered Jiya's call)What is it,Jiya??
Jiya:Are you bz?
Raj:What do you think?
Jiya:Raj,i'm so sorry to disturb you at this hour...
Raj:Hurry up Jiya,shoot it..
Jiya:Mahi popped sleeping pills and Sonali had driven her to see some Dr Ankita..
Jiya:(sounded extremely panicky)Raj,i was shell-shocked..She looked so creepy and so cold...And so stiff,as though..(paused)As though she's..Raj,i've never seen her like that!!
Raj:Ok Jiya,just calm down..Where is Mahi right now??(Niharika seemed concerned)
Jiya:I don't know Raj..Sonu brought her to the doc she knows of..Sonu was feeling so guilty..
Jiya:Actually she told me what happened between her and Mahi at dinner...


Shreya had kept the folders of recruitment lists,under which potential candidates' files were placed,which Mayank and his panel were going to interview the next day. She left soon after that,not realizing that she was being watched by Ashley.Right after Shreya left,Ash added another file to Shreya's list, and texted Vinita of getting the work done.

Raj:What??So she just left Mahi??
Jiya:Raj,it was just a small retribution,i guess...I didn't ask much.But i'm basically freaked out right now!!
Raj:Ok wherever you are,come over to Amore..Can you do that??(Niharika's shocked)
Jiya:Amore,as in Niharika's salon?
Raj:Yeahh,hurry cuz she's gonna close soon..I'll be waiting for you..Bye!!(both of them hung up)
Niharika:What the hell,Raj??I thought we aren't telling anyone..
Raj:Nihar,Jiya needs me!!She's freaked out!!
Niharika:I'm not stopping your meet-up but here??She's going to find out everything and soon Mayu will know everything...I don't want him to find out from someone else..
Raj:(held Niharika's arms)Nihar,things are going out of control..I want you to hear me out..At dinner,Mahi and Sonu had a tiff...(elaborated on what Jiya had told him,shocking Niharika to the core)
Niharika:She really took sleeping pills??
Raj:I don't know how her situation is,now..Jiya has no idea which hospital Sonu had brought her..Damn...What's taking her so long??
Niharika:So what's your plan for now?
Raj:I just don't know...(hugged Niharika)What could have happened to her all of a sudden??
Niharika:She'll be fine,Raj...Trust me!!
Raj:(withdrew from his hug and kissed Nihar's palms)Thanks!!
Niharika:I gotta take this call,it's Mayu..Raj,look..Jiya's here..Get going!!Just text me if you need me,k?(Raj nodded and left in Jiya's car)

~Mayank's home~

Mayank:Nihu,what took you so long?
Niharika:Nothing,Mayu..Just like that!!
Mayank:Hold on..What are you so tensed about??Is everything ok?(Both Mayank and Niharika sat on the sofa)
Niharika:Yeah,everything's just..How was your day,Mayu?
Mayank:I had a long chat with Bharti last night and today as well...She might join Trends after my panel and i interview her tomorrow..And i got you your special craving--beef lasagne..And if i hadn't checked,you would have gotten Mahi's food..(Niharika's eyes welled up as he told her everything)I just don't understand how she manages to appear everywhere i go..It's just so ridiculous,i tell you..(Niharika bursted out crying,confusing Mayank)Kya hua,Nihu??(she cried endlessly)Heyy,look at me..(Niharika looked at him as he wiped her tears)Won't you tell me anything??Who made you cry??
Niharika:I'm scared for Mahi,Mayu...
Mayank:(let go of her hand)What??
Niharika:Her friend..R...(made up a lie)Jiya told me that when Sonali reached  MU after her meeting with Jiya, she went to Mahi's cabin...Mayu,Mahi had popped sleeping pills,several of them..Sonali had taken her to a hospital but all are scared if she would make it or not...
Mayank:(got disturbed)Sleeping pills??(murmured)OMG!!(tears slowly formed by the edge of his eyelids)
Niharika:Mayu,she would make it,na???


A girl was brought to the operation theatre in a stretcher pushed promptly by several nurses at late night.Mayank and Bharti were told to wait outside.

Mayank:Bharti...(couldn't stop his tears)Bharti,usse kuch hoga toh nahin na??
Bharti:Radhika ko kuch nahin ho sakti..Woh tumhaara pyaar hain na,usse kuch bhi nahin hoga...(bursted out crying,leaning on Mayank's shirt,smearing the blood stains from her dress)Woh humaari farishta hain aur usse kuch bhi nahin hoga...(the doctor came out)Doctor,doctor...(held Mayank's hand firmly)
Doctor:I'm afraid to inform she's no longer with us...We tried our best but she had bled out way too much,by the time we operated...
Bharti:(let go of Mayank's hand and held the doctor's coat)How could you say that??How can you give up on my best friend??She's my protector,my angel..How could your team give up??Who licensed you to even become a doctor in the first place???(Mayank slowly took her hands off from the doctor's coat)
Doctor:I'm really sorry for your loss...
Bharti:The hell you are..(the doctor left and Bharti looked at Mayank)I can't,Mayank...She's always been there for me..I still think she's alive..(went inside)
Bharti:Look at her,Mayank...Radhika,utho...Dekho,tumhaari Mayank intezaar kar raha hain...Uth yaar...Dekh,zyaada bano matt,umne usse bohat thadpaa liya hain...Ab aur nahin!!!Mayank,tum bhi kuch bolo...Radhika!!!Wake up,damn it!!!(Mayank snapped out as Niharika'a mobile rang)

~Fortis Hospital~

Outside the ICU stood Raj,Jiya and Sonali who had informed her friends.Niharika rushed to Jiya,murmuring to her about her lie and as Mayank approached them,she enquired about Mahi's stats.All were pretty much clueless,hoping that the doctor would come out soon.Mayank stood at a corner,thinking of what had happened to his love and his dear friend.He closed his eyes,as recalled bringing Bharti to the hospital as she too had taken several sleeping pills,not being able to take the pain her guilt-filled heart was giving her.Bharti had been a destroyed soul,after being separated from Radhika who died,while trying to protect and save Bharti.If Bharti had the power to reverse things,it would only be to revive her best friend and bring her back to life.Mayank silently prayed that none of that happens with Mahi.He had no clue of what could have possibly occured to lead to such drastic measures,but right now he just wanted her to be alright as he doesn't want a best friend to yet another close friend of her's.

The doctor came out after some time and smiled at Sonali,informing her that Mahi is now out of danger but she requires rest for a couple of days and Sonali guaranteed to take great care of her best friend.Niharika went to Mayank who opened his eyes and got the positive news from Sonali's smile.Raj and Jiya went in with Sonali to see Mahi before leaving off.Jiya offered to drop Niharika home.Meanwhile,Sonali asked Mayank to stay for a while as she needed to get the medications.Mahi tried to adjust herself but Mayank stopped her.

Mayank:Don't strain yourself so much..
Mahi:Stay away from me...I don't need anyone's help for i can take care of myself!!
Mayank:I think you've already shown me and everyone else that..
Mahi:Why are you here in the first place??(Mayank saw Mahi fidgeting restlessly as she looked at him)
Mayank:I wasn't here on my voluntary will...Nihu was very much worried for you and hence i had to accompany her to meet you..
Mahi:So,what's stopping you now??
Mayank:I've gone through what you're going through right now and i almost lost my friend to the pills and had i not reached in time...(snapped out)You're lucky this time round but you'll never be all the time,if you're thinking of drastic measures...(leaned forward and looked her eye-to-eye)Giving up your life despite being surrounded by people you care and that includes Sonali..Have you thought about her,who stood by you through thick and thin???But i guess you're simply a weakling who can only lash words at me...A coward is who you are,Mahi and that totally defines you!!!
Mahi:Who the hell do you thi...(got interrupted as Sonali came back with the medications)
Sonali:Give me a break,you guyzz...You two will never leave a place out to fight,huh??(both Mahi and Mayank looked at each other)Ok,stop looking at each other..It's a hospital,for God's sake!!!
Mayank:Sonali..I'm not needed here any longer so i'll make a move..But yeah,if you need anything...
Sonali:Yes,Mayank?(Mahi looked at Sonu in irritation)
Mayank:Call Niharika,she'll be ever ready to help!!
Sonali:Thanks for dropping by at this hour!!(Mayank looked at Mahi)
Mayank:Sonali,take care!!(left from there)
Sonali:How sweet of him,na?
Mahi:Shut up!!
Sonali:Oh come on,he's come all the way and now he's left,asking you to take care..
Mahi:Yeah,right!!(shook her head as she thought of Mayank saving his friend who took the sleeping pills)

~Next Day~

Bharti landed in the afternoon and unlocked her home.She called up Payal and Bhaskar to inform them of her arrival before she called up Mayank to know the time of her interview scheduled at Trends.She decided to sleep for a while before preparing herself for the interview.

~Fortis Hospital~

Sonali:So,tell me..
Sonali:Why???You're surely not so mad at me that you popped the pills...
Mahi:Well,i clearly was...Don't you think so?
Sonali:No!!I believe i've heightened your madness at me before...So why??
Mahi:Well,i choose not to answer you,hmm?
Sonali:What the hell do you think of yourself,huh?You've got no choice but to answer me,correct??
Sonali:I'm your closest friend and i'm exercising my rights upon you..So,tell me..
Mahi:Sonu,it was a mistake,k?
Sonali:What???Taking your life...a mistake???Wow!!!And i thought Mahi Talwar could come up with something better!!

Just then,a nurse came to check on her and soon,she brought the discharge papers.Sonali drove Mahi back home and stayed with her for a while.

Mahi:What now?Aren't you going to go and work?
Sonali:I'm not done with you,Mahi!!!
Mahi:Whatever,Sonu!!You're not going to get anything out of me cuz..My plan has obviously failed!!!
Sonali:What plan,huh?(Mahi blended her act and disguised it with her plan of uniting Pushpak and Sonali)
Mahi:Why do you care?You don't want to accept Pushpak neither see your mother-in-law..You don't care about my opinions or advice for you so why should i tell you?
Sonali:(stood up and held her elbow)What??Wait....What???You mean,you did this so that Pushpak and i??(glared furiously at her)Are you freakingly out of your mind??Even at this point of time,you care about Pushpak and his mother??For God's sake Mhi!!!I thought you understood me when i saw you defending and vouching for me in front of him but you just...You just don't get it,do you Mahi??You simply don't get it!!Even you think that i'm making a huge issue out of what had happened between me and Pushpak..You have the slightest idea of what i went through when i saw you unconscious in your cabin!!But you don't care about our friendship at all!!You know what?Just do whatever you want!!!!(stormed from there)
Mahi:I'm sorry Sonu..(wiped her tears)I can't tell you what i saw and what caused me to take my life...I can't let you see my soul having been torn apart,which you saw years back,all over again..Not again,Sonu!!!


Mayank:Come in...Yes Maria???
Maria:Sir,aapne koi bouquet order kiya tha??
Mayank:Haan..Ok,tum mera ek kaam karo..Likho...(dictated a short message to writ on the Post-It note on the bouquet)Uska address...Tum jaao...
Shreya:(saw Maria leave)Good afternoon,Sir...Sir,woh Assistant Editor ke post ka candidate profiles maine kal raat hi rakh diya hain...Woh bouquet?
Mayank:Tumhaare liye nahin hain..
Shreya:I was just asking,Sir..Sorry!!
Mayank:Interview kitne baje rak diya hain?
Shreya:Ek ghanta baad,Sir!!
Mayank:Ok,i'll be back in an hour!!
Shreya:Sir,par aap kahaa jaa rahe ho?
Mayank:Baahar,hmm?I'll be back in an hour!!(left from there)
Shreya:Sir,itni jaldi mein kisse milne jaa raha hain??

~Fortis Hospital~

As Mayank enquired from Dr Ankita,she informed him that Mahi has already been discharged,a few hours earlier.He found out her address from a nurse who had attended to her and headed towards Mahi's place.

Meanwhile,Mahi headed to shower.She kept reminiscing about her married life,crying her heart out as she submerged herself in the pool of warm water in the bathtub,having flashes of Alisha and Ved.

Mayank reached Mahi's place and rang the doorbell repeatedly but there was no response.Now,he wished he had not thrown the card which she had offered him to contact her anytime.He became a lil concerned for Mahi for she had just been discharged and tried to think positively. He read the message which Maria wrote on the Post-It note.

xxYou're a bold,independent girl..Think of those who care about you and never be a coward in the race of life,ever xx

"Why should i be concerned for her??Maybe she went out for a while with Sonali...(looked at his watch)I'm running late..I'd better get going!!(placed the bouquet by the side,at the doorstep before leaving)Totally looking forward to meeting Bharti.."(drove off from there)


The interview had already begun.Mayank kept Bharti's folder at the end,since he realized that she hadn't reached as of yet.There was a total of 12 candidates.The panel did most of the questioning while Mayank asked a question or two.Bharti finally reached Trends but she realized that the interview was over as there were no more candidates. Just then,Maria came and Bharti enquired from her. She heaved a deep sigh,feeling very much relieved that the interview wasn't over.She headed to take a seat outside the conference room.

Maria called her inside and she left from there.Bharti looked at Mayank and both of them smiled subtly.She thanked Mayank silently while he gestured a Thumbs Up.She began to answer each question confidently until Mayank asked her a question.

Mayank:Very well,Ms Bharti..How are you going to manage your career with your daughter by your side??What will your priorities be here--your daughter or your career??
Bharti:Hmm Mr Mayank Sharma,i value your question.It is indeed unacceptable on my part to neglect my daughter nor is it in my interest to not pursue my career objectives.This is a challenge i face every day and both my daughter and I are very well aware of.I've attended this interview only due to the fact that this job will be my big blueprint of success and Trends will never regret its decision upon hiring me!!(smiled as she knew she had impressed Mayank big time)
Mayank:The interview's over but please be seated outside.
Bharti:Sure!!(couldn't help but wink at Mayank subtly)

As she got out of the conference room,she was shocked to see Gyaan seated across her. He walked forward and sat next to her.She crept out when he had asked her,"So,how did your interview go??"

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