Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 268~

Bharti was totally shocked to see Gyaan there.She had no idea that he would be interviewed as well.Now,Bharti as thinking twice,if she ought to take up the job,since apparently she assu es that there could be some allies of his that helped him to become shortlisted and now it all comes down to both of them.

Bharti:What are you doing here?
Gyaan:Well,i was told to wait after my interview..
Bharti:Interview??What are you doing out of jail?
Gyaan:Hmm i guess i'm just so lucky for Ash and Vinita..But i can't believe that you too missed me..
Bharti:Shut up!!
Gyaan:Alright...All the best for your next interview cuz my job is almost fixed here...It's going to be the best one i would have gotten,my entire life..
Bharti:Well,if you think you're gonna get the job..(thought to herself)Why should i burst the balloons now?It's still quite early..Let me lead him on...
Gyaan:What??Feeling inferior already??
Bharti:I guess you're right..All the best in your future at Trends!!I'm not really sure if I stand a chance here or not..You must be knowing a lot of people here,right,just like how you knew several before you landed a job at Men's Universe,hmm??(smirked as Gyaan got all so tensed up and rather defensive all of a sudden)Kya hua,Gyaan??(just then,Maria came and invited both of them inside;she soon left and both Gyaan and Bharti looked at each other before facing the panel)

~Mahi's place~

Mahi opened the refrigerator only to realize that there's nothing much she could eat.She changed her clothes and decided to go out and eat.Just as she locked her home,she came across a small bouquet and a Post-It note.She took the bouquet with her and hailed an auto,directing the driver to head to Trends.She knew instantly that the note could have only been written by Mayank himself.


Maria was about to go to the conference room when Mahi came by,asking for Mayank.She hesitated but eventually told her that he was busy with an interview in the conference room.All eyes were focused on Mahi who had her eyes fixed on Mayank who was completely blank and confused by her appearance in the conference room and that too with a bouquet of flowers.Only after a while did it hit his head that it was the sam bouquet of flowers which he had kept by her doorstep.

Mayank:Excuse me,ladies and gentlemen..(advanced towards Mahi)Hii,are you ok?
Mahi:Who the hell do you think you are to send me these flowers??(Mayank looked shocked and grabbed her elbow before leading her out of the conference room and to his cabin,closing the door)
Mayank:How did you figre it was me?
Mahi:Wow,someone agrees that he's the one who sent me the flowers...Your stupid Post-It gave it away..Who do you think you are,by the way??Just how dare you judge me??
Mayank:Judge you??First of all,i don't even know you at all so where does that question of me judging you come up?I wanted you to feel better and that was my only intention of sending you the bouquet..
Mahi:By calling me a coward??(pulled the Post-It and put it in front of his eyes before crushing it)I don't need your judgment nor do I have to prove myself to you,get that?Just mind your own business!!
Mayank:I had written that you're an independent and bold gil..You can ignore that part and just pu your emphasis on the "coward" part??If you didn't have to prove yourself,then why are you here,Mahi??
Mahi:(looked intenty into his eyes as she paused to think)To throw these flowers in your face for they mean nothing to me!!Just to make things clear,i may have fallen weak for a moment,but i'm never a coward!!
Mayank:How can anyone grow weak all ofa sudden unless something drastic must have happened..
Mahi:Why are you questioning since it's strictly none of your business,huh?Why do you even care,Mr Mayank Sharma??(turned to go off)
Mayank:Cuz we're almost in the same boat and we could relate to each other??Both of us had lost our loves..(Mahi stopped and turned to look at him)I care because i don't want to see someone whom i know in yet another similar situation!!
Mahi:Stop lying!!!You don't know what it's like to be in that split second...Have you wondered??Have you imagined...Seeing Radhika hug someone else right before you,losing her before your very own eyes??I fell weak and tried taking my life but i failed!!
Mayank:Don't you ever utter Radhika's name from your mouth,get it?And as a matter of fact,she has never cheated on me before,nor will she ever do that!!She's here with me,so don't you ever compare her to anyone else!!!I felt apologetic for my behaviour for not accepting your friendship but you know what?It's fine by me,for i don;t need anyone who only cares about her problems alone..FYI,there are several people out there who are having far worse problems than you and yet they're living bravely,fighting against all odds!!!I won't bother you again...(left his cabin and headed to the conference room)Sorry,i was late...So Gyaan and Bharti,it was an agreed decision from all of us that Trends is going to hire Ms Bharti Kapoor,based on her credentials and her testimonials from Men's Universe..I welcome Bharti to be part of the family of Trends for a month and after which her temporary contract can be renewed,as necessary.Gyaan,we gave you a chance to be interviewed by us,despite knowing the fact that you're an ex-convict.That shouldn't deter you from looking for jobs elsewhere,so on behalf of Trends,i wish you all the very best!!(Mahi had witnessed everything from outside and was shocked to see Gyaan)

Mahi hid from there and came out only after Gyaan had left.

Bharti:Mahiiii!!!(hugged Mahi;withdrew from her hug and smiled)OMG,i've got big news yaar..
Bharti:I'm...(Mayank came out after the other interviewers left)With effect from tomorrow,i'm assistant to the Chief Editor of Trends,Mr Mayank Sharma..Can you believe it??(Mahi smiled weakly)What's wrong babe??Aren't you happy for me?(Mahi wiped her tears)
Mahi:Of course i am..These are just tears of happiness..I missed you so much,Bharti!!(hugged her tightly)
Bharti:Arre,kya hua tujhe,huh??(Bharti sensed something was troubling Mahi and her doubts further confimed when Mayank simply walked away)
Mahi:(wiped her tears and withdrew from her hug)When did you come back?How was your interview??What was Gyaan doing inside??Erm,are you free now???
Bharti:Relax,Mahi..Come,let's go and grab some lunch first...We can catch up along the way..Chal!!
Mahi:Erm,ek minute Bharti..Main bas abhi aayi!!(attended Sonali's call)Haan,bolo Sonu..
Sonali:Kahaa ho tum?
Mahi:Trends mein aur main ek khaas dost ke saath lunch karne jaa rahi hoon..
Sonali:Khaas dost?Kahin yeh Mayank toh nahin hain??
Mahi:Shut up,Sonu!!That'll never ever happen,even in your wildest dreams!!I'm here to throw the flowers he sent me at home..And how come you're not mad at me?
Sonali:Ohhh i still am,pretty much!!But don't you know us?No matter what,we can't stay mad at each other for long..So,he really sent you flowers???O-M-G yaar!!
Mahi:Shut up,will you?
Sonali:Arre yaar,why did you throw it in his face?At least you can give it to me na..
Mahi:Sonali,you creep me out at times,do you know that??
Bharti:Mahi,chale??(Mahi nodded)
Sonali:Oh freak..Mahi,am i hearing Bharti's voice??
Mahi:Yes,you are..
Sonali:Where are you both headed to?
Mahi:Have not decided as of yet..
Sonali:Wish i could join you guyz..Damn the meeting!!Mahi,you better come back to work tomorrow..Raj is also not here as well so i'm handling his bit too..
Mahi:What?He's still not at work??Is it because of his case?
Mahi:Ok,i'll ttyl,k?Come home for dinner,crash at my place as alwayzz!!
Sonali:Alritezz..Send my love to Bharti and tell her i'll catch up with her soon..
Bharti:I hear you Sonu...(Mahi had already set her mobile to loudspeaker mode while Bharti drove Mahi's Ferrari)Will meet ya soon,k?Lurve ya loadzz!!Now,get back to work!!
Sonali:Oh ok..AJ's coming!!Bye,bye!!(Mahi and Bharti bursted out laughing after Sonu hung up)

~Men's Universe~

Vinita:Isse tum chai kehte ho Narain,huh??
Narain:Main doosra le aata hoon...
Vinita:Koi zaroorat nahin hain..Waise bhi mera dimaag pak gayi hain!!(headed to the washroom)Oh God!!Saari mehnat bekaar ho chuka hain,sab iss duffer Gyaan ke waje se..Arggh!!(Sonali overheard Vinita's monologue as she hid her legs in the cubicle)Hello,Ash?Are you freakin' serious about this?
Ash:Yes,sadly this is the truth!!
Vinita:Damn it,damnn it!!Where did she come from,all of a sudden??I mean,couldn't she have gotten a new job elsewhere??She had to come back from London and attend the interview,prepared...I went through all the trouble and so did you but at last,Bharti gets the job??She didn't even possess the  experience for an Assistant Chief Editor..(Sonali covered her mouth and gasped in excitement;much as she wanted to do a lil jig,she controlled herself)
Ash:Vini,relax..She's got the upper hand because of Mayank sir..But my team and i will make her work life a living hell and she won't stay here for long!!
Vinita:I can't relax,Ash!!(Sonu was shocked)I wanted Gyaan to have the job so that secrets remain secrets..Bharti shouldn't be part of Trends for long,so do the needful..At any cost,you hear me??
Ash:Of course,Vini...This is extremely easy for me so just trust me,ok?
Vinita:Argh,now i've gotta control Gyaan and persuade him to work hand in hand with me..Anyways,i'll talk to you later since i need to get back to work..Bye!!
Ash:Haan me too,,Ok,bye!!(hung up)
Sonali:(slowly got out after hearing Vinita's footsteps fading away and the slamming of the door)Phew!!Thank God i didn't get caught..But..But Bharti's got a job in Trends??WOW!!!(her smile faded)Ash can be a huge problem for her there!!Should i tell Bharti?Oh wait,maybe i can talk to Mayank and get Ash out of the job for good!!Hah,way to go,Sonu!!!Arre,meri meeting!!(headed out of the washroom)


Bharti:Mahi,thank you so much for helping me with the cleaning..The house can be so much in a mess!!
Mahi:(smiled)Haha,having kids can be so fun,right?Messing up the whole house and all..
Bharti:And exhausting as well,yaar!!Don't you think?I mean, Naina isn't my own blood but both of us have gotten so close to each other that we can't part from each other..Only because of Payal's and Bhaskar's incessant begging did i let Naina spend time with them..Seriously i tell you i'm missing Naina so much already!!
Mahi:Aww...Bharti,i know it's your life and i shouldn't really ask..
Mahi:There's really no chance of you...Ermm...Getting married?
Bharti:Lollz Mahi,you were hesitating to ask me this?Yeahh,it's my life and i can see very much clearly that marriage is not on my cards!!Naina is my life and she makes me complete...I don't need any guy to do the honours of complicating my life in any way...
Mahi:Not even if there is a Mr Lovable??
Bharti:(smiled as she thought)What are you implying?
Mahi:Nothing in particular,Bharti..I mean,if someone crosses your path,wouldn't you reconsider your options?
Bharti:I don't think so..(offered Mahi a glass of juice)What about you?
Mahi:What about me,Bharti?
Bharti:Would you consider giving marriage a second chance?Would you give Mr Lovable a chance to enter your life?
Bharti:Wait...What,Mahi?Don't tell me that you're still in love with your ex-husband;that you haven't moved on yet??
Mahi:Bharti,it's nothing like that..
Bharti:You went through a rough patch in your life,Mahi...You're willing to forgive the guy who abused you and stripped you of motherhood?(Mahi looked intently at her)I'm so..so sorry,Mahi!!I don't know much but..
Mahi:You're right,Bharti...It's been 4 years since my divorce and yet i can't forget him because i loved him way too much..I lived with him for 2.5 years yet i couldn't imagine that i would get divorced one day...I still love him,Bharti!!I really do,but i don't know if i'll be able to forgive him for my abortion but as a wife,i might...I just might,Bharti!!Tell me,what would you do if you were in my shoes??
Bharti:(wiped Mahi's tears)I would never ever forgive him in my life!!Mahi,i would take revenge against him,one step at a time till i destroy him completely..Perhaps,till there is no more remains of him!!Revenge will be my ultimate goal in my life..(Mahi saw the sudden rage in Bharti's eyes as they turned crimson)
Mahi:Bharti??(shook Bharti)Are you ok??
Bharti:Yeah,i juz told you what i might do if i were in your shes..(exhaled deeply)
Mahi:Bharti,i don't think i'm capable of revenge..Anyways,i better get going since itz quite late...(Bharti opened the door)
Bharti:Mahi,you never know what you're capable of..It's great to see that you're healed to a large extent even after so much has happened to you..Anyways yeahh,we'll catch up often,k??Take care!!
Mahi:Bharti,someone told me that revenge is never an option for there are others who care about you...
Bharti:True Mahi,but what if there's no one who cares???(smiled at her)Our discussion can go on to deep lengths so you better get going!!Gd nitezz..
Mahi:Nitezz!!(Bharti closed her home door and soon,Mahi headed home in confusion about Bharti)


Jiya:(on her mobile)Dude,where the heck are you?
Raj:On my way..What time is the plane landing??
Jiya:10 minutes' time..
Raj:Kk,on my way...
Jiya:Waise,you managed to talk to Shreya?
Raj:No yaar,was busy prepping for the hearing...Been kept busy by Garav..Any hopes with Sudha aunty?
Jiya:She's only returning today from Bangalore,from a seminar..No hopes,either!!
Raj:Bechara Armaan,ab toh hum sab ko saath mein hi kuch karna hoga!!
Jiya:Hmm ok,we'll meet up and talk..Jaldi karo!!
Raj:Ok,bye!!(hung up)

~Mahi's place~

Sonali was thinking of the conversation se had overheard in the washroom whilst on the other hand,Mahi thought about her discussion which she just had with Bharti.Feeling so lost,she dropped the glass bowl of salad on the floor,breaking each other's thoughts and silence.

Sonali:Arre Mahi,tum theekh ho?
Mahi:Ermm yeah,i am..So sorry about that!!
Sonali:Come,i'll help you with it...(helped Mahi clean up)
Mahi:How was work?
Sonali:Stressful without you yaar...
Mahi:Fine,i'll definitely come tmr,k?But i've got great news for you yaar..In fact,let me call Raj too...Hold on,k??(Sonu nodded)
Sonali:(wondered)Kahin Bharti ki naukri ke baarein mein toh...(Mahi dialled Raj and Jiya to a conference call)
Mahi:Hey guyzz,Mahi and Sonu here...Kahaa ho tum log?
Raj:Hey babe,ab tum kaisi ho?Hum dono bas Armaan ko receive karke ghar ke liye nikal rahe the...
Sonali:Welcome back Armaan...Sunny missed you badly,by the way!!
Armaan:Very funny,Sonu!!Howz Mahi??Jiya ne sab dhindhora peet liya hain..(Jiya hit Armaan mildly)
Mahi:Hmm,doing great too..But i wanted to give you guyzz some fab news!!
Sonali:Which she hasn't told me as well..
Jiya:Acha,toh phir jaldi sunaao Mahi..
Mahi:Pehle bolne toh do...Bharti's back!!
Jiya:Wow,that's cool but how come she didn't call any of us??Has she forgotten us already??
Mahi:Not at all..In fact,there is a greater news than this!!She's landed a job at Trends,as an Assistant to the Chief Editor!!
Jiya:OMG!!Serious??Matlab,aise hi??
Mahi:She got interviewed today and Trends hired her...So,she'll be working with Mayank from now on..Isn't that just awesome??
Sonali:(thought)Mera shaq sahi nikla...Yeh Mahi aur baaki sab toh bohat khush ho rahi hain Bharti ke job ko lekar sivaayi main..Mujhe jald se jald Mayank se baat karni hogi!!
Jiya:This is such wonderful news,isn't it Armaan??(Raj stopped as he reached Armaan's place)

Both of them saw Armaan taking his suitcase and heading back inside without a word.

Raj:(drove off)Yes Mahi..This is incredible;a perfect opportunity for Bharti's career!!
Mahi:Is he ok,guyzz??(Everyone fell silent,thinking of Armaan)

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