Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, March 9, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 270~

Bharti:What the heck??(opened her cabin door)I'm so not gonna go on a date with you, you hear that??(just realized that everyone heard her well and she turned to see Mayank who gestured to er to relax and she got back to work)


Gaurav was inside the lift when the doors opened at Men's Universe, where Mahi and Sonali entered. They were chatting all the way, while Gaurav enjoyed the pleasure of eavesdropping.

Sonali:Waise,hum kahaa jaa rahe hain?
Mahi:We got a conference,remember??
Sonali:Arre,Jiya aur Raj Armaan ke liye plans banaa rahe the.. Sunn kar toh haa sakte the na hum..
Mahi:Tumhe itna interest kyun hain??Agar tumhe waaqay mein leni hi hain, toh apni zindagi mein jaakh kar dekh..Kab baat karke tumhaare aur Pushpak ke beech sab kuch theekh karoge,hmm??
Sonali:Oh,God Mahi!!!Just stop bringing in Pushpak..It's not working between us,ok?Or else he would have done something by now..Ab humein Armaan,Shreya aur Bharti ke baarein mein sochni chaahiye...
Mahi:Why?Why should we even interfere,Sonu??It's their lives,let it be...Bharti ab Armaan se baat kar rahi hain...Problem solved!!
Sonali:No,it's not!!Bharti's faking the whole thing so that Shreya wouldn't suspect a thing..On Armaan's viewpoint, he seems to have given up on waiting for Bharti and that's why he's with Shreya..
Mahi:I disagree..Ok,maybe Bharti's faking it but Armaan hasn't stopped..(both of them got out of the lift and went in a different direction from Gaurav) He hasn't stopped thinking about Bharti..He's clearly in love with her but i just don't understand the angle of Shreya here...Why lead her on??My friendship has been  strained with Armaan because of being Mayank's "mysterious girlfriend" and all, whether he says it or not..I just don't feel it right.
Sonali:But they'll include us anyways..
Mahi:Then we gotta find a way to slip out of it!!(headed for their conference)

Mayank invited Bharti to his conference room where a lot of the important staff members were present. She grew stunned and froze in shock for she had no clue of what she ought to say. Just as Mayank asked her to talk about the first day at work, Gaurav had taken a seat right across her,infuriating her. Mayank was quick to notice it and he held her hand, nudging her to answer his question. She answered as bieflynas possible since she saw quite a lot of disinterested faces but Mayank butted in, asking for contributions of ideas from the remaining staff for the next few shoots in the pipeline. Bharti took note of several contributions discussed and soon, the meeting ended and everyone dispersed xcept for Bharti, Mayank and Gaurav.

Bharti:I screwed it up, didn't I, Mayank?
Mayank:It's all part of work..And it's going to be worse from tomorrow onwards..
Bharti:You're supposed to be motivating me..
Mayank:Trust me, i'm doing just that and try not to embarass yourself here by creating unwanted scenes..Saw what happened outside your cabin...Erm before you go, go get me this account cleared from the accounting department..Tell him it's for the shoots.Get the accounts verified and get back to me asap before going off,k?
Gaurav:Kitni kaam karwaaoge isse apne pehle din mein,huh??(Bharti rolled her eyes and left)
Mayank:Tu Bharti ke peeche kyun padha ho,huh?
Gaurav:Bas aise hi..
Mayank:Stop whatever you're thinking of doing with her, you get that?She's ot interested in neither you or anyone else..(Gaurav recalled the conversation he over heard in the lift)
Gaurav:Oh really?I'll think about it..
Mayank:Think about it??(Gaurav turned to go)Listen to me...Heyy!!!I've got to keep him under my tabs, it seems...

~Men's Universe~

Vinita:Dude, just how many times have i called you?Why were you not picking up?
Gyaan:Vini,aisa kya ho gaya?I did see the missed calls, but you know me..
Vinita:You're an irritable creation of God, Gyaan...I was worried and wondered what you were up to..Trust me, i'll get you the job in Trends!!
Gyaan:Relax Vini, i know...I landed a job in MWorld today..
Vinita:What???Here i'm corroborating my efforts with Ash to complicate matters for Bharti and kick her out but you landed a small job in MWorld?
Gyaan:Sure, it's a compromise, Vini but only for one month..After all, humein matlab hain toh sirf Bharti se aur FYI, uske ek dost yahaa kam karti hain..Heard of Alisha??
Vinita:I don't know, i'm not sure...
Gyaan:She can come in handy and resourceful for me just like how Ash's resourceful for you..Target her spoft spots and involve her in a new world of politics..She is new to this world of power!!From an intern to a small newsletter creatve and now a Chief Editorial Assistant in Trends??She can't survive that for sure but i want Mayank to regret for choosing his dear friend instead of a much more capable and qualified individual..
Vinita:No worries, Gyaan..We'll bring Trends down if necessary.. Bharti will not last a month at Trends..I'll meet you after work..Bye!!(both of them hung up)

Gaurav had come to MU after some time to meet Raj with some unpleasant news which Raj, Armaan and Jiya saw plastered on his face.

Raj:Gaurav, so what you're saying is that i've got to quickly resume with another baby asap?Wow!!How am i supposed to find the baby and how will i get the permission from the parents within a day's time, huh??
Gaurav:I'm just saying that this could be an alternative to prevent any stain on your career..
Raj:Damn it!!
Jiya:And what if we can't find the baby?
Armaan:Raj, have you trid contacting Khushi?
Raj:No Armaan, i have already sent them away..I don't wish to burden them anymore..Gaurav, thank you so much for handling my case but i guess if it is meant for my career to end this way, then let it be..(left from there)
Raj:This is your fee...Thanks for trying!!
Armaan:Raj,sunn yaar...
Jiya:Gosh!!Ab kya kare, Armaan?
Gaurav:Jiya,his hearing is tomorrow..If there's anything to be done, inform me..Ho sake toh Raj ka hausla badhaana,hmm?(left from there; Armaan received a call from Sudha)
Jiya:Damn it!!
Armaan:Jiya,sshh...Haan Maa,bolo...
Sudha:Armu,kya hua?Sab theekh hain na?
Armaan:Haan Maa, sab theekh hain par aap iss waqt phone kar rahe ho?Everything ok?
Sudha:Tum baahar ho kya?
Armaan:Bas ane hi waala hoon Jiya ke saath..Kyun Maa?Koi tension ki baat toh nahin hain na?
Sudha:Uff,erm..Kuch bhi toh nahin Armu..
Sudha:Maine tumhe bataaya tha na woh bachi ke baarein mein?Subah ko?
Armaan:Haan,haan..Kya hua bachi ko?
Jiya:(murmured)Bachi?(got confused)
Sudha:I'm tied up with work..I have an important seminar to conduct this evening at 4 pm.And it is my responsibility to take care of the baby..I'm literally stuck and so is my colleague..But i understand if you're busy,Armu..
Armaan:Maa,you caught me at the wrong time..AJ gave us this shoot an hour back and it can't be delayed..
Sudha:It's ok, Armu..Rehne do..Ok,main tumse baad mein baat karti hoon,,Mujhe ek call aa rai hain..Bye!!
Armaan:Hello Maa??Kaat diya?
Jiya:Arre!!Pehle mujhe yeh bataao ki yeh bacha kaun hain?
Armaan:Jiya, woh ek bachi hain aat mahine ki, jiske maa baap accident mein guzar gaye hain..Aur Maa aur unki colleague iss bachi ki dekh bhaal kar rahi hain,filhaal ke liye,guardians,hmm??Par kuch dino se kuch log aa rahe hain hospital mein, yeh bataa rahe hain ki woh log bach ki guardian hain and all..Aur Maa ko child traffiking ki shaq hain..Maa ko darr lag rahi hain;tumhe toh bata hain na pichli baar, Maa ko unke dost jo ek police officer hain,unhone Maa ki madat ki thi...Woh ab bhi unki madat le rahi hain lekin abhi tak kch khabar nahin mila...
Armaan:Ab tujhe kya hua hain?Tum itne uchal kar khuud kyun rahe ho??
Jiya:Sudha aunty,Armu!!She just solved Raj's problem!!
Armaan:Jiya?Nope!!No wayzz!!!You're not thinking of...
Jiya:Uff Armaan, itna kyun soch rahe ho?This is our only chance..We've seriously got to help Raj out of this mess..
Armaan:This is not right, Jiya..What if..No!!I can't allow that...
Jiya:Armaan,tumhe Raj ki zara sa bhi fikr nahin hain?
Armaan:Mujhe fikr hain lekin hum iss tarha bache ko istimaal nahin kar sakte..In fact, Maa aur unke colleague ijaazat denge bhi ya nahin, yeh mujhe nahin lagta..
Jiya:Tum itni negative kyun soch rahe ho?Ok fine, main tumhaare saath behas nahin karungi,hmm??Ab chale?(Armaan nodded)

~After some time~

Mahi and Sonali were standing by the pavement, wanting to cross over to the other side where Mahi's car was parked. As Mahi had planned, Pushpak too appeared nearby, without Sonali's knowledge. Sonali didn't see the black BMW heading towards her as she was about to cross over, calling for Mahi. Pushpak stopped Mahi and diverted her attention. He instantly grabbeSonali's wrist and pushed her back to Mahi. Sonali hugged Mahi who was as equally scared as her best friend. She had only called Pushpak to come and talk to Sonali but he appeared as an angel in disguise. However, she looked down and shouted.

Sonali:(grew shocked)OMG!!Pushpak???Tum theekh toh ho??(Mahi was about to go and attend to him but she stepped back and watched her best friend with a heartwarming smile, the way Sonu forgot all her fights with Pushpak and caressed him, placing his head on her lap)Mahi, tum jaldi apne gaadi lekar aao..Humein foran hospal jaana hoga..Mahi??
Mahi:Haan,main bas abhi aati hoon..(rushed to Fortis Hospital,which was nearby)

~Fortis Hospital~

Sudha:Hhmm,itna bada panga kiske liye le raha tha, Pushpak?
Pushpak:Ouchh!!Woh main..
Sudha:Dard toh hoga hi na..Hmm...
Pushpak:Agar aaj maine aisa kuch nahin kiya hota, toh shayad,mere dil ke anmol hissa aaj aapke saamne hota iss bed par..(looked at Sonali)
Sudha:Mujhe nahin pata tha ki ek aur romantic Raj ko dekhne ko milega..
Sonali:Sudha aunty,ab rehne bhi do..Aise kahin saare log hote hain jinke akal theekh jagah par nahin rehta..
Mahi:(nudged her and murmured)Kaisi baatein kar rahi ho tum?Usse abhi tak naaraaz ho?Usse tumhaari jaan bachaayi hain aur tum..
Sonali:(murmured back)Shut up,Mahi..It was just a coincidence that he was there and nothing else..Talk about love;if he's got the guts, ask him to prove it!!
Mahi:What?Are you nutz or something?
Sonali:I'm outta here..(left from there)
Mahi:Arre Sonu...Sunn na!!Damn it!!Sorry, Pushpak..
Sudha:What's wrong, Mahi?
Mahi:Aunty, ab main aapko kya bataao inn dono ke baarein mein?(Pushpak told Sudha what he and Mahi had originally planned but how destiny had other plans in mind and brought him and Sonali further apart)
Sudha:Hhmm,wow...Mahi, tum kab se iss tarha madat karne lage?But kuch bhi kaho, apne jaan ke saath matt khelo,samjhe?Tumhaari jaan koi khilona nahin hain,samjhe?Ab Pushpak ko ghar chodo aur kaam ke liye niklo!!Bade aaye hero banne..(shook her head)
Pushpak:(both Mahi and Pushpak left from there)Great..So what's next?
Mahi:Nothing..Tumne suna nahin Sudha aunty ne kya kaha tha?Chup chaap ghar jaa kar aaram karo..Aur haan, office phone karo aur tumhaare kaam kisi aur ko swopo..Main tumhe ghar drop kar deta hoon,chal!!


Bharti tapped on the accountant's shoulder, and passed tow cheques of Mayank's to him. Bharti thought that she could get the cheque cleared in no time but apparently she was so wrong. Instead, when she questioned him about it, he simply showed her the stack of cheques, and simply asked her to wait and she agreed to do so,sitting on the small couch installed there. Just then, she noticed Ash having come with her cheque. Bharti was quite surprised by the sudden change in the accountant's behaviour; he had cleared the cheque for Ash instantly. She began thinking,

"Yeh office itna ajeeb hain..Ash ki cheque clear kar diya aur woh bhi fatafat?I had clearly told him nicely that i have to get this done asap but he'd given a damn about it!!"

Bharti:Huh?Ishaan,tum yahaa?
Ishaan:Woh cheque clear karne aaya tha..Tum bhi?
Bharti:Haan par mujhe intezaaar karne ke liye kahaa gaya..
Ishaan:Tum iss Trends ke Chief Assistant Editor ho aur tumse kahaa gaya intezaar karne ke liye?Tumne nahin kaha ki yeh Mayank sir ka order hain??
Ishaan:Hmm,mere hi galti tum dohraa rahe ho Bharti;maine bhi yeh sabakh bohat dher se seekha aur samjha hain..
Ishaan:Yeh koi jagah nahin hain achayi dikhaane ki..You've got to be tough here!!Didn't you see how Ash got her cheque cleared in no time?(Bharti nodded instantly)This is a highly competitive and quite a hostile environment!!(just then, Shreya came)
Shreya:Bharti,tum yaha ho?(both Ishaan and Bharti stood up)
Bharti:Haan,kyun?Kya hua?
Shreya:Mayank sir tumhe dhoondh raha hain...
Ishaan:Bharti,tum jaao..Hum dono woh cheques lekar aate hain..(Bharti nodded and left)
Shreya:Kaunsa cheques??(followed Ishaan)

~Mayank's cabin~

Mayank:Hi Bharti,,What is this that i'm hearing?
Mayank:Are my cheques cleared or not,Bharti??
Bharti:Mayank,it's actually...
Ash:Sir, if i'm not wrong, are you talking about these cheques??I'm actually telling you Sir that...
Bharti:Ash..will you please...(just then, Shreya and Ishaan came inside without knocking)Shreya, Ishaan..(gestured to both of them to look at Ash)
Shreya:Ishaan,cheques Ash ke haath mein hain aur tum bewaja uss accountant ke collar pakad liya tha...
Ishaan:Big deal,Shreya..Uski achi kismat tha ki usse kuch aur nahin hua hain...Sshh!!
Bharti:As i was saying, Mayank, i delegated this work to Ash and there you go, Ash...Job perfectly done!!(patted Ash on her cheek which Ash didn't like at all,amusing Ishaan and Shreya)Ash,thanks a tonne hunn for the work..You can get going now!!
Mayank:What are you looking at me for??You heard her,didn't you?Get going..(Ash glared at Bharti who smiled at her and as Ash walked, Bharti subtly placed her right leg forward,making Ash trip but Bharti saved her)
Bharti:Uffo Ash,sambhaal kar chalo...Agar ghir jaati toh,hmm??(Ash stood upright and left;Bharti smiled subtly and raised her eyebrows at both Ishaan and Shreya)Mayank, just give me a moment...(walked to Ishaan and Shreya)
Ishaan:Wow,not bad..
Bharti:The perfect end to a first day...I was just trying to play nice but yeah,you are right,Ishaan...
Shreya:I can't believe that she would..
Bharti:Chill,Shreya..It's only the first day..I'll show her what i'm made up of very soon...You two get back to work,k??And if there's anything, just let me know!!(both Ishaan and Shreya left and Bharti headed to Mayank)

Mayank:What exactly happened, Ms Bharti??
Bharti:Mayank, your office sucks..It is filled with so much of dirty politics..I just don't understand why you still got Ash back here!!
Mayank:Thanks by the way!!Ash got some elements which Shreya doesn't. I gave Shreya the promotion but at the same time, i need Ash here...
Bharti:For what?
Mayank:The networking skills that she's got and the contacts make her stick around..Just like she might have used others to reach this far, i'm going to use her..Tit for that,Bharti!!I know Trends is filled with politics at every nook and corner but that doesn't mean it is not a top-notch, first-class magazine..Look at it and you will know!!
Bharti:Sure i know that but i so didn't expect this kind of environment to work in.
Mayank:Bharti,i want you to be as comfortable as possible, cause this cold be one of the last places you wold want to work, according to your work style. Prove it to yourself that you're worth so much more and do me a big favour. 
Bharti:You're asking too much from me now..I need to head home early today for Naina's coming back home..I want to re-decorate her room and make a special dinner for her...
Mayank:Thatz wonderful..In that case,after my meeting now, i'll bring Niharika with me and we'll join you for dinner as well...But before that, i want you to work with me to get me information on whatever scandals that have been taking place in Trends itself!!
Mayank:A special hat you can adorn on your head..
Bharti:What do you really have in mind, Mayank??
Mayank:You'll know it pretty soon,Bharti..You have one day less from a month...I need as much information as possible and you'll get all the help you need,ok?(caressed her head and left)
Bharti:What the hell is he up to??

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