Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, April 12, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 271~

~Fortis Hospital~

Bharti headed out of the lift lobby when Maria called her. She passed the project file with some instructions from Mayank and as the lift doors opened, she was shocked to see Gaurav and Armaan in the lift. Both Armaan and Bharti gazed at each other but just then, Bharti looked elsewhere as she recalled Shreya telling her about her engagement to Armaan as a secret surprise and the date would be announced soon. Gaurav had noticed both of them from the start and tried playing a game with both of them. The lift doors were about to close but Armaan took off Gaurav's hand and pressed the "Door Open" sign and gestured to Bharti to come inside. Bharti merely entered, that a few employees pushed her further inside and she fell towards Armaan.

Armaan:Kya hua Bharti?(the lift sddenly stopped but only for a short while before it started again)
Bharti:Kuch nahin...I'm sorry!!
Gaurav:Hi Bharti,in case you didn't notice me..
Bharti:How can i not have noticed you?(the other employees got out of the lift)You've been bugging me all day..
Gaurav:Isn't that a compliment coming from you??
Bharti:(glared at him)What do you want?
Gauav:(held her wrist and brought her to stand next to him) I've got some bad news..I don't think i can save Raj's career..
Bharti:Screw you, Gaurav!!You know what?That's a relief and i already knew that you're an incapable lawyer and now i'm definitely not going on that stupid date with you that you so desperately wanted...Keep dreaming if you ever think i'll go on a date with you!!(got out of the lift and headed home)Idiot!!I should have known better..Arrgghhh!!!He irks me so much...I wish i could do something to save Raj's career!!!

~Amore Saloon~

Niharika:(picked up her cell and answered Raj's call)Heyy,kaise ho?Tumhaara koi khabar nahin...
Raj:Nihar,i miss you...I want to see you!!
Raj:I'll come over tonight...
Niharika:No Raj, aaj raat nahin..
Niharika:Kyunki bohat dino ke baad, aaj Mayu ghar jaldi aa raha hain...He said he wanted to talk about something..
Raj:Damn it Nihar!!I'm sorry, Nihar..I've got no obligations, i've got no rights over you..I guess i needed someone to talk to but it's just bad timing, i gess...Just bad timing!!(hung up and continued drinking)
Niharika:Raj?Hello??(hung up)What's wrong with him?Let me call Mayank up and ancel the plan..I need to know ifRaj's ok..(dialled Mayank's number)
Mayank:Excuse me gentlemen...(went out of the conference hall where his meeting was held)Nihu, main meeting main hoon...Kya hain?
Niharika:Mayu,aaj ka program cancel karna padega..
Niharika:Kyun ka kya matlab hain?Mujhe kaam hain aur kya?
Mayank:Arre par maine socha tha ki aaj hum dono Bhart ke har jaayenge, Naina ki kamra sajaane mein uski madat karenge aur saath milkar dinner karenge...
Niharika:Ahem, maine socha tha ki yeh humaare quality time hoga...Bharti kahaa se aa gayi?
Mayank:Tumhe koi parishaani hain,hmm?
Niharika:Bilkul bhi nahin Mayu, main bas aise hi pooch rahi thi..In fact, Naina aaj waapas aa rahi hain London se Bhaskar aur Payal ke saath?
Mayank:Haan...So, you're not cancelling on me or Bharti,right?I mean, i've already told her that we're coming but if you can't, then let me know!!
Niharika:(thought to herself)I can go to Raj's place first and then meet Mayu for dinner..Yeahh,that should do it!!
Mayank:Arre Nihu jaldi bol...Meeting beech mein chod kar aaya hoon...
Niharika:Haan ok, par main thodi dher ke baad ki pohanch sakti hoon...I'll be quite late, if that's ok?
Mayank:Perfect then...Chal, main rakta hoon..Bye!!

~Along the Way~

Armaan kept thinking of his encounter with Bharti at the lift and the interaction between her and Gaurav. The date, which they talked about, undoubtedly made him so uncomfortable and equally mad at the same time. Bharti clearly distracted his thoughts until now and he was beginning to loathe himself even more. He ought to be thinking of helping Raj but he's clearly engrossed in some other thoughts. He called Jiya on his mobile but she kept disconnecting his calls, which infuriated him even further and he accelerated his driving speed as he headed for home. 

~Fortis Hospital~

Sudha:Jiya, thanks a tonne for having done this, dear...My seminar ended a bit earlier since i thought i would be expecting a lengthier Q & A session but thankfully, it's not too late, i hope..
Jiya:No wayzz, Sudha aunty...I'm always here to help you yo help you but you just never ask...
Sudha:(smiled)Thanks dear...I owe you a big favor..
Jiya:Really, Aunty?
Sudha:Yeah,of course..
Jiya:You'll do anything for me?
Sudha:Of course meri jaan, is that a question to ask?Waise, have you fed the baby the bottle of milk?
Jiya:Yeah i did, 10 minutes back...Aunty, it will really mean a lot to me..
Sudha:(looked at Jiya)It seems like you have something on your mind, Jiya..
Jiya:Yes Aunty..It's about Raj!!His career might be in the dumpster because of this preliminary hearing..
Sudha:What do you mean?You guyz hired a lawyer,right?
Jiya:Yeah, we did but chances are very slim for Raj, ever since Khushi and Niyati's gone...Raj doesn't even want Khushi back here cuz he doesn't want any harm done to the baby..
Sudha:I still don't understand what you want from me..
Jiya:Aunty, actually Armaan and i wanted to talk to you about this at home..He should be there by now..Shall we go??
Sudha:Ok,come!!(looked at Jiya in doubt)
Jiya:Aunty, let me drive..(Sudha nodded while she carried the baby)


Mayank returned to Trends to pick up the Book, which needed last-minute modifications on the advertusements, articles and credentials. Just then, the phone on his desk rang. It was Maria who informed him that Mahi's come. Mayank was quite shocked but he instructed Maria to let her in.

Mayank:(looked away from the door and fidgeted to himself)What the hell did i say Yes for?Obviously she's here to create yet another scene...But...But usually she wouldn't wait to inform Maria..Something's wrong with her!!
Mahi:(knocked) Can i come in?
Mayank:(confused as ever)What??(widened his eyes in disbelief, not being able to believe what he's hearing)Yeah,come in...(both of them looked blankly at each other)
Mayank:(lowered his eyes and looked to his right before looking back at her)Hey..Have a seat!!
Mahi:(smiled softly but ceased to do so after a while, feeling uneasy)Are you in a rush?
Mayank:Well i was but...You came all of a sudden and i...I kinda forgot what i was rushing for...(looked away and hit his head)
Mahi:I'm sorry..
Mayank:What???(both looked blankly at each other)
Mahi:I'm sorry for everything!!For making things complicated in your life, for intruding your privacy and crossing the lines..
Mayank:What for, Mai?You always tend to lash out whatever is in your mind at me...So, go ahead!!Why bother being so patient and polite today??Don't you want to vent your frustrations out today??
Mahi:I made a grave mistake, depriving you of an opportunity to start a friendship..And i shouldn't have uttered Radhika's name..I shouldn't have and i'm sorry!!(Mayank leaned closer to hear that)
Mayank:Who the hell do you think you are, Mahi? Don't think highly of yourself just because i'm saying nothing..You should never have compared your past with mine for they are vastly distinct from each other!!!I just wanted to befriend you for you're Bharti's friend and perhaps i could relate to the loss of a loved one too, share my sorrows but you've simply wanted to take advantage of my past and ruin everything!!(turned away)
Mahi:I'm sorry...(held Mayank's wrist)I plead before you...Don't i deserve another chance?? I know a certain history between us surely doesn't favour us being seen by the rest for it would only feed more gossip..That is something which we both don't wish to possess at this moment but i believe that i still stand a chance because both of us would need each other's assistance at some point of time...
Mayank:Oh really??What makes you think so???(Mahi looked at him in surprise and took her hands away from his wrist)What makes you think that i'll be ever dependent on you in any manner,hmm??I have never depended on anyone in my life nor will i ever depend on anyone, especially you!!I'm content where i am..With Bharti, no intervention is necessary from your side...You can leave!!!(Mahi left with a sulken ad disappointed face wile Mayank rushed to Amore to pick Niharika up but Sush informed him that she had already left and he rushed for home)


Payal and Bhaskar together with Naina went to the baggage counter to claim their baggages. There was an unimaginable sense of relif and solace on the face of Payal who had reclaimed the pieces of her life together, thanks to Armaan's and Bharti's efforts. As she pulled the suitcase from the belt, she almost hit her foot, which she herself hadn't realized when she saw a familiar face from a distance.

Payal:Huh?(Bhaskar directed to her toes and Payal pointed to Khushi)
Bhaskar:(wand at Khushi)Pehle apne pair par dhyaan do..
Payal:Sorry Bhasku...(saw a smiling Khushi approacing them)Hi Khushi, what an awesme surprise this is!!
Khushi:Really??In that case, i', flattered but jokes apart, if i'm back here, it's only due to Bharti!!
Khushi:She asked me to come and help her and Raj out.. (Payal and Bhaskar looked blankly at each other)Raj's having a preliminary hearing and she said se could ned my help..
Payal:Wow,ok i see...OMG, this is fantastic!!Raj will be happy to see you here; he surely needs your support..
Khushi:Gee, thanks to the both of you..I'll be here for Raj as long as possible, no worried..Niyati and Nidhi are safe in my home, far from any trouble..OMG, is this our Naina??
Bhaskar:Yes indeed she is..She has been such a darling in assisting me in my pranks on Payal...It was such a fun honeymoon with Payal and Naina at London and that too after a long time...
Khushi:Ohho Bhaskar and Payal, i can't believe that Naina joined you two together on your HM, haha....How did Bharti even agree to it?
Payal:We kinda begged her..It was never in Bharti's nature to part from her Naina but we succeeded and the three of us had a blast together!!
Khushi:WOW!!!Gosh how i wish o had met you guyz in London itself..Hmm,do send my regards to Bharti...I'll be heading to Raj's place right away..Take care, Naina!!(the trio and Khushi waved at each other before parting from the airport

~Raj's place~

Niharika reached Raj's place but she was surprised to see his home door locked. Niharika checked under his door mat but to no avail. She smiled and opened his shoe rack drawer and saw his keys. She unlocked his home door and went inside.

~Armaan's place~

Sudha:Jiya, so tell me what have you and Armaan planned in your heads for me, hmm?
Jiya:Armaan ko toh aane do na, Aunty..
Sudha:Oh my, bachi toh uth gayi...Main bas abhi aayi,Jiya..
Jiya:Haan ok Aunty..(murmured)Bata nahin ki yeh Armaan kaha reh gaya..

~Bharti's place~

Bharti received a text message from Khushi that she's heading to Raj's place and she might drop by her place later. Bharti is excited to receive her message  for a ray of hope began to sprout in her mind, feeling the vibes of positivity that Raj's career can be possibly saved by a friend indeed. Meanwhile, she began decorating Naina's room, blowing up colored balloons and drawing characters from her favourite story, Echanted and soon, she drew a manageable portrait of Naina and herself with the help of some software she had downloaded on trial from her netboo, while waiting for Mayank and Niharika.

~Raj's place~

Niharika waited for Raj in the dining room with an expensive bottle of wine she had brought with herself. She looked at her watch and decided to keep her mobile on silent mode so that it would deem as a perfect excuse for her in front of Mayank later. She continued waiting for Raj, who was busy indulging in great drinks at Rheo Pub.

He had no idea of Niharika waiting for him at his place and she tried to call him; it appeared that his mobile was switched off. This bothered Niharika so much that she wanted to leave the moment itself but then she stopped herself from over-reacting. After some time, she checked her mobile and murmured, " Raj, you seriously owe me big this time round for i have never ignored so many calls from Mayu before. It's been more than two hours since you last picked up my call, Raj. Where are you????"

Mahi just reachd home to see Sonal pacing up and down in bouts of anxiety. Mahi smiled and went to calm her best friend and talk about her troubles while Armaan ju st reached home, shocked to see Jiys cuddling a baby and playing with her.

Jiya:Hi Armaan, aa na...
Armaan:Jiya,tum yahaa??
Sudha:Lo.Armu bhi aa gaya..Aaja, main tumhaare coat leti hoon...
Armaan:Maa,rehne do na..Kya kar rahi ho?
Sudha:Aa jaao, pehle mujhe tum dono se ek khaas baat karni hain..
Armaan:Bohat urgent hain?
Sudha:Haan,baith jaao!!

~Raj's place~

"This is just unbelievable!!!I'm just going to head back home for good!!At first, he called me to meet him but now i just got no clue of his whereabouts at all!!God knows where he is and what he's thinking right now!!"(left from there after having placed a note next to the wine she had brought for the both of them)

~Bharti's place~

Bharti:(on her landlin, wireless phone)Mayu, kaha ho tum yaar?
Mayank:Tumhaare ghar ke darwaaze ke saamne..Jaldi khol yaar,kabse khada hoon??
Bharti:Kya???(opened her home door and hung up)Uffo Mayu, tum ghanti toh bajaa sakte the na?
Mayank:Haan, par yeh expression miss karta na...I just loved the silliness and irritated expression of your's!!(came inside)
Bharti:Very funny!!!Nihu kahaa hain?
Mayank:Bata nahin Bharti...(sounded different)Kabse usse phone kar raha hoon par woh hain ke phone uthaa nahin rahin hain...(got inside and Bharti locked the door)
Bharti:Sab theekh toh hain na Mayu?
Mayank:I hope so, yaar...I mean, isse pehle Nihu kabhi aisa nahin kiya tha...Bata nahin ki koi parishaani ki wja hain ke nahin..(hung his coat on he chair at the dining table before helping Bharti with dinner)
Bharti:Damn it Mayu; i shouldn't have called you when you're so tensed up like this, yaar...
Mayank:Shut up Bharti!!You don't even know if anything was going to happen..Plus, i always wanted to spend a lil more time with Naina too...I'll get to do that tonight!!I want to see her room before she sees it...Come on na!!
Bharti:Lo.meri angel ka naam le liya aur woh aa gayi..It must be her!!Come...(opened the door and welcomed Bhaskar, Payal and Naina; Bharti knelt down and hugged her Naina. She carried her daughter inside and swirled her around)
Naina:Mama...Mamaaa!!!(Bharti stopped and hugged her tightly)
Bharti:I missed you so much, my princess..
Naina:Mama, i love you..
Bharti:What??Aww meri jaan, who taught you this?
Naina:(pointed to Payal and Bhaskar)I had lots of fun in London.. Mama, aapko toh bhi humaare saath honi chaahiye..
Bharti:What did you guyz do to my Naina,hmm??Goshh...(kissed Naina's forehead)
Bhaskar:Bharti, is there something on the stove?
Bharti:OMG!!!(rushed to the open kitchen just in time and Mayu helped her out, as Bhaskar and Payal remain amused at the plight)
Bhaskar:Bharti has not changed one bit...
Payal:It feels so good to be back home with her..Bhaskar, thanks for agreeing to return earlier..
Bhaskar:Come on Paayu, i was missing her badly as well...
Payal:I love you...
Bhaskar:I love you too...(stopped smiling as both of them saw Naina chuckling to herself)
Payal:Come Naina, let's change your clothes!!

~Armaan's place~

Armaan: Maa seriously, i'm quite sweaty..I need to change my clothes..
Sudha:Oh so, you're rushing me when you and Jiya have something to tell me, hmm?
Sudha:Jiya, are you going to spill it or are you going to do the honours, Armu?
Armaan:Maa, i'm seriously clueless here..Jiya, what's the deal here?
Jiya:Aunty,i'm..(looked hesitantly at Armaan but quickly looked back at Sudha)Aunty, Armaan and i were so prod of you for safeguarding this adorable baby...You must have heard of Raj's case na, Aunty?
Sudha:Yes, the hearing is tomorrow..Has the preparations by his lawyer been set?
Jiya:I'm afraid not, Aunty...According to Gaurav, chances are very slim and Raj's career could be very much evastated,,Aunty, i know you've been very fond of and well-versed with Uncle's amazing works of photography and you do know how formidable it is to land a career in fashion photography, right?I mean..Raj just have about 4 more months with this contract and both Armaan and i were thinking that if we..(Armaan closed his eyes in controlling his temper) If we could just take some photos with the baby girl you're taking care of, with the sole intention of helping Raj..
Sudha:WHAT???(Armaan opened his eyes and stood up)
Armaan:Maa, woh uth jaayegi...
Sudha:Yeh Jiya kya keh rahi hain Armaan?Kya yeh sach hain?Bolo,Armu!!(held his shoulder blades but let them go when she saw no attempt of a response from her son)OMG?What was i even thinking?That...that my son would ever change?That he wouldn't hide any more secrets after his contract marriage to Bharti?No Armaan, you can never change at all!!You really make me feel so useless in my life, do you know that but you know what?Do as you wish!!!(went to her room but got stopped by Jiya)
Jiya:Aunty,please ruk jaayiye..Yeh sab meri soc hain, please aap...
Sudha:(withdrew her hands from her wrist)Excuse me, Jiya!!(went to er room)
Jiya: (went to Armaan)Armaan, cme on yaar..Meri baat sunn aur Aunty ko manaaoo yaar...Main yeh sab kuch humaare Raj ke liye kar rahi hoon..Mere saah toh do Armu, please...
Armaan:Just keep quiet, Jiya!!!Maa has lost total faith in me ever since my marriage to Bharti..I have neer hidden anything from my Maa before and you know that very well Jiya...(Armaan wiped his ears hile Jiya almost wept) I've told you several times that i'm not going to be part of your ploy to use the baby for photo-shoots to help Raj. We can think of something else for Raj or else we'll always be by his side no matter what the outcome may be...Right now, i don't want to talk about anything which may make me regret my actions..We'll talk at MU tomorrow..Just go from here!!(Jiya left from there)Papa, i'm so sorry that i've brought tears to my Maa's eyes once all over again. I've broken her heart deeply but not any more..(thought of his relation with Shreya, his past relationship with Bharti and closed his eyes whilst Sudha looked on)

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