Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 272~

Mayank:Bhaskar, it's nothing...
Bhaskar:Sure??But you seem so disturbed...
Bharti:Yeah, go ahead and lie to him..Bhasku, Nihu's not picking up his calls and he's very worried...
Bhaskar:Uffo Mayank,just relax..I've done that a zillion times to Payal but she's so cool with it by now...
Payal:Thatz cuz i've gotten accustomed to that habit of your's..But have you both tried the landline number?Maybe she's at home..She won't be out without telling you na Mayu..
Mayank:Thanks for the consolaton Payal but she's not at home as well...
Bharti:Damn it yaar, i shouldn't have invited you for dinner, Mayu; at least you wouldn't be so consumed by so much of worry over dinner...
Mayank:Bharti, it's nothing like that yaar...Today, i got to know how much you love your princess Naina and how right i was in picking you as my assistant at Trends!!No one, especially Gyaan would have fit the bill perfectly..Oh God, i've got to go since it's really late...Sorry everyone!!
Bhaskar:Now i wish we had arrived earlier; we didn't even realize how time flew so quickly...Just keep us updated on Niharika,k?(Mayank wased the plates and his hands before bidding goodbye to Naina; Bharti walked him outside)
Bharti:Mayu, i know how Nihar is..Maybe it's some work tension or else she would never ignore your calls yaar..
Mayank:I just hope so too Bharti..She's very protective of me and now look at her!!
Bharti:Uffo Mayu,trust me..She must be home bynow...
Mayank:(opened his car door)Bharti, i ad no idea you made such great food...You are ecoming a great single mum in the process...Radhika would have been so proud of you@@(drove way)
Bharti:Bye Mayu..Drive safely!!(her smile faded upon the mention of Radhika's name)
Mayank:Damn it!!I just grow so weak when i remember Radhika in front of Bharti...

~Jiya's room~

Jiya practically hurled all her books on the floor and she almost screamed at her maid to leave her alone. She cried out of frustration, feeling so helpless and disappointed in herself for fighting so selfishly for Raj for she found no other way out. She fell asleep by the edge of the bed after some time, wit some traces of her dried tears.

~Mahi's place~

Sonali:What took you so long by the way,yaar?
Mahi:Long?(looked elsewhere subtly but instantly replied)It must be your illusion, Sonu...
Sonali:Is it so?
Sonali:Hhmm,waise how's everything with you and Mayank?
Sonali:You heard me right!!You thought you can hide things from me?ME???
Mahi:And what about you?You can hide matters about you and Pushpak,hmm??
Sonali:oh toh kuch bhi nahin hain lekin tum aur Mayank???
Mahi:There's nothing going on between me or him, definitely not now since both of us have decided to stay away from each other..!!
Sonali:What is this yaar?
Mahi:Got a phone call...
Sonali:Is it Mayank regretting about his decision??
Mahi:(sounded alarmed)It's Raj!!Shouldn't he be asleep by now??
Sonali:Or with someone,hmm??
Mahi:Sshh...Let me see!!(picked up his call)Raj?It's 1 am here for God's sake..Is everything ok? Hello???(heard some distractions and a girl's voice and suddenly the call got disconnected)
Sonali:Kya hua Raj ko?
Mahi:Bata nahin par i hope sab theekh ho...
Sonali:(laid down on the bed next to Mahi)Me too...I'm worried for him as well!!!I jut hope he earns the justice he requires!!!

~Bharti's place~

Payal and Bhaskar have slept in with Naina, as what Bharti had claimed to have seen from her bedroom. Bharti was so glad that she made Naina so much happier than she could have ever been, based on the times she had spent with her adopted daughter. She knew that it's dificult to maintain her responsibilities as a single parent but as far as she's concerned, she has still so much left to do for Naina. She washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Just after that, she opened the refrigerator door to open a bottle of Sprite and headed towards the top, to her balcony. However, just when she reached, she was appalled to see someone whom she felt she had not seen in months to come--KK!!!

Bharti closed her eyes and was about to head downstairs but KK called her.

KK:Ab kahaa bhaagne ki koshish kar rahe ho tum, Bharti???

~Armaan's place~

Armaan locked his room door and dusted off his family album which not only consituted his family photograph but also his wedding photographs--his contract marriage to Bharti, the one relation which changed him totally, for good or for worse. He couldn't bring himself to burn the one photograph which he felt attached to. He recalled the day when he and Bharti went to the lighthouse and took some beautiful pictures after carving their names together. He assumed that if he was to go now, he would still see their names carved together.

~Bharti's balcony~

She was about to go, thinking it to be an illusion but lil did she expect a familiar, manly voice which she hadn't heard in months at least and was relieved of. She closed her eyes, feeling irked by hearing his voice, knowing that he would never forget to menion Armaan. Bharti opened her eyes and turned around to face KK.

KK:Hi Bharti.. Tumhe itni bhi jaldi kya hain?
Bharti:Tum ahaa kar kya rah ho,huh KK?Mujhe toh ek pal ke liye laga ta ki tum hamesha ke liye chalaa gaya hoga lekin tum toh abhi tak mere peeche padhe ho..
KK:Kya karoo, Bharti??Humaara rishtha hain hi aisa ki woh itne jaldi thodi na thoot sakta hain..
Bharti:Kya matlab hain tumhaara,hmm?Zindagi bhar mujhe chain se jeene nahin doge, kya?
KK:Ab maine aisa kab kaha, Bharti?Aur tum itne zorr se baat kyun kar rahe ho,hmm?Naina uth jaayegi...
Bharti:Tumhe ab mujhse kya kaam hain,hmm?Aur ab please Armaan ke aur mere prem katha shuru matt karna kyunki uski sagaai hone waala hain aur woh bhi Shreya ke saath,samjhe?
KK:(flashed his classic smile)Armaan agar apne sagaai ke khabar se agar itna hi khush hota toh woh ab Rheo Pub mein kar kya raha hain??
Bharti:(numb wih shock) Armaan Rheo Pub mein?Woh wahaa iss waqt? Nahin, aisa nahin ho sakta..Tum jhooth bol rahe ho na??
KK:Main tumse kyun jhooth kahunga, Bharti??Usne toh tumhaari aur uski shaadi ki tasveerein jalah diya tha aur Rheo Pub jaane se pehle aur oh bhi apne Maa ke jaankaari ke bina....Saare gham bhoolne ke liye woh tumhaare raasta apnaane ki koshish kar raha hain...
Bharti:Contract shaadi ki saari tasveerein??Mom ko pata chalegi toh woh kya sochegi Armaan ke baarein mein?
KK:Ab bhi fikr karte ho Armaan ke liye? Maano ya na maano Bharti, tumhaare chehre par ye jo ghabraahat ke boond se saaf bata chal raha hain ki tum aaj bhi Armaan se..
Bharti:Stop it KK!!!Main Armaan se pyaar nahin kar hoon aur naahi mere dil mein kisi ke liye jagah hain..Main yahaa sirf..
KK:Bharti, tumhaare zindagi mein bohat saare cheezein hain, log hain jo tumse bohat pyaar karte hain...Kya tum apne ateet ko bhulaana pasand nahin karoge?Tum hamesha Armaan ko salah dete ho aage badhne ke liye par tumne kabh apni zindagi mein kar kya rahe ho? Tum toh apne ateet mein atke huwe ho, Bharti!!
Bharti:(turned away and shut her ears)Just go away!!!!Leave me alone...(opened her eyes but as she turned, KK was no longer there)Iss KK ko mere baarein mein itna sab kuch kaise bata chalta hain aur mere ateet ke baarein mein koi nahin jaanta sivaayi Mayank...Ohh teri!!!Armaan Rheo Pub mein hain; mujhe usse rokna hoga!!(took her jacket and left)

~Mahi's place~

Sonali:Mahi...(nudged Mahi)Mahi??
Sonali:Mahi, tum so gayi ho kya?
Mahi:(switched on the side lamp)Tujhe toh main...Kya hain Sonu??Sone waali ko uthaa kar poochthe hoki so gaye ke nahin..Kya hain??
Sonali: Oh come on, i know you are not asleep..
Mahi:At least i was trying to, unlike you, tossing and turning around in bed..
Sonali:Ok fine but that's how i sleep but what's your prob now?Still thinking of Raj?
Mahi:How did you figure?
Sonali:Excuse me, i'm your best friend,hmm?
Mahi:Who am i kidding?I'm still thinking of Raj, about his preliminary hearing tomorrow, the phone call just now and the girl's voice..Didn't sound like Niharika though but i could be wrong as well...I mean, shouldn't he be with Niharika, hmm?It's so clear that he's really smitten by her..
Sonali:That's what we think but yaar, we're not even sure if she fancies him back na..Even if she does, do you even think that Mayank will even allow Raj near his sis,hmm?
Mahi:What's wrong with our Raj,hmm?And why do you have to bring Mayank in our conversations every now and then??
Sonali:Uffo Mahi, main toh bas aise hi keh rahi thi yaar...Acha baba,sorry!!Par ab kya?
Mahi:(sat upright and looked at Sonu)Raj par focus kare?
Sonali:Let's try calling him..Just dial his number, let's see who picks up..
Mahi:Paagal ho gaye ho kya?
Sonali:Arre yaar, bata toh chale ke woh...(took Mahi's mobile and started dialling) Ke woh aakhir kiske saath hain..
Mahi:Theekh hain, pehle speaker par rakho..
Sonali:Acha??Toh tumhe bhi dilchaspi hain jaanne ki,hhmm?Kk...Sshh!!(Mahi nudged her to speak up)Hello..(heard a female voice)Hi, Raj hain kya wahaa pe?
Khushi:Raj so raha hain..Actually bohat nasha ke haalat mein hain toh maine usse..Ek min, main kahin uski girlfriend,Niharika se baat toh nahin kar rahin hoon?Niharika, main Khushi bol rahi hoon,hmm??(Sonali and Mahi instantly covered each other's mouths respectively in deep shock)Woh thoda zyaada parishaan tha aur iss liye..Lekin tum please fikr matt karo...Woh toh kal tak theekh ho jaayega..(Sonali disconnected the call instantly and both of them removed their hands, feeling as though they couldn't face each other but they looked at each other)
Sonali:She didn't just call us Niharika,did she?
Mahi:Eww,she did...I can't even imagine that but how come she's here?She's supposed to be with Niyati and Nidhi in London, na??Don't tell me something's wrong with either of them that she came to meet Raj..
Sonali:Uffo, how are we supposed to know why or how she's here??Filhaal,let's sleep..
Mahi:Ab kya khaaqh neend aayegi,Sonu...(both of them nevertheless laid down on the bed)

~Rheo Pub~

Bharti looked around everywhere before walking proressively towards the bartender's table where people were being served their drinks. Thankfully, she found an empty seat next to Armaan who was looking at the dance floor without being aware of Bharti's presence. Bharti had ordered fruit punch and exchanged it with Armaan's drink without his realization. Bharti drank the Scotch Armaan had initially ordered and paid for the two drinks. Just then, Armaan turned and saw Bharti having sat beside him and whispered to him, "Get back home. This is not where you belong for Mom must be waiting for you. You're here without her knowledge so get back home," and she left from there to get an autorickshaw. But before she could do so, Armaan came out, having held her arms intensely and looking at her passionately in the eyes which soon converted to anger upon recollecting how he burnt his memories of his and Bharti's contract marriage photographs.

Armaan:Kya tum mera peecha kar rahe the, Bharti, huh?(Bharti simply looked at him)Tumhe kaise pata ki main yahaa hoon?(Bharti looked down to her left and to her right before looking back at him)Bataao mujhe!
Bharti:(hesitated and gave an excuse)Main woh guzar...Guzar rahi thi aur tumhaare gaadi dekh liya tha..
Bharti:Toh...Toh maine bas aise hi confirm karne ke liye andar aa gayi thi..Mom parishaan ho rahi hongi ghar par toh tumhe chalna chaahiye..
Armaan:(loosened his grip) Tumhe itni fikr kyun hain mere liye, Bharti?Hum dono theekh tarha se baat bhi nahin kar rahe hain toh phir itni parwa karne ki kya zaroorat hain aur woh bhi mere ya phir Maa ke liye??Yeh dhong rachaane ki kya zaroorat hain??
Bharti:Tum kaisi baat kar rahe ho Armaan??Mujhe Mom ki fikr hamesha se hain aur iss liye aaj main tumhe peene se rok rahi thi..Mom tumhaare baarein mein kya sochegi?Ki unke bete khush nahin hain aur kamzor hain??
Armaan:Meri Maa mere baarein mein jo kuch bhi soche, isse tumhe kya lena dena???Tumhaare mutaabik toh hum dono ke beech pehle jaise ab koi bhi rishtha nahin hain toh tum meri Maa ki fikr kyun kar rahi ho?Tum yeh matt bhoolna ki ab tum unki bahu nahin ho..Shreya ab meri Maa ki bahu banne waali hain..Aur ab tumhe us ghar mein koi jagah nahin hain,samjhi??
Bharti:Par woh toh meri Mom hain..Tum aisi baat kyun...(her eyes got welled up)
Armaan:Aaj main tumhaare saath woh har ek naata thodna chahtha hoon jo humein kisi bhi tarha jod tha hain...Khaas kar Maa ke saath!!Main yeh sab kuch hosh mein keh raha hoon aur iss liye tum yeh baatein bilkul bhi halke se mat lena..Dosti toh kab ke khatam ho chuke hain, toh ab Mom aur beti ki rishtha khatam ho jaayegi...Ek badlaav ke liye hi sahi, main keh deta hoon,Bharti..Aage baho apne zindagi mein kyunki hum dono ke beech agar kuch bhi baha hain toh woh sirf nafrat aur anjaana pann hain..Sirf woh dono cheez bacha hain aur woh sirf iss liye kyunki tumne apne mu pher liya tha khushiyon se..Main bhi kitna bewakoof tha yeh sochtha raha ki jo maine che saal mehsoos kiya tha..(Bharti's eyes widened in shock and a fat tear dropped on her cheek)Woh pyaar adh jaayega..Main ab..(cringed his nose) Main ab tumhe yeh kyun samjhaa rahin hoon?Kaash main woh contract shaadi naa kiya hota toh phir yeh sab kuch nahin hua hota..Yeh pyaar dobara nahin hua hopi nahin jijkega..(received an urgent text message from Khushi to reach Raj's place as soon as possible)
KK:(saw Bharti leaving in an auto)Tumhe kya pata Bharti ki aage kya hone waala hain...Ki yehi paristhiti tum dono ko aur kareeb kaane waale hain..Tum pyaar mein dhoob rahe ho,Bharti aur tumhe Armaan ka dard dekha nahin jaa raha tha, phir bhi boha koshish kiya tumne apne aansooun ko rokne ke liye..Na Armaan tuhe bhoolega aur naahi koi rishtha thootega tum dono ke beech!!(vanished)

~Raj's Place:An Hour Later~

Khushi:Thank God Bharti that you came..
Bharti:What happened to Raj?
Khushi:I had come here to surprise Raj but all i saw when i reached here was an inebriated Raj on his bed without his home door locked..When i went to his room, i see a wine bottle which has not ben opened as of yet..
Bharti:Someone must have come, accompanied him to his place..
Khushi:(sounded excited)Could it be Niharika??It could be her,na??
Bharti:No wonder....Mayank had tried calling her so many times today but she wasn't picking up..She must have spent time with Raj but..
Khushi:But what, Bharti?
Bharti:The expensive bottle is left untouched and Raj's drunk..Something's amiss,Khushi..I better call Mayank and ask if Nihar's reached home..
Khushi:Hey, how come Mayank isn't aware of his sister's whereabouts??Sorry to ask but doesn't he know about Raj and Niharika,hmm??
Bharti:NO!!He doesn't!!And don't even utter anything in front of him or even anyone else...
Khushi:Are you serious??I mean, they're like so into each other,Bharti..Juz check out this note!!
Bharti:What note?
Khushi:No idea,just stumbled upon it and guess who wrote it..Niharika was here after all...It's her signature!!
Bharti:Yeah it is..Gosh, it seemed like she had been waiting for hours for him here before she left without seeing him...So who brought him here??
Khushi:No idea, Bharti but if he's in this state, he wouldn't even be prepared for his preliminary hearing tomorrow!!
Bharti:Oh freak!!Let's get started on the preparations for him...(Khushi agreed)

~Next Day~

Raj got awakened by the constant nudgings of Bharti while Khushi prepared coffee for the three of them. Bharti had no option but to hit him with the spare pillow to wake him up forcefully such that he realized Bharti's presence. However, Khushi's smile and wave did the magic on him after all as he blinked his eyes in disbelief.

Raj:Khushi? What the..What are you doing here??
Khushi:Guess, Raj..
Raj:Bharti? Why aren't you at home to yur princess??
Bharti: Don't think too much, Raj..I'll freshen up and come..
Raj:Freshen up? You were here at my place the whole night?? What was I doing then??
Bharti:Chill, Raj..You were drunk!! And Khushi stayed the night as well..Let me freshen up and then we can get going for the preliminary hearing..(went to the washroom and all if a sudden, Raj freaked out; he stood up after shoving his mattress aside and placed his coffee mug aside) How could I have forgotten about the whole thing??(walked to and fro in a quick pace but Khushi stopped him)

Raj:I'm not prepared at all..I'm super screwed up yaar..
Khushi:Stop it, Raj..I'm here to help you!!
Raj:You what??
Khushi:But I'm highly disappointed in you by the way..How could you have kept Niharika waiting for hours last night, hmm?? She bought you an expensive bottle of wine and from what I know from Bharti, she wasn't even picking her brother's callls..And why haven't you two informed anyone about your feelings, hmm??
Raj:Oh damnn!! She should realky stop with these surprise visits; how am I supposed to know that she's going to be here?? And you, Khushi..No one knows, ok?? Not even Bharti or even Jiya; both of us didn't want to tell anyone at the moment for we're not even aware of what it is between us.
Khushi:I doubt Bharti doesn't know cuz both of us supposedly stumbled upon this note..
Raj:(eyes widened) She left a note?
Khushi:Go on..Read it and get your day started!!(drank from her coffee mug)
Raj:Tell me Khushi, how's Niyati and Nidhi??
Khushi:Extremely safe and sound in my place at London..
Raj:You have some work that you had to fly here??
Khushi:Bharti had called me here..She thought I could help yoy and here I am, at your service! !
Raj:Thanks Khushi but right now, I don't know what to do..I'm not prepared at all!!
Khushi:I've talked to your lawyer, Gaurav and both of us have high hopes!!
Bharti:You trust Khushi, don't you??
Raj:I do but..
Bharti:No buts, Mr Raj Malhotra..Go and get changwd!! We've got a hearing in an hour's time!!(texted Payal about the situation at Raj's place and to take care of Naina and after that she messaged Mayank that she'll be heading for Raj's preliminary hearing before heading to Trends)


Raj was accompanied by both Khushi and Bharti who had reached there before the scheduled time, motivating him to keep his hopes up and not feel discouraged and regardless of the outcome, they'll bring him out of the mess. They waited for Gaurav who appeared with his file consisting of colore Post-its to remind him of his key points. When Khushi questioned him on the chances of victory, Gaurav seemed grim. Raj was almost losing it but Bharti held his arm affirmatively. Soon, Armaan reached and Jiya followed suit after some time.

Jiya:Armaan, Raj will win tbis case for sure..Look at these photographs..
Armaan:(murmured) Jiya, what the hell did you do?? You took the photos of the baby? And that too without Maa's or her colleague's authorization letter??What were you even thinking??
Jiya:Ok, look..I just wanted to save Raj's career..
Armaan:And that's why a lawyer was apparently hired!!
Jiya:I'm not so sure of that from the last time I talked to him..He sounded tensed and wasn't even specifying any details..
Armaan:Shut up, Jiya..You were the one who said he was good and now. I'm not going to let you present this before the court!!
Jiya:Damn you, Armaan!! (all raised as the judge appeared and sat; ; everyone sat down)

~ Trends~

Mayank was waiting for Bharti's call regarding Raj's case. He just hoped all went well in Raj's favor. Meanwhile, Ash entered his cabin, providing him the list of his scheduled appointments for the day.

Mayank:Who is this Mr Uday?
Ash:Mayank sir, you had scheduled an appointment with him at the last minute. .I believe he's a fashion consultant who's been waitingto meet you..He's from London, Dolce Fashions, the UK franchise??
Mayank:Oh yes, thanks for reminding me...You can go now!!
Ash:Mayank sir, isn't Bharti around?
Mayank:Ms Bharti, hmm??
Ash:I'm sorry...Ms Bharti..
Mayank:Is there anything you need from her??
Ash:No sir, , it's nothing..She's not here this morning hence I asked..She's such a bubble of inspiration at times that it brings a smile on our faces.. (Mayank noticed the subtle sarcasm in Ash's tone and pretended he knew nothing)
Mayank:Ash, it's great to know that Bharti had already sprinkled her charm on you..Trust me, as days go by,you'll just figure her out,hmm? Now get back to work and bring me the files of Dolce Fashions!! (Ash left with a sulken face)

~ Courtroom ~

Gaurav implicitly tackled the prosecuting lawyer who was openly accusing Raj and providing him a certificate of an irresponsible fshion photographer who's unable to take care of the baby he's in charge of. Despite several allegations, Gaurav questioned the possibility of nullifying the contract if some tragic incident were to happen to Nidhi but sadly, it didn't work in his favor. However, it was Bharti's quick thinking for a short recess and Khushi's idea of presenting a live testimony from Niyati in London post the recess. Buttering up the judge was no easy feat but she allowed a live testimony from Niyati who talked away just as Khushi and Gaurav prepped her and voila, Raj's defamation preliminary hearing ended on a good note. Raj was numb with shock but Bharti made him stand upright and raised her eyebrows at him. His eyes welled up and he smiled, hugging Bharti tightly and shaking her to her left and right, catching the attention of Armaan, Gaurav and Khushi, especially Jiya who stood shocked!!!

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