Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 273 ~

Armaan:Sorry but...
Mahi:It kinda happened when I realized Sonali was looking at you and Bharti from a distance by her side..


Pushpak:Did you ever think Armaan stopped loving Bharti??
Sonali:No, he didn't..He has truly loved her!!
Pushpak:And what about Bharti?? Didn't she feel his love at all and harbour the same emotions??
Sonali:She has never loved Armaan and if she did, she would have confessed her feelings..Congratz by the way; I heard you hooked up with a girl..
Pushpak:(felt awkward)Thanks..Sonu...
Sonali:Did you even think I wouldn't figure out?? Sonali is the name by the way..And as far as your plot is concerned, it is always a mistake to run back to the past and some love stories should rather remain incomplete!! Such as ours and the one shared between Armaan and Bharti!! (Bharti had already left then; Pushpak left in disappointment and Sonali was shocked to see both Mahi and Raj) Excuse me..
Mahi:How can you do this, Sonu? Everyone deserves a second chance..Pls yaar!! (Sonali kept walking)
Raj:Heyy,you'll be coming for the party, right??
Mahi:(hit Raj real hard) Raj!!!! What the hell yaar...!!! (~End of Flashback~)

Armaan:Oh God, mujhe laga tha ki ek problem suljhaane ke baad ab sab kuch theekh hoga lekin yahaa toh maamla gambhir ho gaya hain!! Lekin hum kya kar sakte hain, Mahi?? Kabhi kabhi humein kisi aur ke zindagi mein interfere nahin karna chaahiye, chaahe woh humaare kitne kareeb kyun naa ho..
Mahi:Yeh tum mujhse keh rahe ho, Armaan??(looked intently at him)
Armaan:Haan!! Kyunki yeh unki zindagi hain aur unhe jeene dena chaahiye..
Mahi:Tum toh aise sochthe tak nahin ho, Armaan..Aise achanak??
Armaan:Zindagi mein aksar achanak hi bohat saare lamhaa paaya jaata hain jiske liye hum tayyaar nahin rehte hain.. (just then, there was a knock on Armaan's cabin door) Come in..
Shreya:Hi Armaan.. (hugged him tightly in front of Mahi and withdrew after realizing Mahi's presence) Oops, I didn't see you, Mahi..Hii!!
Mahi:Hm aksar pyaar mein log andhe bhi hote hain..Mazak kar rahi hoon!! (Armaan and Shreya smiled)
Shreya:Chale Armaan?
Armaan:Mahi, main Shreya ke saath lunch karne jaa raha hoon..Tum chaloge??
Mahi:Armaan...Main tum dono ke beech thodi na haddi bannaa chaahungi..Tum dono niklo, bye!!
Armaan:Bye.. (Jiya smiled but Sonu, Mahi and Raj who saw them, weren't too pleased)
Raj:Emergency meeting Sonu and Mahi, in my cabin!!
Sonali:Yeh Raj ko kya ho gaya hain achanak?? Jiya, you coming??
Jiya:Not now..I have some urgent work to do.. (rushed to meet Amarjeet)
Raj:Inside my cabin!! (locked the door)
Mahi:What's the matter, Raj??
Raj:Don't you two realize it??Armaan and Jiya are fighting it out and that too because of Bharti.. (told them everything of what happened between him and Jiya and how Jiya took the whole situation)
Mahi:But Bharti did save your career so why is she feeling so bad??
Sonali:Come on Mahi..Just imagine if someone were to come in between you and me, how would you feel??
Mahi:Ok, so she's feeling neglected, ignored and unwanted..So, the issue now has to be resolved asap before it deepens even further..
Raj:Right, so be creative and start giving me some great ideas..
Sonali:There he starts his bossy attitude!! (Raj mildly hit her head) Heyy!! (Sonu hit him back)
Raj:Stop, I just got my freedom back, so I've got the rights to be bossy!!
Mahi:Uff teri ada..
Sonali:Lollx Mahi, stop!!He's flying already..
Mahi:Come, Sonu..
Raj:Chal jaa..Baad mein tujhse teri break-up ke hisaab rakna bhi hain party mein.. (Sonu and Mahi left from there)

~Trends ~
Bharti:(wiped her tears) Just hold on..I'm coming!! (opened her cabin door) Nihar?? Hii..Come in..
Niharika:Sorry Bharti that I'm disturbing you now..Mayu isn't aware that I'm here..
Bharti:Ok, why is that so??
Niharika:Hey,were you crying?
Bharti:No, I wasn't..
Niharika:Hmm then it has got to be my illusion..
Bharti:Ok, so what brought you to Raj's place last night, hmm??
Niharika:Sshh...How did you know??
Bharti:Your note and the unopened expensive bottle of wine..Kuch hua tha kya??
Niharika:Another girl brought him back home, totally drunk..He didn't see me at all and I just felt so flabbergasted at his impulsive nature..The girl took off his shoes and laid him gently on his bed and I just left from there in anger..
Bharti:Oh dear Nihu..He was going through an awful ordeal for the past few days and his preliminary hearing was today!! (Bharti told her everything)
Niharika:OMG!! That's such great news but..How did it slip my mind?? Oh freak..OMG Bharti. .I should text him right away..He must be so happy na??
Bharti:(disconnected Nihar's call to Raj) Tum itna pyaar karte ho Raj se??
Niharika:Pyaar..Nahin toh..Tum paagal ho gaye ho kya?? Main bas ek dost ke naate usse congratulate karna chahthi hoon..Bas koi aur baat nahin hain..
Bharti:Acha?? (smiled subtly) Theekh hain..Jaise tum kaho..Mera boss mera intezaar kar raha hoga..Aur haan, tum Ritz Hotel aaj raat pohanch jaana, theekh hain?? Aaj maine aur Khushi ne milkar Raj ke liye ek victory bash rakhi hain..Tum zaroor aana, hmm?? Main chalti hoon!!
Niharika:Ok, bye.. (sat by her desk for a while before she stumbled upon a crushed pic on the floor)Armaan? Bharti ke paas Armaan aur Bharti ke tasveer? Bohat pyaare lag rahe hain dono.. (kept it back on Bharti's desk and left quietly from there)

Shreya:Bharti??? Chali gayi? Hum dono toh saath mein jaane waale the.. (murmyred) Armaan aur Bharti ki tasveer? Bohat pyaare lag rahe hain dono.. (her smile widened upon seeing Armaan and she began to fantasize about her engagement to her best friend, the best possible thing that could have happened to her apart from Trends)

~Men's Universe~
Raj:Hi Armaan..
Armaan:Hey..Sorry, juz got a lil busy..
Raj:Yeah, I totally get it dude  Don't ever forget you're a man, after all..
Armaan:(confused) What??
Raj:Nothing..Sonu broke up with Pushpak, you and Jiya are fighting because of the girl who saved my career..Looks like I've got to keep myself busy as well..
Armaan:We are not, Raj..
Raj:Seriously?Cuz she feels neglected, Armaan..She only cared for your happiness and mine too..At least she tried but you had undermined all her efforts..She feels you behaved as such only because of Bharti..
Armaan:How can you agree to that, Raj? She gave you your career back..I couldn't have asked God for more..She did the most unexpected of things to help you out, so how can you or Jiya put the entire blame on Bharti?? I had wronged her yet again last noght but she still had your back!!!
Raj:What? What did you do? Pls, pls, pls don't tell me that you did something stupid.. (upon Raj's persistence, Armaan told him everything from burning the wedding photographs to severing Bharti's bond with Sudha) Are you seriously out of your mind?? Does burning your wedding photographs make you forget her?What were you thinking?? And..and who the hell do you think you are to break the strong, emotional bond between a mom and a daughter whoch had grown, having takeb its natural course over the six months plus you two had been togerher?? Armaan, this is something you should change abour yourself!! You keeping your emotions bottled inside and not letting Bharti or Shreya know anything will only deteriorate the situation..Don't make me say that I didn't help or warn you before!! (Armaan sat down on his chair and buried his head in his palms) Dude,i'm sorry..I just..Ok, ok let's forget Bharti and focus on Jiya..
Armaan:Raj, Jiya's right to an extent because Bharti has become an inevitable part of me!! I can't let her enter my life the third time..This is enough!!I can't handle that Maa and Jiya are unhappy with me because of Bharti..I can't give in to my emotions anymore!!
Raj:So you mean this is it?? Nothing matters any longer??
Armaan:You're right!! (grabbed the photographs) Nothing in my life matters except for...(paused for a while) Maa, Jiya and Shreya..Talk to you later!!
Raj:Another trouble to the list. I can never become the serious, concerned friend at all!! Ladte raho, door raho apne pyaar se, Armaan..Big deal!!! (went to his cabin)

~ Glaxo Auditorium~
Bharti accompanied Mayank to meet Mr Uday and they talked, introducing Bharti to seberal other delegates and international consultants. Mayank excused himself while Bharti mingled with Mr Uday.

Uday:Ms Bharti, I do feel that we've seen each other before..
Bharti:Really? I'm not sure Sir as this is the first time I'm meeting you.. (smiled) You might have mistaken me for someone else!!
Uday:Maybe..But I surely feel that I've seen you some time back, no idea exactly when..But anyways, it'll be great to work with you and your team!!
Bharti:Sure, it will be, Sir!! (gladly agreed and Mayank joined them, signing a deal with Dolce & Fashions)

Soon, Mayank and Bharti were headed to leave from there.

Mayank:I specifically told Shreya to tag along but God knows where she is..
Bharti:I checked her desk..Ishaan told me that she went off already and I thought she would be here with you..
Mayank:(shook his head) Sometimes she just gets on my nerves.
Bharti:FYI, Ash is no less..
Mayank:Not bad..You're getting along at Trends.. (smiled at Bharti before realizing he had bumped into Sonali but caught her arm just in the nick of time)
Bharti:Sonu? Mahi? Hi gurlz..
Mahi:Sonu!! (Mahi was irked by the fact that Sonu was admiring Mayank for having saved her but Mahi pulled Sonali, making her stand upright) Sonu!! (Bharti got amused just by looking at both Sonu and Mahi)
Sonali:Mayank, it was really sweet of you to catch me just in time..Thanks!!! You've got great arms by the way.. (Mahi was bewildered and she instantly pinched her) Ouch..Mahi!! What the hell, yaar..
Mahi:(ignored her) Hi Bharti..
Sonali:Oh hi Bharti..I didn't notice you..
Bharti:Surely you didn't since you were busy admiring Mayank's arms..
Sonali:Nothing of the sort, Bharti..
Bharti:So what brought you two here??
Mahi:We had a meeting with Mr Uday, a client of ours..
Bharti:What a strange coincidence na, Mayank..We too had a meeting with him just now..So how's Raj?
Mahi:So much thanks to you and Khushi that he's back in MU in the creative newsletter team..It's not that our team mean nothing but without Raj, we are practically deemed dead meat!!
Mayank:(murmured) So much for independence..
Mahi:Excuse me? What did you just say??
Bharti:Nothing, Mahi..Don't mind him..On behalf of Raj, Mayank will personally like to invite you both to Raj's party!! (Both Mayank and Mahi looked at Bharti and Sonali respectively before looking at each other)
Mayank:Bharti, let's make a move as we have other meetings pending..
Bharti:Sure, but give me 2 minutes, pls??
Mayank:Just 2 minutes. .I'll be waiting in the car..
Bharti:Ok sire!! (Mayank left) Okay gurls,i've got a surprise planned for Raj and I need your help!!
Mahi:Bharti, he does know about the party that you and Khushi have planned..
Bharti:But what hw has yet to know is of another surprise I have in mind..This is the perfect time for him to revel in moments of romanticism..
Sonali:OMG Bharti!! With Niharika seriously??
Bharti:Well I don't know for sure but it is definitely a gift to them both ro spend time together!!
Mahi:Sounds impractical at the moment, Bharti..Cuz I'm pretty much sure of Mayank disapproving of Raj being with Niharika, hmm??
Bharti:Mahi, no one knows for sure what's between Raj and Niharika..But I wish to gift them an opportunity for them to spend time together without Mayank's knowledge..The plan is.. (Bharti looked at her smartphone) The plan is to deviate Mayank, divert his attention; bring him to  the dance floor and we'll trap him into dancing with us and in that short span, both of them would sneak out of the parry to some place else, hmm??
Sonali:Sounds promising, Bharti..
Bharti:Okie greay, I gotta go..Itz Ritz Hotel, just be there on time, k? If there's any changes in the plans,I'll inform you gurlz..Uff, Mayu must be waiting, see ya gurlz at Ritz!! (turned to go)
Mahi:(muttered) I don't believe her, Sonu..
Sonali:Itz an amazing plan na, Mahi..
Mahi:I'm not dancing with that sadoo!!
Sonali:I'll be dancing for sure..I wonder how it'll be like..
Mahi:Sonu, you just broke up with Pushpak, for God's sake!!
Sonali:Do you think I care?? He's lost me for good..And he's hooked up with someone else, FYI!!
Sonali:Whatever it may be, let's do this for Raj's sake..He deswrves this much of happiness for tonight, yaar..
Sonali:Oh come on yaar, ek dance mein kya jaayega, huh??
Bharti:(turned around, waved to them before heading inside the lift) Aaj kisi bhi tarha Mayu aur Mahi ki dosti ki shuruvat karni hogi..Kab tak aise chalti rahegi?? Dekhthe hain ke Mayank kya karta hain..Main yeh maukw ka poora faayda zaroor uthaaongi!!

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