Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, August 19, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 274~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 274~

Mayank:Tumhe woh sab kehne ki kya zaroorat thi?
Mayank:Itni bhi bholi banne ki koi zaroorat nahin hain..
Bharti:Well,it was a formal invitation,Mayank and i thought it would be wonderful to actually say it on your behalf..It's something refreshing!!
Mayank:Not for me,Bharti!!Raj's your friend and you saved his career with the help of Khushi..I'm not coming for the party,hmm?
Bharti:What??This is freakin' crazy,Mayu...I invited them on your behalf and you won't be there?Stop acting childish..Put a stop to all these anti-social elements within you,yaar!!Surely it's not business related but a personal gathering..Something to celebrate,something we used to do a lot often few years back with..(paused for a long while) 
Bharti:You tell me to forget our past so why aren't you implementing it in the first place??
Mayank:Fine,Bharti!!As you wish...
Mayank:Itna bhi khush matt ho..Main jaldi hi niklunga wahaa se...
Mayank:Bharti,we are at Trends now..It's Mayank now!!
Bharti:Sure Mayank sir...(both of them smiled as Mayank parked the car)We surely didn't expect to bump into Mahi,did we Mayank sir??(raised her eyebrow at her best friend)
Mayank:Get going before i change my mind,hmm??
Bharti:Ok ok alrite!!I'm going..Be at Ritz Hotel on time,k?(called up Niharika and told her of her secret plan)

~Jiya's cabin~

Armaan:I'm sorry???
Jiya:Shut up and go...I'm not talking to you..
Armaan:Yes you are,,(went in front and stood in her way)
Jiya:Armu,you...(paused as she looked up;Armaan gestured to her to smile as he pulled his ears to apologize)No!!(Raj and Pushpak saw them from a distance and were soon accompanied by Mahi and Sonali who were crossing their fingers for Jiya to forgive Armaan)
Sonali:Raj,what do you think?
Raj:Oh hi gurlz...Well,i obviously know that Jiya can't stay mad at Armaan for long and i can never be Armaan in her life..
Sonali:That's true..Heyy,let's do something..(Sonali told them to go one by one with a file,a mug of coffee, some chocolates and flowers and they did so, till Jiya realized what the foursome were up to)
Jiya:Raj,were you up to this?
Sonali:I was..Come on Jiya,Armaan hates it when you're mad at him..
Jiya:So why do things that annoy me?
Raj:In that case, i can also ask Armaan why he did certain things to piss Bharti off..
Jiya:What??He did what?(Raj bit his tongue and as he looked at Armaan, the latter shook his head)
Raj:Nothing..Anyways,i'm not mad at him but you..How could you not have agreed to Armaan?He was protecting you and you couldn't even see that..What you intended to submit, could have had possible legal consequences and put Sudha aunty's and her colleague's career and reputation at stake!!You wanted that,Jiya,hmm???
Jiya:No..Never!!I didn't think from her perspective!!!Damn it...I'm so sorry,Armu!!!(hugged Armaan)
Sonali:(whispered to Mahi)Wow..Raj's words did the charm!!
Mahi:(whispered back)Instead of your idea,hmm??(Sonu hit her elbow mildly and both girls left from there)
Pushpak:Great work,Raj..I'll get...(paused as he noticed Sonali having left already and Raj noticed him)
Raj:Come with me!!(both walked out silently towards Pushpak's work space)Dude,she's moved on and she's not going to come round..
Pushpak:She was right..My mum staged the whole thing to get rid of her in my life..She let me go and saw me with another girl and things worsened further..Basically i just feel i can't win her back at all!!
Raj:Get a life,Pushpak..Don't talk like a loser!!You acted like a jerk with her so don't think of winning her back...Look at her and Mahi working in my cabin..What do you think?Does she need you??
Pushpak:That doesn't mean i don't need her..I love her,Raj!!
Raj:You didn't act at the right time..Prove to me and her that you're worth every moment of her life..Then we can strike something..If not,make sure you move on and not get stuck in a rut like Armaan!!(Pushpak got confused as he looked at Raj talking to Mahi and Sonali,discussing about the the creative newsletter; he felt that he had to do something significantly challenging to win Sonali back)I'm not going to give up now!!

~Trends:Bharti's cabin~

Bharti:(picked up the call)Hello?
Mayank:Ms Bharti,in the conference room,right now!!
Bharti:Sure!!(sounded delighted upon hanging up)Can i come in?(Mayank pulled her hand and brought her inside and locked the door)Whoa,what's wrong with you?
Mayank:What is this doing on my desk?
Bharti:Don't you like it??Radhika had gifted this blazer to you years back during your courtship period, didn't she?
Mayank:Wait a sec..How did you know?Did you browse through my wardrobe??
Bharti:(tightly pressed her lower lip and smiled)You think i needed to?I was there at the mall when she bought this,alright?
Mayank:Ok,so why now?
Bharti:Very simple..You're coming to Raj's victory bash(moved around in excitement as she talked)..wearing this since the theme is red and black..Trust me, you'll look charming in this!!
Mayank:That's not for you to say..
Bharti:Who are you exactly waiting for to come and say this to you??
Mayank:Bharti,i really can't...
Bharti:(held Mayank's wrist)I know what this means to you..I know just how hard this is for you,to put yourself out there and gel with everyone..But somehow if my words mean anything to you, i want you to be there. I wanna capture a glimpse of Radhika and her beau who's smiling,dancing gaily ad immersing himself in the delight of the evening..I want him to be there!!(her eyes welled up)
Mayank:Bharti,stop it...Ok,alrite i'll come!!
Bharti:(trickled her tear from the tip of her finger and smiled,raising her eyebrows)Fantastic!!
Mayank:I can't believe you tricked me into this again...How can you do this to me,huh?
Bharti:How can you fall for it again,Mayuu???(smiled subtly and turned to go)
Mayank:What are you wearing for the evening?
Bharti:A red dress..Got myself a new one!!
Mayank:Whoa,like college times??
Bharti:Mind you,guys still come after me,just like in college..Shart lagaadoo??
Mayank:Theekh hain..Lagi paanch sau ki??
Bharti:Mayank Sharma,mujhe nahin pata tha ki tum itne bhi cheap ho...Paise ki bet rehne do...Agar maine jo kaha woh sahi nikla toh..
Bharti:Toh tum Ash ko Trends se nikaaloge..Bata nahin ki tumne usse phir se yahaa naukri par kaise rak liya...Maine tumse kuch bhi nahin kaha lekin sach toh yeh hain ki woh bohat jald ek bohat bada kadam uthaane waali hain..Bata nahin ki tum mujh par yakeen karoge ya nahin..(studied Mayank's face)..Tum mujh par bilkul bhi yakeen nahin nahin kar rahe ho;main bas ek hi mahine ki mehmaan hoon na..Toh thayr raha ki agar maine shart jeet liya toh Ash Trends se baahar aur agar main haar gayi toh Ash rahegi,theekh hain??
Mayank:Aur tum London nahin jaaoge..Apne training attachment programme ke liye..
Bharti:Oh hello,London ki baat kahaa se beech mein aa gayi?
Mayank:Kahin se bhi lekin agar tum haar gayi toh tum mere saath hi kaam karoge,deal?
Bharti:Whatever,Mayank..Let's see about it..Wear this blazer and come!!

Niharika was busy getting ready for Raj's party. She wore a stylish black outfit which she got from Bharti's university mate,Sanjana who came to deliver the dress that Bharti had ordered for Niharika. She took her medicines with a glass of water and before leaving, she looked at herself in the mirror.She decided that she wouldn't hide anything from Raj regarding her health condition any longer and tonight she'll let him know everything. She smiled nervously but strided outside after locking her home door, with a spur of optimism that Bharti will make things smooth for her tonight, without Mayank's knowledge.
~Armaan's place~
Armaan:Maa, i'll be late...I'll drop off Shreya and Jiya before coming back,hmm??
Sudha:Wow,you're looking very handsome tonight..Don't steal glances from anyone else tonight apart from Shreya's!!Hurry up,she's waiting in the dining room..
Armaan:Yes Maa...Maa,regarding the kid, has any guardian come to claim her???
Sudha:Not yet,Armu but you don't worry..My colleague and i are trying our best to reach out with our attempts..
Armaan:Aww Maa,aap befikr rahiye..Aur haan,mera koi bhi madat chaahiye toh bataa dena..
Sudha:Haan haan theekh hain..Waise agar tum Bharti ko miloge toh usse kehna ki mujhe phone kare..Mujhe usse bohat zaroori baat kehni hain..
Armaan:Kaunsi baat??Ab toh kuch bhi nahin hain na...
Sudha:Kya matlab??
Armaan:Nahiin..Woh main keh raha tha ki ab woh aapki bahu nahin hain toh..
Sudha:Toh kya hua??Woh aaj bhi meri beti hain..Samjhe??Jab tum usse miloge, mere message de dena...Hmmm??
Armaan:(murmured)Ab mujhe usse baat bhi karna padega??
Armaan:Kuch nahin...Shreya,chale???(Shreya nodded and waved her hand at Sudha as she and Armaan left from there)
~Ritz Hotel~
Everyone had gathered at Ritz Hotel. Raj was eyeing the guests who have appeared at the ballroom.It seemed to him as though it was a big event. Surely it was, thanks to both Khushi and Bharti who had organized this special surprise for him. Had it not been for both of them, his career would have followed the path of ruins.One by one,each of the guest came forward and congratulated him and networked with him. It was unlike any social gathering, which seemed more professional than a personal ambience which he had expected in mind. He kept looking out for Bharti but she was nowhere in the hotel itself. He tried calling her. Just then, Khushi tapped on his shoulders. She teased him and asked him if he was searching for his lover. He smiled and denied her cute accusation.Instead,he had asked for Bharti, which she had no clue of either as she too was looking for her.
Khushi:Raj,how do i look??I mean, i didn't man to ask you that...But i was hoping that i don't look too attractive from any angle..
Raj:That's somethig weird..Why not??
Khushi:Cuz i want to get away from Mr Gaurav,whom you supposedly set me up with..
Raj:Haha oh yeah.i totally forgot about that..
Khushi:Sure you would...Why in the world would you remember that??Speak of the sly,flirtish devil and here he is...
Gaurav:Hi Raj...Hi Khushi,you look great!!
Khushi:And you look just the same...Did you wear the same coat as yesterday??
Gaurav:Ahh you sly girl..You were observing me???How nice indeed!!
Raj:Stop pulling her leg,Gaurav..Oh my, she's blushing already..
Khushi:Haha you're so funny,Raj...
Raj:Crap,where is she???Your ally...She's not even picking up my phone!!!Look,Sonali and Mahi are here as well...
Khushi:Excuse me...Hi Mayank..(excused herself to meet Mayank)
Raj:Gurlz,did you try contacting Bharti??
Mahi:(widened her eyes)What did you just say??
Sonali:She's not here yet?
Raj:Nope,i thougt you girls would be coming with her...
Sonali:She told us she's already here...We called her about fifteen minutes ago...
Raj:Apparently she's not here...Armaan and Shreya are here with Jiya...Let me ask them as well!!(excused himself)
Sonali:Ok well,that's interesting!!!
Mahi:(fidgeted)What is so interesting??She told us she's already here and now what the heck are we spposed to do??Look,we are not following her plan,get it??
Sonali:Oh yes,we are,Mahi!!!!She'll be here any minute!!
Mahi:You really think so??I doubt it!!
Sonali:Chher up,we'll get to dance with Mayank..
Mahi:I'm not going to...
Sonali:Oh really???Haha i've got to see that one then...
Mahi:No matter what,im not going to dance with him....(turned and spilled her drink on Mayank's blazer as she bumped into him)
Mahi froze in shock. Her wine glass dropped and she looked away. She took her first step to walk away from Mayank but she slipped upon tripping on the shattered glass piece. Mayank nstantly leaned forward, holding her from behind.Mahi looked at Mayank who gradually made her stand upright.
Mayank:Tum theekh ho???
Mahi was suprised by his gentle tone.She had spilled her drink and ruined his blazer but he was still gentle.This was something she had not expected from him.She stll kept quiet and Mayank realized how uncomfortable she was feeling.
Mayank:Dekh kar chalaa karo..(picked up the shattered glass pieces near her leg and threw them in the bin nearby and walked away)
Mahi was about to walk away when she felt a tinge of pain in her ankle. It was not so painful but it still did hurt.She was able to walk, hence she didn't make a big deal out of it. She put on her high heels and looked around.She stopped as she saw Mayank looking at her.She looked blankly at him. He gestured to her to place her curls behind her ear.Initially she didn't bother but as she noticed Mayank looking away,she placed her curls behind and looked at him. He wasn't looking at him anymore, neither was he making a big deal out of the mess she had created.
Maybe he's not so bad after all..I ought to give him a chance of friendship.Maybe i could share my grief with him or help him share his.Bharti could be right after all..


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Mayank:Get going before I change my mind,hmm??
Bharti: Oh ok, alrite!!I'm going..Be at Ritz Hotel on time,k?(called up Niharika and told her of her secret plan)

Mayank:What is this doing on my desk?
Bharti:Don't you like it??Radhika had gifted this blazer to you years back during your courtship period,didn't she??
Mayank:Wait a sec..How did you know??Did you browse through my wardrobe??
Bharti:(tightly pressed her lower lip and smiled)You think i needed to?I was there at the mall when she bought this,alright??