Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 278~

Raj:Should I give up on Nihar?(Armaan turned around)
Armaan:Dude,are you alright??You..
Raj:I'm serious,should i??Itz been days since we both talked..
Armaan:You expect me to believe that?You snuck out with her at your victory bash,for God's sake!!
Raj:No,I did not!!
Armaan:Denial,seriously Raj?I saw you with her that night..
Raj:No,you couldn't have..You were busy dancing and having a gala time with Shreya..Freak!!!You saw us together??(Armaan flashed his subtle smile and nodded with great pleasure,brimming in his mind)Oh wait,crap...That means Mayank must have seen us together too..Bharti shouldn't have waited..but she was ever so confident...
Armaan:(stopped smiling and grew surprised as ever)Bharti was behind this??And you ruined her plans for you both??
Raj:(snapped at him)Yeah,whatever but now Mayank must be super pissed...
Armaan:Nope!!Dude,he doesn't know anything..
Raj:How sure are you??
Armaan:If he had known,he would have beaten the crap out of you by now!!
Raj:Oh yeah,thatz true!!(smiled weakly)
Armaan:So,why did you give up on the perfect moments of intimacy between you two..I mean thatz not typical Raj in any sense unless you're..You are??(widened his eyes)Have you lost interest in her already??
Raj:Shut up Armaan..I'm serious about her!!
Armaan:Okay,firstly,wow...Secondly,how preposterous can you be..(flicks Raj's ears)
Raj:Ouch!!!What the hell,Armaan...
Armaan:Why would you even think of giving up on her if you're so serious about her?
Raj:I don't know..(looked at Armaan)Erm,maybe because she is Mayank's sister??(Armaan rolled his eyes)
Armaan:So you would just let her go,suspend your emotions,let them cluster in the air just because of her identity??Have you lost it??Don't tell me you don't have guts to face him..
Raj:I'm not a coward like Pushpak,get that??
Armaan:So,be her warrior..Remember what you once told me??
Armaan:Raj,that you fall in love with a girl for whom you'll fight with the entire forces of the universe for,be it anything,the society,distance,misunderstandings,flaws and in your case,it's just an overprotective brother and nothing else...
Raj:And in Bharti's close friend and the CEO of Trends..Damn it!!!Why does she have got to be Mayank's sister??
Armaan:Come on Raj..We've got to be at the photo shoot..Hurry up!!(picked his cardigan and left to go)
Raj:Damn it...And i thought i would find ot what's running in his head!!

Armaan and Raj were talking to Jrnny while the latter tried to eavesfrop on Bhaskar's and Payal's conversation.
Bhaskar:Payal,don't cry..She'll come round...(wiped Payal's tears)
Payal:When,Bhaskar??She's not even answering my calls..It's been 5 days already..
Raj:(whispered to Armaan who was signing some papers)5 days since Bharti talked to Payal??
Armaan:(fidgeted)You're listening to their conversation?You're worse than girls..Geez!!
Raj:Ermm,my ears are open and so are your's!!
Armaan:Come with me!!(left from there as Bhaskar hugged Payal.reassuring that everything will be fine)
Raj:(entered the lift)What the hell's going on?At least,we should have said Hi to Payal...
Armaan:You don't know anything,Raj??Hasn't Jiya told you anything??
Armaan:Like how Bharti and Mayank came to my place at a late hour,only to leave abruptly after having this showdown with Payal..God knows what that was entirely about,though...I'm not so sure but after that,Mayank just brought Naina away from my place based on her instructions and the three of them left..Strangest thing that ever happened was the association between today's conversastion with Bhaskar and the conversation amongst me and Jiya..And i had slapped her for that!!
Raj:That's the mark on her face??She wouldn't even talk about it..
Armaan:Mind you,it was just a faint mark..Raj,i told you about the night about what happened between me and Jiya already..Which world are you in??
Raj:You did??Oh yeah,you did...Text me about it but apparently i had forgotten..Dude,ok..didn't it strike youu how and why Jiya was behaving as such??Like,trying to stand out and all and do something dare-devilish??(Armaan was blank)Remember how she tried to save my career without thinking about Sudha aunty's reputation??
Armaan:Jiya's behaviour started changing ever since then??
Raj:Yeah,apparently..but why???And also I had noticed that whenever i bring up Bharti's name,she becomes this strange girl who's got issues with Bharti,as though the latter is her foe or something..She diverts the topic to something else..It's like she becomes a whole strange Jiya,someone whom I'm not exactly giving preference to having around me...
Armaan:Thanks anyways..Apparently,there has been much frequent tiffs between us regarding Bharti but the problem now is something else,Raj..Why would Bhaskar call Bharti a freeloader??
Raj:Guess he chose the safe option since Payal was there..
Armaan:Oh come on,she wasn't there when we were talking...
Raj:Can't say for sure..Payal was sitting there for God knows how long,before Jenny interrupted us...but indeed,he shouldn't have sold out Bharti like that..She's his close friend na..
Armaan:Precisely!!Bharti had practically brought Naina away from Payal that night,as though she didn't want Payal to bring Naina at my place..
Raj:Nahh,i don't think so...

Payal was so quiet during the car ride with Bhaskar to a new restaurant for lunch.
Bhaskar:Ok seriously,you've got to stop doing this..
Bhaskar:All these quietness is really killing me,Payal..My Payal is so chatty and peppy..She can't be not doing her radio shows too..Bharti will come around,Paayu..She can't stay mad at us for too long..
Payal:5 days isn't long enough to you,Bhaskar??I brought Naina there for her happines..What's wrong in me looking after her happiness?There has never been a problem in me babysitting Naina so far and i don't ask Bharti before bringing her to places so what;s her freakin' poblem now??
Bhaskar:Ok,calm down;i'll talk to her ok?
Payal:No,you won't!!It's not our fault and when she understands that,then we'll talk to her..Enough of this!!What was going on between you and Armaan just now at the staff lounge?
Bhaskar:Nothing..nothing really,just some professional issues..
Payal:I don't have to get worried,right?
Bhaskar:(smiled)Not at all,my jaan..(paused)You don't have to worry...

Mayank was perplexed seeng Bharti so engrossed in her work.As a boss,he would be extremely proud to have an amazing employee working so hard and delegating her work and tasks accordingly but he knew she had gone through a rough patch just days back.He knew this side of her's only after his beau's death,which only gave him the creeps.He instantly shut his file and went to her cabin and locked the door.

Mayank:Hi Ash..Leave Bharti's cabin right now..
Ash:Sir,par Bharti..I mean Ms Bharti..Unhe mujhse kuch kaam hai...
Mayank:Ash,leave with these fuiles...(picked randomly)Go!!And close the door on your way..
Ash:Sure,Sir!!(fidgeted as she stood outside)What's his deal with Bharti?Damn it..Whatever it may be,some fun's meant to come out of this by having the door a lil ajar..(smirked but was shocked to see Mahi approaching Maria,their receptionist and holding Mayank's coat)Whoa,that's interesting...Mayank sir's coat with Mahi???(headed towards the reception)
Mahi:Hi,may i know if Mr Mayank Sharma is available??(Ash got amused as she heard Mahi's question)
Ash:Hi Mahi..What a pleasant surprise indeed!!Surely,Mayank sir is definitely not available for you cuz he's ever so busy with Bharti,practically all day and night..(Maria was amused and both of them Hi-5ed each other)
Mahi:Much as i would like to hear your remarks about my curiosity,I am better off,so much more than to indulge in your Mayank sir's arms,alright??
Ash:Oh really??So what are you doing with his luxurious coat??
Mahi:FYI,I came here to return this piece of dirt to the rightful owner..(Maria gasped)You don't have to gasp so loudly,as though those words were the first time you were hearing it..
Shreya;Mahi,hi..(Mahi stopped herself and smiled at Shreya)What brings you here?
Mahi:Oh goodie,such a relief to hear from you..Could you do me a favour,in fact itz rather huge..
Shreya;Sure,what is it?
Mahi:Could you actually help me return this coat to your boss?I've got lots of errands to do..And by the way,thanks for not letting some idiot screw my mood for the rest of the evening..(Shreya looked at Ash and then back at Mahi)
Shreya:Ahh,i'm very much familiar with the devils here..Don't let that get into your head but i'm not exactly sure if he's here cuz i just got back from a meeting with a fashion consultant..Let me ask Ishaan..
Ash:He's in Bharti's cabin...
Ishaan:There you are Shreya..Boss has been looking for you..Go quick!!
Shreya:Mahi,juz come with me..
Mahi:But Shreya...Ufff!!!(just then,her mobile rang)Damn it!!(rummaged through her bag and finally when she answered the call,the hanger which had Mayank's coat slipped from her hand and it landed on the floor)Uffo...Hello??

Armaan:Seems like someone's not in the right mood...
Mahi:Armaan,heyy..what's up??Where are you?
Armaan:Hmm well Raj and i juz finished our first set of fashion shoot with the international models..Quite fun but why isn't Sonali around and why are you huffing??
Mahi:Sonali hasn't reached MU???What the hell...I called her just now and she told me she's on her way..She's really getting on my nerve and the fashion consultants from Golce are waiting for her..And now i'm stuck at Trends...
Raj:Why are you at Trends??
Mahi:What th....Raj's with you??You put me on loudspeaker,Armaan??
Armaan:Haha,yeah...So,whatcha doing at Trends?
Raj:Come on,spill it out Talwar..
Mahi:Just a social visit,you know..
Armaan:Oh really??Who's so sick there??(bursted out laughing with Raj)
Raj:Good one,dude..So who's the sick one seeking your solace and attention,hmm??
Shreya:Mahii..Hurry,Mayank sir's in Bharti's cabin.I'm so sorry as i got some urgent errands to run and if he sees me anywhere here,he'll kill me..Just return his coat yourself,hmm??I hope you don't mind..
Mahi:What?(Shreya left)
Armaan:Mahi,was that Shreya??
Mahi:I don't believe your stupid girlfriend could do this to me...All i asked of her was to return Maya k's coat so that i can quickly scram from here..This is the least favourite of places for me to keep coming..I sent his coat to the dry cleaners and got there personally to get it despite my hectic schedule and i've got to hear this from her..Arrgghhh!!!
Raj:Umm Mahi,did you just commit the grave mistake of calling Shreya,urf Armaan's girlfriend stupid??
Armaan:Ignore him,Mahi..How did Mayank's coat land up in your hands anyways??
Mahi:Don't even get me started on him on the night of Raj's victory bash.Of all nights,Sonali had to fall unconscious and he had to offer to help me.He carried Sonali and laid her on the seat at the back and it was raining heavily so he offered his coat for me.He drove me and Sonu to my place and helped me carry her to my room.For his help,i offered him some coffee and...(paused for a while)And by then Bharti came and both of them rushed from there,not realizing about his coat..Yeahh,thatz gossip for you guyzz!!
Raj:Ohho..Coffee and all with Mr Sadoo??Not bad,Mahi..Still got the etiquettes going even for sadoo..
Armaan:Don't talk so much and tease her or else i'll inform Sadoo abt your fling with his sister..
Raj:Shut up,you idiot!!
Mahi:Goodness,itz a fling,Raj??And Bharti made me and Sonali dance and distract him so that you both can spend time together...You idiot!!Couldn't you have informed me earlier??
Raj:Ok firstly Mahi itz not a fling..And the relation is quite complicated..
Armaan:You're the one making it all so complicated because of her identity..
Mahi:Ok guyz,just hold on..(heard Bharti and Mayank's conversation)

Mayank:So you're not overstressing yourself about anything??You think i'm blind,Bharti??
Bharti:(looked up gradually from her laptop and looked at him and turned her rotating chair to face him diagonally)Mayank,I'm fine..
Mayank:No you're not!!(looked away and back at her)No one..No one knows you so closely as me..No one!!I told you specifically not to go there that night..But you just defied me,thinking that whatever you are doing is right..And you just had to go there!!
Bharti:Mayank,my daughter was there,i had to go and get her..
Mayank:You think Naina wouldn't return with Payal and Bhaskar from Armaan's place if you hadn't gone there???
Bharti:No,i just wanted to..bring her back!!
Mayank:No,you didn't do that..Instead,you created a whole lotta scene out there,as though no one was watching you...What was that all about??Did you even think what Payal must be going through??(saw Bharti's phone vibrating and it was Payal's call)Pick it up,what are you waiting for??(Bharti reluctantly picked up and swiftly disconnected the call,pretended as though the call got disconnected on its own)
Bharti:Call got disconnected,hm??
Mayank:Yeah right...(took her mobile and checked)10 missed calls and that included the last call as well...Ignoring her calls??
Bharti:What do you expect me to do,Mayank??I can't talk to her right now..
Mayank:Talk to her,sort things out,finish everything between you both..She must have felt so insulted in front of her husband who's also your dear friend..and i so hated the way you made me bring Naina away from them!!
Bharti:What did you want me to do then?I was mad,ok??
Mayank:That was precisely my point when i told you not to go to Armaan's place the moment you picked me up from Mahi's place..
Bharti:I was mad..I made a mistake of asking Payal to help me whenever i was busy wth my work to take care of Naina..I shouldn't have done that and if i hadn't,at least she wouldn't have brought Naina to Armaan's place..(Armaan was appalled upon hearing it)
Bharti:I can't let her anywhere near Armaan or Mom..He clearly stated that there are no relations between us or anyone that links us to each other and that he's moving ahead in his life...I shouldn't create any more havoc in anyone's life anymore!!So that's the deal and this is how i'm respecting his decision..Problem solved!!
Mayank:No it's not...You are doing this for that Armaan??You're giving him so much of importance in your life...For what,Bharti??(Mahi got irked by Mayank)Alright,stand up..
Mayank:Come on..(made her stand up)You create havoc in people's lives,thatz a way of sheer joy and thatz how you spread happiness..But i assure you that you do not have to care for anyone,who can apparently change his decisions according to his whim and desire when his eyes get opened..Look,you do not have to care about him at all..He is nothing,got it??
Bharti:Mayank,he is nothing to me..I got mad because i don't want Naina getting attached to him or Mom..Maybe him!!
Mayank:FYI,Payal had messaged me about Sudha aunty having contacted her to go over on the night of Raj's victory bash..Since she was babysitting Naina,so she and Bhaskar brought her over..
Bharti:No more,Mayank!!Payal don't have to look after Naina after this incident..
Mayank:Too late,Bharti..Naina's already emotionally attached to Sudha aunty and if you didn't notice,she calls Armaan,"Armaan dada"..
Bharti:Itz never too late..
Mayank:You can't force your decision on the young adopted kid of your's..You have to think about her before your selfish motives..
Bharti:Don't call me that..And Mayu,she calls you dada as well..We can bring her closer,much more closer than ever...(saw someone's coat at the glass door of her cabin)And if you may,you shall not indulge in my private life,Boss..
Mayank:Boss??(appeared blank but Bharti gestured to him to turn around and as he did,he progressed and opened the door wide)Ash,what the hell...(Mahi dropped her phone in fear and his coat as well)Mahi???(Armaan disconnected the call)

Armaan:Raj,this call never took place..got it??
Raj:Dude,no worries..I'll talk to you later..(got going to his cabin)

Mayank was stunned as Mahi picked up his coat and her phone.She almost screwed up by giving him her phone.She fumbled and quickly gave him his coat back and ran from there as quickly as possible,shocking him to the core.

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