Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, April 3, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 281~Trouble Within Trends

Gaurav tried calling Bharti but achieved no effectual response from her.He assumed it to be a sly tactic of Bharti playing hard to get.He took a tequila shot and knew that he could have done so much better than Ash for tonight's date.She took off her coat to garner Gaurav's attention but he cared less.Ash rolled her eyes and went up to him, pulling him down to the dance floor.Gaurav could see the tipsy turvy girl throwing herself on him like a total desperado and he felt totally amused.

Gaurav:What are you doing Ash? Where's your coat?
Ash:Do you really need to care about that right now? We're here to have some fun so come join me..
Gaurav:You seem to be enjoying on your own so why do you need me then, hmm?
Ash:Are you done with your questions?? Come on Gaurav..
Gaurav:I was just messing with you.. (flashed his charming smile upon which Ash smiled) Come, letz dance.. (went on to the dance floor and both of them got lost in the loud background trance-filled music; Ash placed her hands and locked them behind Gaurav's neck) You look sexy and fabulous with each passing day, Ash..
Ash:You're talking as though you notice me every day, Gaurav..You have time only for Bharti, how can I expect you to notice me?
Gaurav:Bharti's nothing compared to you, Ash.. In fact, I'm just keeping tabs on her for she is Mayank's priority..I don't know what he sees in her..
Ash:You think so too? Whoa, I didn't know that..
Gaurav:Yeah, she's one of Mayank's top most asset..but as long as I'm here, she can't do anything potentially dangerous to Trends..
Ash:In that case, I'm only more than glad to join hands with you..
Gaurav:What do you mean?
Ash:It's time to go but before you drop me, I'll let you in on the fact that I've landed a large secret about her..In fact, an ally of mine and I intend to crush her real soon.. (smirked) Anyways, thanks for a wonderful time..Good nite, Gaurav!!
Gaurav:Good nite, Ash!! (Ash left and Gaurav felt a bit concerned for Bharti)If there could only be a way for Bharti to develop trust in me...

~Next Day~
Bharti:Hi Nihar.. (paused as she saw Payal) I didn't book an appointment, Nihar..I'll come back after some time..
Niharika:No Bharti, take a seat..That won't do for if Mayank knew, he'll chide me and moreover, some of our clients are late today..So come here, take a seat..Look, even Payal's here!!
Bharti:Hmm ok then.. (sat down for a new hairstyle, occasionally looking at and away from Payal)

Just then, Bharti's and Payal's mobiles rang at once and both looked at each other in surprise, at the same ring tone they've set for their calls.Instantly, both of them looked away and answered their respective calls.Soon enough, both of them went on their different ways to work, without sharing any gestures of friendship of any kind.

Sush:Ok, so you told me they're close friends?? It didn't seem so to me..
Niharika:None of our business, Sush but looks like they're not on talking terms..Strange!! And I thought only love is complicated!!

~Men's Universe~
Bhaskar:What do you mean by you saw her? You talked to her and sorted things out, right?
Payal:No, both of us saw each other but we didn't talk..She came in for a new hair style and I had done my nails and then we left..
Bhaskar:How ridiculous can you girls get? Just get it over with, Paayu.. I'm giving her a call right now..
Payal:No Bhaskar, you won't.. (Mahi and Sonali watched Bhaskar and Payal)
Sonali:they're still not talking? Itz almost a week!!
Mahi:And they're spelling trouble for me and Armaan. .Come with me!!
Sonali:Where to?
Mahi:Come.. (headed to Armaan's cabin and told him what they heard) Convince Payal somehow, Armaan..Our lie has to got to stand true or else we are in deep trouble! !
Armaan:What else was I warning you about, Mahi? Come, letz hurry before she leaves..
Sonali:You head off, Armaan, and keep us in the loop.. (Armaan went towards the reception) Mahi, we need to discuss this with Raj..
Sonali:it was his big project before Bharti's internship was cut short by Mayank's abrupt offer..He didn't share any of the details with is and thatz so strange..Having said that, only Bharti and Raj knows about Project M3. .
Mahi:Wait a sec; does Jiya know about the project? I mean she's close to him, she would probably know about it
Sonali:You mean to enquire about it from Jiya before going straight to Raj for answers?
Mahi:Yeahh, why not?
Sonali:Okie then, we'll do that first..

Bharti:Mayank, I think I screwed up.Will you start panicking already??
Mayank:Bharti, you sure you didn't find it anywhere around here?
Bharti:Damn it!! Mayank, I don't even...Wait, let me check my hard drive..No..No.. (constantly checked and searched in all of her files but to no avail) No luck at all!! (Just then, Gaurav knocked and Mayank went out to speak with him) Mayank, I'll keep checking..
Mayank:Hi Gaurav. .what's up?
Gaurav:I received phone calls from the other investors asking about our latest project, Mayank..What's the progress like? Who's in charge?
Mayank:I gave Bharti the responsibility of handling this project but she seems to be distressed over the fact that she lost the file in which she had kept her pointers and modifications for our project..
Gaurav:Mayank, you are the CEO of Trends and she's not a friend here;she's your employee here..You can't show partiality now just because she's your friend..She screwed things up here and you have to take action now!!
Mayank:Don't teach me what needs to be done.
Gaurav:I won't..As long as you know what you've got to do, I won't utter a word.. (Ash overheard their conversation and called Vinita to discuss about their successful plan)

~M World~

Gaurav had gone to meet Alisha at M World, the publishing company she had been working for and both of them had lunch together.In the midst of their lunch, Gaurav mentioned about Bharti's reckless behaviour in Trends regarding their upcoming project and Mayank's partiality, which he was not particularly fond of.This made Alisha worry a little but Gaurav's questions diverted to her current state of affairs.

Gaurav:So, what's up with you?
Alisha:People make mistakes, Gaurav..Bharti isn't reckless with her work, I can guarantee you that and I'm so thankful to Mayank who gave her such an excellent opportunity..Itz a building block to her career and I thought things might have worked out between you two, hm??
Gaurav:Mayank is the CEO of Trends but I'm an important stakeholder and I'm concerned with the profits and losses of the company..And mistakes have no exponential field to grow here..
Alisha:Wow, I miss my mentor here..He has become a practical person here, thinking about only the lucrative gains..As far as I'm concerned, I think I made a mistake of inviting her on a blind date with you but there isn't a loss for me for the guy whom you introduced to me..Do you remember him??
Gaurav:Erm yeahh, Vic. .Ve. .
Alisha:Vedant. .
Gaurav:Vedant, yes..Sorry I don't know him personally..
Alisha:Well it seems like he's interested in me and so am I..
Gaurav:Wow, thatz some wonderful news..I'm glad I could be of help..
Alisha:Like I would let you take all the credit for yourself!! Anyways, catch up with you soon, mentor..
Gaurav:How soon??
Alisha:You'll never change, would you? (Smiled and left for work)

Sanjana on the other hand, grew tiresome of Alisha's messages on WhatsApp. She had clearly told her not to disturb her during her free time and here she was rambling about her confounded worries about Bharti and in haste, she replied to her irksome friend,'If you're that concerned without any proof whatsoever, try calling Bharti, Payal or even Bhaskar. Now don't disturb me for some time.'

Alisha knew she could rely on Sanjana, hence she called up Payal who was busy talking to someone else and Bhaskar was busy at the same time.She eventually gave up calling and decided to wait while accomplishing her work of the day.

Meanwhile, Bharti was on her way to pick Naina from her art classes.Just then, she was stuck in an auto in a heavy traffic jam, which she'd rather not be a part of at that point of time.Nothing had been going right for her ever since the day had started. Her productivity seemed to be only declining and she began to wonder if she was worth being an editorial assistant at Trends in the first place.Mayank had chided her; she knew itz for her best to not repeat the mistakes again.However, it wasn't as if she did it on purpose. This traffic jam brought out the worst animal in her and feeling annoyed, frustrated and demoralised was definitely not on her agenda.She promised Naina that she would be there on time and now she is unsure of the damage she could cause to her daughter. This time round, there is no escape and she'll have to face Naina in any way she has to,'Gosh, parenting can be so tough indeed!! Now I truly miss Payal and Bhaskar. '

Just then, she received a call.Switching on her blue tooth device, she spoke excitedly.
Bharti:Finally, someone to rescue me from the clutches of the heavy traffic jam..
Sanjana:Yes indeed..Where are you headed to anyways?
Bharti:To pick up my lovely daughter from school..I'm stuck here and I don't know if I'll reach on time..
Sanjana:don't worry sweetie..Get back to work; we'll meet you there with Naina!!
Sanjana:Me, Alisha and Naina..Naina's with us!!.
Bharti:Oh thank God..Thanks a tonne, gurlz. .Send her my luv and kisses!!

~Few Hours Later At Trends~

Bharti hugged Naina and apologised profusely for not being able to pick her up.Alisha and Sanjana were all smiles to see the wide, relieved smile as they saw Bharti silently mouthing a 'Thank You' to both of them.Just then, Alisha picked up a file and her smile had vanished. She turned to Bharti who seemed anxious by her looks and took the file from her.In it, a note was written, addressing to Bharti alone,

'Be prepared to quit from your job.Your days are numbered.Sorry if I've bothered you by taking away the detailed proposal you planned for Mayank and Trends.Nothing is going to save you from the mess I've created for you this time round!!'

Sanjana:Bharti, you ought to report this to Mayank..
Bharti:For what? I've received several such letters before but none had worked..
Alisha:Then what are you fearing for now?
Bharti:I don't want Trends' reputation to be at stake because of me. .And I've worked real hard for this plan..I can't let things go to waste because of some imposter..I'll handle it on my own, no worries girlz. .
Alisha:Be careful Bharti..Nowadays itz not safe for us girls to work anywhere because of such controversies created..
Sanjana:Come, I'll drop both of you home..

~Men's Universe~

Armaan dropped Raj at the site of his photo shoot project.He steered back to Men's Universe to collect some documents pertaining to his upcoming projects.He rushed to his cabin but recalled misplacing a file of his at Vinita's cabin and went to her cabin which wasn't locked much to his luck. He got his file and was about to go.However, he stumbled upon a thick file titled Project M3 and another file within, titled Trends Sept Proposal.He was shocked to see a "Trends" file with Vinita and placed it inside his file and left from there, leaving behind Project M3, sensing troubles with Bharti at her workplace.

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