Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, May 30, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 283~

Bharti was at Trends earlier than her usual time, in the conference room getting prepared for the presentation she worked from scratch since last night.She felt it wasn't as great as the first one for which she had avidly worked but it was rather too late to dwell upon it.Soon, the room was filled with the clients, board members, stakeholders and employees of Trends.Ash stood at the back while Gaurav stood by the right side of the room.He received an instant text from Ash and he smiled at her.However, right now, he was concerned for Mayank and Bharti's reputations.Bharti started off with the theme of "Fashion in Liberation" she thought of and went on with confidence.

Meanwhile, Armaan had rushed to Men's Universe.He kept his files and bag in his cabin and was about to leave but he bumped into Jiya and Mahi.

Armaan:Hi girls..
Jiya:Hi..What's wrong with you? Why are you sweating your head off??
Mahi:Is everything okay? ?
Armaan:Now is not the time for a chat..You girls carry on..
Jiya:Where are you off to? Bhaskar's looking for you..
Armaan:Tell him I'll meet him in 10 to 15 mins' time..Gotta dash!!(darted to the lift lobby)
Mahi:Oh damn!!I'll be right back, Jiya..Almost forgot something..(rushed and stopped the lift door) Heyy!!
Mahi:Yes and you're holding a Trends file..What are you up to?
Armaan:This is Bharti's file which I stumbled upon at Vinita's desk yesterday..
Armaan:Vinita is up to something and someone from Trends is helping her out..
Mahi:Who else can it be other than Ash, Armaan?(entered Trends)
Armaan:Where's everyone?
Mahi:Maybe some meeting..Look!!
Armaan:The conference room, come on..

Ash was updating Vinita on her IM, talking about how the clients are questioning Bharti repetitively and she's dumbfounded by the limited amount of statistics that she's had to represent Trends with.Armaan and Mahi slowly blended in and saw the utter level of discomfort Bharti was experiencing.Mahi gestured to Armaan to move ahead and give Bharti the file.Armaan's progress towards Bharti not only shocked Ash but the rest of the clients and staff as well, especially Mayank and Gaurav. Mayank looked behind and his eyes stopped motion once he saw Mahi having come to Trends as well, exasperating him further.He turned back to witness Armaan and Bharti face-to-face.

Ash:We're so screwed up, Vini. . Armaan's here!!
Vinita:What is he doing there? Distract him, Ash..

Armaan:You're doing great, Bharti..Just don't panic and everything will be fine..
Armaan:Mahi and I have come here to help you out..I came here to return your file which I had stumbled upon at Vinita's cabin last night..I wanted to return this file to you before the presentation today but I was already too late..
Bharti:You expect me to believe that you didn't come here to witness the mockery I've established for myself, huh?
Armaan:Bharti, what are you saying? (Clients are speculating and discussing among themselves, putting Mayank in a queasy situation and Mahi moved forward)

Ash:Mahi is also here, Vini!! Ek aur musibat..
Vinita:Crap!! Ok Ash, it's time to assassinate Bharti's loyalty..Do it!!
Ash:Yes, that's right.. (voiced out) Armaan Sinha and Mahi Talwar..Mayank sir, these people are from Men's Universe!! What is going on? Is Bharti selling us out to Men's Universe?? (Armaan turned around, anger lurking from his eyes and Mayank was beginning to feel powerless) Mayank sir.. (walked towards him) How can Bharti's file be with Armaan? Is she trading our professional secrets and proposals with Men's Universe, the former company she used to work for?? (Shreya and Ishaan were puzzled)

Mahi was about to say something to Ash but Armaan held her wrist, gesturing to her to not say a damn word.

Bharti:Hope you two are happy now..You've got such a great timing.. (Armaan and Mahi turned to face her)
Mahi:Bharti, what are you even saying? He did this to save your reputation at Trends..
Bharti:Yeah right Mahi, I so believe you..
Mahi:What's wrong Bharti? We're both telling you the truth..Vinita is up to something..
Bharti:Just get out from here..You've done your part so leave!!
Mahi:Bharti, you've changed so much..
Bharti:Yeah, the change happened ever since I've joined Trends..Now leave; bring your colleague along..
Armaan:Mahi, let's go from here..There's no need to lose respect from a girl who doesn't care.. (left from there and Bharti wrapped up the presentation with Mayank's interference)


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 282~

Hi fellow ArBians and BBians....This is your lovable author, Jassie here.I truly want to thank you for waiting long enough to read this latest entry of JLH. BUT WAIT!!!

There's a new change in the update schedule which I would like to experiment.Due to the brimming fact that I'm 4 months pregnant, I can't focus so much on typing long JLH updates.But that doesn't mean that there won't be any updating; how is that even possible for me to upset my dearest loyal readers?? Hence....I'll be posting short sects of the series on a daily basis instead of a weekly basis.Now isn't that fun or what???

What do you think? Do drop me off your comments about the latest trend of socialising with all of you...

This is the special edition for the 5th anniversary of BB..May we get lots more to come....

Armaan reached home quickly, grabbing a close look over Bharti's file, her scribbled notes organised in a presentation format of the upcoming project proposals of Trends. He shut the file promptly.He wondered, this file shouldn't even be in his hands right now.He felt real concerned for Bharti and browsed through his mobile contacts, scrolling to reach her name.Looking at her name just brought back a thousand messages and SMS texts both used to share, just before and after important presentations or even projects.He didn't dare call her or text her this time round but he knew he could not sit still and watch Bharti face the penalty for Vinita's sly schemes, whatever she had in mind.

Raj:Dude..What's the important matter you called for?
Armaan:(told him everything about the file) I don't know what I should do now..I just panicked!!
Raj:Well, instead of that, you should have just headed to Trends..Fine, fine..But please return the file tomorrow asap..Do you get me??
Armaan:Got it Raj..
Raj:I met her for a round of drinks by Rheo Pub tonight..She didn't appear shaken up or anything, just not herself..She just took some red wine, apparently transforming herself into a dignified mum of Naina's..
Armaan:That's unlike her..
Raj:You can take the extra credit for bringing this quick metamorphosis within her..Damn you, Armaan!! She was going all so moved on types and that she cares a lot about your happiness, crap. .
Armaan:She talked about me?
Raj:I provoked her indirectly and she had to lean in, succumb after all..
Armaan:What did she say?
Raj:(had flashes of his and Bharti's conversation) Bharti, M3 is a project we both discussed in ulterior detail..How can you just give up on it like that?
Bharti:I'm not giving up, Raj..In fact, I want you to move ahead with your dream project; just that this time round, I'm not going to be there with you..Have you forgotten that I'm currently working in Trends??
Raj:Uff Bharti, this is not only my project, it's ours!!
Bharti:I'm giving you full credit so take it Raj..Work on it, launch it!! Be famous, make it work for your career..
Raj:Bharti, why are you complicating matters??
Bharti:On the contrary, I'm keeping things simple..It's people like you and Nihar who miss out on opportunities and lose out in the long run!!
Raj:Oh really? What about you and Armaan? What kind of games are you both playing with each other?
Bharti:Nothing from my side, Raj..He's getting engaged to Shreya. .Nothing so exciting is happening in my life.. (saw Raj get drunk and took his glass away)
Raj:What's wrong with you? Let me drink..
Bharti:Not anymore, Raj..You've got to drop me home quick..Come!!
Raj:Since when have you cared about the time, yaar?
Bharti:Ever since I've made an instant resolution to be the best mum I can be to Naina..
Raj:Tell me something then..What has changed so much between you and Armaan? What happened to the "secret friend" equation you two shared for so long? How could it have changed?
Bharti:Time changes everything, Raj and that includes our friendship..Who said I've stopped caring for him? He's always my "secret friend" in my heart but he mistook that friendship for an unrequited love..If you do have the time, compel him to move on for I've literally got fed up of reiterating myself
Raj:So you claim you don't love him? (Bharti smiled) He loves you, Bharti, deeply and madly..
Bharti:No, he doesn't or else he would not be getting engaged in the first place..He's doing the right thing of opening himself up to Shreya's love..You and Jiya are his greatest support in life, be there for him, hmm?? (Raj's eyes welled up as he dropped Bharti home)

Armaan:She's right..Shreya loves me and that's all that matters!!
Raj:You didn't notice her eyes, Armaan!! Her eyes welled up when she was talking about you..She cares a lot about you and I think she didn't mean for things to happen like this between you two..
Armaan:Not in the slightest way I care and crave for her so I don't need that from her!! I'll go to Trends tomorrow morning and pass the file to her..Good night!!
Raj:Nitezz, Armu! !(hung up) Nihar,I miss you so much!! If only you were here...