Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, June 26, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 291~

Bharti was done for the day and was headed to Hard Rock Cafe to meet Alisha but grew shocked upon seeing Gaurav there with Naina. 

Bharti saw the bandage on Naina's forehead and was instantly worried.She enquired from Alisha about it and Alisha informed her of the near accident that Naina had.Naina was playing at the playground with Alisha but just then, her ball rolled across the street and she went after it.She was about to get hit but Gaurav came in the nick of time to save her, just like a guardian angel, hence saving her from further injuries.

Having come out of the illusionary world, Bharti thanked Gaurav profusely and smiled earnestly.Gaurav simply nodded and extended his hand for a shake.Bharti shook his hand and accepted his gesture of friendship.Alisha and Naina excused themselves from there for a while.

Bharti:You've got no idea what you mean to me now..You've saved the only love of my life, Gaurav..
Gaurav:Please, Bharti..Get over it and from now on, you've got the ultimate liberty to call me what my dear pals call me..
Bharti:Ok..And what's that??
Gaurav:My initial..As simple as that..G..
Gaurav:Yepz, G for Gaurav..
Bharti:Cool...G.. (smiled widely)
Gaurav:Excuse me for a moment.. (Bharti nodded)

Bharti's smile faded as she recollected seeing the letter G in Radhika's journal.She grew flabbergasted at the discovery she just made.Could the guy in Radhika's journal mean Gaurav???

'Oh my God..There he is playing with Naina and Alisha is giving company...If he is truly G, what trouble have I brought upon myself??'

And then she thought...

'If G was indeed Gaurav, why was Radhika always so disturbed when he and his groupies came over at the coffee bar? She had always mentioned how some guys used to come over and harass her but she hadn't mentioned who exactly.But what threat or harm can he possibly harbour?? Bharti,the ball is in your court now..Yes!! I can manipulate him just the way I want to..That's the clue Radhika is giving me in her journal..This will be my retribution, my sole objective..Yes!! (flashed her classic victorious smile)

~3 Days Later~

Bharti was surprised to hear from Mahi and Sonali after a long while.Both of them sounded very much chirpy all of a sudden for some unknown reason.Bharti continued to hear them out and waited patiently for them to be direct with her instead of beating around the bush.As a last resort,she confronted them with her direct approach of their intention behind their conference call.She was stunned beyond bounds as they mentioned Project M3.

Sonali:We got to know everything about it..
Bharti:Really? What is it that you know?
Mahi:Stop the denial about your involvement, Bharti..
Bharti:What involvement are you referring to, Mahi? Are you still mad at me at the way I treated Armaan at Trends?
Mahi:No I'm not but you can't conceal matters from us anymore..Raj told us about it..
Bharti:(smiled subtly, thinking to herself) How is it even possible when Raj was desperate to seek my help with the project?? He can't possibly have said anything to any of his colleagues.. (cleared her throat) Look girls, why are you even seeking information from me when you've known everything about the project?? But I'm curious..What exactly is this project about?
Mahi:Bharti, actually..
Sonali:Let me handle this, Mahi..Bharti, Raj told us that you knew about this project about the time you were offered the editorial job in Trends and that this project is very crucial for him..
Bharti:So you girls don't know what exactly this project is about?? And you're trying to get information out of me??
Mahi:Cut the crap, both of you..Bharti, we wanna help Raj, that's all..
Bharti:The only thing I know about Project M3 is that it means a lot to Raj after the sham made up about his reputation and he needed to kick start his career with it, that's all...But from what I hear from you two, it seems Raj is better off on his own and if he needs help, he'll ask..So just leave him alone, girls..In any way, you know better...Bye!! (hung up)
Mahi:Damn it..And I thought she knows..
Sonali:Jiya has not been very helpful but Bharti has..
Sonali:She knows everything..She's just not telling us..She caught our cover up and we caught her's!! We've got to bring her to MU, Mahi..
Mahi:Are you nutz?? What makes you think she'll work here?
Sonali:Arre yaar, when did I talk about she working here?? We'll ask her to come here just for visits, you know..or even ask Raj..
Mahi:This is a bad idea, Sonu..
Sonali:No, it isn't..Just trust the strong instincts of mine, will you?? (Left to work on her plan while Mahi remained skeptical about everything that Sonali had just thought in her head)

Putting the plan in action, Sonali had planted a text from Raj's phone to Bharti's, asking her to come to MU urgently.At the same time, she deleted the sent message and wrote a note, handing it over to Raj.

~After a few hours~

Bharti got out of the lift and went straight to Jenny, who was stunned to see her right in front of her.She snapped at her and asked for Raj and she directed Bharti towards the foyer.The staff of MU went bonkers as they saw her, gossiping behind her back.She stopped upon seeing Armaan and Shreya. She smiled weakly, seeing Shreya hug Armaan and having a light, happy moment with him, feeling assured that Armaan is happy with Shreya.Just then, Raj tapped on her shoulders and distracted her.

Shreya:Thanks for the coffee, Armaan.. (sat in the staff lounge with Armaan)
Armaan:Thanks to you, Shreya that you gave us a second chance..
Shreya:When did I ever do that? Well, if you're referring to the hug just now, please don't get me wrong..I only did that as I saw Bharti there looking in your direction..
Shreya:What? I wanted to make her jealous for once..I wanted her to feel that you deserved someone far better than her..
Armaan:Oh Shreya..So we are back together?
Shreya:Armu, you got it all wrong..I don't think I've succeeded in making her jealous, which brings me to my next point..Look Armu, how I wish my heart could accept the frankness you've shown recently but both you and I know what it will end up in..And I can't afford to lose you, yaar..I can't get engaged to you simply to allow you to move on cuz trust me, if we end up together, it will only lead to a bitter relationship at the cost of our dear friendship!! Do you want that?
Shreya:I'm sorry, Armu..You can't expect me to be there for me as a life partner but you can always count on your supportive friend, Shreya to back you whenever you want..Gosh!!(wiped her streaming tears) I can't believe I just said that..If only I could experience your love, the love which you've kept hidden for Bharti..If only I was in her place, Armaan.. (Armaan looked intently at her) No need to say anything, Armu..Itz just a dream I wanna forget, something you don't have to worry about at all, hmm?? (Smiled through her glistening tears and Armaan touched her tears, wiping them away before she hugged him tightly for a long while)


Thursday, June 19, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 290~

Meanwhile, Armaan went to Paragon Mall with Raj who bumped into Mayank and Niharika at the Baskin Robbins outlet.It was a pretty long while since both Raj and Niharika met and talked.Not after Raj's escape route from her identity as Mayank's sister.Raj was uncomfortable but Armaan grabbed hold of the opportunity and pulled him in to sit with both of them.

Armaan:Hi Niharika..Hi Mayank..
Mayank:Hi Armaan..What brings you here?
Armaan:Well, nothing much actually..We were just shopping for our outdoor fashion shoot..
Mayank:This is the first time we're meeting after Bharti's departure from Trends..I do wish to apologise for being so harsh by venting my anger on you and Mahi the other day..It's not because of you that Bharti left..Itz because of my staff's improper mannerism and attitude towards her by the threatening notes and letters since day 1 of her job..
Raj:And you had no clue, Mayank?
Mayank:I would, if only Bharti had told me about it..She had always seemed so upbeat and cheery at work..Always wanting to appreciate my favour but alas..
Raj:Oh my, Mayank..You're getting it all wrong..In fact, Bharti wouldn't quit because of some threats or even your staff..She seemed suffocated at work, feeling less satisfied with herself, if you don't mind me sharing my personal opinion with you..
Armaan:Raj, do you mind?? Past is past, let's move on with it..
Mayank:Raj, you could be right..I didn't think of it that way..I tried to keep her to my company and thatz where I made a deep mistake..
Raj:No matter what you say now, she's not going to come back and work with you, Mayank..Respect her wishes and support her as a true friend..Thatz what she had always taught me in friendship..

Raj ordered some royal sundaes for the four of them while Armaan got distracted by Shreya's messages.He was surprised to learn what she had to say after meeting Bharti.He was sure that Bharti must have filled her mind with mysterious thoughts.Just as precisely as he thought, Shreya had texted him about how Bharti was defending her friendship and how Armaan had mistaken it for love.Shreya explicitly informed him that she no longer needed him to lie about the girl he had loved.Instead, she asked him to reflect if Bharti was ever the girl he had actually wanted in his life for she believes that Bharti had never bothered to think about him and all she could gather from her conversation was that Bharti had a deep, dark past looming around her world, some place where Armaan doesn't belong. Armaan locked his mobile and decided to direct a question towards Mayank.

Mayank:Hey, where are you lost, Armaan? Your sundae is melting..
Armaan:Let me ask you something..
Armaan:If Bharti is your close friend for ages, you should be knowing everything about her, right?
Mayank:What..Erm, mostly yeah..Why do you ask?
Armaan:Does she have a past? I mean, why is she never bringing herself close to matters of the heart? Is there a specific explanation to that??
Mayank:Wow Armaan, thatz a lot of questions... (paused for a while and Niharika noticed his silence) None of which I have answers to.. (Raj noticed how Niharika placed her palm on Mayank's in a way of reassuring him)
Niharika:Armaan, since Mayank has no answers to them, why don't you ask Bharti herself? You're her secret friend, aren't you??
Raj:Well, sorry if he got a lil too personal..He's just inquisitive..
Niharika:That is alright..But hey, how is your engagement preparation with Shreya coming along?? (Just then, Raj's mobile rang)
Raj:Hi..We're on our way, Nisha..Sorry baby..5 mins,k?Pakka.. (hung up and informed Armaan that both of them were running late and hence bid goodbye to Mayank and left from there)
Niharika:I wonder why Armaan was asking about Bharti's past..Can't he just leave her to herself, hmm??
Mayank:Forget about it, Nihu..He's just concerned for her..
Niharika:I call it something else, Mayu..He's finding it difficult to move on in his life, to start anew with Shreya..That's what this is!!
Mayank:It ain't easy, Nihu..Try falling in love and then you'll know..
Niharika:Who said I don't get it?? I get what love is..The complexities of love can kill me but I don't wanna give a damn about it...
Niharika:Nothing..Just got inspired by cinematic impressions, that's all!! Come, let's go..


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 289~

Mayank was at Trends the next day, walking towards the empty cabin which was filled with Bharti's presence till a week back but now seemed so silent despite the ruffling of paperwork in the cubicles in the surrounding.He missed his dear friend.Just then, he noticed Alisha and Sanjana talking to Gaurav and went towards them.

Gaurav:You shouldn't be telling me this..She's already decided that she won't return to Trends..
Sanjana:Oh hello..We didn't come here to convince you to take her back..We are here to tell you the fact itself that Bharti was never at fault while working here..
Mayank:What's going on, Gaurav?
Gaurav:Take a look at these letters, Mayank..

Mayank was shocked to see these letters which were filled with threats for Bharti to give up the job at Trends since day 1 of her job.Shreya had heard the entire conversation and was as equally shocked as Mayank.Bharti had never mentioned any of this to Mayank and he felt extremely hurt from within.

Mayank left from there without saying a word.Gaurav was stunned and Alisha and Sanjana left, taunting the committee board of Trends for not having shown fair treatment towards Bharti.

Shreya sat in her cubicle and thought about Armaan and Bharti.His sincere confession and Bharti's small, undesirable sacrifice for her career had led her thinking.Was she being selfish with Armaan for wanting him to love her back? Armaan too loved Bharti but his love seemed very much unconditional, not based on selfish desires.His love story seemed so warm and something which she can so relate to.However, she couldn't comprehend why Bharti and Armaan aren't together.She brushed her fingers through her hair and held her head, deciding to have a talk with Bharti today itself.


Bharti was mentoring a group of students with their project work.Just then, she got distracted upon the loud thud on the door.She saw Shreya and realised it must be one of Gaurav's tactics to bring her back to Trends.She grew furious but suppressed it till she excused herself from the lecture hall.

Bharti:Let me guess...Gaurav sent you to convince me to get back to Trends, right?? Just how predictable can some people be? Tell him that I am not getting back to Trends ever!!(turned to go)
Shreya:Bharti, wait..I didn't come here on behalf of Gaurav or anyone..I came here because I wanted to talk to you..Personally!!
Bharti:What? Oops, I'm sorry..Gosh, you see Gaurav had been bugging me to get back to Trends and I thought..Never mind, forget all of that, k? (Shreya agreed) Ok, how can I help you, Shreya?
Shreya:I'm just amazed at how fast you got a new job..I thought leaving Trends must have been the hardest decision for you to make in your life..
Bharti:Something called networking helped me Shreya..I am just lucky that leaving Trends didn't affect some employer's mentality of hiring me..In fact, now I am very much happier for I can spend more time with my Naina.. (Shreya smiled) But you're not here for me,Shreya..You're here for some other reason..Be direct with me and you'll get your answers!!
Shreya:I have never questioned your married life with Armaan, Bharti..But now that I'm going to get engaged to him, I need to know some things..Do you love him?? I mean I do know you did not love him during that phase but what about after your separation? Did you fall in love with him? Did I come in the way of you and Armaan?? Did I break you two up such that you two have grown very much distant? Why are you silent, Bharti??
Bharti:Which idiot came to you and filled your mind with ideologies of you coming in between me or Armaan?? There was never such a thing that occurred..In fact, there is no reason for you to feel guilty in any manner for there were never such feelings that existed in my heart for Armaan..We were secret friends, sure but things changed, circumstances took us apart from one another, that's about it!!
Shreya:Circumstances, Bharti?? You expect me to believe your lie? Armaan told me he loved a girl deeply, apparently it must have been you as long as I know your close friendship with him..
Bharti:That's his misunderstanding, Shreya..He might have loved me but that doesn't mean I should necessarily love him back..I have my own life, Shreya..My own world where Armaan don't deserve to belong..I can't elaborate any further but he and I can never be together..
Bharti:We are total opposites..If he's light, I'm dark..If he's sweet, I'm poison and if he's forgiveness and compassion, I'm revenge.My world is a dark place, Shreya where people like Armaan don't belong..Get engaged to him and keep him happy and safe in his new phase of life..He deserves much happiness in his life for he had already suffered a lot!! Goodbye, Shreya.. (went back to the lecture hall and Shreya turned around to go)

She couldn't believe what Bharti had said.She was astounded by her answer and began to rethink about Armaan's decision to be open the other day
She felt as if she had lost him because of her rash choice.She dialled Armaan's number but he didn't pick up.She left him long messages as a last resort.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 288~

~Next Couple of Days~

Bharti was in conversation with Dr Graham and she got herself a part time job at the university as a part time student mentor to her juniors and on other days, she could manage a flexible schedule of a freelance writer on Horizons Magazine, a biweekly magazine published by MWorld. Much thanks were for Alisha and Sanjana who managed to get her the work-from-home job temporarily.

Days flew by and much has been adjusted in Bharti's life.She is now able to spend more time with Naina than ever, feeling proud of the decision of quitting Trends without any sense of regret.

However, on the other hand, Shreya had been doubtful of her relationship with Armaan based on Ishaan's past observations.She had been wanting to ask Armaan about them but she couldn't muster adequate courage to confront Armaan regarding them.Once, she had noticed Armaan's behaviour when he saw Bharti from a distance at Shoppers' Stop Bazaar.He had demanded that they leave from the shop instantly.Although Shreya was initially confused, she soon saw Bharti and Naina but then it sparked her mind.
Till now, she had been quietly respecting Armaan's silence but it has been getting more and more difficult.

On her way inside her home, she looked for mail in her post box.Just then, she saw Raj having parked his bike and shouted out to him.Raj waved to her and went over.Shreya knew she could talk to him first before confronting Armaan about her doubts.

Raj:Just reached home? Didn't Armaan drop you, as usual?
Shreya:Nah, he wasn't free..Wanna come inside?
Raj:Nope, got some important work to do; will catch up with you k?
Shreya:Hey, hold on..
Shreya:I needed to ask you something..It's quite personal..It's about me and Armaan..I don't even know where to begin..
Raj:What's bothering you, Shreya?
Shreya:It's Armaan..I mean it's not him but his past with Bharti..I know he used to be married to her but that's over..Their friendship and everything got slightly off the hook and all..I believe they are still not on talking terms but why is it so? They used to be so close after their misunderstandings but what happened now??
Raj:Shreya, you came in the way of them, especially your best friend and his emotions..He loved Bharti immensely, so much so that he relives every memory they've shared together during their marriage and even after that..Her friendship meant a lot to him but you came and everything changed drastically... (looked intently at her before bursting into laughter) Oh come on Shreya..
Shreya:What? Raj..
Raj:I didn't mean for you to start crying...I was just messing up with you..Come on, you are his best friend first before his girlfriend, you should know better na??? He was married to Bharti, sure but after that, they went their own ways Shreya..Get rid of all your doubts!! (Shreya began to smile and she hit Raj mildly for poking fun at her) He's with you now so cherish him as much as you can..Ok?See ya.. (Shreya shook her head and went inside)

Raj turned around and wished Shreya would comprehend the depth of his words but he knew he couldn't hurt her feelings as he didn't want to do anything ugly before straightening his good friend out.

Armaan reached home and Sudha asked him about Shreya.He went to his room and called her instantly.He felt the urge to sort things out with her.

Shreya:Hey, I was just thinking about you. ..
Armaan:Really? Wow, Maa was also thinking about you too..
Shreya:And you weren't, hmm?
Armaan:Well I have been busy with work but that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about you...
Shreya:You really love beating around the bush, na?? I wonder how Bharti managed to tolerate you, haha..
Armaan:Well I called you because I wanted to talk to you so let's not talk about anyone else, ok?
Shreya:I've been meaning to talk to you Armu..I've had a lot of things on my mind too..
Armaan:Me first, Shreya.. I do not want to live my life by misleading you in one way or another..I had committed that mistake earlier on in my life but not any more..I want to start afresh and live a life without regrets and this is possibly where I need your help the most because I have not been fully honest with you.In fact, I didn't even let you on the fact that I had been deeply in love with a girl who isn't exactly sharing the same kind of passion for me as I do for her.. (Shreya was stunned and realised that Ishaan was right all along and was fighting to stop her tears) I want to forget all of that and move on in my life, Shreya and I need your utmost help right now..Can I trust you with my life, Shreya?? You're my final hope here..
Shreya:Thanks for clearing this before our upcoming engagement, Armaan and also for considering me as someone worthy of your trust..(wiped her tears)Right now, I've got no words to express myself and my position, Armaan for you have never told me about your love life.The question right now is whether I ought to forget the fact that you still harbour feelings for the girl and want to get engaged to me, to use me to heal your deep pain or if I should just leave you alone and let you heal on your own...Armaan, I'm your best friend who had always been there for you yet you give me this kind of treatment? I don't deserve this, Armaan..At least not from you!! (hung up, burying her tear-filled cheeks in her palms)

Armaan hung up and looked at Sudha who appeared at his room.He shook his head and slowly raised his shoulders and looked at her with his welled-up eyes.Sudha went forward and hugged her son who needed comfort the most right now.She hugged him for a very long time.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 287~

Just as the water started to boil, Armaan's mobile started ringing.Bharti saw the name and stood frozen by what she let Armaan do with her for the past few minutes.Armaan saw a change in her as he came down to her with 2 mugs of coffee.He saw Shreya's name on the caller list and looked at Bharti who grew disturbed.

Armaan:Bharti, we did nothing wrong..
Bharti:Yes we did..Armaan, you are getting engaged to her and I led you on with me??
Armaan:I'll speak to her and everything will get sorted out..Everything is gonna be alright!! (held her shoulders firmly and hugged her) We did no wrong tonight...We belong to each other and no one else..(buried his face in the nape of her neck)

Bharti still heard the mobile ring.As she looked around her, Armaan was no longer there.Neither was Armaan's mobile.She was dreaming with her open eyes?? She shook her head, feeling the urge to get Armaan out of her head as she can't bring anyone close to her.Friends were fine but not Armaan!! She looked at her mobile and picked it up reluctantly.

Bharti:What do you want, Gaurav?
Gaurav:Wow you picked up your mobile..Surprise, surprise..Anyways,I didn't like the way you got away with your presentation.
Bharti:Do you really think I care?
Gaurav:I know you don't but I thought I could give a try in bringing you back to Trends..I know it was total injustice being done to you..
Bharti:Well, isn't it a bit too late to discover that?? I've made up my mind, Gaurav and I'm not returning...Tell that to Mayank as well..
Gaurav:Oh come on Bharti, such things happen at work..Why are you being so serious??
Bharti:Gaurav, stop bugging me and hang up..I have a lot of work on my agenda so please for God's sake, don't disturb me!!
Gaurav:Bharti...I won't give up on you!! You hear me?? (Bharti had already hung up) She has hung up already?? Gaurav, it's time to up your game a lil..

Armaan reached home and noticed his mum reading a health magazine.Much as he thought he could escape from her questions, she stopped him with a question that he had no answer to.

Sudha:Armaan, are you happy with your life?
Armaan:Maa, what kind of question is that?
Sudha:Come, take a seat.. (Armaan sat next to her)My colleague's son just dropped a big bomb on her head.It was just unbearable to see her in that state.
Armaan:What is it, Maa?
Sudha:He tried to please her by agreeing to marry the girl of her choice..But he's deeply in love with another girl who's not even aware of his feelings..
Armaan:So how did his mum find out about his feelings?
Sudha:Until how long can a son hide such matters from his mum, Armu? She noted his handwritten letter to a girl which fell from one of his books..She confronted her son and he confided in her..Now she's in total despair for she feels guilty for ruining her son's life..
Armaan:Maa, are you scared for me? That I would turn out like him and you would turn out to be like your colleague?
Sudha:Should I be??(Armaan was silent) What happened, Armu??
Armaan:Maa, I'm scared.The truth scares me..I had faced a deep breakup before I got myself in a contract marriage with Bharti which also didn't last long..And now it's Shreya, one of my very good friend..You adore her now but I'm not fully open with her, like how it is supposed to be in a committed relationship.I'm scared to face my destiny!!
Sudha:You're not sure about Shreya?
Armaan:I'm not sure about anything in my life,Maa..Who I love, who I'm supposed to choose as my life partner..I don't know anything, Maa..
Sudha:And you can tell me not to be worried? You were agreeing to get engaged to Shreya without even being sure?? Do you want me to talk to her about this or would you do the needful, Armu??(Armaan looked forlorn and lost) Armu... (Armaan looked intently at his mum)Take your time..I know it can be hurtful because of your past with Bharti but life has to move beyond all of that..That was never a part of you!! Trust your instincts and take the step needed to bring you content and inner happiness..Talk to Shreya slowly and she will understand..
Armaan:What if...
Sudha:She will, hmm?? (Armaan just walked to his room and laid down, thinking of the well-wisher's words and his mum's words and soon enough he fell asleep)


Sunday, June 8, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 286~

Bharti closed her home door and hung her cardigan on the hook behind her room.She picked up Radhika's journal and checked on Naina before lying on the sofa.She continued reading from where she had left off.It wasn't easy for her but it was a task she was engrossed in to keep her from all sorts of distractions and hindrances.

It was yet another day of waitressing.Bharti and I were thinking of exploring other options in my life.As usual,'G' came with his groupies but this time round, there was a difference.The quiet guy came a bit earlier than the anticipated time, according to Sara.Accidentally, Sara had mixed up the table numbers and hence mixed up the ordered drinks.'G' started progressing towards me and began harassing me verbally.When he was done, he turned around but was stopped.Sara and I were equally shocked by the appearance of the quiet guy who had become quite a regular at our coffee bar.He had literally placed his arm on "G"s  chest and stared at him, giving him a cold look.He had glanced 0ver at me and I was simply shaking my head out of fear but he simply asked 'G' to back off, for which he got a black eye.I closed my eyes when the incident took place.By the time 'G' had left, Sara had shaken me hard to take a look at the guy who had fallen unconscious on the floor.I immediately took some ice and a cloth to caress the facial muscle near his eye.That was the first time I had noticed his brown eyes which captivated me at first sight.He smiled weakly, muttering a Thanks before leaving from there. Even that day, I forgot to ask him his name.Damn it, Bharti...

Bharti smiled widely at the interesting love angle between Radhika and Mayank. She continued wondering who 'G' was.Just then, there was a knock on the door.She wondered who could be at her place in such a cool, rainy weather.

Bharti had partially opened the blinds to see who it was but due to the strong winds and splattering raindrops, she couldn't make out who it was.Hence, she opened the two doors widely.She was taken aback to see the first person she ever dreamt of, Armaan himself but what was he doing at her doorstep??She dropped her journal in surprise.

All she did was gaze at his dreamy, soft hair which got heavily drenched in the rains with each passing moment.His hair looked even sexier and tantalising from the nook of her eyes and she could gaze at him for a long time to come but just then, she snapped out.What was she doing, getting him all drenched and broken in the chill weather??

Bharti:Armaan, tum??
Armaan looked at her intently as though he had the ability to skim through her.She was in a pink knee-length dress and he recalled how she had insulted him on purpose, with Raj's words clearly defining her disheveled hair, one which described a sense of trouble.He couldn't believe that she could have quit because of him.

Bharti:Armaan, tum bheegh rahe ho..Andar aao..Armaan??

She was astounded to see Armaan standing still.Initially, she was confused herself.Soon, she was fuming with frustration and she went outside.As a result, she too got drenched in the rains with him and she watched his eyes.They were welling up gradually and she held on to Armaan's wrist.She attempted to bring him inside as she turned around but she was stopped.She faced Armaan who took her hand off his wrist gently and caressed her cheeks affirmatively as he cupped her face.Both of them were immersed into each other's eyes with no need of an explanation.

Armaan:Bharti, sshh!! Pehle main..Kaash mujhe pehle bata hota ki tum mere liye..I'm so sorry, Bharti..Ab mujhe yeh dooriyaa bardaasht nahin ho raha hai..I want you back in my life, Bharti, I mean it!!
Bharti:Armaan, main hoon tumhaare zindagi ka hissa, woh kareebi dost jo sirf aur sirf tumhaare zindagi mein hain aur kisi ke zindagi mein nahin, hmm?? (brought him inside and closed the doors) I'm sorry for what happened between us..I was in a whole heap of mess which I don't want you involved in..
Armaan:(caressed her hair) You think I won't get to understand you or your probs, Bharti??
Bharti:That's not the point, Armaan..Kuch jung akele ladne padte hai!! I'll get you some warm towels.. (went to get a warm towel)
Armaan:(recalled KK's words and decided to take the chance; Bharti came with a towel and wiped his hair and helped him take out his coat) Bharti..
Bharti:Armaan, I'll get you coffee, it'll do you good now..

Armaan stopped Bharti and pulled her wrist, bringing her extremely close to him.She had forgotten to wipe herself dry, which clearly indicated just how much she cared for him.All he wanted her to know is how he truly love and adore her till now.He gently placed his trembling fingers and outlined her lips with ease and watched her eyes.They were now moving rapidly in anxiety.

Armaan:Tch, Bharti..Stop holding yourself back from me..I'm all you have got in your life.Just imagine all the love I have for you through all these years..I love you so very much and you've got to understand just how much you mean to me because you are the only one who makes me feel this special.. (Bharti's eyes welled up and Armaan kissed her hair gently and progressed towards her forehead, nose and leaned in to kiss her lips passionately for a long time before both of their lips parted) I love you, Bharti!!(kissed her ears and whispered) I'll make us coffee!!

Just as the water started to boil, Armaan's mobile started ringing.Bharti saw the name and stood frozen by what she let Armaan do with her for the past few minutes.Armaan saw a change in her as he came down to her with 2 mugs of coffee.He saw Shreya's name on the caller list and looked at Bharti who grew disturbed.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 285~

~Men's Universe~

Raj:Do you know what just happened?
Mahi:Why are you hyped up for, Raj?
Raj:Cuz Bharti quit!! She quit from Trends.. (both Armaan and Mahi were shocked)
Mahi:What do you mean? You are joking, aren't you? She didn't quit, right?
Armaan:She might have done it out of her selfish reasoning yet again, just like how she insulted us..
Raj:Armaan, she didn't do all of that on deliberate purpose.She wanted you to harbour hatred for her as she did inform me repetitively..
Armaan:I don't believe you..In fact, she did this to defame me even further, to make me feel guilty!!
Mayank:She quit Trends only because of you two!! Just how dare you barge into the conference room, Armaan? You are absolutely right in thinking that you ought to feel guilty for she took this hasty decision because of your intervention..You have ruined my efforts in kickstarting her career which has come to an abrupt end, all thanks to you!! Now, you've distanced her from everyone who wishes to see her progress in life after a brutal past she's had in her life!! Thank you very much!! (Left from there)
Mahi:What the HELL. .Just how dare he?
Raj:I agree with him to an extent..Your intervention had led to her hasty decision..
Mahi:Oh wow Raj..You're on his side now?
Raj:I'm on no one's side.If I'd wanted, I'd be on Bharti's side but i just can't believe it!! She's not a quitter, as far as we know her..
Mahi:Armaan, where are you off to?
Raj:Armaan, what's wrong?
Armaan:No, no, no!! I couldn't have done this to her!! She quit because of me? I just had the intention of returning the file to her but I should have done it the sooner I got the file in my possession but I waited till the next day; damn it!! This is all because of me, Mahi!! (Mahi tried to comfort him, sitting next to him and placing her arms around his shoulder but she gently withdrew as Armaan began to stand up) I've got to go..I need to go!!
Mahi:But Armaan..Stop!!
Raj:He needs space, Mahi..Don't stop him!! (Mahi turned and hugged Raj and sobbed silently)

~Rheo Pub~

Armaan knew he wasn't supposed to enter the most visited pub of ages according to Bharti's preference but something pushed him inside.He looked at the ignorant groups of teenagers and adults, losing themselves in temporary shades of happiness brought upon by the intoxicating drinks having drunk upon, the latter's purpose being fulfilled.Armaan didn't belong here, yet he walked to the bartender and ordered Scotch.He looked around, hoping to find a shimmering glimpse of Bharti.However, the sudden changes in Bharti's behaviour in the past few days struck him that he wasn't going to find her here tonight. He felt that he was wasting his time.He was about to leave when the bartender presented his drink to him.Someone joined him.He took a sip of his drink and looked at Armaan.

KK:You're not gonna find her here..
Armaan:Excuse me?
KK:Well, I miss Bharti.. (Armaan's eyes lit up)
Armaan:You know Bharti? From Trends?
KK:Of course, who doesn't know her in the fashion industry? But I knew her before she joined Trends..And I know you as well, Armaan..
Armaan:Have we met before?
KK:Several times but gone unnoticed..I have a news which is highly critical..
Armaan:What do you mean?
KK:You may think Bharti needs no one in her life but right now, all she craves for is your care, concern and your love for her..She's really lonely right now ever since she's shelled herself up, distancing herself from Payal and Bhaskar. .She wants you to hate her but you can never do that, regardless of the circumstances in your life and you know that very well..Prove your love to her and ease your pain by letting your love flow, Armaan..She's been alone ever since your friendship had been obstructed..Do this for your love and you'll find pure joy in your life..Bye!! (Stood up to go)
Armaan:(snapped out) Hey, hold on!! How do you know so much about me and Bharti?
KK:(smiled) I'm a simple, wise well-wisher. .. (turned and gelled in the crowd such that Armaan lost track if him; Armaan pushed his drink away and left from there)

Bharti knocked on the door.Bhaskar was shocked to see her all so drenched.

Bharti:Are you still mad at me that you won't invite me inside?
Bhaskar:OMG Bharti!! Yeh bhi koi waqt hua ghar aane ka?Andar aao!!
Payal:(grew stunned when Bharti hugged her) Bharti?? (Grew concerned but pushed her away)
Bharti:Abhi tak naaraaz ho kya?
Payal:Haan, hoon main naaraaz!! Kitne din, Bharti?? Aur aaj tum bheegh kar gale mil rahe ho? Naina kaha hain? Aur tumhaari koi farmaayishe baaki hai poori karne ke liye???
Bhaskar:Paayu yaar..Kya kar rahe ho tum?
Payal:Aur kya Bhaskar?? Isse humaari yaad ab aayi hain kya?
Bharti:I'm sorry for everything, Payal..It is my big mistake to have shouted at you..Yaar, you know me..
Payal:Yes I know for a fact that you were in a big mess but you decided to not share with us but rather vent your anger on us instead..You know how bad we felt when you didn't talk to us??Come here, you!!
Bharti:(hugged Bhaskar and Payal) I'm really sorry...I won't do this to you guys ever..Please, I missed you guys so much. .
Bhaskar:We too!! But now, everything's ok na.. (withdrew from the hug and watched his girls nod and smile)

~After some time~

Bhaskar:(on his way to dropping Bharti home) You've no idea what you've done tonight, Bharti..I'm seeing Payal be herself all over again..Thank you so much!!
Bharti:Bhasku, stop it yaar..I did it for us, k? I missed us so much..And it was my fault yaar and it felt necessary to make amends..After what has happened, I gained a better perspective of us, yaar!!
Bhaskar:After what happened, Bharti? You resigned yaar and that's just..
Bharti:Bhaskar, just know that I'm no quitter, ok? Working at Trends was a golden opportunity meant for survivors of the cutthroat fashion industry swarming in office politics. .Dude, I didn't want to become just one survivor at the end of the day..The job that I do has got to be meaningful and incredible for me..That was lacking in Trends and I can't just go on in the suffocating atmosphere..You get what I mean?
Bhaskar:So it's nothing else, right? (Bharti smiled and nodded)
Bharti:Yes dude..Thanks for dropping me home..Will call ya..Take care!!
Bhaskar:You too.. (drove off and Bharti walked inside)


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 284~

~Armaan's cabin~

Armaan hurled all his photographs and pushed all his collages and fameworks of his photo shoots placed on his desk,down to the floor.He was in a huge,boiling rage which was witnessed by Mahi as she rushed to his cabin.He rummaged through his drawers for match sticks.Mahi widened her eyes in shock and stopped him,throwing the match sticks away.

Mahi:Dude!!Armaan,get a hang of yourself!!
Raj:Mahi,Armaan,what's going on?(Armaan let go of Mahi's grip and sunk himself in his chair,covering his face with his palms,as Mahi explained what happened at Trends)Damn!!(recalled how Bharti said she will fill hatred in Armaan's heart for her)Dude,listen...This is all a charade,just ignore it!!She wasn't in her right mind...She was feeling extremely embarassed and humiliated..
Mahi:Raj,we were the ones feeling insulted by her words..How can she change so much just by working at Trends?Look at Shreya and look at our Bharti..I didn't expect such a vast difference!!
Raj:(thought to himself)They're not going to believe what I'm saying..Damn it Bharti!!Stop doing this to Armaan and to yourself!!(looked at Armaan)Armaan,get a grip..Everything's going to be ok,trust yourself!!(left from there)

~Bharti's cabin~

Bharti sunk herself in her chair,reflecting over the worst presentation she had given an hour back.Tears poured out silently from her eyes,she didn't care.All she thought about was Armaan.She couldn't fathom why she would thrash him out of her life,when all he tried to do was to save her honour,her prestige from being drained out.She had to humiliate him before anyone else did so,much that he would scram from Trends and away from her life.She had tried expressing this need of her's in so many ways but it was washed out of neglect.This time,she knew her effort wasn't futile but rather harsh but it was inevitably needed to push him away from getting any closer to her. She knew that if she caved in,she would destroy the home of her mom and her secret friend.Bharti began sobbing endlessly but stopped when she saw Gaurav.She wiped her tears away and started to pack her stuff.It was for the best,she believed so.

Gaurav:(confused)What are you doing?
Bharti:You appear blind!!I'm packing my stuff..
Gaurav:You don't usually bring ll the files with you..What's wrong?
Bharti:Why do you care?Anyways,leave for I need to meet Mayank promptly..
Gaurav:I don't have to leave..He's right here,if you didn't notice..
Bharti:Oh,my bad..Mayank,I'm extremely sorry to have put you in such a spot today..It won't be repeated!!
Gaurav:Well,if you're referring to the number of clients we've lost today,you should be..But how can you be so sure this won't be repeated?(Raj witnessed the scene)
Bharti:Cuz this is my resignation letter,Mayank..I'm saving you the troube of the need to fire me..The office politics win this time round and i'm in no mood to linger here,to be a survivor amongst the crowd of unloyal staff,especially Ash!!You and I know better what has happened and i'm not sticking around any longer..Sorry to bring your hopes down,Mayank!!It's time I leave..(Raj was shell-shocked by Bharti's rash decision to end her career and left from there)Goodbye Mayank,goodbye Gaurav..(both of them fell silent as Bharti left from her cabin and exited Trends)