Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 284~

~Armaan's cabin~

Armaan hurled all his photographs and pushed all his collages and fameworks of his photo shoots placed on his desk,down to the floor.He was in a huge,boiling rage which was witnessed by Mahi as she rushed to his cabin.He rummaged through his drawers for match sticks.Mahi widened her eyes in shock and stopped him,throwing the match sticks away.

Mahi:Dude!!Armaan,get a hang of yourself!!
Raj:Mahi,Armaan,what's going on?(Armaan let go of Mahi's grip and sunk himself in his chair,covering his face with his palms,as Mahi explained what happened at Trends)Damn!!(recalled how Bharti said she will fill hatred in Armaan's heart for her)Dude,listen...This is all a charade,just ignore it!!She wasn't in her right mind...She was feeling extremely embarassed and humiliated..
Mahi:Raj,we were the ones feeling insulted by her words..How can she change so much just by working at Trends?Look at Shreya and look at our Bharti..I didn't expect such a vast difference!!
Raj:(thought to himself)They're not going to believe what I'm saying..Damn it Bharti!!Stop doing this to Armaan and to yourself!!(looked at Armaan)Armaan,get a grip..Everything's going to be ok,trust yourself!!(left from there)

~Bharti's cabin~

Bharti sunk herself in her chair,reflecting over the worst presentation she had given an hour back.Tears poured out silently from her eyes,she didn't care.All she thought about was Armaan.She couldn't fathom why she would thrash him out of her life,when all he tried to do was to save her honour,her prestige from being drained out.She had to humiliate him before anyone else did so,much that he would scram from Trends and away from her life.She had tried expressing this need of her's in so many ways but it was washed out of neglect.This time,she knew her effort wasn't futile but rather harsh but it was inevitably needed to push him away from getting any closer to her. She knew that if she caved in,she would destroy the home of her mom and her secret friend.Bharti began sobbing endlessly but stopped when she saw Gaurav.She wiped her tears away and started to pack her stuff.It was for the best,she believed so.

Gaurav:(confused)What are you doing?
Bharti:You appear blind!!I'm packing my stuff..
Gaurav:You don't usually bring ll the files with you..What's wrong?
Bharti:Why do you care?Anyways,leave for I need to meet Mayank promptly..
Gaurav:I don't have to leave..He's right here,if you didn't notice..
Bharti:Oh,my bad..Mayank,I'm extremely sorry to have put you in such a spot today..It won't be repeated!!
Gaurav:Well,if you're referring to the number of clients we've lost today,you should be..But how can you be so sure this won't be repeated?(Raj witnessed the scene)
Bharti:Cuz this is my resignation letter,Mayank..I'm saving you the troube of the need to fire me..The office politics win this time round and i'm in no mood to linger here,to be a survivor amongst the crowd of unloyal staff,especially Ash!!You and I know better what has happened and i'm not sticking around any longer..Sorry to bring your hopes down,Mayank!!It's time I leave..(Raj was shell-shocked by Bharti's rash decision to end her career and left from there)Goodbye Mayank,goodbye Gaurav..(both of them fell silent as Bharti left from her cabin and exited Trends)


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