Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, June 5, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 285~

~Men's Universe~

Raj:Do you know what just happened?
Mahi:Why are you hyped up for, Raj?
Raj:Cuz Bharti quit!! She quit from Trends.. (both Armaan and Mahi were shocked)
Mahi:What do you mean? You are joking, aren't you? She didn't quit, right?
Armaan:She might have done it out of her selfish reasoning yet again, just like how she insulted us..
Raj:Armaan, she didn't do all of that on deliberate purpose.She wanted you to harbour hatred for her as she did inform me repetitively..
Armaan:I don't believe you..In fact, she did this to defame me even further, to make me feel guilty!!
Mayank:She quit Trends only because of you two!! Just how dare you barge into the conference room, Armaan? You are absolutely right in thinking that you ought to feel guilty for she took this hasty decision because of your intervention..You have ruined my efforts in kickstarting her career which has come to an abrupt end, all thanks to you!! Now, you've distanced her from everyone who wishes to see her progress in life after a brutal past she's had in her life!! Thank you very much!! (Left from there)
Mahi:What the HELL. .Just how dare he?
Raj:I agree with him to an extent..Your intervention had led to her hasty decision..
Mahi:Oh wow Raj..You're on his side now?
Raj:I'm on no one's side.If I'd wanted, I'd be on Bharti's side but i just can't believe it!! She's not a quitter, as far as we know her..
Mahi:Armaan, where are you off to?
Raj:Armaan, what's wrong?
Armaan:No, no, no!! I couldn't have done this to her!! She quit because of me? I just had the intention of returning the file to her but I should have done it the sooner I got the file in my possession but I waited till the next day; damn it!! This is all because of me, Mahi!! (Mahi tried to comfort him, sitting next to him and placing her arms around his shoulder but she gently withdrew as Armaan began to stand up) I've got to go..I need to go!!
Mahi:But Armaan..Stop!!
Raj:He needs space, Mahi..Don't stop him!! (Mahi turned and hugged Raj and sobbed silently)

~Rheo Pub~

Armaan knew he wasn't supposed to enter the most visited pub of ages according to Bharti's preference but something pushed him inside.He looked at the ignorant groups of teenagers and adults, losing themselves in temporary shades of happiness brought upon by the intoxicating drinks having drunk upon, the latter's purpose being fulfilled.Armaan didn't belong here, yet he walked to the bartender and ordered Scotch.He looked around, hoping to find a shimmering glimpse of Bharti.However, the sudden changes in Bharti's behaviour in the past few days struck him that he wasn't going to find her here tonight. He felt that he was wasting his time.He was about to leave when the bartender presented his drink to him.Someone joined him.He took a sip of his drink and looked at Armaan.

KK:You're not gonna find her here..
Armaan:Excuse me?
KK:Well, I miss Bharti.. (Armaan's eyes lit up)
Armaan:You know Bharti? From Trends?
KK:Of course, who doesn't know her in the fashion industry? But I knew her before she joined Trends..And I know you as well, Armaan..
Armaan:Have we met before?
KK:Several times but gone unnoticed..I have a news which is highly critical..
Armaan:What do you mean?
KK:You may think Bharti needs no one in her life but right now, all she craves for is your care, concern and your love for her..She's really lonely right now ever since she's shelled herself up, distancing herself from Payal and Bhaskar. .She wants you to hate her but you can never do that, regardless of the circumstances in your life and you know that very well..Prove your love to her and ease your pain by letting your love flow, Armaan..She's been alone ever since your friendship had been obstructed..Do this for your love and you'll find pure joy in your life..Bye!! (Stood up to go)
Armaan:(snapped out) Hey, hold on!! How do you know so much about me and Bharti?
KK:(smiled) I'm a simple, wise well-wisher. .. (turned and gelled in the crowd such that Armaan lost track if him; Armaan pushed his drink away and left from there)

Bharti knocked on the door.Bhaskar was shocked to see her all so drenched.

Bharti:Are you still mad at me that you won't invite me inside?
Bhaskar:OMG Bharti!! Yeh bhi koi waqt hua ghar aane ka?Andar aao!!
Payal:(grew stunned when Bharti hugged her) Bharti?? (Grew concerned but pushed her away)
Bharti:Abhi tak naaraaz ho kya?
Payal:Haan, hoon main naaraaz!! Kitne din, Bharti?? Aur aaj tum bheegh kar gale mil rahe ho? Naina kaha hain? Aur tumhaari koi farmaayishe baaki hai poori karne ke liye???
Bhaskar:Paayu yaar..Kya kar rahe ho tum?
Payal:Aur kya Bhaskar?? Isse humaari yaad ab aayi hain kya?
Bharti:I'm sorry for everything, Payal..It is my big mistake to have shouted at you..Yaar, you know me..
Payal:Yes I know for a fact that you were in a big mess but you decided to not share with us but rather vent your anger on us instead..You know how bad we felt when you didn't talk to us??Come here, you!!
Bharti:(hugged Bhaskar and Payal) I'm really sorry...I won't do this to you guys ever..Please, I missed you guys so much. .
Bhaskar:We too!! But now, everything's ok na.. (withdrew from the hug and watched his girls nod and smile)

~After some time~

Bhaskar:(on his way to dropping Bharti home) You've no idea what you've done tonight, Bharti..I'm seeing Payal be herself all over again..Thank you so much!!
Bharti:Bhasku, stop it yaar..I did it for us, k? I missed us so much..And it was my fault yaar and it felt necessary to make amends..After what has happened, I gained a better perspective of us, yaar!!
Bhaskar:After what happened, Bharti? You resigned yaar and that's just..
Bharti:Bhaskar, just know that I'm no quitter, ok? Working at Trends was a golden opportunity meant for survivors of the cutthroat fashion industry swarming in office politics. .Dude, I didn't want to become just one survivor at the end of the day..The job that I do has got to be meaningful and incredible for me..That was lacking in Trends and I can't just go on in the suffocating atmosphere..You get what I mean?
Bhaskar:So it's nothing else, right? (Bharti smiled and nodded)
Bharti:Yes dude..Thanks for dropping me home..Will call ya..Take care!!
Bhaskar:You too.. (drove off and Bharti walked inside)


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