Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, June 8, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 286~

Bharti closed her home door and hung her cardigan on the hook behind her room.She picked up Radhika's journal and checked on Naina before lying on the sofa.She continued reading from where she had left off.It wasn't easy for her but it was a task she was engrossed in to keep her from all sorts of distractions and hindrances.

It was yet another day of waitressing.Bharti and I were thinking of exploring other options in my life.As usual,'G' came with his groupies but this time round, there was a difference.The quiet guy came a bit earlier than the anticipated time, according to Sara.Accidentally, Sara had mixed up the table numbers and hence mixed up the ordered drinks.'G' started progressing towards me and began harassing me verbally.When he was done, he turned around but was stopped.Sara and I were equally shocked by the appearance of the quiet guy who had become quite a regular at our coffee bar.He had literally placed his arm on "G"s  chest and stared at him, giving him a cold look.He had glanced 0ver at me and I was simply shaking my head out of fear but he simply asked 'G' to back off, for which he got a black eye.I closed my eyes when the incident took place.By the time 'G' had left, Sara had shaken me hard to take a look at the guy who had fallen unconscious on the floor.I immediately took some ice and a cloth to caress the facial muscle near his eye.That was the first time I had noticed his brown eyes which captivated me at first sight.He smiled weakly, muttering a Thanks before leaving from there. Even that day, I forgot to ask him his name.Damn it, Bharti...

Bharti smiled widely at the interesting love angle between Radhika and Mayank. She continued wondering who 'G' was.Just then, there was a knock on the door.She wondered who could be at her place in such a cool, rainy weather.

Bharti had partially opened the blinds to see who it was but due to the strong winds and splattering raindrops, she couldn't make out who it was.Hence, she opened the two doors widely.She was taken aback to see the first person she ever dreamt of, Armaan himself but what was he doing at her doorstep??She dropped her journal in surprise.

All she did was gaze at his dreamy, soft hair which got heavily drenched in the rains with each passing moment.His hair looked even sexier and tantalising from the nook of her eyes and she could gaze at him for a long time to come but just then, she snapped out.What was she doing, getting him all drenched and broken in the chill weather??

Bharti:Armaan, tum??
Armaan looked at her intently as though he had the ability to skim through her.She was in a pink knee-length dress and he recalled how she had insulted him on purpose, with Raj's words clearly defining her disheveled hair, one which described a sense of trouble.He couldn't believe that she could have quit because of him.

Bharti:Armaan, tum bheegh rahe ho..Andar aao..Armaan??

She was astounded to see Armaan standing still.Initially, she was confused herself.Soon, she was fuming with frustration and she went outside.As a result, she too got drenched in the rains with him and she watched his eyes.They were welling up gradually and she held on to Armaan's wrist.She attempted to bring him inside as she turned around but she was stopped.She faced Armaan who took her hand off his wrist gently and caressed her cheeks affirmatively as he cupped her face.Both of them were immersed into each other's eyes with no need of an explanation.

Armaan:Bharti, sshh!! Pehle main..Kaash mujhe pehle bata hota ki tum mere liye..I'm so sorry, Bharti..Ab mujhe yeh dooriyaa bardaasht nahin ho raha hai..I want you back in my life, Bharti, I mean it!!
Bharti:Armaan, main hoon tumhaare zindagi ka hissa, woh kareebi dost jo sirf aur sirf tumhaare zindagi mein hain aur kisi ke zindagi mein nahin, hmm?? (brought him inside and closed the doors) I'm sorry for what happened between us..I was in a whole heap of mess which I don't want you involved in..
Armaan:(caressed her hair) You think I won't get to understand you or your probs, Bharti??
Bharti:That's not the point, Armaan..Kuch jung akele ladne padte hai!! I'll get you some warm towels.. (went to get a warm towel)
Armaan:(recalled KK's words and decided to take the chance; Bharti came with a towel and wiped his hair and helped him take out his coat) Bharti..
Bharti:Armaan, I'll get you coffee, it'll do you good now..

Armaan stopped Bharti and pulled her wrist, bringing her extremely close to him.She had forgotten to wipe herself dry, which clearly indicated just how much she cared for him.All he wanted her to know is how he truly love and adore her till now.He gently placed his trembling fingers and outlined her lips with ease and watched her eyes.They were now moving rapidly in anxiety.

Armaan:Tch, Bharti..Stop holding yourself back from me..I'm all you have got in your life.Just imagine all the love I have for you through all these years..I love you so very much and you've got to understand just how much you mean to me because you are the only one who makes me feel this special.. (Bharti's eyes welled up and Armaan kissed her hair gently and progressed towards her forehead, nose and leaned in to kiss her lips passionately for a long time before both of their lips parted) I love you, Bharti!!(kissed her ears and whispered) I'll make us coffee!!

Just as the water started to boil, Armaan's mobile started ringing.Bharti saw the name and stood frozen by what she let Armaan do with her for the past few minutes.Armaan saw a change in her as he came down to her with 2 mugs of coffee.He saw Shreya's name on the caller list and looked at Bharti who grew disturbed.


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