Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 287~

Just as the water started to boil, Armaan's mobile started ringing.Bharti saw the name and stood frozen by what she let Armaan do with her for the past few minutes.Armaan saw a change in her as he came down to her with 2 mugs of coffee.He saw Shreya's name on the caller list and looked at Bharti who grew disturbed.

Armaan:Bharti, we did nothing wrong..
Bharti:Yes we did..Armaan, you are getting engaged to her and I led you on with me??
Armaan:I'll speak to her and everything will get sorted out..Everything is gonna be alright!! (held her shoulders firmly and hugged her) We did no wrong tonight...We belong to each other and no one else..(buried his face in the nape of her neck)

Bharti still heard the mobile ring.As she looked around her, Armaan was no longer there.Neither was Armaan's mobile.She was dreaming with her open eyes?? She shook her head, feeling the urge to get Armaan out of her head as she can't bring anyone close to her.Friends were fine but not Armaan!! She looked at her mobile and picked it up reluctantly.

Bharti:What do you want, Gaurav?
Gaurav:Wow you picked up your mobile..Surprise, surprise..Anyways,I didn't like the way you got away with your presentation.
Bharti:Do you really think I care?
Gaurav:I know you don't but I thought I could give a try in bringing you back to Trends..I know it was total injustice being done to you..
Bharti:Well, isn't it a bit too late to discover that?? I've made up my mind, Gaurav and I'm not returning...Tell that to Mayank as well..
Gaurav:Oh come on Bharti, such things happen at work..Why are you being so serious??
Bharti:Gaurav, stop bugging me and hang up..I have a lot of work on my agenda so please for God's sake, don't disturb me!!
Gaurav:Bharti...I won't give up on you!! You hear me?? (Bharti had already hung up) She has hung up already?? Gaurav, it's time to up your game a lil..

Armaan reached home and noticed his mum reading a health magazine.Much as he thought he could escape from her questions, she stopped him with a question that he had no answer to.

Sudha:Armaan, are you happy with your life?
Armaan:Maa, what kind of question is that?
Sudha:Come, take a seat.. (Armaan sat next to her)My colleague's son just dropped a big bomb on her head.It was just unbearable to see her in that state.
Armaan:What is it, Maa?
Sudha:He tried to please her by agreeing to marry the girl of her choice..But he's deeply in love with another girl who's not even aware of his feelings..
Armaan:So how did his mum find out about his feelings?
Sudha:Until how long can a son hide such matters from his mum, Armu? She noted his handwritten letter to a girl which fell from one of his books..She confronted her son and he confided in her..Now she's in total despair for she feels guilty for ruining her son's life..
Armaan:Maa, are you scared for me? That I would turn out like him and you would turn out to be like your colleague?
Sudha:Should I be??(Armaan was silent) What happened, Armu??
Armaan:Maa, I'm scared.The truth scares me..I had faced a deep breakup before I got myself in a contract marriage with Bharti which also didn't last long..And now it's Shreya, one of my very good friend..You adore her now but I'm not fully open with her, like how it is supposed to be in a committed relationship.I'm scared to face my destiny!!
Sudha:You're not sure about Shreya?
Armaan:I'm not sure about anything in my life,Maa..Who I love, who I'm supposed to choose as my life partner..I don't know anything, Maa..
Sudha:And you can tell me not to be worried? You were agreeing to get engaged to Shreya without even being sure?? Do you want me to talk to her about this or would you do the needful, Armu??(Armaan looked forlorn and lost) Armu... (Armaan looked intently at his mum)Take your time..I know it can be hurtful because of your past with Bharti but life has to move beyond all of that..That was never a part of you!! Trust your instincts and take the step needed to bring you content and inner happiness..Talk to Shreya slowly and she will understand..
Armaan:What if...
Sudha:She will, hmm?? (Armaan just walked to his room and laid down, thinking of the well-wisher's words and his mum's words and soon enough he fell asleep)


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