Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, June 14, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 288~

~Next Couple of Days~

Bharti was in conversation with Dr Graham and she got herself a part time job at the university as a part time student mentor to her juniors and on other days, she could manage a flexible schedule of a freelance writer on Horizons Magazine, a biweekly magazine published by MWorld. Much thanks were for Alisha and Sanjana who managed to get her the work-from-home job temporarily.

Days flew by and much has been adjusted in Bharti's life.She is now able to spend more time with Naina than ever, feeling proud of the decision of quitting Trends without any sense of regret.

However, on the other hand, Shreya had been doubtful of her relationship with Armaan based on Ishaan's past observations.She had been wanting to ask Armaan about them but she couldn't muster adequate courage to confront Armaan regarding them.Once, she had noticed Armaan's behaviour when he saw Bharti from a distance at Shoppers' Stop Bazaar.He had demanded that they leave from the shop instantly.Although Shreya was initially confused, she soon saw Bharti and Naina but then it sparked her mind.
Till now, she had been quietly respecting Armaan's silence but it has been getting more and more difficult.

On her way inside her home, she looked for mail in her post box.Just then, she saw Raj having parked his bike and shouted out to him.Raj waved to her and went over.Shreya knew she could talk to him first before confronting Armaan about her doubts.

Raj:Just reached home? Didn't Armaan drop you, as usual?
Shreya:Nah, he wasn't free..Wanna come inside?
Raj:Nope, got some important work to do; will catch up with you k?
Shreya:Hey, hold on..
Shreya:I needed to ask you something..It's quite personal..It's about me and Armaan..I don't even know where to begin..
Raj:What's bothering you, Shreya?
Shreya:It's Armaan..I mean it's not him but his past with Bharti..I know he used to be married to her but that's over..Their friendship and everything got slightly off the hook and all..I believe they are still not on talking terms but why is it so? They used to be so close after their misunderstandings but what happened now??
Raj:Shreya, you came in the way of them, especially your best friend and his emotions..He loved Bharti immensely, so much so that he relives every memory they've shared together during their marriage and even after that..Her friendship meant a lot to him but you came and everything changed drastically... (looked intently at her before bursting into laughter) Oh come on Shreya..
Shreya:What? Raj..
Raj:I didn't mean for you to start crying...I was just messing up with you..Come on, you are his best friend first before his girlfriend, you should know better na??? He was married to Bharti, sure but after that, they went their own ways Shreya..Get rid of all your doubts!! (Shreya began to smile and she hit Raj mildly for poking fun at her) He's with you now so cherish him as much as you can..Ok?See ya.. (Shreya shook her head and went inside)

Raj turned around and wished Shreya would comprehend the depth of his words but he knew he couldn't hurt her feelings as he didn't want to do anything ugly before straightening his good friend out.

Armaan reached home and Sudha asked him about Shreya.He went to his room and called her instantly.He felt the urge to sort things out with her.

Shreya:Hey, I was just thinking about you. ..
Armaan:Really? Wow, Maa was also thinking about you too..
Shreya:And you weren't, hmm?
Armaan:Well I have been busy with work but that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about you...
Shreya:You really love beating around the bush, na?? I wonder how Bharti managed to tolerate you, haha..
Armaan:Well I called you because I wanted to talk to you so let's not talk about anyone else, ok?
Shreya:I've been meaning to talk to you Armu..I've had a lot of things on my mind too..
Armaan:Me first, Shreya.. I do not want to live my life by misleading you in one way or another..I had committed that mistake earlier on in my life but not any more..I want to start afresh and live a life without regrets and this is possibly where I need your help the most because I have not been fully honest with you.In fact, I didn't even let you on the fact that I had been deeply in love with a girl who isn't exactly sharing the same kind of passion for me as I do for her.. (Shreya was stunned and realised that Ishaan was right all along and was fighting to stop her tears) I want to forget all of that and move on in my life, Shreya and I need your utmost help right now..Can I trust you with my life, Shreya?? You're my final hope here..
Shreya:Thanks for clearing this before our upcoming engagement, Armaan and also for considering me as someone worthy of your trust..(wiped her tears)Right now, I've got no words to express myself and my position, Armaan for you have never told me about your love life.The question right now is whether I ought to forget the fact that you still harbour feelings for the girl and want to get engaged to me, to use me to heal your deep pain or if I should just leave you alone and let you heal on your own...Armaan, I'm your best friend who had always been there for you yet you give me this kind of treatment? I don't deserve this, Armaan..At least not from you!! (hung up, burying her tear-filled cheeks in her palms)

Armaan hung up and looked at Sudha who appeared at his room.He shook his head and slowly raised his shoulders and looked at her with his welled-up eyes.Sudha went forward and hugged her son who needed comfort the most right now.She hugged him for a very long time.


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