Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 289~

Mayank was at Trends the next day, walking towards the empty cabin which was filled with Bharti's presence till a week back but now seemed so silent despite the ruffling of paperwork in the cubicles in the surrounding.He missed his dear friend.Just then, he noticed Alisha and Sanjana talking to Gaurav and went towards them.

Gaurav:You shouldn't be telling me this..She's already decided that she won't return to Trends..
Sanjana:Oh hello..We didn't come here to convince you to take her back..We are here to tell you the fact itself that Bharti was never at fault while working here..
Mayank:What's going on, Gaurav?
Gaurav:Take a look at these letters, Mayank..

Mayank was shocked to see these letters which were filled with threats for Bharti to give up the job at Trends since day 1 of her job.Shreya had heard the entire conversation and was as equally shocked as Mayank.Bharti had never mentioned any of this to Mayank and he felt extremely hurt from within.

Mayank left from there without saying a word.Gaurav was stunned and Alisha and Sanjana left, taunting the committee board of Trends for not having shown fair treatment towards Bharti.

Shreya sat in her cubicle and thought about Armaan and Bharti.His sincere confession and Bharti's small, undesirable sacrifice for her career had led her thinking.Was she being selfish with Armaan for wanting him to love her back? Armaan too loved Bharti but his love seemed very much unconditional, not based on selfish desires.His love story seemed so warm and something which she can so relate to.However, she couldn't comprehend why Bharti and Armaan aren't together.She brushed her fingers through her hair and held her head, deciding to have a talk with Bharti today itself.


Bharti was mentoring a group of students with their project work.Just then, she got distracted upon the loud thud on the door.She saw Shreya and realised it must be one of Gaurav's tactics to bring her back to Trends.She grew furious but suppressed it till she excused herself from the lecture hall.

Bharti:Let me guess...Gaurav sent you to convince me to get back to Trends, right?? Just how predictable can some people be? Tell him that I am not getting back to Trends ever!!(turned to go)
Shreya:Bharti, wait..I didn't come here on behalf of Gaurav or anyone..I came here because I wanted to talk to you..Personally!!
Bharti:What? Oops, I'm sorry..Gosh, you see Gaurav had been bugging me to get back to Trends and I thought..Never mind, forget all of that, k? (Shreya agreed) Ok, how can I help you, Shreya?
Shreya:I'm just amazed at how fast you got a new job..I thought leaving Trends must have been the hardest decision for you to make in your life..
Bharti:Something called networking helped me Shreya..I am just lucky that leaving Trends didn't affect some employer's mentality of hiring me..In fact, now I am very much happier for I can spend more time with my Naina.. (Shreya smiled) But you're not here for me,Shreya..You're here for some other reason..Be direct with me and you'll get your answers!!
Shreya:I have never questioned your married life with Armaan, Bharti..But now that I'm going to get engaged to him, I need to know some things..Do you love him?? I mean I do know you did not love him during that phase but what about after your separation? Did you fall in love with him? Did I come in the way of you and Armaan?? Did I break you two up such that you two have grown very much distant? Why are you silent, Bharti??
Bharti:Which idiot came to you and filled your mind with ideologies of you coming in between me or Armaan?? There was never such a thing that occurred..In fact, there is no reason for you to feel guilty in any manner for there were never such feelings that existed in my heart for Armaan..We were secret friends, sure but things changed, circumstances took us apart from one another, that's about it!!
Shreya:Circumstances, Bharti?? You expect me to believe your lie? Armaan told me he loved a girl deeply, apparently it must have been you as long as I know your close friendship with him..
Bharti:That's his misunderstanding, Shreya..He might have loved me but that doesn't mean I should necessarily love him back..I have my own life, Shreya..My own world where Armaan don't deserve to belong..I can't elaborate any further but he and I can never be together..
Bharti:We are total opposites..If he's light, I'm dark..If he's sweet, I'm poison and if he's forgiveness and compassion, I'm revenge.My world is a dark place, Shreya where people like Armaan don't belong..Get engaged to him and keep him happy and safe in his new phase of life..He deserves much happiness in his life for he had already suffered a lot!! Goodbye, Shreya.. (went back to the lecture hall and Shreya turned around to go)

She couldn't believe what Bharti had said.She was astounded by her answer and began to rethink about Armaan's decision to be open the other day
She felt as if she had lost him because of her rash choice.She dialled Armaan's number but he didn't pick up.She left him long messages as a last resort.


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