Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, June 19, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 290~

Meanwhile, Armaan went to Paragon Mall with Raj who bumped into Mayank and Niharika at the Baskin Robbins outlet.It was a pretty long while since both Raj and Niharika met and talked.Not after Raj's escape route from her identity as Mayank's sister.Raj was uncomfortable but Armaan grabbed hold of the opportunity and pulled him in to sit with both of them.

Armaan:Hi Niharika..Hi Mayank..
Mayank:Hi Armaan..What brings you here?
Armaan:Well, nothing much actually..We were just shopping for our outdoor fashion shoot..
Mayank:This is the first time we're meeting after Bharti's departure from Trends..I do wish to apologise for being so harsh by venting my anger on you and Mahi the other day..It's not because of you that Bharti left..Itz because of my staff's improper mannerism and attitude towards her by the threatening notes and letters since day 1 of her job..
Raj:And you had no clue, Mayank?
Mayank:I would, if only Bharti had told me about it..She had always seemed so upbeat and cheery at work..Always wanting to appreciate my favour but alas..
Raj:Oh my, Mayank..You're getting it all wrong..In fact, Bharti wouldn't quit because of some threats or even your staff..She seemed suffocated at work, feeling less satisfied with herself, if you don't mind me sharing my personal opinion with you..
Armaan:Raj, do you mind?? Past is past, let's move on with it..
Mayank:Raj, you could be right..I didn't think of it that way..I tried to keep her to my company and thatz where I made a deep mistake..
Raj:No matter what you say now, she's not going to come back and work with you, Mayank..Respect her wishes and support her as a true friend..Thatz what she had always taught me in friendship..

Raj ordered some royal sundaes for the four of them while Armaan got distracted by Shreya's messages.He was surprised to learn what she had to say after meeting Bharti.He was sure that Bharti must have filled her mind with mysterious thoughts.Just as precisely as he thought, Shreya had texted him about how Bharti was defending her friendship and how Armaan had mistaken it for love.Shreya explicitly informed him that she no longer needed him to lie about the girl he had loved.Instead, she asked him to reflect if Bharti was ever the girl he had actually wanted in his life for she believes that Bharti had never bothered to think about him and all she could gather from her conversation was that Bharti had a deep, dark past looming around her world, some place where Armaan doesn't belong. Armaan locked his mobile and decided to direct a question towards Mayank.

Mayank:Hey, where are you lost, Armaan? Your sundae is melting..
Armaan:Let me ask you something..
Armaan:If Bharti is your close friend for ages, you should be knowing everything about her, right?
Mayank:What..Erm, mostly yeah..Why do you ask?
Armaan:Does she have a past? I mean, why is she never bringing herself close to matters of the heart? Is there a specific explanation to that??
Mayank:Wow Armaan, thatz a lot of questions... (paused for a while and Niharika noticed his silence) None of which I have answers to.. (Raj noticed how Niharika placed her palm on Mayank's in a way of reassuring him)
Niharika:Armaan, since Mayank has no answers to them, why don't you ask Bharti herself? You're her secret friend, aren't you??
Raj:Well, sorry if he got a lil too personal..He's just inquisitive..
Niharika:That is alright..But hey, how is your engagement preparation with Shreya coming along?? (Just then, Raj's mobile rang)
Raj:Hi..We're on our way, Nisha..Sorry baby..5 mins,k?Pakka.. (hung up and informed Armaan that both of them were running late and hence bid goodbye to Mayank and left from there)
Niharika:I wonder why Armaan was asking about Bharti's past..Can't he just leave her to herself, hmm??
Mayank:Forget about it, Nihu..He's just concerned for her..
Niharika:I call it something else, Mayu..He's finding it difficult to move on in his life, to start anew with Shreya..That's what this is!!
Mayank:It ain't easy, Nihu..Try falling in love and then you'll know..
Niharika:Who said I don't get it?? I get what love is..The complexities of love can kill me but I don't wanna give a damn about it...
Niharika:Nothing..Just got inspired by cinematic impressions, that's all!! Come, let's go..


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