Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, June 26, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 291~

Bharti was done for the day and was headed to Hard Rock Cafe to meet Alisha but grew shocked upon seeing Gaurav there with Naina. 

Bharti saw the bandage on Naina's forehead and was instantly worried.She enquired from Alisha about it and Alisha informed her of the near accident that Naina had.Naina was playing at the playground with Alisha but just then, her ball rolled across the street and she went after it.She was about to get hit but Gaurav came in the nick of time to save her, just like a guardian angel, hence saving her from further injuries.

Having come out of the illusionary world, Bharti thanked Gaurav profusely and smiled earnestly.Gaurav simply nodded and extended his hand for a shake.Bharti shook his hand and accepted his gesture of friendship.Alisha and Naina excused themselves from there for a while.

Bharti:You've got no idea what you mean to me now..You've saved the only love of my life, Gaurav..
Gaurav:Please, Bharti..Get over it and from now on, you've got the ultimate liberty to call me what my dear pals call me..
Bharti:Ok..And what's that??
Gaurav:My initial..As simple as that..G..
Gaurav:Yepz, G for Gaurav..
Bharti:Cool...G.. (smiled widely)
Gaurav:Excuse me for a moment.. (Bharti nodded)

Bharti's smile faded as she recollected seeing the letter G in Radhika's journal.She grew flabbergasted at the discovery she just made.Could the guy in Radhika's journal mean Gaurav???

'Oh my God..There he is playing with Naina and Alisha is giving company...If he is truly G, what trouble have I brought upon myself??'

And then she thought...

'If G was indeed Gaurav, why was Radhika always so disturbed when he and his groupies came over at the coffee bar? She had always mentioned how some guys used to come over and harass her but she hadn't mentioned who exactly.But what threat or harm can he possibly harbour?? Bharti,the ball is in your court now..Yes!! I can manipulate him just the way I want to..That's the clue Radhika is giving me in her journal..This will be my retribution, my sole objective..Yes!! (flashed her classic victorious smile)

~3 Days Later~

Bharti was surprised to hear from Mahi and Sonali after a long while.Both of them sounded very much chirpy all of a sudden for some unknown reason.Bharti continued to hear them out and waited patiently for them to be direct with her instead of beating around the bush.As a last resort,she confronted them with her direct approach of their intention behind their conference call.She was stunned beyond bounds as they mentioned Project M3.

Sonali:We got to know everything about it..
Bharti:Really? What is it that you know?
Mahi:Stop the denial about your involvement, Bharti..
Bharti:What involvement are you referring to, Mahi? Are you still mad at me at the way I treated Armaan at Trends?
Mahi:No I'm not but you can't conceal matters from us anymore..Raj told us about it..
Bharti:(smiled subtly, thinking to herself) How is it even possible when Raj was desperate to seek my help with the project?? He can't possibly have said anything to any of his colleagues.. (cleared her throat) Look girls, why are you even seeking information from me when you've known everything about the project?? But I'm curious..What exactly is this project about?
Mahi:Bharti, actually..
Sonali:Let me handle this, Mahi..Bharti, Raj told us that you knew about this project about the time you were offered the editorial job in Trends and that this project is very crucial for him..
Bharti:So you girls don't know what exactly this project is about?? And you're trying to get information out of me??
Mahi:Cut the crap, both of you..Bharti, we wanna help Raj, that's all..
Bharti:The only thing I know about Project M3 is that it means a lot to Raj after the sham made up about his reputation and he needed to kick start his career with it, that's all...But from what I hear from you two, it seems Raj is better off on his own and if he needs help, he'll ask..So just leave him alone, girls..In any way, you know better...Bye!! (hung up)
Mahi:Damn it..And I thought she knows..
Sonali:Jiya has not been very helpful but Bharti has..
Sonali:She knows everything..She's just not telling us..She caught our cover up and we caught her's!! We've got to bring her to MU, Mahi..
Mahi:Are you nutz?? What makes you think she'll work here?
Sonali:Arre yaar, when did I talk about she working here?? We'll ask her to come here just for visits, you know..or even ask Raj..
Mahi:This is a bad idea, Sonu..
Sonali:No, it isn't..Just trust the strong instincts of mine, will you?? (Left to work on her plan while Mahi remained skeptical about everything that Sonali had just thought in her head)

Putting the plan in action, Sonali had planted a text from Raj's phone to Bharti's, asking her to come to MU urgently.At the same time, she deleted the sent message and wrote a note, handing it over to Raj.

~After a few hours~

Bharti got out of the lift and went straight to Jenny, who was stunned to see her right in front of her.She snapped at her and asked for Raj and she directed Bharti towards the foyer.The staff of MU went bonkers as they saw her, gossiping behind her back.She stopped upon seeing Armaan and Shreya. She smiled weakly, seeing Shreya hug Armaan and having a light, happy moment with him, feeling assured that Armaan is happy with Shreya.Just then, Raj tapped on her shoulders and distracted her.

Shreya:Thanks for the coffee, Armaan.. (sat in the staff lounge with Armaan)
Armaan:Thanks to you, Shreya that you gave us a second chance..
Shreya:When did I ever do that? Well, if you're referring to the hug just now, please don't get me wrong..I only did that as I saw Bharti there looking in your direction..
Shreya:What? I wanted to make her jealous for once..I wanted her to feel that you deserved someone far better than her..
Armaan:Oh Shreya..So we are back together?
Shreya:Armu, you got it all wrong..I don't think I've succeeded in making her jealous, which brings me to my next point..Look Armu, how I wish my heart could accept the frankness you've shown recently but both you and I know what it will end up in..And I can't afford to lose you, yaar..I can't get engaged to you simply to allow you to move on cuz trust me, if we end up together, it will only lead to a bitter relationship at the cost of our dear friendship!! Do you want that?
Shreya:I'm sorry, Armu..You can't expect me to be there for me as a life partner but you can always count on your supportive friend, Shreya to back you whenever you want..Gosh!!(wiped her streaming tears) I can't believe I just said that..If only I could experience your love, the love which you've kept hidden for Bharti..If only I was in her place, Armaan.. (Armaan looked intently at her) No need to say anything, Armu..Itz just a dream I wanna forget, something you don't have to worry about at all, hmm?? (Smiled through her glistening tears and Armaan touched her tears, wiping them away before she hugged him tightly for a long while)


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