Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, July 25, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 300~

'Maybe she could be the blessed angel who can help me out, after all!!'

Niharika:Heyy, thanks for the coffee but I didn't specify to your receptionist that I wanted to meet Raj and talk about Bharti..
Armaan:What? I thought you two were going to sort matters out between both of ya..I had tried talking that idiot out of his crappy logic..
Niharika:It's ok,Armaan..In fact, I don't let it bother so much now for I've gotten on terms with Raj's peculiarity in this matter..Maybe he is not cut out for a deep relationship or whatever it may be..I'm not here to judge for there still lie many issues which I hadn't shared with him either.However, what bothers me right now is Bharti and Mayank. Ever since Bharti had left Trends, Mayank is just not himself.We both saw her quite disturbed one late night when she came over and had stayed the night.Mayank told me he would talk to her but from the guess of it, I don't think he has even bothered to come out of his own shell to discuss matters with her.
Armaan:I don't understand..What do you mean?
Niharika:Mayank had stopped going to Trends himself and decided to handle official matters from home itself.Can you believe him?? He doesn't do that, not as a responsible CEO of Trends, for God's sake!! He had to be all this reclusive guy once again.Before, I had not been there for him and had regretted going overseas, leaving him all by himself to deal with his tragic memories but now I have to bring him back to his senses..I just..
Armaan:You mean, when Radhika... (paused as Niharika glanced at him blankly, wondering if she had blabbered anything but she hadn't apparently so she grew far confused) I'm sorry Niharika..I know about her, Niharika..
Niharika:Neither Mayank nor Bharti..Did she tell you?
Armaan:Oh God, no!! Just keep to yourself that I know but Bharti shouldn't even know a thing about what I just said to you, hmm? I can't imagine what Bharti or Mayank must have gone through then and just thinking about it makes my stomach tighten..
Niharika:Since you know about it, I need you to ensure that both Bharti and Mayank are..I want them to be like before, old friends..Please help me, Armaan!!(placed her palm on Armaan's and believe it or not, Raj noticed Niharika and froze)
Armaan:I will do anything for Bharti..But you have to promise me something, Niharika..About Raj..
Niharika:Armaan, I..
Armaan:Hear me out, please..That idiot is staying far from you because you're Mayank's sis..He doesn't want to create any complications because of your identity..For anything that's worth, he has changed quite much for it's been weeks since he even bothered to go on dates with other models or designers..You became the change in his life; you've got to give yourself that credit, Niharika..And it's up to both of you to sort this out and make it really special.
Niharika:Armaan, that's so sweet but I don't have time for such complicated issues of the heart..
Armaan:Is there something written on my face that makes girls say that?
Niharika:What do you mean? Now you're gonna get engaged to Shreya, right?
Armaan:Well..I used to be in love with Bharti who used to tell me the same exact response as you but I assure you that this response is not healthy for the heart, mind you!!(Niharika smiled widely) Come on, promise me you'll give both of ya a second chance..I can help you in that too!! Kick some sense in that idiot, know??
Niharika:I'll think about it and let you know..Bye.. (Armaan waved back at Niharika before he met the cold stares of Raj, which he kinda enjoyed before leaving him off in the lurch)

~Gaurav's Home~

He had just refreshed himself with a warm cup of coffee as he read the newspaper cutting of Radhika's death.

The untimely death of Radhika Gupta, a well known publicist of NRIs, a biweekly magazine had shocked so much of her ardent fans and amongst them even included her colleagues and one close associate, Mayank Sharma, someone she was rumored to be in an intimate relationship with.As our sources tried their utmost in questioning him, he was busy pacifying his and Radhika's dearest friend, Bharti Kapoor, the daughter of the billionaire couple, Aakash and Ruby.Much has to he gathered but as of now, it is clear that Radhika had bled out from the slashing of her throat on this uneventful Holi bash that the NRIs had organized. All we hope for Radhika is for her soul to rest in peace, reaching the duvets of heaven and may she be truly remembered.

This had hardened Gaurav far more and the only reason he was at Trends was to connect with Mayank and make sure he was doing alright with his life.He needed that consolation that he didn't let Mayank's smiles vanish and through that, he earnestly hoped for forgiveness from Radhika's soul.

It was easy getting to Mayank but Bharti? She had disappeared elsewhere before his lucky encounter with her via Alisha through a blind date she had set up with him.It was true coincidence that he was Alisha's mentor at MWorld and that she was further linked to Sanjana through Anjali and Rohan, directly linking him to Bharti.Both Alisha and Sanjana did the necessary to feed him adequate information about Bharti's life till far but nothing was known of her past, as he had suspected.Her past was hidden from the world, had banished with Radhika's death.At least that was what he had assumed and then he had tried every now and then to pursue Bharti, her friendship which he had only managed to attain after saving Naina in the nick of time.

Gaurav closed his eyes, letting them travel back in time to the Holi bash.It was a fun bash for the trio, Radhika, Mayank and Bharti who was more than ever elated to escape her dad's socialite parties.Gaurav was there, after having stalked Radhika for quite some time, knowing her whereabouts at specific intervals.His clique had gathered the information for him and made things smooth for him, especially Sid, who seemed to take a particular interest in his revenge scheme and thought a step further than Gaurav himself.Gaurav hadn't known what was in the run and seemed to discuss matters with Sid.

Gaurav had smudged himself with the crimson red colour of Holi, practically bringing out the aura of revenge in his soul.Meanwhile, Bharti was taking lots of photographs on her digital camera.Loads of them, candid photos of Mayank and Radhika, those which she couldn't get hold of in their normal routine life with the load of stresses on their shoulders.She admitted to herself that she was successful in erasing his tension about his sis, Niharika not attending the bash and bringing him out to enjoy his time with a girl who adores him so much and surely she smiled with a large cup of Bhang in one hand and her cam in the other.Mayank gestured to Radhika to notice Bharti and both of them ended up bursting in laughter.Bharti captured a beautiful video of their laughter without their knowledge and smiled to herself, as she gulped down the Bhang. Seeing them together not only made Bharti elated but it had a contrasting effect on Gaurav who saw them together.

He felt strangely connected to them.Feeling the brim of love and happiness engulf them had made him regret his decision to avenge Radhika for it wasn't entirely her fault.The witty and sly girl who had played victim in his sight had trapped her but how would Radhika know anything about that? Why should she suffer?? He felt alienated from himself not having thought about that before till now.He couldn't harm Radhika, after having attained this insight from within.He knew what he had to do.He had to find Sid and put a halt to rash matters.

Bharti had received a call and attended to it, away from Mayank and Radhika. Radhika decided to pursue the moment and asked Mayank out for a challenge to the Bhang drinking competition.She wanted to see how daring Mayank could be; she wanted to see the other side to Mayank for surely she knew every man hated to be called a coward.However, much against her expectations, he wouldn't budge.He wouldn't care about being called a coward and tried diverting the topic instead to Bharti.She then tried the ultimate approach of emotional blackmailing but crazily, that didn't work either.Soon, out of frustration, she just went on challenging herself with some random guy to the Bhang competition, leaving Mayank spellbound.

Bharti came back and was stunned to see her best friend in a truly intoxicated state.She chided Mayank for letting her take the limelight with some random guy instead of with him.Mayank was biting his nails by then and Bharti simply irritated him further by shoving his hand away.Moreover, Radhika started flirting with the guy so effortlessly that it confused Bharti even more.Bharti instantly brought her best friend away and whispered to her, gesturing to her to make her move and confess her feelings to Mayank now or it will just drag on for ever.Radhika nodded and smiled like an idiotic girl, as in the precise words of Bharti.Bharti lingered on as Radhika headed to talk to Mayank.

Mayank:Hey, what's up?
Radhika:You know something, Mayank? I just think this is the only way I can express it to you..
Mayank:What? I can't hear you..
Radhika:Arghh,come here..(kissed Mayank, pressing her lips gently against his and gently withdrew) Haha, see? That was pretty liberating, I must admit..I love you, Mayank..(Mayank just stood flabbergasted at the revelation of Radhika, something he never thought he would ever hear from her lips; just then he received a call)
Mayank:I've got to take this call..Be right back!!
Radhika:Damn it...(looked at Bharti who smiled gleefully as she showed her best friend her digital camera and Radhika realized that she was on tape; she ran after Bharti who scooted from there)

~A few hours down the lane~

Bharti had bumped into an unknown guy and had dropped her digital camera.By the time she knelt down and took it, she realized that the guy she wanted to chide was not within the field of her sight.As she tried to focus her camera, trying to find out where Radhika and Mayank was, she saw a strange looking guy with what she thought he had in his hand.A knife, not a blunt one but rather a pretty sharp one which was not so easily discernible.But who was he going after??

Just then, he saw her looking in the direction of a girl.Radhika was checking her messages on her mobile and she had frozen as she read the messages.The guy had called out to her and another guy had voiced out to him.Bharti was lost.So lost.She kept filming what she witnessed.It happened so quick when she was looking out for Mayank who startled her as he tapped her from behind.Bharti turned around and was just about to chide him when the gruesome incident took place.The former guy had slashed the throat of Radhika.Her best friend, Radhika with his own arms.With the sharp weapon which he brought along with him. Bharti and Mayank rushed to Radhika who fell in her arms.

A crowd had gathered around them shortly.Mayank called for help but to no avail.Hence he dialled the emergency number for an ambulance and the police as well.

Gaurav woke up, spilling his coffee.He felt the heat from the coffee which had spilt over his faded pink shirt.He went to the washroom and rinsed his shirt and his face.As he felt his eyes and looked at the mirror before him, he felt his own devil laughing at him pitifully. He had never felt so deprived of energy in his life as he remembered the dramatic drop of Radhika in her best friend's arms.She had smiled albeit the oozing blood from her throat.He and Sid had scampered from there after seeing Radhika touching her own blood and smearing it over the cheeks of Bharti and  Mayank as she murmured the 3 magical words any guy would wanna hear.Bharti closed her eyes, letting her tears stream endlessly and that was the last he ever saw of Radhika.

Bharti was with Raj at his place, discussing about Project M3. She was hyped up for her dear friend who is working so vigorously on making his dream come true.That was when she received a phone call from Armaan.Raj saw his name and pondered deeply before initiating a conversation.

Raj:(snatched her phone and let it ring) Ok, is there anything serious going on between you and Armaan??
Bharti:Raj, for heaven's sake, give me my mobile back..Stop acting like a morose boyfriend!!
Raj:Whattt?? That's not even counted..Don't bring up my personal crisis here, k?
Bharti:Personal crisis, my foot!!(got her mobile back)
Raj:Seriously it makes me wonder so much..He's calling you every now and then and you're talking to him for long as well..Anything that I should be updated about??
Bharti:Why? You think I'm a possible threat to his relationship with Shreya?(Raj grew stunned as ever)
Raj:Seriously I don't know if I see Armaan and Shreya as often enough as I see the phone calls coming from Armaan for you..You get what I mean?
Bharti:Get back to work, Raj!! And I'll be right back..(called Armaan back) Hey, I'm sorry I couldn't pick up just now because of Raj..Anything serious?
Armaan:Is he...There with you?
Bharti:Nope, I'm away from him..Are you ok? (felt a long pause on the other line) Armaan????
Armaan:I need to talk to you in person, Bharti..And this can't wait!!
Bharti:Armaan, where do you want to meet?
Armaan:I don't know..Maybe somewhere quiet, somewhere calm..
Bharti: Ok, I feel that you're freaking out..Stop doing that to yourself, k? Let's meet at the lighthouse..You remember?
Armaan:Of course..How can I forget?? I'll meet you in half an hour's time!! Bye..Try to come on time, hmm??
Bharti:I'll try..Bye!!(hung up, wanting to leave Raj's place asap; feeling a tight knot getting even tighter with each passing second)

~Half an Hour Later~

Bharti checked her compact mirror and didn't adjust herself, feeling nervous with each step accompanied by the strong winds.For a blunt moment, she felt as though she was going to meet a secret date at night hours and that too at a place they both treasured deeply, the lighthouse where they had carved each other's names back when they were married to each other.She believed that it still existed there somewhere.She looked around for Armaan.She told him to wait for her at the basement of the lighthouse.The strong winds blowing her hair against her cheeks made it formidable but as she adjusted her hair then, she noticed Armaan in his red shirt, standing before her and extending his hand before her.

Her heart skipped a beat upon seeing his new hairdo, just as she had used to admire back when she was working in Men's Universe.He gestured to her to extend her hand and she quivered.She looked at him, his hand and safely placed her hand in his.He turned around, clasping her hand tight and Bharti ran with him, oblivious to his plans to be revealed soon.

Monday, July 21, 2014

JLH 1st Podcast

This is the start to audio podcasting for JLH.Do check it out!!!!

Find out more about the future plot lines of JLH!!



Thursday, July 17, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 299~

Bharti:Struggle? What was he talking about?? Why did he seem so different from the past few days??

Gaurav, on the other hand was very much apprehensive.He had locked himself up in the attic of his home, the atmosphere being pitch dark except for the dim light adjacent to his desk piled up with his files and newspaper articles.Some dated ages back to the death of a girl's name not unknown to many--Radhika!! This name had come across Armaan's lips and he knew it couldn't just have been a stumbling discovery of any kind.This wasn't pure chance, but an attempt to remind him of the past he had become an inevitable part of, aged 6 years.

Today, he grabbed the newspaper article dated 6 years back.The era of his evilness pervading all over the papers, with his name unwritten.He was not jailed for the death of Radhika and he knew why.Not just because he fled from the spot after seeing the dripping blood from Radhika's slashed throat.He was smudged in the colours of Holi and he had no route but to escape and he managed to do so before the police officials had arrived at the crime scene.

He had never meant to cause harm to Radhika, at least not in such a manner after all.He had hated her for ruining his life for she was the sole witness of the Mumbai harassment case of a girl by whom he had been hurt badly.But not Radhika, for he had attained his punishment in jail and he was definitely not prepared for yet a painful doom.However, he still felt that he had wronged his soul yet again.

He pondered deeply over the Mumbai harassment case.He had all the details with him buried deep in his heart.He was wrongly accused of harassing a girl whom he had to meet regarding a trial case project.He had often met her at her home, her office, coffee shops and even temples.It had been a discreet and confidential case file and he met her to collate facts and extra crucial information.It was one day at the temple that he had lost track of the same girl at the temple.That was when he had bumped into Radhika for the very first time in his life and he loathed her the very first moment itself for having obstructed his path in getting back to his client.

Radhika had been watching him at the temple, following the girl who had seemed as though she wanted to run from there, from him and that was how he had landed in trouble because of Radhika.She had brought him and the girl to the police station and lodged a complaint against him but by the time she turned, the girl had already gone.Gaurav had tried his utmost to provide all the facts of his case file with the girl but upon reaching the address of the girl, she was nowhere to be seen.Her home had been locked and she had simply vanished.However, that didn't stop Radhika nor the police from taking a grave look at the note that she had left behind.She had accused Gaurav of harassing her and ogling at her, stalking her wherever she went and now that she has written the truth, she wanted him punished, put behind bars.

That was the most painful misery Gaurav have had to suffer in his college years and Radhika had not left any stones unturned in proving him guilty.He had no idea what had happened or how things had taken a steep curve towards him getting trapped in false evidence that was updated by the girl or what her intention was behind this.All he knew was that he was innocent and he was badly trapped.He was set up but the laws didn't hear his plea.Ever since then, he had been on the look out for Radhika to seek his vengeance.

He could recollect those days when he would go out with his friends or clique just to taunt her services at the coffee bar but how was he supposed to know that one of them would pull the plug? How could he have trusted his secret with his clique?? He couldn't forget the very same Holi he had lost himself entirely.

~Men's Universe~

Armaan was contemplating his future.He had no idea what he was doing to himself and Bharti.After learning about her secrets, he couldn't bring himself to face her bravely.He could barely comprehend the level of boldness in Bharti herself that she could adorn a well disguised mask till now and further on.How could she even smile despite her struggle??

If that wasn't enough for Armaan, he had yet to deal with the dilemma of his career which Jiya had put before him indirectly.He didn't want to leave Bharti behind, knowing the troubles that Gaurav could possibly create for the latter.He wanted to protect her, save her from her agonising past and not face it all by herself.He felt helpless and he didn't know who to turn to.Just then, Jenny conveyed a message to him and left from there.Armaan headed to the reception and invited Niharika over at the staff lounge.

'Maybe she could be the blessed angel who can help me out, after all!!'


Monday, July 14, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 298~ Lost Journal Discovered!!

She saw a fresh face of Armaan and somehow she wanted to raise her hopes high, just by his words.She smiled and went inside to discuss with Raj about Project M3.

Things had taken a dramatic curve by the time Armaan and Bharti met the next time, this time being at her university.He missed picking her up during the initial phase of their contract marriage.He saw Alisha and Sanjana walking by and as he enquired about Bharti, they directed him towards the second floor.

By now, he had already finished reading Radhika's journal and he could remember the drops of sweat trickling down his face from his forehead as he read the words of Radhika to her best friend at the late hours of the night when the power supply had been cut.

He composed himself, trying not to visualize what had happened to Radhika.It made him tremble to even read the words of Bharti's encounter with her best friend laying her blood laden body in her arms on a dreadful Holi bash.That was the very reason Bharti had never favoured the festive season when the occasion approached.

He saw Bharti mentoring the juniors in front of his eyes.He didn't want to disturb her and kept gazing at her, having known her dark past which had been troubling her for the past few years.All he ever thought was how she had hurt him and only thought of not acknowledging his feelings for her.She had always reiterated to him to move on in his life but little did he know that she too was struggling with her past, which she hasn't managed to cope and get over with.He didn't feel like asking her anything for he realised she has suffered way too much in her adulthood and he had no right to blame her for not letting love enter her life.

'Bharti had come to Mumbai all the way from London.She was running from her troubled, gruesome nightmare which must have kept her haunting her ever since it had happened before her eyes.Who could ever forget one's own best friend laying her last breaths painstakingly, struggling to utter her name properly, yet adorning her face with the blood stain from her neck to embrace Holi??Radhika was brutally tainted with a tag that could never be parted from her dignity, all thanks to Gaurav, the monstrous devil within him unleashed on the festive occasion. I am just so shattered by this past of Bharti's that I just wish I had returned her journal before time.If only I had been ignorant to her past, God...'

Just then, the university bell had rung, disrupting Armaan's chain of thoughts.The students had gone for their 15-minute break before Sanjana was to take over for the other modules which Bharti hasn't covered.She placed the marker down on the narrow ledge beneath the white board.She packed her stuff and checked her mobile for calls.None from Payal or Bhaskar. She kept her mobile inside her bag and zipped it.As she got outside, she caught Armaan stealing glances at her.She smiled at him and shook her head.

Bharti:Armaan Sinha..It's really ok if you haven't found the journal.. (held her file in front of him whilst he appeared gloomy)
Armaan:What makes you lose hope in me, Bharti?
Bharti:Now, don't you look gloomy after all? You can't blame me for my assumption.. (smiled) Armaan, you don't have to do this..I know it can't be found!! (Bharti used her hand and pressed his chin forward, bringing his lower lip inward and shook his face amusingly, surprising Armaan) You tried..That's enough for me, k?(turned around to go but Armaan held her wrist and pulled her close)
Armaan:Itna bhi barosa nahin hai mujh par? Hmm?? Dekho..(took out the journal from the inner pocket of his cardigan, leaving Bharti stunned and tongue-tied)

Bharti was shocked.She couldn't fathom anything at all from the moment Armaan had shown her the lost journal of Radhika's. How could he have found it when all hopes of attaining it were lost? How was it even possible when she couldn't find it herself? It was nothing less than a miracle.Till now, she had only seen miracles being performed by KK but it was a first-timer from Armaan.

Armaan:Kyun?? Ab kya hua hai aapko,Bharti Kapoor?? (Smiled victoriously; Bharti let out a relieved smile and in between, she gasped for breath, not being unable to believe what she was seeing and this brought about a sparkle in Armaan's deep set eyes)

Their hearts couldn't help but humm to a beautiful tune.

Jo mere dil ke paas hai
Naye jaadu naye ehsaas hai
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon....

Bharti:Kaise? Yeh kaise, Armaan?
Armaan:Koi sawaal matt karna kyunki main tumhe jawaab nahin dene waala..Just keep this safe with you, hmm?? (Bharti hugged Armaan instantly, with an air of euphoria slowly drizzling and pervading within her)
Bharti:You've got no idea what this means to me, Armaan..I just love you for this!!
Armaan:What? What did you just say??
Bharti:(withdrew from her hug) I...I meant..
Armaan:Itz cool, Bharti..I had always wanted you to be really happy in your life and by doing this small deed, I could bring back the wide smile I had always missed..I'm just going to go off, k?(turned but Bharti stopped him)
Bharti:I'm sorry if I had been so hard on you till now..
Armaan:No Bharti, it was my fault that I couldn't understand you at all and your struggle.You have all my love and support in everything that you do..You'll always see me waiting for you at the other end!! Take care.. (left from there)
Bharti:Struggle? What was he talking about?? Why did he seem so different from the past few days??


Friday, July 11, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 297~

Armaan:Gaurav, firstly welcome to Men's Universe..What brings you here?(noticed the sudden transformation in his facial features and became more laid back, erasing the knots off his face)
Gaurav:Please Armaan, no formalities..I just wanted to review what kind of atmosphere Men's Universe had presented Bharti with, before she started working for Trends..Talking about Bharti, I heard she's back to her university mentoring students..I mean after all that she had contributed here and Trends, she had to go backwards in her career graph..That's just plain giving up from her side, don't you think?
Armaan:It's her choice, what she wants out of life and all..Maybe she doesn't belong to the fashion industry after all..If that's what you're thinking, then I have nothing to add on for she might be probably right..But as far as I've seen her in Men's Universe, she's a born warrior; she fights her battles pretty well..
Gaurav:Such words coming from you..I must say she still has an impounding effect on you..You two must have been pretty close, right?? I wonder what had led to the sourness now..
Armaan:(let out a mild laugh) She's still close to me and things between us had never changed, irrespective of the new people who enter our lives..
Gaurav:Really?? You think so??
Armaan:I know so, Gaurav..And Radhika..I mean, Gaurav..(saw the tight grip of Gaurav all of a sudden) Gaurav, everything's ok??
Gaurav:You said Radhika..
Armaan:Did I??
Gaurav:Who's that?
Armaan:No one, just an old acquaintance whom I remembered..No biggie..
Gaurav:Ok..Armaan, if you meet Bharti any time, then could you..
Armaan:(cut him short) I don't think so..I have got a real tight schedule for the next upcoming weeks so my social circle is pretty much affected for the time being..I have this important list of shoots in London..So..
Gaurav:I just wanted a favour from you but I think you're busy..Ok, you carry on.. (left from there)
Armaan:Idiot, he does know Radhika..He got tensed when I mentioned her name..Bharti knows nothing about Gaurav and this duffer is asking me to do him a favour..Like hell I would!! But how should I even warn Bharti??

~Raj's Messed-Up Home~

Raj just reached home, quickly rushing inside after having gotten Bharti's SMS that she'll be arriving in half an hour's time.He had very little time indeed to clean up, the chore which he despised the most.Of course he had the option of calling Jiya as always for help but he'd rather not deal with her at the moment.He decided to face the situation and started picking up his underwear and placed them in the laundry basket.

After some time, he got a shock when he heard the doorbell ring.He knew that he had done his utmost in cleaning up though there were still heaps of bottles that he had to throw away.He placed them in the trash bags and off he went to open the door.

Armaan:Hi Raj..Thanks for the welcome by the way.. (entered inside and Raj shut the door, feeling annoyed)Ghar kaafi hadh tak saaf ho gaya hai, kyun?? Koi date hai kya?
Raj:Haha very hilarious, Armaan..I'm expecting someone, that's all..
Armaan:Let me guess...Niharika?? Have you two made up??
Armaan:(thought to himself) That basically means Bharti is coming here, right now..Great!!
Raj:Why are you smiling for??
Armaan:Nothing..Just trying to make a wild guess of who's coming...
Raj:It's Bharti, ok?
Armaan:Ahh icic...Then I'm in no rush to go, right?
Raj:What do you mean by that, huh?? Aren't you going to leave?? I have something confidential to discuss with her and I apparently can't do that in your presence..
Armaan:Raj, come on dude..I was just joking..I just thought of meeting her before leaving..since she's already coming here, hmm??
Raj:Since when have you two made up??
Armaan:Well for a start, we have not been apart to make up..
Raj:Oh really, Armaan?? You're telling me this??

Just as Armaan was about to answer, the doorbell rang.
Armaan:I'll get it..
Raj:No I will..You just stay put!!(opened the door and welcomed Bharti inside)
Bharti:Raj, sorry thodi si late ho gayi thi..I..Armaan??
Raj:(murmured) Bina bataaye aa gaya tha. .Bas abhi abhi..
Armaan:Hi Bharti, what a pleasant surprise indeed..Raj, why don't you get your guests something to drink??
Raj:Yeah sure, what will you have??
Armaan:How about some juice..Ahh no, you wouldn't have that here...Make it two chilled water..
Raj:Great, I'll be right back...
Bharti:You seem to be in a different mood..
Armaan:That, I am..Glad you noticed..Anyways, I wanted to apologise if I sounded harsh last night..And for a fact, I do know that I may have misunderstood you on so many occasions and I am to blame for my short-temperedness.. (Bharti simply looked at him blankly) You're a great friend and I truly treasure the fact that you've always cared for my happiness, which I had failed to comprehend before..I want to help you too, Bharti..
Bharti:Help?? Me?? I don't understand..
Armaan:Radhika's journal.. (Bharti looked around and took Armaan's hand and brought him outside)
Bharti:That chapter is closed, Armaan..I shouldn't have called you in the first place itself..I don't know why I did but anyways..Look, I've lost that one possession that she left behind for me and there's no chance of getting it back so just forget it..
Armaan:Have you tried to do that on your own? Forgetting your experiences, your friendship with Radhika? You can never do that, Bharti for she's that close to you.. (Bharti was stunned) I mean, I believe so..You should never abandon her friendship..
Bharti:I am not..
Armaan:Yes you are!! Look, I want to help..Give me a chance to at least try to search for the journal..What if I can find it? Won't you be elated??
Bharti:Why are you being so adamant, Armaan??
Armaan:Cuz I want the best for you and I am still your secret friend, don't you dare forget that!! Give me the description..If you have an image of the journal..send it to me..If want to go the extra mile and search it for you..
Bharti:Fine.. (searched her mobile gallery and sent the image to Armaan's mobile) I'm still telling you not to keep your hopes high..
Armaan:But I will..And when I find that special journal for you, I guarantee your smile will return!! Samjhi??(pinched her nose and saw Bharti smile)
Bharti:Woh kya tha?
Armaan:Kuch nahin..Yun hi..Ab jaa, Raj must be waiting for you..He needs you so get going with the secret discussion, he won't tell me a thing about it.. (turned to go but stopped; Armaan turned around and looked at Bharti and smiled as he saw Bharti's right hand stuck at waving towards him.He just felt alive all of a sudden, a feeling he had lost for a long while and he winked at her before leaving from there)

Bharti too started feeling chilly and pretty alive, with the strong breeze hovering around her.She saw a fresh face of Armaan and somehow she wanted to raise her hopes high, just by his words.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 296~

Jiya:Word's that you are being considered for the permanent fashion photographer there..I mean, there are super high chances that you are being recommended for the post there..For both the creative newsletter and the main magazine output..
Jiya:What what, Armaan? I just gave you the day's bestest news yaar..What do you think??
Armaan:Wow, that's just so overwhelming yaar but wow, that's great!!
Jiya:Hain na?? I knew it...Your life is going to be awesome from now on..
Armaan:Now excuse me, hmm??(left from there to have some coffee) Oh God, what am I going to do??(headed to the staff lounge)Abhi abhi toh track par uthar aaya hoon aur abhi se rukhawat?Yeh opportunity pehle nahin aa sakta tha?
Mahi:Kisse badh badhaa rahe ho, Armaan?
Armaan:Hi Mahi..Hi Sonu..
Sonali:Hi dude..2 coffee please..(gestured to the waiter about her order and then looked at Mahi and gestured to her to talk to Armaan)
Armaan:What's wrong, girls?
Sonali:We have a problem..Mahi..
Mahi:It's about Raj and look, we are telling you this in the strictest confidence, k?
Armaan:Ok what is this about?
Sonali:I'm sure you must have heard about Project M3, Raj's project..
Armaan:Pro... (stopped himself as flashes of helping Bharti uncover the file of Trends came before him, having seen the Project M3 file in Vinita's cabin) What project?
Sonali:You don't know??(Armaan smiled weakly)
Armaan:Tell me about it..
Mahi:What should we even say? We are even trying to find out and in that way, help Raj but lately he's been so secretive and all..But when we talked to Bharti, she indirectly gave us a hint that she knows something about it..But she won't reveal anything..We thought you might wanna help us find out and help Raj in the process too..
Sonali:Crap, Raj's here..We'll talk to you later, k?
Armaan:Ok!! Hi Raj..The photographs were excellent by the way..
Raj:Thanks dude..I just wanted you to have the final look..
Armaan:Anything wrong?? Why do you keep looking at your watch?
Raj:Nothing..It's just I'm meeting Bharti today..
Raj:Yeah, do you mind??
Armaan:Why would I?? But since you're meeting her, could you do me a favour? Ask her to call me, hmm?
Raj:Call you?
Armaan:Why? Do you mind??
Armaan:Good, see you around.. (left from there)

Bharti left a note on Mayank's desk before she left to drop off Naina at her art classes.She left without a word and all this occurred when Mayank went to take a bath.By the time he got out, she was nowhere to be seen.Meanwhile, she texted Sanjana to pick Naina up after her art classes while she headed to the university for her mentoring sessions.

Armaan was fiddling with his mobile, thinking if he ought to call Bharti right now or not, just to check up on her.He knew that she must be sickened with worry about having lost her journal.He could sense her tension piling up but he can't possibly give in now for he needed answers.This could be the only way he could redeem himself, prove his worth to her and he needed that more than anything.He then realised how much important she still was to him, irregardless of the hurt she had caused him in the past.He still loved her ever so much.He called her up but it went straight to voice mail and he gave up, thinking that Raj would definitely pass his message to her.
Just then, he bumped into Gaurav. He was surprised to see him there but the question that popped straight into his head was what exactly was he doing in Men's Universe.Armaan recollected the passage of Radhika in Bharti's journal.

'G-the initial which meant nothing to me in the beginning made its entry of significance through the soul of his evilness.He would come to you, befriend you in such a way that you can't possibly refuse his friendship and that's when he reveals his identity.For so long I had not known his true name, Bharti.I only knew his initial as that's what his friends call him and it never occurred to me to ask his name for he never came across as significant to me in any mannerism. But he did reveal himself..He is Gaurav Khurana aka G.'

Armaan snapped at Gaurav who seemed quite lost.He welcomed Gaurav to his cabin and locked the door.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 295~

After a few hours into reading the journal, he received a call from Bharti.

Armaan:(pretended to have a sleepy voice) Hello?
Bharti:Are you asleep??
Armaan:What kind of a question is this, Bharti?? Of course I'm. .I mean I was asleep..What do you expect??
Bharti:My journal isn't here..
Armaan:(thought to himself) How would it be when I'm reading it right here, right now?? Gosh, I'm enjoying this..
Bharti:I've checked the vicinity but it's nowhere to be found..
Armaan:Bharti, it's been hours since you left the spot at the woods..What do you think? That the journal might be waiting for you there?? Someone could have easily ripped the journal from there or even thrown it away..I mean..If it isn't there, then..
Bharti:You don't get it, do you, Armaan?? I've lost my best friend yet again..I've lost her voice yet again, for good.. (Armaan felt miserable for her and guilty)
Armaan:Hey, look..We'll get it back..Have some faith!! If itz meant to be with you, then you'll surely get it back, Bharti!!
Bharti:Armaan, things are not going to come back, at least in my case...Radhika will never return nor will her journal..Anyways, why am I bothering you with this? (hung up and Bharti sobbed endlessly, heading back to Mayank's place)

'I will have to finish reading the journals tonight itself.I can't hold on to her journal and trouble her even further but if I were to return this to her tomorrow itself, won't she doubt me?? Bharti, you've got to trust me first..After that, I will bring about miracles in your life..at least that's what I plan to do!! That's what best friends are for..Right now, all I know is you have been the most amazing support system for Radhika through her trials with G at her workplace and that too at a time when there's no one by her side except for Mayank whom she adored from a distance. (Armaan laid down on his bed cosily and continued reading)'

Niharika:Itz alright, Bharti..Go, take a deep rest..
Mayank:Bharti.. (Bharti just went to bed)
Niharika:Mayu, don't stop her..She looks quite disturbed..Let her sleep next to Naina..If we want, we can talk to her in the morning, k?(Mayank nodded and went to sleep as well)

~Next Morning~

Mayank:Itz quite late Nihu..
Niharika:Aren't you going to Trends?
Mayank:I've taken the day off..I'm just..
Niharika:Worried for Bharti?Do you want me to talk to her or would you?
Mayank:I..Hold on.. (heard Bharti's mobile ringing on the dining table and picked it up) Hi Dr Graham, so sorry that Bharti is unwell..Sorry for the inconvenience caused..Oh izzit so? Could you find a replacement for her for today or maybe I can get back to you once she's feeling better?? Sanjana?? Well, in that case that won't be a problem..I'm Mayank Sharma, her friend.. Ok I'll pass the message to her, thanks!!(hung up) I can't believe she left Trends to mentor her juniors at her own university..I didn't mean for this, Nihu..
Niharika:I know Mayu but you gotta understand..She chose this way of life for herself and you can't do anything about it now for she's not going to return to Trends..
Mayank:I know Nihu, and I still can't grasp it..I'm at a peak in my career but my company, my very own employees could threaten her with letters and notes and just make her leave..
Niharika:Mayu, don't you remember telling me yourself how the industry is filled with filthy minded psychos who would do anything, go to any extent to achieve their target?? So why do you think less of any of your employees?? But Bharti didn't tell you about any of the threats but at least she must have warned you about your company staff..
Mayank:Ash..She was very much against Ash working for Trends..In fact, she's right about Ash for just a few days back, I caught her talking with Vinita..
Niharika:Heard this name before..Enlighten me please..
Mayank:Vinita from Men's Universe..
Niharika:Oh wait..She is Gyaan's friend, right? If I'm not wrong, he was also there as a candidate for the editorial position, right?? But you chose Bharti over him..
Mayank:Yes indeed..
Niharika:She's a threat to your company, Mayu so why still keep her employed?? Bharti has decided to choose her battles wisely but you ought to at least respect her wishes..
Mayank:I know, Nihu but I can't just fire her like that..She's a good informer..
Niharika:You have a whole pack of informers, Mayu..You don't need a dangerous one in that pack!!
Mayank:I want her to commit a grave error which would cost her everything..She won't get away so easily..She's plotting something huge and I wanna know that before I expel her from Trends for good..
Niharika:Fine, but don't let that consume a lot of time, got it?? (Mayank nodded) Ok, I'll head to my saloon, Sush is waiting for me..Bye..
Mayank:Bye, have a good day..

Armaan woke up upon the loud thud he heard, probably from the kitchen where his Maa must have dropped something in a hurry.He looked at himself, all so messed up and disheveled.He recalled scrambling to his bed after a couple of hours late into the night after reading Bharti's scribbled notes along the sideways of certain pages.He carefully placed the journal in his wardrobe in a corner before he went out to check on Sudha who was only glad that he came by to help her out.However, much to her hopes, he just kissed her good morning and wished her luck in what she was attempting to find and went to take a bath.

~Men's Universe~

Jiya was looking through her file before she passed it to Bhaskar.Just as she noticed Armaan smiling and entering his cabin, she rushed to him, confusing Bhaskar.

Jiya:Morning, Armaan..
Armaan:I just reached..Erm, you've got work for me?
Jiya:I've got some exciting news for you actually..
Armaan:(smiled) I'm listening..
Jiya:Word's from Amarjeet sir's table top..You know how Bhaskar is in the process of aiding Amarjeet with the launch of a new MU office in UK??
Armaan:The same reason you went on an official trip unannounced?? (Looked at the photographs which Raj had taken) Yeah, what about it?
Jiya:Word's that you are being considered for the permanent fashion photographer there..I mean, there are super high chances that you are being recommended for the post there..For both the creative newsletter and the main magazine output..

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 294~

~Armaan's place~

Bharti rang the doorbell repeatedly in a fit of anxiety.Soon, Sudha and Armaan got out of their rooms and Sudha opened the door, blinking and then widening her eyes in shock upon seeing Bharti at a late hour.

Sudha:Aao Bharti..Tum iss waqt, sab theekh??
Bharti:Yeah Mom, everything's good.. (entered) Mom, woh mujhe Armaan se kuch kaam thi..(Sudha was stunned)
Armaan:(thought to himself) Arre wah, main yeh soch bhi nahin sakta ki tum itni mere paas aaoge, Bharti..Surely, this book must mean so much to you after all..(smiled subtly) Maa, kya baat hai? Aaj humein do do hastiyon se milne ka mauka mil gaya hain..Pehle Jiya aur ab Bharti?? Well, to clear your confusion Bharti, I'm meeting Jiya today after a few weeks since she didn't inform me or Raj of her official trip and now you're here after pretty long..What's the matter??
Bharti:Actually..I needed to talk to you privately if you don't mind..
Sudha:This calls for some great coffee for the 3 of us; I'll be right back..You two keep talking..
Armaan:Come, take a seat..
Bharti:Ok, cut it short..Where's my journal??
Armaan:Where's your what? What journal??
Bharti:Stop acting like an idiot and tell me honestly..Where is it?? You met me just now by the woods..I was reading a journal and I must have accidentally dropped it there and you must have taken it..so give it back!!
Armaan:You were reading something? When I saw you, you were clearly not reading anything.You had your eyes closed and thatz why I voiced out to you twice..And then you just ran away abruptly with fright in your face, as though I was gonna do something to you and you just disappeared..And now you're here!!
Bharti:What? That means you didn't see my journal neither did you take it from there..Which basically means it must be at that very spot..I need to go there asap!!(was about to stand up but Armaan held her wrist and stopped her)
Armaan:Why are you so hyper about this journal of your's?? It can't be anything serious, can it??I mean, itz very late at night now and it's not safe for you to go alone at this hour!!
Bharti:Dont you get it, Armaan?? That journal is the last and only journal connecting me to my best friend, Radhika and it is filled with experiences which I can only relive through her words and it consists of secrets which I treasure deeply in my heart..And if I were to lose it, I might as well lose myself!!(controlled herself upon the realisation of her slurred revelation to Armaan) I've got to go..
Sudha:Not before you have my special coffee..Have it and then go!!
Armaan:Yes, we insist!!(Bharti smiled and drank the warm coffee in one undivided sip, astounding both Armaan and Sudha and Bharti rushed from there)
Sudha:Is everything alright, Armu??
Armaan:Haan Maa, I believe there is nothing much to worry.. (took a sip) Maa, have you ever felt trapped in a meshwork of your own emotions, especially when you feel like you're about to lose your loved ones??
Sudha:Several times, Armu..Have you??
Armaan:I'm feeling like that these days..
Sudha:Are you talking about yourself and Bharti??
Armaan:Maa, I am referring to you and Paa..You must have been so shattered, so devastated..
Sudha:Indeed I was, Armu..I had to struggle with my loss for several years but you have to know one thing..Time heals everything; I gave time a chance and it helped me ignite my career and you became my source of hope of life..I love you Armu..
Armaan:I love you too Maa..
Sudha:I don't have to repeat myself when I say that you can come to me for anything, na??I just want you to be always happy in life, even if it meant anything in this world!!
Armaan:Of course, Maa..Now go and sleep and let me sleep too, hmm?? (Sudha nodded and both of them went to their rooms after washing up)

~Armaan's room~

'I know this journal doesn't belong to me but that can't stop me from reading this, Bharti.You will never give me direct answers to my question and you will only push me away from you!!Right now, I can't afford to have that..It was only you who had set these boundaries between us and ironically, God had sent you right to my doorstep at this late hour.Surely, this journal of your's will be a lucky charm in unlocking the mysteries of your past for me..At least let me try to get to know you before this journal will be returned to you!!'(smiled victoriously)


Friday, July 4, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 293~

I thought he was gone for good but it was a fruitless hope, indeed.I had become quite close to Mayank and we were beginning to enjoy each other's company.You can pretty much say that I had fallen for him but I had cared less to express it to him.You can probably imagine my state if he were to reject me, yaar. It appeared that G had undertaken strenuous research to get to me.He had asked lots of people from the coffee bar about me and I really want to slap the idiot who provided him the clues to my whereabouts.

Right now you must be wondering why is G behind my back.What do I have that G wants so badly? Why is he taunting and troubling me ever so much? For a fact that you should have known earlier, I know him for quite some time.There was a case against him for which I became an eye witness.We hailed from the same city of Mumbai before I had shifted to London to meet you.He was a typical rogue and I had witnessed that I had seen him harassing a girl who was just like you; modern, sexy, who could care less for guys and carefree.She became an object of pleasure in his eyes and I believe, ever since that, he had been following me but I hadn't uttered anything to you or anyone till now.He ought to be in prison right now but I guess, being a rich lad has the perks up against the crooked law in our nation.

For the first time in my life, I'm truly scared.What if I'm his next target? You are there for me, aren't you, Bharti??'

Bharti wiped the silent tear that streamed down her eye.She shut the journal and wished deeply that she could have been there to save her best friend in due time.But she couldn't!!

Bharti closed her eyes, not knowing that Armaan had been watching her all along.He had seen her by chance but he froze instead of going the opposite direction.He was in no rush to get back home.He knew deep in his heart that Bharti wouldn't wish harm for him.Yet, he pondered why he was getting hurt because of her all the time.This question was killing him every time he thought about it and he decided to confront her.

Armaan called her twice before she got startled by his voice.Her eyes widened in shock and she dropped Radhika's journal on the ground.She looked to her sides and back at Armaan who was watching the rapid movement of her eyes.She apologised profusely for being there in front of him and she had to rush, running away from there abruptly without giving him a chance to ask her anything.Before he could, she ran away into the thin air and vanished.

'What the hell was that all about?? Here I wanted an answer from her but she was blabbering away.. (looked at the ground and saw the journal) Isn't this what she was reading?? Why did she drop this upon seeing me? Is she even aware of having lost her book?? Wow Armaan..You really have a great choice in matters of love that you had to pick a confusing girl like her!!'(headed back home eventually)

Bharti reached home quickly in an auto which she hailed a few metres away from the spot she accidentally met Armaan.She grabbed hold of her bag and checked for her journal to keep in a safe place.However, she couldn't find it.Just then, she reminisced about how nervous she got when she met Armaan and widened her eyes in shock.She couldn't believe she could be this careless.

'Oh freakin hell..Is the journal with Armaan?? No..no..no!!! It can't be with him or anyone..It's my most precious asset as it is going to unlock my mission..I need to get it from him before he even thinks about reading it!! Bhaag Bharti Bhaag!!!'

Off she went to Armaan's place as quickly as possible.She knew it was such a short notice to leave her keys and Naina with Niharika and Mayank as she left their place with Niharika's red Scooty without giving any further explanations, whatsoever.All the way, the only thing she feared was the fact that Armaan could be reading her journal.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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She grabbed hold of her bag and checked for her journal to keep in a safe place.However, she couldn't find it.Just then, she reminisced about how nervous she got when she met Armaan and widened her eyes in shock.She couldn't believe she could be this careless.

'Oh freakin hell..Is the journal with Armaan?? No..no..no!!! It can't be with him or anyone..It's my most precious asset as it is going to unlock my mission..I need to get it from him before he even thinks about reading it!! Bhaag Bharti Bhaag!!!'


~Jab Lurve Hua Part 292~


Shreya:Now, what do you mean by that, huh???
Ishaan:Don't be mad..I was practically surprised by what you just informed me yaar..You really said that to him??
Shreya:Well, he's clearly not in love with me, like what you said..Now,dun you dare gloat!! He wanted me to engage in a relationship so that he can move on in life, from Bharti and using me is not acceptable for me at any cost, Ishaan..
Ishaan:Good, and I thought you would turn out to be like other desperate girls out there wanting to cling to their love of their lives..You turned out different!!
Shreya:Thanks for the indirect compliment!!
Ishaan:Hah..But I still can't blv that you said that to his face that you'll not get engaged to him..I mean, you've started weaving dreams about the day too, boring me with all the grandeur of it all..
Shreya:Not everyone's dreams come true, Ishu..I just have to forget it and move on..Look at you reiterating what happened to me when all I am trying to do is to forget it all..What kind of a friend are you, Ishu??
Ishaan:Friendship ke baare mein koi doubt matt rakna, samjhi kya??
Shreya:Dramebaaz kahi ka..Chal hatt, baad mein baat karti hoon..(Shreya smiled and went out of Trends)

Bharti:Raj, what do you mean that you didn't text me to come over here urgently??
Raj:Thatz because the time stated in the SMS sent was the time I went to have a meeting with Bhaskar and Amarjeet..Wait, I received this note from Sonali that you called her as you couldn't reach me and it was you who told her to tell me that you are the one coming here urgently..
Bharti:Sonu?? Tabhi toh..
Bharti:Well, I received a call from both Sonali and Mahi.. (warned him of his project and the conference call she received in the morning) They're up to something but let's just say I didn't give much information..Juz be careful of your surroundings!!
Raj:Thanks Bharti..
Bharti:Whatever for?? Look, I'm telling you once again, you ought to choose the expertise that the creative team here has such as Mahi and Sonu and even Jiya..I mean they are so much better off than me, ok? Your project will soar high with their talent and expertise..Not with my lack of experience..
Raj:Nah, Bharti..I just want you, that's all!! Who said that you will not be a great influence for my project? Bharti Kapoor has it all..Your name..
Bharti:Raj, what are you even blabbering about?? My name?? (Whisked him to the lift lobby where no one was around)
Raj:You think I know nothing about how you belong to a well-raised and dignified family? Your dad has always been a super elite fashionista of the late 1980s..Your mum was no less a diva..
Bharti:Yeah Raj, I was unfortunately born to them but I'm in no way associated to them now for they're considered dead to me..Their upbringing, their divorce and re-marriage had changed it all and it would be better if you don't even talk about them in front of me, ever!! What do you want from me??
Raj:I didn't mean to hurt you yaar..All I want is your support and contribution as a partner in collaborating this dream project of mine..I know you used to work at Trends but now you are no longer linked to them so you can still work for me..I can offer you a small lump..
Bharti:How small?? (Bursted out laughing) I don't need your lump..Well we'll work together, at your place..
Raj:My place?? Why not yours??
Bharti:My condition..Your project..You decide!! I'm in if you accept my condition or else...
Raj:Fine, fine!! You come with quite a price, indeed!!
Bharti:Blame that on my parent's upbringing.. (winked at him before leaving from there)
Raj:Damn!! There is surely something going on with her or else she would clearly suggest her place instead of mine....

~Armaan's place~

Armaan:Hi Maa..I'm home..
Sudha:Guess who's here to see us..
Armaan:Ms Jiya Mishra?? What brings you here all of a sudden??
Jiya:What were you thinking? That I was gone for good?? Maana ki I took a few weeks break but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be gone forever na??
Armaan:(took off his coat and placed it on the sofa) Who knew?? You left without informing me or Raj..How were we supposed to know?? (Sat down on the sofa) Kyun Maa?
Sudha:He's got a critical point, Jiya..
Jiya:Ok I admit I was at fault for not informing about my official trip but what about you? I hear recent advancements about your personal relationship with Shreya..
Armaan:Oh you heard? So I won't have to rattle it on with you, explaining what had happened and all, saves me the time..But all's well for I'm single again..How amazing is that??
Jiya:Is this all because of Bharti, Armaan??
Armaan:(stood up to go) And all problems have to lead to a root cause, Bharti,right Jiya??(Jiya felt awful in pricking Armaan's heart yet again but Armaan didn't bother as he took his coat and went to his room)

Armaan refreshed himself, took his cardigan and headed off to a quiet area where no one would even think of linking him and Bharti together.He was really fed up of colleagues and even his loved ones and friends tracing the root cause of his single hood and loneliness to Bharti.The girl whom he wanted to despise so badly yet he couldn't bring himself to do so because she was indeed his one true love.The love he wished he hadn't come across in his life for it only haunted him with painful memories etched deeply in his soul.That was the girl he chose to love in his life.

Meanwhile, Bharti was taking a walk in the pathway next to the woods alone with the journal of her best friend in her hand.She looked for a bright headlight and continued reading her journal.It spoke volumes of the endless and tiring job of waitressing but soon, a new page unfolded the name of the silent guy whom she adored from a distance.
'Bharti, what should I tell you yaar?? His name is Mayank Sharma and I seriously don't know what had happened to him today..He just came up to me and instead of his normal, regular routine, he cleared his throat and brought forward a proposal..Nope, never!! Not what you're thinking right now..He asked me to quit this waitressing job and take up a job which I deem as satisfactory and not the other way round..He had already felt that I was doing this mundane job out of meeting my ends and he further spoke of you..How strange indeed!! How did he know you?? Did you guys meet before? Oh of course, you're the daughter of a rich family; how could he have not met you before?? But don't be too happy, he was speaking ill of you, haha...In fact, he was even asking how come you could actually let me work like this..Ms Bharti Kapoor, you're responsible for my mundane duty!! Muahaha..But I stopped him because I specifically told him not to talk ill about my bestest friend, Bharti and that he should leave if he's done but he smiled and knew that I would say that.Something in his eyes made me feel that way and I was right.He gave me a list of job offers which paid much better and wished me good luck before leaving from there.Only after he left did I realise that he had signed his name at the bottom of the list and left his mobile number to contact him.Can you believe him??'

Bharti smiled, remembering this incident for after this, Radhika had begun working in the field of publishing with Mayank's recommendation.She had never seen her best friend so fond of her work and so happy in her life.It was all thanks to Mayank, who had almost done the same for her by offering the editorial job in Trends.

Bharti turned the pages over, jumping to the month of July when G returned back to Radhika's life and journal.Bharti kept reading away while her phone vibrated busily.She ignored the call and continued reading.

'G has returned, Bharti.