Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, July 4, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 293~

I thought he was gone for good but it was a fruitless hope, indeed.I had become quite close to Mayank and we were beginning to enjoy each other's company.You can pretty much say that I had fallen for him but I had cared less to express it to him.You can probably imagine my state if he were to reject me, yaar. It appeared that G had undertaken strenuous research to get to me.He had asked lots of people from the coffee bar about me and I really want to slap the idiot who provided him the clues to my whereabouts.

Right now you must be wondering why is G behind my back.What do I have that G wants so badly? Why is he taunting and troubling me ever so much? For a fact that you should have known earlier, I know him for quite some time.There was a case against him for which I became an eye witness.We hailed from the same city of Mumbai before I had shifted to London to meet you.He was a typical rogue and I had witnessed that I had seen him harassing a girl who was just like you; modern, sexy, who could care less for guys and carefree.She became an object of pleasure in his eyes and I believe, ever since that, he had been following me but I hadn't uttered anything to you or anyone till now.He ought to be in prison right now but I guess, being a rich lad has the perks up against the crooked law in our nation.

For the first time in my life, I'm truly scared.What if I'm his next target? You are there for me, aren't you, Bharti??'

Bharti wiped the silent tear that streamed down her eye.She shut the journal and wished deeply that she could have been there to save her best friend in due time.But she couldn't!!

Bharti closed her eyes, not knowing that Armaan had been watching her all along.He had seen her by chance but he froze instead of going the opposite direction.He was in no rush to get back home.He knew deep in his heart that Bharti wouldn't wish harm for him.Yet, he pondered why he was getting hurt because of her all the time.This question was killing him every time he thought about it and he decided to confront her.

Armaan called her twice before she got startled by his voice.Her eyes widened in shock and she dropped Radhika's journal on the ground.She looked to her sides and back at Armaan who was watching the rapid movement of her eyes.She apologised profusely for being there in front of him and she had to rush, running away from there abruptly without giving him a chance to ask her anything.Before he could, she ran away into the thin air and vanished.

'What the hell was that all about?? Here I wanted an answer from her but she was blabbering away.. (looked at the ground and saw the journal) Isn't this what she was reading?? Why did she drop this upon seeing me? Is she even aware of having lost her book?? Wow Armaan..You really have a great choice in matters of love that you had to pick a confusing girl like her!!'(headed back home eventually)

Bharti reached home quickly in an auto which she hailed a few metres away from the spot she accidentally met Armaan.She grabbed hold of her bag and checked for her journal to keep in a safe place.However, she couldn't find it.Just then, she reminisced about how nervous she got when she met Armaan and widened her eyes in shock.She couldn't believe she could be this careless.

'Oh freakin hell..Is the journal with Armaan?? No..no..no!!! It can't be with him or anyone..It's my most precious asset as it is going to unlock my mission..I need to get it from him before he even thinks about reading it!! Bhaag Bharti Bhaag!!!'

Off she went to Armaan's place as quickly as possible.She knew it was such a short notice to leave her keys and Naina with Niharika and Mayank as she left their place with Niharika's red Scooty without giving any further explanations, whatsoever.All the way, the only thing she feared was the fact that Armaan could be reading her journal.

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