Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 294~

~Armaan's place~

Bharti rang the doorbell repeatedly in a fit of anxiety.Soon, Sudha and Armaan got out of their rooms and Sudha opened the door, blinking and then widening her eyes in shock upon seeing Bharti at a late hour.

Sudha:Aao Bharti..Tum iss waqt, sab theekh??
Bharti:Yeah Mom, everything's good.. (entered) Mom, woh mujhe Armaan se kuch kaam thi..(Sudha was stunned)
Armaan:(thought to himself) Arre wah, main yeh soch bhi nahin sakta ki tum itni mere paas aaoge, Bharti..Surely, this book must mean so much to you after all..(smiled subtly) Maa, kya baat hai? Aaj humein do do hastiyon se milne ka mauka mil gaya hain..Pehle Jiya aur ab Bharti?? Well, to clear your confusion Bharti, I'm meeting Jiya today after a few weeks since she didn't inform me or Raj of her official trip and now you're here after pretty long..What's the matter??
Bharti:Actually..I needed to talk to you privately if you don't mind..
Sudha:This calls for some great coffee for the 3 of us; I'll be right back..You two keep talking..
Armaan:Come, take a seat..
Bharti:Ok, cut it short..Where's my journal??
Armaan:Where's your what? What journal??
Bharti:Stop acting like an idiot and tell me honestly..Where is it?? You met me just now by the woods..I was reading a journal and I must have accidentally dropped it there and you must have taken it..so give it back!!
Armaan:You were reading something? When I saw you, you were clearly not reading anything.You had your eyes closed and thatz why I voiced out to you twice..And then you just ran away abruptly with fright in your face, as though I was gonna do something to you and you just disappeared..And now you're here!!
Bharti:What? That means you didn't see my journal neither did you take it from there..Which basically means it must be at that very spot..I need to go there asap!!(was about to stand up but Armaan held her wrist and stopped her)
Armaan:Why are you so hyper about this journal of your's?? It can't be anything serious, can it??I mean, itz very late at night now and it's not safe for you to go alone at this hour!!
Bharti:Dont you get it, Armaan?? That journal is the last and only journal connecting me to my best friend, Radhika and it is filled with experiences which I can only relive through her words and it consists of secrets which I treasure deeply in my heart..And if I were to lose it, I might as well lose myself!!(controlled herself upon the realisation of her slurred revelation to Armaan) I've got to go..
Sudha:Not before you have my special coffee..Have it and then go!!
Armaan:Yes, we insist!!(Bharti smiled and drank the warm coffee in one undivided sip, astounding both Armaan and Sudha and Bharti rushed from there)
Sudha:Is everything alright, Armu??
Armaan:Haan Maa, I believe there is nothing much to worry.. (took a sip) Maa, have you ever felt trapped in a meshwork of your own emotions, especially when you feel like you're about to lose your loved ones??
Sudha:Several times, Armu..Have you??
Armaan:I'm feeling like that these days..
Sudha:Are you talking about yourself and Bharti??
Armaan:Maa, I am referring to you and Paa..You must have been so shattered, so devastated..
Sudha:Indeed I was, Armu..I had to struggle with my loss for several years but you have to know one thing..Time heals everything; I gave time a chance and it helped me ignite my career and you became my source of hope of life..I love you Armu..
Armaan:I love you too Maa..
Sudha:I don't have to repeat myself when I say that you can come to me for anything, na??I just want you to be always happy in life, even if it meant anything in this world!!
Armaan:Of course, Maa..Now go and sleep and let me sleep too, hmm?? (Sudha nodded and both of them went to their rooms after washing up)

~Armaan's room~

'I know this journal doesn't belong to me but that can't stop me from reading this, Bharti.You will never give me direct answers to my question and you will only push me away from you!!Right now, I can't afford to have that..It was only you who had set these boundaries between us and ironically, God had sent you right to my doorstep at this late hour.Surely, this journal of your's will be a lucky charm in unlocking the mysteries of your past for me..At least let me try to get to know you before this journal will be returned to you!!'(smiled victoriously)


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