Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 295~

After a few hours into reading the journal, he received a call from Bharti.

Armaan:(pretended to have a sleepy voice) Hello?
Bharti:Are you asleep??
Armaan:What kind of a question is this, Bharti?? Of course I'm. .I mean I was asleep..What do you expect??
Bharti:My journal isn't here..
Armaan:(thought to himself) How would it be when I'm reading it right here, right now?? Gosh, I'm enjoying this..
Bharti:I've checked the vicinity but it's nowhere to be found..
Armaan:Bharti, it's been hours since you left the spot at the woods..What do you think? That the journal might be waiting for you there?? Someone could have easily ripped the journal from there or even thrown it away..I mean..If it isn't there, then..
Bharti:You don't get it, do you, Armaan?? I've lost my best friend yet again..I've lost her voice yet again, for good.. (Armaan felt miserable for her and guilty)
Armaan:Hey, look..We'll get it back..Have some faith!! If itz meant to be with you, then you'll surely get it back, Bharti!!
Bharti:Armaan, things are not going to come back, at least in my case...Radhika will never return nor will her journal..Anyways, why am I bothering you with this? (hung up and Bharti sobbed endlessly, heading back to Mayank's place)

'I will have to finish reading the journals tonight itself.I can't hold on to her journal and trouble her even further but if I were to return this to her tomorrow itself, won't she doubt me?? Bharti, you've got to trust me first..After that, I will bring about miracles in your life..at least that's what I plan to do!! That's what best friends are for..Right now, all I know is you have been the most amazing support system for Radhika through her trials with G at her workplace and that too at a time when there's no one by her side except for Mayank whom she adored from a distance. (Armaan laid down on his bed cosily and continued reading)'

Niharika:Itz alright, Bharti..Go, take a deep rest..
Mayank:Bharti.. (Bharti just went to bed)
Niharika:Mayu, don't stop her..She looks quite disturbed..Let her sleep next to Naina..If we want, we can talk to her in the morning, k?(Mayank nodded and went to sleep as well)

~Next Morning~

Mayank:Itz quite late Nihu..
Niharika:Aren't you going to Trends?
Mayank:I've taken the day off..I'm just..
Niharika:Worried for Bharti?Do you want me to talk to her or would you?
Mayank:I..Hold on.. (heard Bharti's mobile ringing on the dining table and picked it up) Hi Dr Graham, so sorry that Bharti is unwell..Sorry for the inconvenience caused..Oh izzit so? Could you find a replacement for her for today or maybe I can get back to you once she's feeling better?? Sanjana?? Well, in that case that won't be a problem..I'm Mayank Sharma, her friend.. Ok I'll pass the message to her, thanks!!(hung up) I can't believe she left Trends to mentor her juniors at her own university..I didn't mean for this, Nihu..
Niharika:I know Mayu but you gotta understand..She chose this way of life for herself and you can't do anything about it now for she's not going to return to Trends..
Mayank:I know Nihu, and I still can't grasp it..I'm at a peak in my career but my company, my very own employees could threaten her with letters and notes and just make her leave..
Niharika:Mayu, don't you remember telling me yourself how the industry is filled with filthy minded psychos who would do anything, go to any extent to achieve their target?? So why do you think less of any of your employees?? But Bharti didn't tell you about any of the threats but at least she must have warned you about your company staff..
Mayank:Ash..She was very much against Ash working for Trends..In fact, she's right about Ash for just a few days back, I caught her talking with Vinita..
Niharika:Heard this name before..Enlighten me please..
Mayank:Vinita from Men's Universe..
Niharika:Oh wait..She is Gyaan's friend, right? If I'm not wrong, he was also there as a candidate for the editorial position, right?? But you chose Bharti over him..
Mayank:Yes indeed..
Niharika:She's a threat to your company, Mayu so why still keep her employed?? Bharti has decided to choose her battles wisely but you ought to at least respect her wishes..
Mayank:I know, Nihu but I can't just fire her like that..She's a good informer..
Niharika:You have a whole pack of informers, Mayu..You don't need a dangerous one in that pack!!
Mayank:I want her to commit a grave error which would cost her everything..She won't get away so easily..She's plotting something huge and I wanna know that before I expel her from Trends for good..
Niharika:Fine, but don't let that consume a lot of time, got it?? (Mayank nodded) Ok, I'll head to my saloon, Sush is waiting for me..Bye..
Mayank:Bye, have a good day..

Armaan woke up upon the loud thud he heard, probably from the kitchen where his Maa must have dropped something in a hurry.He looked at himself, all so messed up and disheveled.He recalled scrambling to his bed after a couple of hours late into the night after reading Bharti's scribbled notes along the sideways of certain pages.He carefully placed the journal in his wardrobe in a corner before he went out to check on Sudha who was only glad that he came by to help her out.However, much to her hopes, he just kissed her good morning and wished her luck in what she was attempting to find and went to take a bath.

~Men's Universe~

Jiya was looking through her file before she passed it to Bhaskar.Just as she noticed Armaan smiling and entering his cabin, she rushed to him, confusing Bhaskar.

Jiya:Morning, Armaan..
Armaan:I just reached..Erm, you've got work for me?
Jiya:I've got some exciting news for you actually..
Armaan:(smiled) I'm listening..
Jiya:Word's from Amarjeet sir's table top..You know how Bhaskar is in the process of aiding Amarjeet with the launch of a new MU office in UK??
Armaan:The same reason you went on an official trip unannounced?? (Looked at the photographs which Raj had taken) Yeah, what about it?
Jiya:Word's that you are being considered for the permanent fashion photographer there..I mean, there are super high chances that you are being recommended for the post there..For both the creative newsletter and the main magazine output..

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