Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 296~

Jiya:Word's that you are being considered for the permanent fashion photographer there..I mean, there are super high chances that you are being recommended for the post there..For both the creative newsletter and the main magazine output..
Jiya:What what, Armaan? I just gave you the day's bestest news yaar..What do you think??
Armaan:Wow, that's just so overwhelming yaar but wow, that's great!!
Jiya:Hain na?? I knew it...Your life is going to be awesome from now on..
Armaan:Now excuse me, hmm??(left from there to have some coffee) Oh God, what am I going to do??(headed to the staff lounge)Abhi abhi toh track par uthar aaya hoon aur abhi se rukhawat?Yeh opportunity pehle nahin aa sakta tha?
Mahi:Kisse badh badhaa rahe ho, Armaan?
Armaan:Hi Mahi..Hi Sonu..
Sonali:Hi dude..2 coffee please..(gestured to the waiter about her order and then looked at Mahi and gestured to her to talk to Armaan)
Armaan:What's wrong, girls?
Sonali:We have a problem..Mahi..
Mahi:It's about Raj and look, we are telling you this in the strictest confidence, k?
Armaan:Ok what is this about?
Sonali:I'm sure you must have heard about Project M3, Raj's project..
Armaan:Pro... (stopped himself as flashes of helping Bharti uncover the file of Trends came before him, having seen the Project M3 file in Vinita's cabin) What project?
Sonali:You don't know??(Armaan smiled weakly)
Armaan:Tell me about it..
Mahi:What should we even say? We are even trying to find out and in that way, help Raj but lately he's been so secretive and all..But when we talked to Bharti, she indirectly gave us a hint that she knows something about it..But she won't reveal anything..We thought you might wanna help us find out and help Raj in the process too..
Sonali:Crap, Raj's here..We'll talk to you later, k?
Armaan:Ok!! Hi Raj..The photographs were excellent by the way..
Raj:Thanks dude..I just wanted you to have the final look..
Armaan:Anything wrong?? Why do you keep looking at your watch?
Raj:Nothing..It's just I'm meeting Bharti today..
Raj:Yeah, do you mind??
Armaan:Why would I?? But since you're meeting her, could you do me a favour? Ask her to call me, hmm?
Raj:Call you?
Armaan:Why? Do you mind??
Armaan:Good, see you around.. (left from there)

Bharti left a note on Mayank's desk before she left to drop off Naina at her art classes.She left without a word and all this occurred when Mayank went to take a bath.By the time he got out, she was nowhere to be seen.Meanwhile, she texted Sanjana to pick Naina up after her art classes while she headed to the university for her mentoring sessions.

Armaan was fiddling with his mobile, thinking if he ought to call Bharti right now or not, just to check up on her.He knew that she must be sickened with worry about having lost her journal.He could sense her tension piling up but he can't possibly give in now for he needed answers.This could be the only way he could redeem himself, prove his worth to her and he needed that more than anything.He then realised how much important she still was to him, irregardless of the hurt she had caused him in the past.He still loved her ever so much.He called her up but it went straight to voice mail and he gave up, thinking that Raj would definitely pass his message to her.
Just then, he bumped into Gaurav. He was surprised to see him there but the question that popped straight into his head was what exactly was he doing in Men's Universe.Armaan recollected the passage of Radhika in Bharti's journal.

'G-the initial which meant nothing to me in the beginning made its entry of significance through the soul of his evilness.He would come to you, befriend you in such a way that you can't possibly refuse his friendship and that's when he reveals his identity.For so long I had not known his true name, Bharti.I only knew his initial as that's what his friends call him and it never occurred to me to ask his name for he never came across as significant to me in any mannerism. But he did reveal himself..He is Gaurav Khurana aka G.'

Armaan snapped at Gaurav who seemed quite lost.He welcomed Gaurav to his cabin and locked the door.


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