Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, July 11, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 297~

Armaan:Gaurav, firstly welcome to Men's Universe..What brings you here?(noticed the sudden transformation in his facial features and became more laid back, erasing the knots off his face)
Gaurav:Please Armaan, no formalities..I just wanted to review what kind of atmosphere Men's Universe had presented Bharti with, before she started working for Trends..Talking about Bharti, I heard she's back to her university mentoring students..I mean after all that she had contributed here and Trends, she had to go backwards in her career graph..That's just plain giving up from her side, don't you think?
Armaan:It's her choice, what she wants out of life and all..Maybe she doesn't belong to the fashion industry after all..If that's what you're thinking, then I have nothing to add on for she might be probably right..But as far as I've seen her in Men's Universe, she's a born warrior; she fights her battles pretty well..
Gaurav:Such words coming from you..I must say she still has an impounding effect on you..You two must have been pretty close, right?? I wonder what had led to the sourness now..
Armaan:(let out a mild laugh) She's still close to me and things between us had never changed, irrespective of the new people who enter our lives..
Gaurav:Really?? You think so??
Armaan:I know so, Gaurav..And Radhika..I mean, Gaurav..(saw the tight grip of Gaurav all of a sudden) Gaurav, everything's ok??
Gaurav:You said Radhika..
Armaan:Did I??
Gaurav:Who's that?
Armaan:No one, just an old acquaintance whom I remembered..No biggie..
Gaurav:Ok..Armaan, if you meet Bharti any time, then could you..
Armaan:(cut him short) I don't think so..I have got a real tight schedule for the next upcoming weeks so my social circle is pretty much affected for the time being..I have this important list of shoots in London..So..
Gaurav:I just wanted a favour from you but I think you're busy..Ok, you carry on.. (left from there)
Armaan:Idiot, he does know Radhika..He got tensed when I mentioned her name..Bharti knows nothing about Gaurav and this duffer is asking me to do him a favour..Like hell I would!! But how should I even warn Bharti??

~Raj's Messed-Up Home~

Raj just reached home, quickly rushing inside after having gotten Bharti's SMS that she'll be arriving in half an hour's time.He had very little time indeed to clean up, the chore which he despised the most.Of course he had the option of calling Jiya as always for help but he'd rather not deal with her at the moment.He decided to face the situation and started picking up his underwear and placed them in the laundry basket.

After some time, he got a shock when he heard the doorbell ring.He knew that he had done his utmost in cleaning up though there were still heaps of bottles that he had to throw away.He placed them in the trash bags and off he went to open the door.

Armaan:Hi Raj..Thanks for the welcome by the way.. (entered inside and Raj shut the door, feeling annoyed)Ghar kaafi hadh tak saaf ho gaya hai, kyun?? Koi date hai kya?
Raj:Haha very hilarious, Armaan..I'm expecting someone, that's all..
Armaan:Let me guess...Niharika?? Have you two made up??
Armaan:(thought to himself) That basically means Bharti is coming here, right now..Great!!
Raj:Why are you smiling for??
Armaan:Nothing..Just trying to make a wild guess of who's coming...
Raj:It's Bharti, ok?
Armaan:Ahh icic...Then I'm in no rush to go, right?
Raj:What do you mean by that, huh?? Aren't you going to leave?? I have something confidential to discuss with her and I apparently can't do that in your presence..
Armaan:Raj, come on dude..I was just joking..I just thought of meeting her before leaving..since she's already coming here, hmm??
Raj:Since when have you two made up??
Armaan:Well for a start, we have not been apart to make up..
Raj:Oh really, Armaan?? You're telling me this??

Just as Armaan was about to answer, the doorbell rang.
Armaan:I'll get it..
Raj:No I will..You just stay put!!(opened the door and welcomed Bharti inside)
Bharti:Raj, sorry thodi si late ho gayi thi..I..Armaan??
Raj:(murmured) Bina bataaye aa gaya tha. .Bas abhi abhi..
Armaan:Hi Bharti, what a pleasant surprise indeed..Raj, why don't you get your guests something to drink??
Raj:Yeah sure, what will you have??
Armaan:How about some juice..Ahh no, you wouldn't have that here...Make it two chilled water..
Raj:Great, I'll be right back...
Bharti:You seem to be in a different mood..
Armaan:That, I am..Glad you noticed..Anyways, I wanted to apologise if I sounded harsh last night..And for a fact, I do know that I may have misunderstood you on so many occasions and I am to blame for my short-temperedness.. (Bharti simply looked at him blankly) You're a great friend and I truly treasure the fact that you've always cared for my happiness, which I had failed to comprehend before..I want to help you too, Bharti..
Bharti:Help?? Me?? I don't understand..
Armaan:Radhika's journal.. (Bharti looked around and took Armaan's hand and brought him outside)
Bharti:That chapter is closed, Armaan..I shouldn't have called you in the first place itself..I don't know why I did but anyways..Look, I've lost that one possession that she left behind for me and there's no chance of getting it back so just forget it..
Armaan:Have you tried to do that on your own? Forgetting your experiences, your friendship with Radhika? You can never do that, Bharti for she's that close to you.. (Bharti was stunned) I mean, I believe so..You should never abandon her friendship..
Bharti:I am not..
Armaan:Yes you are!! Look, I want to help..Give me a chance to at least try to search for the journal..What if I can find it? Won't you be elated??
Bharti:Why are you being so adamant, Armaan??
Armaan:Cuz I want the best for you and I am still your secret friend, don't you dare forget that!! Give me the description..If you have an image of the journal..send it to me..If want to go the extra mile and search it for you..
Bharti:Fine.. (searched her mobile gallery and sent the image to Armaan's mobile) I'm still telling you not to keep your hopes high..
Armaan:But I will..And when I find that special journal for you, I guarantee your smile will return!! Samjhi??(pinched her nose and saw Bharti smile)
Bharti:Woh kya tha?
Armaan:Kuch nahin..Yun hi..Ab jaa, Raj must be waiting for you..He needs you so get going with the secret discussion, he won't tell me a thing about it.. (turned to go but stopped; Armaan turned around and looked at Bharti and smiled as he saw Bharti's right hand stuck at waving towards him.He just felt alive all of a sudden, a feeling he had lost for a long while and he winked at her before leaving from there)

Bharti too started feeling chilly and pretty alive, with the strong breeze hovering around her.She saw a fresh face of Armaan and somehow she wanted to raise her hopes high, just by his words.

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