Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, July 14, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 298~ Lost Journal Discovered!!

She saw a fresh face of Armaan and somehow she wanted to raise her hopes high, just by his words.She smiled and went inside to discuss with Raj about Project M3.

Things had taken a dramatic curve by the time Armaan and Bharti met the next time, this time being at her university.He missed picking her up during the initial phase of their contract marriage.He saw Alisha and Sanjana walking by and as he enquired about Bharti, they directed him towards the second floor.

By now, he had already finished reading Radhika's journal and he could remember the drops of sweat trickling down his face from his forehead as he read the words of Radhika to her best friend at the late hours of the night when the power supply had been cut.

He composed himself, trying not to visualize what had happened to Radhika.It made him tremble to even read the words of Bharti's encounter with her best friend laying her blood laden body in her arms on a dreadful Holi bash.That was the very reason Bharti had never favoured the festive season when the occasion approached.

He saw Bharti mentoring the juniors in front of his eyes.He didn't want to disturb her and kept gazing at her, having known her dark past which had been troubling her for the past few years.All he ever thought was how she had hurt him and only thought of not acknowledging his feelings for her.She had always reiterated to him to move on in his life but little did he know that she too was struggling with her past, which she hasn't managed to cope and get over with.He didn't feel like asking her anything for he realised she has suffered way too much in her adulthood and he had no right to blame her for not letting love enter her life.

'Bharti had come to Mumbai all the way from London.She was running from her troubled, gruesome nightmare which must have kept her haunting her ever since it had happened before her eyes.Who could ever forget one's own best friend laying her last breaths painstakingly, struggling to utter her name properly, yet adorning her face with the blood stain from her neck to embrace Holi??Radhika was brutally tainted with a tag that could never be parted from her dignity, all thanks to Gaurav, the monstrous devil within him unleashed on the festive occasion. I am just so shattered by this past of Bharti's that I just wish I had returned her journal before time.If only I had been ignorant to her past, God...'

Just then, the university bell had rung, disrupting Armaan's chain of thoughts.The students had gone for their 15-minute break before Sanjana was to take over for the other modules which Bharti hasn't covered.She placed the marker down on the narrow ledge beneath the white board.She packed her stuff and checked her mobile for calls.None from Payal or Bhaskar. She kept her mobile inside her bag and zipped it.As she got outside, she caught Armaan stealing glances at her.She smiled at him and shook her head.

Bharti:Armaan Sinha..It's really ok if you haven't found the journal.. (held her file in front of him whilst he appeared gloomy)
Armaan:What makes you lose hope in me, Bharti?
Bharti:Now, don't you look gloomy after all? You can't blame me for my assumption.. (smiled) Armaan, you don't have to do this..I know it can't be found!! (Bharti used her hand and pressed his chin forward, bringing his lower lip inward and shook his face amusingly, surprising Armaan) You tried..That's enough for me, k?(turned around to go but Armaan held her wrist and pulled her close)
Armaan:Itna bhi barosa nahin hai mujh par? Hmm?? Dekho..(took out the journal from the inner pocket of his cardigan, leaving Bharti stunned and tongue-tied)

Bharti was shocked.She couldn't fathom anything at all from the moment Armaan had shown her the lost journal of Radhika's. How could he have found it when all hopes of attaining it were lost? How was it even possible when she couldn't find it herself? It was nothing less than a miracle.Till now, she had only seen miracles being performed by KK but it was a first-timer from Armaan.

Armaan:Kyun?? Ab kya hua hai aapko,Bharti Kapoor?? (Smiled victoriously; Bharti let out a relieved smile and in between, she gasped for breath, not being unable to believe what she was seeing and this brought about a sparkle in Armaan's deep set eyes)

Their hearts couldn't help but humm to a beautiful tune.

Jo mere dil ke paas hai
Naye jaadu naye ehsaas hai
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon....

Bharti:Kaise? Yeh kaise, Armaan?
Armaan:Koi sawaal matt karna kyunki main tumhe jawaab nahin dene waala..Just keep this safe with you, hmm?? (Bharti hugged Armaan instantly, with an air of euphoria slowly drizzling and pervading within her)
Bharti:You've got no idea what this means to me, Armaan..I just love you for this!!
Armaan:What? What did you just say??
Bharti:(withdrew from her hug) I...I meant..
Armaan:Itz cool, Bharti..I had always wanted you to be really happy in your life and by doing this small deed, I could bring back the wide smile I had always missed..I'm just going to go off, k?(turned but Bharti stopped him)
Bharti:I'm sorry if I had been so hard on you till now..
Armaan:No Bharti, it was my fault that I couldn't understand you at all and your struggle.You have all my love and support in everything that you do..You'll always see me waiting for you at the other end!! Take care.. (left from there)
Bharti:Struggle? What was he talking about?? Why did he seem so different from the past few days??


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