Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, July 17, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 299~

Bharti:Struggle? What was he talking about?? Why did he seem so different from the past few days??

Gaurav, on the other hand was very much apprehensive.He had locked himself up in the attic of his home, the atmosphere being pitch dark except for the dim light adjacent to his desk piled up with his files and newspaper articles.Some dated ages back to the death of a girl's name not unknown to many--Radhika!! This name had come across Armaan's lips and he knew it couldn't just have been a stumbling discovery of any kind.This wasn't pure chance, but an attempt to remind him of the past he had become an inevitable part of, aged 6 years.

Today, he grabbed the newspaper article dated 6 years back.The era of his evilness pervading all over the papers, with his name unwritten.He was not jailed for the death of Radhika and he knew why.Not just because he fled from the spot after seeing the dripping blood from Radhika's slashed throat.He was smudged in the colours of Holi and he had no route but to escape and he managed to do so before the police officials had arrived at the crime scene.

He had never meant to cause harm to Radhika, at least not in such a manner after all.He had hated her for ruining his life for she was the sole witness of the Mumbai harassment case of a girl by whom he had been hurt badly.But not Radhika, for he had attained his punishment in jail and he was definitely not prepared for yet a painful doom.However, he still felt that he had wronged his soul yet again.

He pondered deeply over the Mumbai harassment case.He had all the details with him buried deep in his heart.He was wrongly accused of harassing a girl whom he had to meet regarding a trial case project.He had often met her at her home, her office, coffee shops and even temples.It had been a discreet and confidential case file and he met her to collate facts and extra crucial information.It was one day at the temple that he had lost track of the same girl at the temple.That was when he had bumped into Radhika for the very first time in his life and he loathed her the very first moment itself for having obstructed his path in getting back to his client.

Radhika had been watching him at the temple, following the girl who had seemed as though she wanted to run from there, from him and that was how he had landed in trouble because of Radhika.She had brought him and the girl to the police station and lodged a complaint against him but by the time she turned, the girl had already gone.Gaurav had tried his utmost to provide all the facts of his case file with the girl but upon reaching the address of the girl, she was nowhere to be seen.Her home had been locked and she had simply vanished.However, that didn't stop Radhika nor the police from taking a grave look at the note that she had left behind.She had accused Gaurav of harassing her and ogling at her, stalking her wherever she went and now that she has written the truth, she wanted him punished, put behind bars.

That was the most painful misery Gaurav have had to suffer in his college years and Radhika had not left any stones unturned in proving him guilty.He had no idea what had happened or how things had taken a steep curve towards him getting trapped in false evidence that was updated by the girl or what her intention was behind this.All he knew was that he was innocent and he was badly trapped.He was set up but the laws didn't hear his plea.Ever since then, he had been on the look out for Radhika to seek his vengeance.

He could recollect those days when he would go out with his friends or clique just to taunt her services at the coffee bar but how was he supposed to know that one of them would pull the plug? How could he have trusted his secret with his clique?? He couldn't forget the very same Holi he had lost himself entirely.

~Men's Universe~

Armaan was contemplating his future.He had no idea what he was doing to himself and Bharti.After learning about her secrets, he couldn't bring himself to face her bravely.He could barely comprehend the level of boldness in Bharti herself that she could adorn a well disguised mask till now and further on.How could she even smile despite her struggle??

If that wasn't enough for Armaan, he had yet to deal with the dilemma of his career which Jiya had put before him indirectly.He didn't want to leave Bharti behind, knowing the troubles that Gaurav could possibly create for the latter.He wanted to protect her, save her from her agonising past and not face it all by herself.He felt helpless and he didn't know who to turn to.Just then, Jenny conveyed a message to him and left from there.Armaan headed to the reception and invited Niharika over at the staff lounge.

'Maybe she could be the blessed angel who can help me out, after all!!'


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