Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, July 25, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 300~

'Maybe she could be the blessed angel who can help me out, after all!!'

Niharika:Heyy, thanks for the coffee but I didn't specify to your receptionist that I wanted to meet Raj and talk about Bharti..
Armaan:What? I thought you two were going to sort matters out between both of ya..I had tried talking that idiot out of his crappy logic..
Niharika:It's ok,Armaan..In fact, I don't let it bother so much now for I've gotten on terms with Raj's peculiarity in this matter..Maybe he is not cut out for a deep relationship or whatever it may be..I'm not here to judge for there still lie many issues which I hadn't shared with him either.However, what bothers me right now is Bharti and Mayank. Ever since Bharti had left Trends, Mayank is just not himself.We both saw her quite disturbed one late night when she came over and had stayed the night.Mayank told me he would talk to her but from the guess of it, I don't think he has even bothered to come out of his own shell to discuss matters with her.
Armaan:I don't understand..What do you mean?
Niharika:Mayank had stopped going to Trends himself and decided to handle official matters from home itself.Can you believe him?? He doesn't do that, not as a responsible CEO of Trends, for God's sake!! He had to be all this reclusive guy once again.Before, I had not been there for him and had regretted going overseas, leaving him all by himself to deal with his tragic memories but now I have to bring him back to his senses..I just..
Armaan:You mean, when Radhika... (paused as Niharika glanced at him blankly, wondering if she had blabbered anything but she hadn't apparently so she grew far confused) I'm sorry Niharika..I know about her, Niharika..
Niharika:Neither Mayank nor Bharti..Did she tell you?
Armaan:Oh God, no!! Just keep to yourself that I know but Bharti shouldn't even know a thing about what I just said to you, hmm? I can't imagine what Bharti or Mayank must have gone through then and just thinking about it makes my stomach tighten..
Niharika:Since you know about it, I need you to ensure that both Bharti and Mayank are..I want them to be like before, old friends..Please help me, Armaan!!(placed her palm on Armaan's and believe it or not, Raj noticed Niharika and froze)
Armaan:I will do anything for Bharti..But you have to promise me something, Niharika..About Raj..
Niharika:Armaan, I..
Armaan:Hear me out, please..That idiot is staying far from you because you're Mayank's sis..He doesn't want to create any complications because of your identity..For anything that's worth, he has changed quite much for it's been weeks since he even bothered to go on dates with other models or designers..You became the change in his life; you've got to give yourself that credit, Niharika..And it's up to both of you to sort this out and make it really special.
Niharika:Armaan, that's so sweet but I don't have time for such complicated issues of the heart..
Armaan:Is there something written on my face that makes girls say that?
Niharika:What do you mean? Now you're gonna get engaged to Shreya, right?
Armaan:Well..I used to be in love with Bharti who used to tell me the same exact response as you but I assure you that this response is not healthy for the heart, mind you!!(Niharika smiled widely) Come on, promise me you'll give both of ya a second chance..I can help you in that too!! Kick some sense in that idiot, know??
Niharika:I'll think about it and let you know..Bye.. (Armaan waved back at Niharika before he met the cold stares of Raj, which he kinda enjoyed before leaving him off in the lurch)

~Gaurav's Home~

He had just refreshed himself with a warm cup of coffee as he read the newspaper cutting of Radhika's death.

The untimely death of Radhika Gupta, a well known publicist of NRIs, a biweekly magazine had shocked so much of her ardent fans and amongst them even included her colleagues and one close associate, Mayank Sharma, someone she was rumored to be in an intimate relationship with.As our sources tried their utmost in questioning him, he was busy pacifying his and Radhika's dearest friend, Bharti Kapoor, the daughter of the billionaire couple, Aakash and Ruby.Much has to he gathered but as of now, it is clear that Radhika had bled out from the slashing of her throat on this uneventful Holi bash that the NRIs had organized. All we hope for Radhika is for her soul to rest in peace, reaching the duvets of heaven and may she be truly remembered.

This had hardened Gaurav far more and the only reason he was at Trends was to connect with Mayank and make sure he was doing alright with his life.He needed that consolation that he didn't let Mayank's smiles vanish and through that, he earnestly hoped for forgiveness from Radhika's soul.

It was easy getting to Mayank but Bharti? She had disappeared elsewhere before his lucky encounter with her via Alisha through a blind date she had set up with him.It was true coincidence that he was Alisha's mentor at MWorld and that she was further linked to Sanjana through Anjali and Rohan, directly linking him to Bharti.Both Alisha and Sanjana did the necessary to feed him adequate information about Bharti's life till far but nothing was known of her past, as he had suspected.Her past was hidden from the world, had banished with Radhika's death.At least that was what he had assumed and then he had tried every now and then to pursue Bharti, her friendship which he had only managed to attain after saving Naina in the nick of time.

Gaurav closed his eyes, letting them travel back in time to the Holi bash.It was a fun bash for the trio, Radhika, Mayank and Bharti who was more than ever elated to escape her dad's socialite parties.Gaurav was there, after having stalked Radhika for quite some time, knowing her whereabouts at specific intervals.His clique had gathered the information for him and made things smooth for him, especially Sid, who seemed to take a particular interest in his revenge scheme and thought a step further than Gaurav himself.Gaurav hadn't known what was in the run and seemed to discuss matters with Sid.

Gaurav had smudged himself with the crimson red colour of Holi, practically bringing out the aura of revenge in his soul.Meanwhile, Bharti was taking lots of photographs on her digital camera.Loads of them, candid photos of Mayank and Radhika, those which she couldn't get hold of in their normal routine life with the load of stresses on their shoulders.She admitted to herself that she was successful in erasing his tension about his sis, Niharika not attending the bash and bringing him out to enjoy his time with a girl who adores him so much and surely she smiled with a large cup of Bhang in one hand and her cam in the other.Mayank gestured to Radhika to notice Bharti and both of them ended up bursting in laughter.Bharti captured a beautiful video of their laughter without their knowledge and smiled to herself, as she gulped down the Bhang. Seeing them together not only made Bharti elated but it had a contrasting effect on Gaurav who saw them together.

He felt strangely connected to them.Feeling the brim of love and happiness engulf them had made him regret his decision to avenge Radhika for it wasn't entirely her fault.The witty and sly girl who had played victim in his sight had trapped her but how would Radhika know anything about that? Why should she suffer?? He felt alienated from himself not having thought about that before till now.He couldn't harm Radhika, after having attained this insight from within.He knew what he had to do.He had to find Sid and put a halt to rash matters.

Bharti had received a call and attended to it, away from Mayank and Radhika. Radhika decided to pursue the moment and asked Mayank out for a challenge to the Bhang drinking competition.She wanted to see how daring Mayank could be; she wanted to see the other side to Mayank for surely she knew every man hated to be called a coward.However, much against her expectations, he wouldn't budge.He wouldn't care about being called a coward and tried diverting the topic instead to Bharti.She then tried the ultimate approach of emotional blackmailing but crazily, that didn't work either.Soon, out of frustration, she just went on challenging herself with some random guy to the Bhang competition, leaving Mayank spellbound.

Bharti came back and was stunned to see her best friend in a truly intoxicated state.She chided Mayank for letting her take the limelight with some random guy instead of with him.Mayank was biting his nails by then and Bharti simply irritated him further by shoving his hand away.Moreover, Radhika started flirting with the guy so effortlessly that it confused Bharti even more.Bharti instantly brought her best friend away and whispered to her, gesturing to her to make her move and confess her feelings to Mayank now or it will just drag on for ever.Radhika nodded and smiled like an idiotic girl, as in the precise words of Bharti.Bharti lingered on as Radhika headed to talk to Mayank.

Mayank:Hey, what's up?
Radhika:You know something, Mayank? I just think this is the only way I can express it to you..
Mayank:What? I can't hear you..
Radhika:Arghh,come here..(kissed Mayank, pressing her lips gently against his and gently withdrew) Haha, see? That was pretty liberating, I must admit..I love you, Mayank..(Mayank just stood flabbergasted at the revelation of Radhika, something he never thought he would ever hear from her lips; just then he received a call)
Mayank:I've got to take this call..Be right back!!
Radhika:Damn it...(looked at Bharti who smiled gleefully as she showed her best friend her digital camera and Radhika realized that she was on tape; she ran after Bharti who scooted from there)

~A few hours down the lane~

Bharti had bumped into an unknown guy and had dropped her digital camera.By the time she knelt down and took it, she realized that the guy she wanted to chide was not within the field of her sight.As she tried to focus her camera, trying to find out where Radhika and Mayank was, she saw a strange looking guy with what she thought he had in his hand.A knife, not a blunt one but rather a pretty sharp one which was not so easily discernible.But who was he going after??

Just then, he saw her looking in the direction of a girl.Radhika was checking her messages on her mobile and she had frozen as she read the messages.The guy had called out to her and another guy had voiced out to him.Bharti was lost.So lost.She kept filming what she witnessed.It happened so quick when she was looking out for Mayank who startled her as he tapped her from behind.Bharti turned around and was just about to chide him when the gruesome incident took place.The former guy had slashed the throat of Radhika.Her best friend, Radhika with his own arms.With the sharp weapon which he brought along with him. Bharti and Mayank rushed to Radhika who fell in her arms.

A crowd had gathered around them shortly.Mayank called for help but to no avail.Hence he dialled the emergency number for an ambulance and the police as well.

Gaurav woke up, spilling his coffee.He felt the heat from the coffee which had spilt over his faded pink shirt.He went to the washroom and rinsed his shirt and his face.As he felt his eyes and looked at the mirror before him, he felt his own devil laughing at him pitifully. He had never felt so deprived of energy in his life as he remembered the dramatic drop of Radhika in her best friend's arms.She had smiled albeit the oozing blood from her throat.He and Sid had scampered from there after seeing Radhika touching her own blood and smearing it over the cheeks of Bharti and  Mayank as she murmured the 3 magical words any guy would wanna hear.Bharti closed her eyes, letting her tears stream endlessly and that was the last he ever saw of Radhika.

Bharti was with Raj at his place, discussing about Project M3. She was hyped up for her dear friend who is working so vigorously on making his dream come true.That was when she received a phone call from Armaan.Raj saw his name and pondered deeply before initiating a conversation.

Raj:(snatched her phone and let it ring) Ok, is there anything serious going on between you and Armaan??
Bharti:Raj, for heaven's sake, give me my mobile back..Stop acting like a morose boyfriend!!
Raj:Whattt?? That's not even counted..Don't bring up my personal crisis here, k?
Bharti:Personal crisis, my foot!!(got her mobile back)
Raj:Seriously it makes me wonder so much..He's calling you every now and then and you're talking to him for long as well..Anything that I should be updated about??
Bharti:Why? You think I'm a possible threat to his relationship with Shreya?(Raj grew stunned as ever)
Raj:Seriously I don't know if I see Armaan and Shreya as often enough as I see the phone calls coming from Armaan for you..You get what I mean?
Bharti:Get back to work, Raj!! And I'll be right back..(called Armaan back) Hey, I'm sorry I couldn't pick up just now because of Raj..Anything serious?
Armaan:Is he...There with you?
Bharti:Nope, I'm away from him..Are you ok? (felt a long pause on the other line) Armaan????
Armaan:I need to talk to you in person, Bharti..And this can't wait!!
Bharti:Armaan, where do you want to meet?
Armaan:I don't know..Maybe somewhere quiet, somewhere calm..
Bharti: Ok, I feel that you're freaking out..Stop doing that to yourself, k? Let's meet at the lighthouse..You remember?
Armaan:Of course..How can I forget?? I'll meet you in half an hour's time!! Bye..Try to come on time, hmm??
Bharti:I'll try..Bye!!(hung up, wanting to leave Raj's place asap; feeling a tight knot getting even tighter with each passing second)

~Half an Hour Later~

Bharti checked her compact mirror and didn't adjust herself, feeling nervous with each step accompanied by the strong winds.For a blunt moment, she felt as though she was going to meet a secret date at night hours and that too at a place they both treasured deeply, the lighthouse where they had carved each other's names back when they were married to each other.She believed that it still existed there somewhere.She looked around for Armaan.She told him to wait for her at the basement of the lighthouse.The strong winds blowing her hair against her cheeks made it formidable but as she adjusted her hair then, she noticed Armaan in his red shirt, standing before her and extending his hand before her.

Her heart skipped a beat upon seeing his new hairdo, just as she had used to admire back when she was working in Men's Universe.He gestured to her to extend her hand and she quivered.She looked at him, his hand and safely placed her hand in his.He turned around, clasping her hand tight and Bharti ran with him, oblivious to his plans to be revealed soon.

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