Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, August 30, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 305~

"You think you need to go away from Bharti to make a fresh start in life, to forget her for good.But this cycle will not end for you're in support of her plan of seeking justice.You'll still end up thinking about her even if you were to take care of Naina.You'll keep pondering about how her plans might end up getting her killed!! You've ignored my advice before but if you do the same now, I can't guarantee the life of your eternal love..You can't leave her to herself for she has no one who would not give up on her..Like you!!


Armaan was totally confused now.He can't possibly back out now, after blabbering to both Bhaskar and Jiya about his hasty decision to become the leading fashion photographer for MU.He had decided that he can't let anyone dictate his future, let alone overpower him.

He needed to do something at the moment.Not about Bharti but about Shreya.Something which he should have done days ago, which he had kept delaying.

~Moments Later~

Shreya:Armaan, what are you doing here at Trends?
Armaan:I need to have a word with you in private..Come with me!!(Shreya nodded)
Shreya:(went outside Trends where Armaan was standing) Tell me, Armaan..
Armaan:I know itz quite awkward for you to even begin to talk to me..
Shreya:Armaan, we're still friends..
Armaan:Sure thing but even the depth of our friendship has changed..I can't even deny the fact that it is linked to Bharti..
Shreya:Armaan, I swear itz not her..But itz due to what you have become after all these years..
Armaan:Shreya, I came here to talk to you about certain imminent changes that are about to occur anytime..I got a promotion, as a leading fashion photographer in UK..I might take it up and leave Mumbai for good..I just wanted to give you a heads up as I wanted you to hear it from me directly instead of other sources..I probably had enough of giving up so much of opportunities that had come my way before..
Shreya:You're actually serious about this..Whoa!!
Armaan:Yeahh!! And another thing about us..No one really knows that we're no longer together so please help me out here..
Shreya:Wait..What??? Not even Bharti??
Armaan:Nope..She still believes that we're so much a couple to begin with..
Shreya:Why didn't you tell her?? I mean, I have paved the way apparently for you to set the record straight in front of her..And you haven't told her? Who were you waiting for??
Armaan:No one; I just felt that she needn't know about this anyways..Itz just not important anymore since I'm serious about moving..
Shreya:You're actually moving..Distancing yourself from her???
Armaan:I just want you to forge a bond with me till I'm gone..So, it should mean that you're very much eager to join me in UK after your contract ends with Trends..And you're this excited girlfriend at the special farewell party that you're going to arrange for me..Which will be a surprise for me from you..Do you get me so far??
Shreya:I just can't fathom you..You distancing yourself from her was the reason behind our breakup?? You're running away, Armaan..
Armaan:(smiled weakly) I think Ishaan is calling you..Get going, I'll keep in touch with you.. (left from there)

Mahi and Sonali were stunned by the sudden decision from Bhaskar and Jiya at the foyer about Armaan's progress.

Mahi:He really decided to go?
Sonali:But that's so unlike him..Itz really hard to believe!!
Bhaskar:He indeed is joining me and my team in UK..He really deserves such exposure for the tremendous work he's been giving us here..(Mahi and Sonali nodded in agreement before getting back to their work)
Sonali:You think Shreya's going with him??
Mahi:How am I supposed to know yaar?
Sonali:Considering her work with Trends, itz quite hard but which girlfriend would miss out on this chance after all??
Mahi:Itz definitely unlike Armaan to take up the job..After all, he had given up so many opportunities before..So what makes this so special?? Surely, there's something on his mind..
Sonali:You could be right on this..
Mahi:(thought to herself) And there goes my hope in him helping me out to locate Ved and his secret girlfriend whom I had missed out on..
Sonali:Hey, maybe he just wants to start afresh..Creative career needs a boost or something..
Mahi:Killer instinct, Sonu..Get back to work instead of dwelling on this matter..
Sonali:I'm gonna miss him badly yaar..that's why I'm just running it through over and over again..
Mahi:Ditto yaar..I'll miss him too!!
Jiya:Hey gurlz..Don't worry about him so much..We'll all miss him but he's got a great future there..Plus, he wants to move on in his life, hmm??(left from there)
Sonali:(murmured) Move on in his life?? What did she mean by that??
Mahi:Get back to work, Sonu!!Hey, where do you think you're going??
Sonali:Sshh..I'll be right back!!

Payal had dropped by to visit Bharti and Naina after having had lunch with Bhaskar.She was surprised to see a cute pink VIP bag with Naina.She looked at Bharti for sone sort of an explanation but she herself was busy with her packing.

Payal:Ok, now may I know where the two of you are headed to?? And too without informing me or your Bhaskar mamu??
Naina:Payal aunty, we are going for a long holiday..That is what mama told me..You want to see what I have packed??
Payal:All of a sudden?? But where to??
Bharti:Uhm Naina, go and get dressed..We need to hurry..(Naina went to the bathroom)
Payal:Care to tell me where you're whisking Naina off to??
Bharti:Last night, I got a call from her uncle who's been longing to see her for quite some time..So I'm just planning a trip to San Diego, where he's situated right now..
Payal:Bharti, are you serious that there isn't anything else I should know about?
Bharti:Yes, there is so much but this isn't the right time..I'll tell you about it, I promise!! And I need your word that you'll be there for me and help me out at that time..
Payal:Anything for you, Bharti...But..
Bharti:Ok I've gotta go..Will call you when I reach there, k??(Payal nodded and sent them off with wavering thoughts while heading back to her radio station)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 304~

"Before she ends up dead??"

This stung Armaan to an adverse extent that he instantly dropped all his files and left to meet Bharti at her home.

Jiya had been totally oblivious to the developments in Armaan's rekindled friendship with Bharti.In fact, everyone in his and Bharti's social circle were unaware of his status of having been ditched by Shreya for good, be it in Men's Universe or Trends.

Jiya was surprised when she received Mahi's call enquiring about Armaan's whereabouts.She was clueless and began trying his mobile but to no avail.He seemed busy on the other line.

Bharti, on the other hand, was at her university cafe, having a cup of coffee with Gaurav and Naina.He had picked up Naina after her art classes and had come there instantly to catch up with her.Armaan just reached and headed to the cafe, as Dr Graham directed him.He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Gaurav there.Bharti was laughing with him, to which Armaan widened his eyes in disgust.He recollected KK's words about taking Naina away from Bharti.It seemed as a much better option than letting Gaurav be intimate with her.In fact, he wanted both Bharti and Naina to himself, and so much farther from Gaurav.He couldn't stand the sight of the latter for he could only visualize Gaurav as the vicious killer who had Radhika's blood all over him. 

Armaan:Hi there..(ignored Gaurav completely) I need to talk to you urgently..
Bharti:Excuse me Gaurav..Just take care of Naina for a while, would you?(Gaurav nodded happily)
Armaan:What is all this, Bharti? Are you lunching and making merry with the cold blooded killer?
Bharti:Beware of your choice of words, Armaan..This is not the way to speak of someone..
Armaan:Oh really?? What do you make of him then??
Bharti:Come with me.. (brought him away, to her empty lecture hall) Ok, why are you being so paranoid, reacting in the manner of girls?? I was just trying to win that idiot's trust, that's all, Armaan..
Armaan:By actually letting him take care of Naina?? Bharti, are you even sure of what you're even doing??
Bharti:I know what I'm doing, Armaan and you clearly don't want to get involved in any of this mess so you shouldn't be anywhere near me..
Armaan:Bharti, I thought we were rekindling our friendship and you had already involved me in this by telling me about Radhika and her death..
Bharti:I did, and I'm sorry about that..it's just that I trust you more than anyone and I just blabbered it out to you in weak moments..And now you had backed out so I'm fighting my battle myself..
Armaan:You want me to back you up?? I will do that for you but not at the cost of your life!! I don't want you to end up dead fighting this battle for your best friend, do you get me??
Bharti:End up dead? You think I would go to a war, totally unprepared??(Armaan looked away but turned back to her when she made him face her) Right now, I'm much more prepared than I ever was, perhaps 4 to 5 years ago..His death is in my hands!!
Armaan:That basically means that I can't even coax you to back out??(Bharti shook her head and Armaan's eyes welled up as he continued) That's why you had always kept going on, saying that I never belonged to your inner world..I'm just going to lose you, right Bharti??
Bharti:You always have Shreya with you, Armaan..You're about to lead a life which I will never be able to lead for nothing is ever going to be normal for me..Ever!!
Armaan: Do you fathom the very prospect of the aftermath? Don't you realize that there are people who care about you, who need you? I just seriously feel that you are being selfish here!!
Bharti:You're right..I am being selfish but only for my friend whose death practically changed everything for me!! I don't know if you've experienced that..
Armaan:Bharti, I don't wish to keep reiterating the fact that I had lost my dad at a young age, alrite?? I understand you're getting worked up but tell me something..What will happen to Naina? You have to think about her future..I don't want her to face any of what you're intending to do to Gaurav..
Bharti:I don't know, Armaan..I haven't really thought about it..Her..
Armaan:I have..In fact, I'm here with 2 choices for you..Either you hand her over to her true guardian or you hand her over to me and Maa; we'll take good care of her and you will have nothing to worry about..Think about it!!(stormed from there; Bharti felt so powerless and guilty for not having really thought about Naina all these while)

Armaan reached Men's Universe.He was shocked to see Bhaskar and Jiya waiting for him.They looked quite pissed.

Armaan:Erm, hi guys..
Bhaskar:Where were you?
Armaan:I had to go somewhere..
Jiya:Somewhere so important that you had to forget about the photo shoot?? Did you know how important this particular shoot was? We lost one of our top client to Trends, all thanks to you!!
Armaan:I'm sorry..This was quite urgent..I had an issue to tackle, Jiya..
Bhaskar:Itz ok, Jiya..Armaan, relax!! I know your professional nature well enough and I have somehow kept the leading fashion photographer still on hold..Have you decided anything about that, yet??
Jiya:Oh Bhaskar, he obviously needs time to think..
Bhaskar:(thought) What the heck is wrong with Jiya? She's never so uptight against Armaan before..This is definitely not good if I'm thinking of bringing Jiya on board.. (saw Jiya glaring at Armaan)
Armaan:Bhaskar, I just wanted to ask Shreya, if you didn't mind...But I think I've pretty much decided..I'm on board!! Yeah, don't be surprised..I'll just talk to her about this..
Bhaskar:Sure dude..Thanks!!(left from there)
Armaan:I don't wanna talk to you right now, Jiya..You just have to make things all so difficult for me every time..I'm tired, ok? I'm going to talk to Shreya now so just leave me alone, will you?(Jiya felt upset and went away) Wow, I just can't believe myself!! I finally decide to take the step to go away from Bharti..But it just doesn't make any sense to me..This feels all so wrong all of a sudden!!

Just then, a white paper flew past him, covering his face.He removed it and saw a note written on it.

"You think you need to go away from Bharti to make a fresh start in life, to forget her for good.But this cycle will not end for you're in support of her plan of seeking justice.You'll still end up thinking about her even if you were to take care of Naina.You'll keep pondering about how her plans might end up getting her killed!! You've ignored my advice before but if you do the same now, I can't guarantee the life of your eternal love..You can't leave her to herself for she has no one who would not give up on her..Like you!!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 303~ Happy Bdae Sadafy! !

She couldn't involve Mayank into this and she wouldn't. But she knew someone whom she trusted with all her heart.He would help her.No doubt about it.She called Armaan.

Armaan:Hey, what a surprise..
Bharti:Expecting someone else?
Armaan:Not at all..In fact, I'm working so I'm not in the mood of getting distracted by calls but you sure as hell know when to disturb me..
Bharti:Are you directly taunting me for having called you now? How mean, Armaan..
Armaan:Ouch, that hurts!!(smiled) Come on, how did you recall me now?
Bharti:I have this burden resting on my shoulders and I wanted to talk to someone..You, specifically!!
Armaan:Anything serious??
Bharti:It is something which connects us both..I'm talking about Radhika's journal!! I have just finished reading it a couple of hours ago!!

Armaan grew shocked by this revelation. He shut his cabin door and closed the blinds.He had no idea what he should even say to Bharti.Should he tell Bharti about knowing her past?? He closed his eyes in a state of confusion.

Bharti:Armaan, no one's with you now, right?
Armaan:Huh? Nope...
Bharti:Armaan..I know you are planning to leave Mumbai to take the job in London..Perhaps this is the only chance where I can be frank with you and tell you everything, break my walls which I've guarded for so long..You are right in saying that I carry quite a tedious amount of emotional baggage with me!! You're absolutely right..You know I had not come to Mumbai just like that..I have long been estranged from my biological parents..
Bharti:Armaan, don't stop me, let me finish!! The only reason why I had bothered coming here was on the persistence of Payal and Bhaskar..Both of them had no idea of the plans I've had carefully weaved over the years after losing my closest pal.But lil did I know that I would find that filthy murderer, Gaurav right at the doorstep of Trends, and that too working with Mayank..I had no intention of entering your life or ruining things for you, Armaan..Right now, I'm about to tell you that I came here to seek justice for Radhika..I need to do this for her, for Mayank and most significantly for me to stay alive..(Bharti began narrating the events which led to Radhika's brutal death, holding Gaurav accountable for everything that had happened; Armaan suppressed his emotions from overflowing in order for Bharti to never find out about his awareness of her past) I'm going to do whatever it may take me to avenge Radhika's death, Armaan!!
Armaan:Bharti, what are you even saying?? You can't be involved in any more troubles..From what you're saying, it is only going to lead you there..Listen to me, she is not going to come back, irrespective of what you may do..
Bharti: Does that mean he should be let scot-free??
Armaan:I didn't say that, Bharti but you shouldn't take things in your own hands..You're contemplating of killing him, aren't you??
Bharti:Look, i trust you with all my heart..And no one else knows about this journal except for you and me, not even Mayank..Armaan, are you in with me or out?
Armaan:Bharti, I'm sorry to say but I'm not in..And I won't let you do this to yourself!!
Bharti:Fine!! Try stopping me then.. (hung up, feeling super pissed)
Armaan:Hello..Heyy!! Damn it.. (tossed his phone)I've got to stop her somehow but how??(Just then, his mobile rang) Hey..Who is this?
KK:Hi Mr Armaan Sinha..Well, I'm calling from outside your cabin..Would you do the honours of unlocking your cabin door and letting me in?
Armaan:What?(looked at his door and saw a familiar face and that's when he recollected seeing the very same guy at Rheo Pub and he hung up after letting him inside) I know you but what..What are you doing here?
KK:You've ignored my previous advice and now is a time for us to have a detailed conversation..
Armaan:I have no time for you since I have an important photo shoot segment to accomplish for the upcoming issue of MU magazine..
KK:Now, sit down for there is nothing more important than for you to know crucial details about Bharti..She's surely guilty for involving you in her mess but you're not going to leave her alone, are you??
Armaan:I guess you should be knowing the answer by now..I just can't be with her, ok?Nothing is going to change my mind..
KK:Not even if I were to say that she's in grave trouble? She's about to do something so traumatic that will not only change her but everyone else around her.She's going to end up by herself..
Armaan:I tried to talk her out of it but she isn't keen on that.I can't do anything if she's bent on digging her own grave.
KK:Then, snatch her prized possession from her before she ends up dead..
KK:Take Naina with you for she doesn't deserve this kind of life with Bharti who is obsessing over seeking justice..Do her this favour and you'll not feel guilty for not helping her at all!!
Armaan:(turned away from KK and thought) I can't do this..This is pure torture, do you know that? You are.. (turned around and realized KK was gone) Wait..OMG!! (Recollected KK's last few words.."before she ends up dead")
Before she ends up dead??

This stung Armaan to an adverse extent that he instantly dropped all his files and left to meet Bharti at her home.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 302~

Armaan waited for Bharti to speak up but she stood dumbfounded. He waited patiently for a while, knowing that he shouldn't rush her or else he might risk her running away from there.That need not be said, being well acquainted with Bharti's behaviour up till now.Bharti looked intently at him, sensing the elevated curiosity in his eyes who were searching for answers from her.

Bharti:Armaan, I can't promise you anything..You know, you talk as if you know everything about me but you're wrong..
Armaan:Ok, I tried..I'm sorry if I had sounded like that but the fact remains..You have a lot of baggage that you're carrying with you and it won't do any good to you in the long run..Especially with your relationships!! (Bharti glanced downwards, having slowly realized that Armaan had already taken the steps down the stairs towards the basement of the lighthouse; Bharti soon followed him downstairs)
Bharti:So you're mad at me?(Armaan stopped walking and looked at her)
Armaan:I'm not mad..Just worried for your wellbeing..
Bharti:Why? Can you give me an answer to that?
Armaan:Cuz I don't want you to be part of any troubles in your life..Itz a crazy world out there and I want you to be safe..I may not be there for you or be part of your life any longer, given the probability that I may take up the job..And I am well aware of your foes, who may even be in your circle of utmost trust!! And to top it all, you have been the most incredible and fabulous friend I could ever have gotten in my life. .I don't want anything other than your safety and happiness in this world!!
Bharti:Armaan, I assure you nothing is going to happen to me..At least that's what I staunchly believe in; stop this incessant worry of your's!!
Armaan:Take this final word from me..Be wary of Gaurav and his actions!! I don't trust him to be a straightforward guy as he may appear to be.. (Bharti was speechless but she concealed her emotions and smiled, nodding in agreement)

~Bharti's place~
Bharti couldn't stop thinking about the crazy night she just had with Armaan.His words kept leaping at her, as though there was so much more Armaan had planned on expressing to her.She was totally clueless by the body language of Armaan tonight and the days before and all this, she believed, had started happening ever since she had gotten back Radhika's journal.However, what really struck her as the most peculiar was the fact that she too had her doubts on Gaurav, just like Armaan.How was that even possible?? That brought her back to her question that had been bothering her for some time for now---How was it that Gaurav and Mayank are gelling so well now? Didn't Mayank have tiffs with Gaurav in the presence of Radhika?? That close association between them currently made no sense to her.

Perhaps it was time for her to find out and probably the time to talk to Mayank to talk about this matter but...

How should she even start when she hadn't even contacted him for days?? Maybe she could try calling Niharika or even Shreya to find out Mayank's schedule for the days ahead.

She waited for the call to be answered.

No response.

She called again.This time round, it went straight to voice mail. Bharti decided to drop a message, just in case.She soon headed to sleep.

The next day, she received a text message.She hurried up and headed to meet Payal and Bhaskar at Payal's radio station.

It sure was a long time since she came here, reminding Bharti of their old times when she, Bhaskar and Payal used to stay together.Life was a tad simpler and all about work.Now, the equation seemed to have weighed down towards her schemes towards seeking justice for her dear friend, Radhika.That has become the more critical section of her life right now and it will only be an understatement if it needed to be emphasised that this mission is very much important for her, more than anything else that's happening in her world.

Payal smiled widely and rushed to hug her dearest friend after her shift was done with.

Bharti:Uff, ab bas bhi kar..
Payal:No yaar..I'm just so excited today..First of all, what perfect timing that you possess, Bharti..And I've got so much to share with you..Come, letz go to the cafe where we can sit and talk as long as we want..
Bharti:Ok, Peppy Payal..Shoot!!
Payal:Haha, I missed this side of your's so much yaar..Anyways I've got a big gig coming up..There are some authors whom I'm going to interview on air..Guess who??
Bharti:I don't.. (saw Payal's smile and guessed) OMG!! Not Shobha De??
Payal:Bharti..I'm so gonna whack you!! Of course I'm not interested in her books..
Bharti:Then you must be referring to Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts, hmm??
Payal:And your favourite, Jodi Picoult..
Bharti:Wow then I'll definitely tune in..
Payal:Bhaskar's planning on taking me to UK after my gig..
Bharti:Surprise vacation, hmm??
Payal:Well, that and an unexpected news..He's shifting base to London to expand MU there..
Bharti: OMG!! Wait, that means you two are shifting for good??
Payal:I don't know yaar..It's so weird that we've gelled so well over these years and it's all of a sudden that the news of departure have to strike us so hard like this..
Bharti:And what about your career, Paayu??(Payal kept mum) What, you're thinking of giving it up??
Payal:No!! Actually, I haven't thought about it and I don't know if I'll get a chance in London..
Bharti:Take it easy, k? Let me know the dates of your departure..
Payal:Bharti, we're leaving in 2 week's time!!
Bharti:What? Do you know how fast that is?? Damn it yaar!!
Payal:I'm gonna miss you too, Bharti..Life is so complicated, tearing us apart from each other..
Bharti:(held Payal's palm) Hey,I'm sorry of I have hurt you or Bhaskar in any way, k? In fact, you two have helped me so much that I'm so indebted to you both!!
Payal:Uff, stop this melodrama..I'm the one supposed to be doing that, na?
Bharti:Felt nice to do a farewell role reversal for you..haha!!
Payal:Bharti, everything is ok in your life, right?? I mean..I just..
Bharti:Everything is fit and fine, Payal..No worries at all, hmm? Naina is good and so am I!!

Just then, Ashish disrupted their conversation as he handed out some documents to Payal who got engrossed in them while Bharti excused herself to the washroom.

Bharti looked at her mobile once more and decided she can't wait any longer.She knew she had to move forward with her plan and she began her work.She couldn't involve Mayank into this and she wouldn't. But she knew someone whom she trusted with all her heart.He would help her.No doubt about it.She called Armaan.

Monday, August 4, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 301~

Her heart skipped a beat upon seeing his new hairdo, just as she had used to admire back when she was working in Men's Universe.He gestured to her to extend her hand and she quivered.She looked at him, his hand and safely placed her hand in his.He turned around, clasping her hand tight and Bharti ran with him, oblivious to his plans to be revealed soon.

Bharti gasped for breath as she reached the top of the lighthouse with Armaan.She bent down for a while and regained her posture, seeing Armaan panting mildly with an occasional smile on his face.

Bharti:Armaan, are you ok? I mean, is everything ok with you? What was the matter that made you want to talk to me urgently in a quiet place?
Armaan:Too many similar questions indeed..I don't know how I should even start..Itz...
Bharti:I believe both of us have an open understanding of each other so you can tell me anything now..
Armaan:I'm glad of that, Bharti..But what I'm about to tell you now can change the whole dynamics of our renewed friendship...In fact I'm just not sure òf this situation which I had come in contact with, as of now..Itz revitalizing and liberating on one end but I'm hesitating on the other end too..(Bharti held Armaan's arm and made him face her and plainly smiled) I.. I got a job offer..I mean it's more like a promotion.In fact, Jiya surprised me with the news she had overheard from Bhaskar and Amarjeet sir that I'm being considered for the job of a leading fashion photographer for the MU branch that they're contemplating of launching in UK.. (Bharti's smile widened and her lips parted from one another as her mouth opened in sheer joy)
Bharti:This is such a joyous piece of news, Armaan..Which part of it are you hesitant about? You're being promoted, Armaan!!
Armaan:You're very excited, aren't you?
Bharti:What's wrong, Armaan? You just don't even look happy at all..
Armaan:(glanced away from Bharti and held the rails alongside the top of the light house and watched the tides) Bharti, I'm not an inch bit excited about this job offer at this period of time.. (Bharti stood beside him) Just watch the tides fluctuating, Bharti..I don't wish to be the tide that just dies down or diminish with time..I can't even express myself now.. (paused for a long while and Bharti respected his silence, waiting for him to speak) I found someone close to me and I just don't want to lose her friendship, which I'm fearful of losing..
Bharti:What does Shreya has to say about your offer?? She must have supported you, right?
Armaan:Bharti, you're the first I'm openly discussing this matter with..
Bharti:What?? How could you, Armaan when she's going to be your life partner, sharing her life with you??
Armaan:I wanted to figure out what she might probably say after talking to you, you know..
Bharti:So you think Shreya is very much similar to me??
Armaan:No, she's very distinct from you..
Bharti:So how can you expect her to react in a similar fashion as me, Armaan? Hey, I might tell you to follow your heart..But Shreya needs to have a say in your matters too and both of you should decide together..
Armaan:Follow my heart, hmm?? Would you do the same if I tell you to? Bharti...
Bharti:You can't tell me that, ok? Cuz nothing is normal in my life to follow my heart..
Armaan:You mean ever since Radhika's gone? Nothing is normal in your life, hmm?? What about me then, Bharti?
Bharti:You're the only normal soul close to me..You..You remind me of the times I used to be sane around Radhika and Mayank..I just want you to be happy in life, Armaan cuz you're different. Special.
Armaan:You're a nut case who cares so much about me yet you don't express it enough to me..You mislead me in several ways and you push me away on purpose..
Bharti:You don't need to get any more closer to me, Armaan cuz I'm such a bad influence on you, hmm?? Promise me, you'll talk to Shreya about your promotion and think twice before deciding anything, hmm??(Armaan nodded and just as Bharti turned to go, Armaan held her wrist) What, Armaan?
Armaan:I want a promise from you too..To get past the emotional baggage that you're carrying in your life..
Bharti:What do you mean?
Armaan:Radhika's departed from this world..Embrace it and make peace..Be normal in your life once and forever..I know the feeling of losing a loved one and I faced it at a pretty young age, Bharti..It took me years to cope and get past my loss and I know you will, too in due time but promise me you'll try...

Armaan waited for Bharti's answer but she stood dumbfounded.