Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, August 4, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 301~

Her heart skipped a beat upon seeing his new hairdo, just as she had used to admire back when she was working in Men's Universe.He gestured to her to extend her hand and she quivered.She looked at him, his hand and safely placed her hand in his.He turned around, clasping her hand tight and Bharti ran with him, oblivious to his plans to be revealed soon.

Bharti gasped for breath as she reached the top of the lighthouse with Armaan.She bent down for a while and regained her posture, seeing Armaan panting mildly with an occasional smile on his face.

Bharti:Armaan, are you ok? I mean, is everything ok with you? What was the matter that made you want to talk to me urgently in a quiet place?
Armaan:Too many similar questions indeed..I don't know how I should even start..Itz...
Bharti:I believe both of us have an open understanding of each other so you can tell me anything now..
Armaan:I'm glad of that, Bharti..But what I'm about to tell you now can change the whole dynamics of our renewed friendship...In fact I'm just not sure òf this situation which I had come in contact with, as of now..Itz revitalizing and liberating on one end but I'm hesitating on the other end too..(Bharti held Armaan's arm and made him face her and plainly smiled) I.. I got a job offer..I mean it's more like a promotion.In fact, Jiya surprised me with the news she had overheard from Bhaskar and Amarjeet sir that I'm being considered for the job of a leading fashion photographer for the MU branch that they're contemplating of launching in UK.. (Bharti's smile widened and her lips parted from one another as her mouth opened in sheer joy)
Bharti:This is such a joyous piece of news, Armaan..Which part of it are you hesitant about? You're being promoted, Armaan!!
Armaan:You're very excited, aren't you?
Bharti:What's wrong, Armaan? You just don't even look happy at all..
Armaan:(glanced away from Bharti and held the rails alongside the top of the light house and watched the tides) Bharti, I'm not an inch bit excited about this job offer at this period of time.. (Bharti stood beside him) Just watch the tides fluctuating, Bharti..I don't wish to be the tide that just dies down or diminish with time..I can't even express myself now.. (paused for a long while and Bharti respected his silence, waiting for him to speak) I found someone close to me and I just don't want to lose her friendship, which I'm fearful of losing..
Bharti:What does Shreya has to say about your offer?? She must have supported you, right?
Armaan:Bharti, you're the first I'm openly discussing this matter with..
Bharti:What?? How could you, Armaan when she's going to be your life partner, sharing her life with you??
Armaan:I wanted to figure out what she might probably say after talking to you, you know..
Bharti:So you think Shreya is very much similar to me??
Armaan:No, she's very distinct from you..
Bharti:So how can you expect her to react in a similar fashion as me, Armaan? Hey, I might tell you to follow your heart..But Shreya needs to have a say in your matters too and both of you should decide together..
Armaan:Follow my heart, hmm?? Would you do the same if I tell you to? Bharti...
Bharti:You can't tell me that, ok? Cuz nothing is normal in my life to follow my heart..
Armaan:You mean ever since Radhika's gone? Nothing is normal in your life, hmm?? What about me then, Bharti?
Bharti:You're the only normal soul close to me..You..You remind me of the times I used to be sane around Radhika and Mayank..I just want you to be happy in life, Armaan cuz you're different. Special.
Armaan:You're a nut case who cares so much about me yet you don't express it enough to me..You mislead me in several ways and you push me away on purpose..
Bharti:You don't need to get any more closer to me, Armaan cuz I'm such a bad influence on you, hmm?? Promise me, you'll talk to Shreya about your promotion and think twice before deciding anything, hmm??(Armaan nodded and just as Bharti turned to go, Armaan held her wrist) What, Armaan?
Armaan:I want a promise from you too..To get past the emotional baggage that you're carrying in your life..
Bharti:What do you mean?
Armaan:Radhika's departed from this world..Embrace it and make peace..Be normal in your life once and forever..I know the feeling of losing a loved one and I faced it at a pretty young age, Bharti..It took me years to cope and get past my loss and I know you will, too in due time but promise me you'll try...

Armaan waited for Bharti's answer but she stood dumbfounded.


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