Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 302~

Armaan waited for Bharti to speak up but she stood dumbfounded. He waited patiently for a while, knowing that he shouldn't rush her or else he might risk her running away from there.That need not be said, being well acquainted with Bharti's behaviour up till now.Bharti looked intently at him, sensing the elevated curiosity in his eyes who were searching for answers from her.

Bharti:Armaan, I can't promise you anything..You know, you talk as if you know everything about me but you're wrong..
Armaan:Ok, I tried..I'm sorry if I had sounded like that but the fact remains..You have a lot of baggage that you're carrying with you and it won't do any good to you in the long run..Especially with your relationships!! (Bharti glanced downwards, having slowly realized that Armaan had already taken the steps down the stairs towards the basement of the lighthouse; Bharti soon followed him downstairs)
Bharti:So you're mad at me?(Armaan stopped walking and looked at her)
Armaan:I'm not mad..Just worried for your wellbeing..
Bharti:Why? Can you give me an answer to that?
Armaan:Cuz I don't want you to be part of any troubles in your life..Itz a crazy world out there and I want you to be safe..I may not be there for you or be part of your life any longer, given the probability that I may take up the job..And I am well aware of your foes, who may even be in your circle of utmost trust!! And to top it all, you have been the most incredible and fabulous friend I could ever have gotten in my life. .I don't want anything other than your safety and happiness in this world!!
Bharti:Armaan, I assure you nothing is going to happen to me..At least that's what I staunchly believe in; stop this incessant worry of your's!!
Armaan:Take this final word from me..Be wary of Gaurav and his actions!! I don't trust him to be a straightforward guy as he may appear to be.. (Bharti was speechless but she concealed her emotions and smiled, nodding in agreement)

~Bharti's place~
Bharti couldn't stop thinking about the crazy night she just had with Armaan.His words kept leaping at her, as though there was so much more Armaan had planned on expressing to her.She was totally clueless by the body language of Armaan tonight and the days before and all this, she believed, had started happening ever since she had gotten back Radhika's journal.However, what really struck her as the most peculiar was the fact that she too had her doubts on Gaurav, just like Armaan.How was that even possible?? That brought her back to her question that had been bothering her for some time for now---How was it that Gaurav and Mayank are gelling so well now? Didn't Mayank have tiffs with Gaurav in the presence of Radhika?? That close association between them currently made no sense to her.

Perhaps it was time for her to find out and probably the time to talk to Mayank to talk about this matter but...

How should she even start when she hadn't even contacted him for days?? Maybe she could try calling Niharika or even Shreya to find out Mayank's schedule for the days ahead.

She waited for the call to be answered.

No response.

She called again.This time round, it went straight to voice mail. Bharti decided to drop a message, just in case.She soon headed to sleep.

The next day, she received a text message.She hurried up and headed to meet Payal and Bhaskar at Payal's radio station.

It sure was a long time since she came here, reminding Bharti of their old times when she, Bhaskar and Payal used to stay together.Life was a tad simpler and all about work.Now, the equation seemed to have weighed down towards her schemes towards seeking justice for her dear friend, Radhika.That has become the more critical section of her life right now and it will only be an understatement if it needed to be emphasised that this mission is very much important for her, more than anything else that's happening in her world.

Payal smiled widely and rushed to hug her dearest friend after her shift was done with.

Bharti:Uff, ab bas bhi kar..
Payal:No yaar..I'm just so excited today..First of all, what perfect timing that you possess, Bharti..And I've got so much to share with you..Come, letz go to the cafe where we can sit and talk as long as we want..
Bharti:Ok, Peppy Payal..Shoot!!
Payal:Haha, I missed this side of your's so much yaar..Anyways I've got a big gig coming up..There are some authors whom I'm going to interview on air..Guess who??
Bharti:I don't.. (saw Payal's smile and guessed) OMG!! Not Shobha De??
Payal:Bharti..I'm so gonna whack you!! Of course I'm not interested in her books..
Bharti:Then you must be referring to Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts, hmm??
Payal:And your favourite, Jodi Picoult..
Bharti:Wow then I'll definitely tune in..
Payal:Bhaskar's planning on taking me to UK after my gig..
Bharti:Surprise vacation, hmm??
Payal:Well, that and an unexpected news..He's shifting base to London to expand MU there..
Bharti: OMG!! Wait, that means you two are shifting for good??
Payal:I don't know yaar..It's so weird that we've gelled so well over these years and it's all of a sudden that the news of departure have to strike us so hard like this..
Bharti:And what about your career, Paayu??(Payal kept mum) What, you're thinking of giving it up??
Payal:No!! Actually, I haven't thought about it and I don't know if I'll get a chance in London..
Bharti:Take it easy, k? Let me know the dates of your departure..
Payal:Bharti, we're leaving in 2 week's time!!
Bharti:What? Do you know how fast that is?? Damn it yaar!!
Payal:I'm gonna miss you too, Bharti..Life is so complicated, tearing us apart from each other..
Bharti:(held Payal's palm) Hey,I'm sorry of I have hurt you or Bhaskar in any way, k? In fact, you two have helped me so much that I'm so indebted to you both!!
Payal:Uff, stop this melodrama..I'm the one supposed to be doing that, na?
Bharti:Felt nice to do a farewell role reversal for you..haha!!
Payal:Bharti, everything is ok in your life, right?? I mean..I just..
Bharti:Everything is fit and fine, Payal..No worries at all, hmm? Naina is good and so am I!!

Just then, Ashish disrupted their conversation as he handed out some documents to Payal who got engrossed in them while Bharti excused herself to the washroom.

Bharti looked at her mobile once more and decided she can't wait any longer.She knew she had to move forward with her plan and she began her work.She couldn't involve Mayank into this and she wouldn't. But she knew someone whom she trusted with all her heart.He would help her.No doubt about it.She called Armaan.

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