Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, August 16, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 303~ Happy Bdae Sadafy! !

She couldn't involve Mayank into this and she wouldn't. But she knew someone whom she trusted with all her heart.He would help her.No doubt about it.She called Armaan.

Armaan:Hey, what a surprise..
Bharti:Expecting someone else?
Armaan:Not at all..In fact, I'm working so I'm not in the mood of getting distracted by calls but you sure as hell know when to disturb me..
Bharti:Are you directly taunting me for having called you now? How mean, Armaan..
Armaan:Ouch, that hurts!!(smiled) Come on, how did you recall me now?
Bharti:I have this burden resting on my shoulders and I wanted to talk to someone..You, specifically!!
Armaan:Anything serious??
Bharti:It is something which connects us both..I'm talking about Radhika's journal!! I have just finished reading it a couple of hours ago!!

Armaan grew shocked by this revelation. He shut his cabin door and closed the blinds.He had no idea what he should even say to Bharti.Should he tell Bharti about knowing her past?? He closed his eyes in a state of confusion.

Bharti:Armaan, no one's with you now, right?
Armaan:Huh? Nope...
Bharti:Armaan..I know you are planning to leave Mumbai to take the job in London..Perhaps this is the only chance where I can be frank with you and tell you everything, break my walls which I've guarded for so long..You are right in saying that I carry quite a tedious amount of emotional baggage with me!! You're absolutely right..You know I had not come to Mumbai just like that..I have long been estranged from my biological parents..
Bharti:Armaan, don't stop me, let me finish!! The only reason why I had bothered coming here was on the persistence of Payal and Bhaskar..Both of them had no idea of the plans I've had carefully weaved over the years after losing my closest pal.But lil did I know that I would find that filthy murderer, Gaurav right at the doorstep of Trends, and that too working with Mayank..I had no intention of entering your life or ruining things for you, Armaan..Right now, I'm about to tell you that I came here to seek justice for Radhika..I need to do this for her, for Mayank and most significantly for me to stay alive..(Bharti began narrating the events which led to Radhika's brutal death, holding Gaurav accountable for everything that had happened; Armaan suppressed his emotions from overflowing in order for Bharti to never find out about his awareness of her past) I'm going to do whatever it may take me to avenge Radhika's death, Armaan!!
Armaan:Bharti, what are you even saying?? You can't be involved in any more troubles..From what you're saying, it is only going to lead you there..Listen to me, she is not going to come back, irrespective of what you may do..
Bharti: Does that mean he should be let scot-free??
Armaan:I didn't say that, Bharti but you shouldn't take things in your own hands..You're contemplating of killing him, aren't you??
Bharti:Look, i trust you with all my heart..And no one else knows about this journal except for you and me, not even Mayank..Armaan, are you in with me or out?
Armaan:Bharti, I'm sorry to say but I'm not in..And I won't let you do this to yourself!!
Bharti:Fine!! Try stopping me then.. (hung up, feeling super pissed)
Armaan:Hello..Heyy!! Damn it.. (tossed his phone)I've got to stop her somehow but how??(Just then, his mobile rang) Hey..Who is this?
KK:Hi Mr Armaan Sinha..Well, I'm calling from outside your cabin..Would you do the honours of unlocking your cabin door and letting me in?
Armaan:What?(looked at his door and saw a familiar face and that's when he recollected seeing the very same guy at Rheo Pub and he hung up after letting him inside) I know you but what..What are you doing here?
KK:You've ignored my previous advice and now is a time for us to have a detailed conversation..
Armaan:I have no time for you since I have an important photo shoot segment to accomplish for the upcoming issue of MU magazine..
KK:Now, sit down for there is nothing more important than for you to know crucial details about Bharti..She's surely guilty for involving you in her mess but you're not going to leave her alone, are you??
Armaan:I guess you should be knowing the answer by now..I just can't be with her, ok?Nothing is going to change my mind..
KK:Not even if I were to say that she's in grave trouble? She's about to do something so traumatic that will not only change her but everyone else around her.She's going to end up by herself..
Armaan:I tried to talk her out of it but she isn't keen on that.I can't do anything if she's bent on digging her own grave.
KK:Then, snatch her prized possession from her before she ends up dead..
KK:Take Naina with you for she doesn't deserve this kind of life with Bharti who is obsessing over seeking justice..Do her this favour and you'll not feel guilty for not helping her at all!!
Armaan:(turned away from KK and thought) I can't do this..This is pure torture, do you know that? You are.. (turned around and realized KK was gone) Wait..OMG!! (Recollected KK's last few words.."before she ends up dead")
Before she ends up dead??

This stung Armaan to an adverse extent that he instantly dropped all his files and left to meet Bharti at her home.

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