Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, August 21, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 304~

"Before she ends up dead??"

This stung Armaan to an adverse extent that he instantly dropped all his files and left to meet Bharti at her home.

Jiya had been totally oblivious to the developments in Armaan's rekindled friendship with Bharti.In fact, everyone in his and Bharti's social circle were unaware of his status of having been ditched by Shreya for good, be it in Men's Universe or Trends.

Jiya was surprised when she received Mahi's call enquiring about Armaan's whereabouts.She was clueless and began trying his mobile but to no avail.He seemed busy on the other line.

Bharti, on the other hand, was at her university cafe, having a cup of coffee with Gaurav and Naina.He had picked up Naina after her art classes and had come there instantly to catch up with her.Armaan just reached and headed to the cafe, as Dr Graham directed him.He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Gaurav there.Bharti was laughing with him, to which Armaan widened his eyes in disgust.He recollected KK's words about taking Naina away from Bharti.It seemed as a much better option than letting Gaurav be intimate with her.In fact, he wanted both Bharti and Naina to himself, and so much farther from Gaurav.He couldn't stand the sight of the latter for he could only visualize Gaurav as the vicious killer who had Radhika's blood all over him. 

Armaan:Hi there..(ignored Gaurav completely) I need to talk to you urgently..
Bharti:Excuse me Gaurav..Just take care of Naina for a while, would you?(Gaurav nodded happily)
Armaan:What is all this, Bharti? Are you lunching and making merry with the cold blooded killer?
Bharti:Beware of your choice of words, Armaan..This is not the way to speak of someone..
Armaan:Oh really?? What do you make of him then??
Bharti:Come with me.. (brought him away, to her empty lecture hall) Ok, why are you being so paranoid, reacting in the manner of girls?? I was just trying to win that idiot's trust, that's all, Armaan..
Armaan:By actually letting him take care of Naina?? Bharti, are you even sure of what you're even doing??
Bharti:I know what I'm doing, Armaan and you clearly don't want to get involved in any of this mess so you shouldn't be anywhere near me..
Armaan:Bharti, I thought we were rekindling our friendship and you had already involved me in this by telling me about Radhika and her death..
Bharti:I did, and I'm sorry about that..it's just that I trust you more than anyone and I just blabbered it out to you in weak moments..And now you had backed out so I'm fighting my battle myself..
Armaan:You want me to back you up?? I will do that for you but not at the cost of your life!! I don't want you to end up dead fighting this battle for your best friend, do you get me??
Bharti:End up dead? You think I would go to a war, totally unprepared??(Armaan looked away but turned back to her when she made him face her) Right now, I'm much more prepared than I ever was, perhaps 4 to 5 years ago..His death is in my hands!!
Armaan:That basically means that I can't even coax you to back out??(Bharti shook her head and Armaan's eyes welled up as he continued) That's why you had always kept going on, saying that I never belonged to your inner world..I'm just going to lose you, right Bharti??
Bharti:You always have Shreya with you, Armaan..You're about to lead a life which I will never be able to lead for nothing is ever going to be normal for me..Ever!!
Armaan: Do you fathom the very prospect of the aftermath? Don't you realize that there are people who care about you, who need you? I just seriously feel that you are being selfish here!!
Bharti:You're right..I am being selfish but only for my friend whose death practically changed everything for me!! I don't know if you've experienced that..
Armaan:Bharti, I don't wish to keep reiterating the fact that I had lost my dad at a young age, alrite?? I understand you're getting worked up but tell me something..What will happen to Naina? You have to think about her future..I don't want her to face any of what you're intending to do to Gaurav..
Bharti:I don't know, Armaan..I haven't really thought about it..Her..
Armaan:I have..In fact, I'm here with 2 choices for you..Either you hand her over to her true guardian or you hand her over to me and Maa; we'll take good care of her and you will have nothing to worry about..Think about it!!(stormed from there; Bharti felt so powerless and guilty for not having really thought about Naina all these while)

Armaan reached Men's Universe.He was shocked to see Bhaskar and Jiya waiting for him.They looked quite pissed.

Armaan:Erm, hi guys..
Bhaskar:Where were you?
Armaan:I had to go somewhere..
Jiya:Somewhere so important that you had to forget about the photo shoot?? Did you know how important this particular shoot was? We lost one of our top client to Trends, all thanks to you!!
Armaan:I'm sorry..This was quite urgent..I had an issue to tackle, Jiya..
Bhaskar:Itz ok, Jiya..Armaan, relax!! I know your professional nature well enough and I have somehow kept the leading fashion photographer still on hold..Have you decided anything about that, yet??
Jiya:Oh Bhaskar, he obviously needs time to think..
Bhaskar:(thought) What the heck is wrong with Jiya? She's never so uptight against Armaan before..This is definitely not good if I'm thinking of bringing Jiya on board.. (saw Jiya glaring at Armaan)
Armaan:Bhaskar, I just wanted to ask Shreya, if you didn't mind...But I think I've pretty much decided..I'm on board!! Yeah, don't be surprised..I'll just talk to her about this..
Bhaskar:Sure dude..Thanks!!(left from there)
Armaan:I don't wanna talk to you right now, Jiya..You just have to make things all so difficult for me every time..I'm tired, ok? I'm going to talk to Shreya now so just leave me alone, will you?(Jiya felt upset and went away) Wow, I just can't believe myself!! I finally decide to take the step to go away from Bharti..But it just doesn't make any sense to me..This feels all so wrong all of a sudden!!

Just then, a white paper flew past him, covering his face.He removed it and saw a note written on it.

"You think you need to go away from Bharti to make a fresh start in life, to forget her for good.But this cycle will not end for you're in support of her plan of seeking justice.You'll still end up thinking about her even if you were to take care of Naina.You'll keep pondering about how her plans might end up getting her killed!! You've ignored my advice before but if you do the same now, I can't guarantee the life of your eternal love..You can't leave her to herself for she has no one who would not give up on her..Like you!!


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