Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, August 30, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 305~

"You think you need to go away from Bharti to make a fresh start in life, to forget her for good.But this cycle will not end for you're in support of her plan of seeking justice.You'll still end up thinking about her even if you were to take care of Naina.You'll keep pondering about how her plans might end up getting her killed!! You've ignored my advice before but if you do the same now, I can't guarantee the life of your eternal love..You can't leave her to herself for she has no one who would not give up on her..Like you!!


Armaan was totally confused now.He can't possibly back out now, after blabbering to both Bhaskar and Jiya about his hasty decision to become the leading fashion photographer for MU.He had decided that he can't let anyone dictate his future, let alone overpower him.

He needed to do something at the moment.Not about Bharti but about Shreya.Something which he should have done days ago, which he had kept delaying.

~Moments Later~

Shreya:Armaan, what are you doing here at Trends?
Armaan:I need to have a word with you in private..Come with me!!(Shreya nodded)
Shreya:(went outside Trends where Armaan was standing) Tell me, Armaan..
Armaan:I know itz quite awkward for you to even begin to talk to me..
Shreya:Armaan, we're still friends..
Armaan:Sure thing but even the depth of our friendship has changed..I can't even deny the fact that it is linked to Bharti..
Shreya:Armaan, I swear itz not her..But itz due to what you have become after all these years..
Armaan:Shreya, I came here to talk to you about certain imminent changes that are about to occur anytime..I got a promotion, as a leading fashion photographer in UK..I might take it up and leave Mumbai for good..I just wanted to give you a heads up as I wanted you to hear it from me directly instead of other sources..I probably had enough of giving up so much of opportunities that had come my way before..
Shreya:You're actually serious about this..Whoa!!
Armaan:Yeahh!! And another thing about us..No one really knows that we're no longer together so please help me out here..
Shreya:Wait..What??? Not even Bharti??
Armaan:Nope..She still believes that we're so much a couple to begin with..
Shreya:Why didn't you tell her?? I mean, I have paved the way apparently for you to set the record straight in front of her..And you haven't told her? Who were you waiting for??
Armaan:No one; I just felt that she needn't know about this anyways..Itz just not important anymore since I'm serious about moving..
Shreya:You're actually moving..Distancing yourself from her???
Armaan:I just want you to forge a bond with me till I'm gone..So, it should mean that you're very much eager to join me in UK after your contract ends with Trends..And you're this excited girlfriend at the special farewell party that you're going to arrange for me..Which will be a surprise for me from you..Do you get me so far??
Shreya:I just can't fathom you..You distancing yourself from her was the reason behind our breakup?? You're running away, Armaan..
Armaan:(smiled weakly) I think Ishaan is calling you..Get going, I'll keep in touch with you.. (left from there)

Mahi and Sonali were stunned by the sudden decision from Bhaskar and Jiya at the foyer about Armaan's progress.

Mahi:He really decided to go?
Sonali:But that's so unlike him..Itz really hard to believe!!
Bhaskar:He indeed is joining me and my team in UK..He really deserves such exposure for the tremendous work he's been giving us here..(Mahi and Sonali nodded in agreement before getting back to their work)
Sonali:You think Shreya's going with him??
Mahi:How am I supposed to know yaar?
Sonali:Considering her work with Trends, itz quite hard but which girlfriend would miss out on this chance after all??
Mahi:Itz definitely unlike Armaan to take up the job..After all, he had given up so many opportunities before..So what makes this so special?? Surely, there's something on his mind..
Sonali:You could be right on this..
Mahi:(thought to herself) And there goes my hope in him helping me out to locate Ved and his secret girlfriend whom I had missed out on..
Sonali:Hey, maybe he just wants to start afresh..Creative career needs a boost or something..
Mahi:Killer instinct, Sonu..Get back to work instead of dwelling on this matter..
Sonali:I'm gonna miss him badly yaar..that's why I'm just running it through over and over again..
Mahi:Ditto yaar..I'll miss him too!!
Jiya:Hey gurlz..Don't worry about him so much..We'll all miss him but he's got a great future there..Plus, he wants to move on in his life, hmm??(left from there)
Sonali:(murmured) Move on in his life?? What did she mean by that??
Mahi:Get back to work, Sonu!!Hey, where do you think you're going??
Sonali:Sshh..I'll be right back!!

Payal had dropped by to visit Bharti and Naina after having had lunch with Bhaskar.She was surprised to see a cute pink VIP bag with Naina.She looked at Bharti for sone sort of an explanation but she herself was busy with her packing.

Payal:Ok, now may I know where the two of you are headed to?? And too without informing me or your Bhaskar mamu??
Naina:Payal aunty, we are going for a long holiday..That is what mama told me..You want to see what I have packed??
Payal:All of a sudden?? But where to??
Bharti:Uhm Naina, go and get dressed..We need to hurry..(Naina went to the bathroom)
Payal:Care to tell me where you're whisking Naina off to??
Bharti:Last night, I got a call from her uncle who's been longing to see her for quite some time..So I'm just planning a trip to San Diego, where he's situated right now..
Payal:Bharti, are you serious that there isn't anything else I should know about?
Bharti:Yes, there is so much but this isn't the right time..I'll tell you about it, I promise!! And I need your word that you'll be there for me and help me out at that time..
Payal:Anything for you, Bharti...But..
Bharti:Ok I've gotta go..Will call you when I reach there, k??(Payal nodded and sent them off with wavering thoughts while heading back to her radio station)

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