Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 308~

Payal:Armaan, what are you even trying to imply???
Armaan:Looks like you don't know your best friend after all..(Payal glared at Armaan, as if he had just screwed up with her brains)
Payal:Who do you think you're talking to, Armaan?(wondered to herself) He's sure as hell trying to instigate me to reveal Bharti's whereabouts..
Armaan:(smiled to himself) This is the perfect way to stop Bharti from her craziness..Payal will do the honours since she's practically unaware of her friend's laid out plans..(looked at Payal) I know Bharti is missing, Payal..You know her whereabouts, don't you?(Payal just looked straight into his eyes) But you know what? I don't give a damn of where she is..(Payal widened her eyes slightly in relative surprise) Itz my duty as a good friend of your's to remind you what kind of secrets she's keeping from you..(Payal recollected that Bharti wanted to tell her stuff but insisted on saying so, only at the right time; Armaan knew he was sucking her into his words and she was slowly giving him the right to engulf her) She told me about her dark secret..About her devious plot to seek revenge for her best friend's death which she and Mayank had witnessed before their eyes..
Payal:I don't believe you!! You're merely doing this to get me to reveal her location..
Armaan:I'm not, Payal..(told Payal about Gaurav and how Radhika had died and even how Bharti wanted him to support her but he didn't) I am approaching you because I know very well that you can stop her and her obsession!! I don't want her to fall into murky waters which will only bring her close to her own destruction!!

Payal was dumbfounded and speechless.She couldn't grasp the fact that Bharti was not the friend she and Bhaskar knew. She was shocked to hear the facts from Armaan that perhaps Bharti had possibly come to Mumbai to find Radhika's killer.There was only one thing she couldn't understand.Why her and Bhaskar? Why was she using them for her benefit?? All these while, she had been using them and what about Armaan and his family??

Payal:I need to go..Excuse me!!(left from there and went home straight away)
Armaan:Mera kaam toh filhaal ho gaya..I'm sorry Bharti, but I had to do this before leaving you..You may hate me for doing this but I'm only doing this for you and only you!!

3 Days Later

Bharti landed at Mumbai airport.All by herself.She knew she had not picked up Payal's or Bhaskar's calls.They will be probably mad at her yet again but she knew she did the right thing for her darling Naina.She had to put her actions past her now and focus on only Gaurav.She called up Gaurav to meet her at his home.

Gaurav:Mayank, you can handle the other investors and stakeholders from here..I've gotta go!!
Mayank:Excuse me?? You organized this whole set up and now you're leaving?? All of a sudden? Who was it??
Gaurav:A highly personal call..Mayank, I will have to go for an hour or two but I will be back soon!! I promise..(left from there)
Kitna sawaal karta hai Mayank?? Baap re..
Hey Shreya..
Shreya:Hi Gaurav..
Gaurav:Hi...Listen, I need a big favour from you..Chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye, Mayank ko kisi bhi tarha 4 baje tak thaal dena..I've got a hot date now..Sshh, itz a secret, k?(Shreya smiled and agreed instantly)

Gaurav picked up his red suit and bought a gift hamper for his lady love, Bharti.He couldn't believe that she would come over to his place straight from the airport.Just then, it hit him.Naina could also be there with her and he was getting so excited for no reason after all.He got some chocolates for Naina on his way as well before getting into his Jaguar.

While driving, it slightly pricked his conscience, thinking of his audacity in trying to impress Radhika's best friend.The very same girl whose death he couldn't avert and seemed very much inevitable.Just then, he applied the brakes hard enough to avert an accident which could have been caused by him, to a dog which was crossing the road unexpectedly. He was really tensed as flashes of Radhika's death kept coming back at him to haunt him.He could have easily averted Radhika's death, preventing it from occurring, just like the accident a few moments back.He calmed himself down, taking a few deep, long breaths and smiled as he continued driving, just thinking about Bharti.

Her short tresses, her eyes and her ever confident and empowering attitude towards life regardless of the harsh circumstances she must have had to face.Having parked his car at home, he adjusted his hair and took the gift bag for Bharti.He was quite shocked to see Bharti by herself.Not accompanied by Naina!!

Bharti saw his car and stood up, smiling widely.Gaurav hid his gift hamper behind as he reached next to her.

Gaurav:Heyy, where were you?? I mean, Mayank was dead worried for you as you weren't picking up his calls and all...
Bharti:What's that behind you??
Bharti:(held his hand and slowly brought it before him and looked at him intently)Wow, hamper?? From someone special, hmm??
Gaurav:Why are we talking here?? Come in..(thought to himself while unlocking the door) Iss ladki ka kya karoo?? Itna bhi nahin samajh sakhi ki yeh khaas kar uske liye hai?? Bata nahin Armaan ne kaise dosti aur pyaar nibhaane ki koshish kiya tha itne waqt tak...(invited Bharti inside and placed the gift hamper aside)
Bharti:You have a lovely home..
Gaurav:I think I have invited you over a couple of times but alas..You always had excuses of your own..Waise, where's Naina??
Bharti:(averted his question) Well, you know what? I didn't come here to dwell you in my matters..
Gaurav:Oh really?? So what is your true intention behind your visit tonight??
Bharti:Well, if you put it that way..(observed the hamper and decided to open it up to take the bottle of vodka) May I, Gaurav??
Gaurav:Sure but let me help you...
Bharti:Hmm yes of course..

While Bharti held the intoxicating bottle, Gaurav took out two new wine glasses from his cupboard.Bharti thanked him and opened the bottle, splashing a small amount, directly aiming at his eyes out of fun.Gaurav loved Bharti's enthusiasm but he went to clean himself a bit in his washroom while she poured the drinks out.

After a great conversation with Gaurav, she realized that he was getting more and more tipsy.She enjoyed her drink to the fullest as she watched Gaurav laying his head on her shoulder.Bharti smiled wickedly as she imagined her plot to be implemented.

You have no idea what I'm about to do to you, Mr Gaurav..You have no idea at all!!!(She smiled as she looked at the perfect tools laid before her)

Bharti turned her mobile to silent mode and began her work as she began to set up the stage for Gaurav who laid very much inebriated and unconscious of Bharti's vicious thoughts.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 307~

Mayank:Nihar, I... (she felt his eyes soften with remorse and pain) I just want to see Bharti..I miss her so much!!(Niharika started to cry and hugged Mayank) What happened??
Niharika:I tried asking Raj, and even Armaan and Payal..No one has a clue to where she is..She is not even answering my calls..
Mayank:What??? Where could she have gone to??(both of them withdrew from their hug and looked blankly at each other)Ok, stop crying..We need a plan!! Wait, what if she's at her university?? Maybe she just isn't picking up her mobile..She has that habit!! Come with me..
Ash:Sir.. (Mayank and Niharika just ignored her and dashed from there) Ok, that's not meant to be funny..(saw Shreya and Ishaan stifling their grins and she went away from Mayank's cabin)
Ishaan:Now, that's cool from Mayank sir..
Shreya:Sure it was..By the way, did you notice something? Mayank sir had come to the office after a couple of days..That surely doesn't make sense at all, considering how much of a workaholic he is..
Ishaan:That is due to firing Bharti..I mean, her resignation has surely impacted him...Guess he must have had big plans for her after all..
Shreya:Bharti..That name just seems to be resonating in my ears today..Personally and professionally!!Anyways, just let it be..Let's get back to work..Hey, you'll help me with the farewell party, right?
Ishaan:You seriously are sure you wanna go ahead with this??
Shreya:Yeah, this might be the last thing that he's gonna ask me to do...Plus, I wanna have a special farewell, an end to our chapter rather than a stupid breakup!! It'll do good to both of us to start anew..
Ishaan:If it's that important to you, I wanna be a part of it too Shreya.. (both Shreya and Ishaan smiled at each other and got back to work)

~ Men's Universe ~

Jiya:You mean she came here just to break up with you?? How decent of her..
Raj:How could you even side her, Jiya?? Complimenting her in addition to that, huh??
Jiya:At least a girl has got the guts to do it straight to your face..imagine the endless number of times you would have done to the numerous models, designers and the hotshots you must have dated..(saw Raj pausing) Come on, itz nothing different, is it now??
Bhaskar:Heyy, did anyone see Armaan anywhere?? No?? Thanks.. (was on the phone with Mayank) No Mayank, he's not here..I'm not sure about Bharti's whereabouts either..I'll get back if I find out anything.. (hung up and left from there and Jiya followed him)
Raj:Bharti is unreachable?? That means Niharika's concerns were not unfounded?? Oh God!!(rushed from there and bumped into Mahi once again, annoying her to the core)Mahi, Bharti's missing!!(Mahi and Sonali were stunned by his revelation but they kept their files by his desk and brought him away from there to the staff lounge)
Mahi:Raj,care to explain what the heck is happening??I mean,both of us are so dumbstruck by whatever that has been happening for days..We are deeply concerned for our colleagues, especially you, Armaan and Jiya..
Raj:For starters, Armaan has strangely accepted a job promotion in UK..
Sonali:You aren't happy for him?
Raj:Of course I'm happy for him..More than ever..Itz like finally he's taking a golden chance to heart!!Thatz not the point..He's acting so strange nowadays..Like he has been super cool with Bharti and both of them are now talking, as though nothing drastic had happened between them..And he has also been talking to Niharika..
Sonali:Someone's jealous??
Raj:I'm not, not now..We have so called broken up.mBut according to her, it wasn't a breakup for there had been nothing between us at all..
Mahi: OMG!!!
Raj:Yep, I'm single..All over again and I feel really different this time!! My singleton status had never bothered me so much till now..But I guess itz meant to be, since I took a step so as not to complicate matters between us since she is Mayank's sister..
Sonali:So much for screwing your first ever serious relationship that you could have taken to the next level..Mahi, why are all guys the same??
Raj:Anyways, worst news of all, Bharti's missing!! She is unreachable and God knows where she is..I tried her uni friends but they haven't seen her today for her coaching classes either..I'm gonna go and find her but please don't tell Jiya anything about Bharti..She is one puzzle I have to seriously figure out soon..Bye girls.. (left from there)
Sonali:From the way he was uttering everything, we should have asked him about Project M3, yaar..
Mahi:Stop it, Sonu..I'm worried for Raj!! But Bharti?? All of a sudden, she's missing??

~Radio Station~

Payal was desperately trying to reach Bharti but she was still unreachable.She couldn't fathom why her best friend was ditching her now.She very well knew that Bharti would have reached San Diego by now but why wasn't Bharti picking up her calls??

She slammed her eyes shut in frustration.Just then, she was startled by Armaan who had knocked on her cabin door.It has been a while since she's seen Armaan but she wasn't ready for embracing this visit of his now.She recollected Bharti's instructions clearly,"Not a word to Armaan or anyone regarding my trip to SD" and she was pretty damn sure that Armaan might have questions for her; he always does!! She straightened her hair and went forward to open the door and welcomed Armaan with open arms.


Mahi:Hi Shreya..Is Mayank around?
Shreya:No, in fact, he has been gone for a few hours for now, with Niharika..He was tensed!!
Mahi:(wondered to herself) Maybe he's angered by Niharika's and Raj's relation? No, that doesn't make any sense for he could have stormed into Raj's cabin and hammered him, big time!! Maybe he went in search of Bharti..Yeah, probably... (looked at Shreya) Hey, could I borrow your mobile? I think I left it at my cabin..
Shreya:Sure..(Mahi dialled Mayank's number)
Mahi:(murmured) Pick up, Mayank..Pick up!!(waited) Hello??
Mayank:Shreya? Don't tell me this is something trivial..I can't come to the office right now...
Mahi:It's Mahi...I'm actually calling from Shreya's mobile..Where are you now?
Mayank:Why, Mahi? Look, I have an urgent work so I can't really talk..
Mahi:Yes you will.. (went to a corner) For this is pertaining Bharti..I want to know that she's ok..
Mayank:Look, I'm searching for her but I have had no luck as of yet..She hasn't been to her university as usual..I have tried Naina's art school and Payal but she is not picking up her phone either..I'm at a dead end now!!
Mahi:Try Payal..She must know something while let me ask Bhaskar!! I'll call you soon.. (hung up and deleted her last call history before handing the mobile to Shreya and left from there)
Ishaan:Something is up, Shreya..
Shreya:Ditto..Something is surely amiss!!

Armaan:Payal, itz been a while, na??
Payal:Yeahh..(tried to sound as calm as possible)
Armaan:Why are you so tensed??
Payal:Tensed?? Nope, not at all!!
Armaan:So tell me..
Payal:What?You tell me..Bhaskar told me about your big promotion and all, hmm??
Armaan:Yeh Bhaskar bhi na..Itz nothing like a big promotion, k? I'm just, you know, relocating to a new branch of MU in UK..
Payal:In that case, we might probably meet up often since I will have to leave Mumbai too with Bhaskar...
Armaan:You don't sound too upbeat about it, Payal..
Payal:Well, of course itz a big shift now..I have to leave my RJ job and especially Bharti to be with Bhaskar there...Itz easy for him but I will have to start all over from UK now..No choice, Armaan!!
Armaan:You two are so close, na?? Like her and Radhika??
Payal:Not as close as them but yes, we are intimate buddies..She's a total gem, no matter how much messed-up she can be..
Armaan:Wow..You can accept her flaws just like that..
Payal:Excuse me, you're talking about my best friend here...What flaws are we discussing here??
Armaan:Well, like how adamant she can be at certain aspects of her life..The way she goes beyond extreme for her close pals, to get justice for them if anything were to have gone awry..Do you think she would go to any extent to seek revenge against anyone who would dare harm her close pals??
Payal:Armaan, what are you even trying to imply???
Armaan:Looks like you don't know your best friend after all..(Payal glared at Armaan, as if he had just screwed up with her brains)


Thursday, September 11, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 306~

Payal:Anything for you, Bharti...But..
Bharti:Ok I've gotta go..Will call you when I reach there, k??(Payal nodded and sent them off with wavering thoughts while heading back to her radio station)

Ishaan:Hey, u alright? Why did he come by?
Shreya:You know, I broke up with him so that he would take the right step and be with Bharti, for God's sake!! It just pissed me off that he's thinking of taking a job promotion and running away to UK..Now he wants me to pretend everything's fine till he's gone and organize a surprise farewell party for him..
Ishaan:He closed the chapter on you as well as Bharti?? That's just so strange..Why is he making it so difficult for himself after a relatively easy breakup with you?? Don't you smell something??
Shreya:I do but he's just impossible, I tell you..(headed off to have a quick lunch with Ishaan without a clue that Niharika had overheard them both and without further ado, she rushed to Men's Universe to meet Raj)

~Men's Universe~

She rushed inside, heading towards the foyer after avoiding Jenny.Her eyes skimmed through the room and just then, she froze upon seeing Raj in front of her.
Raj passed his file and was chattering away with Mahi when she pointed towards Niharika.He couldn't believe his eyes.He was meeting her after quite some time and all he could think of was Armaan's moments with her and his earlier advice to him to not give up on his feelings for her, just because of an identity he couldn't forget about.He excused himself and progressed towards her with great stride, and without caring about anything, he held her hand and brought her to his cabin.She was taken aback by his gesture as he locked his cabin door.

Raj:Itz been a while..
Niharika:Sure, a long while..But that's not what I'm here about..Do you know where Bharti is?
Raj:Bharti? She doesn't work here, Niharika..In fact, why are you even bothering?Your brother just..
Niharika:Raj, I'm not interested in your sarcasm or accusation on Mayank..Sure, what he did was wrong but I'm not here to justify him either..Look, I couldn't reach her on her mobile and I thought maybe she might have contacted you, Armaan or someone..
Raj:Ok..You seem quite tensed..Have a glass of water and sit down.. (she sat down) She didn't tell me anything whatsoever so that basically means I have no clue of her whereabouts..Great, she's not picking up..(hung up after trying to call Bharti) This is one habit of hers which I so get pissed off..She's never answering when she is needed the most!!
Niharika:It's ok, I'm sorry if I have bothered you..Maybe I should just leave..
Raj:Wait, Niharika..Tell me what the matter is..Why are you so tensed?
Niharika:I don't think there lies an intimacy between us that actually makes me want to tell you..Just let it be!!
Raj:Wait, Nihar..I'm really sorry that I had acted like a jerk way before..In fact, I believe Armaan must have mentioned it to you as well but I'm really sorry..I just didn't want to create a new rift in Bharti's and Mayank's friendship..Bharti does mean a lot to me and I don't wish to ruin the friendship that I share with her and...I really do like you a lot, hence that's another reason why I had kept my feelings for you all these while..
Niharika:What makes you think that I came here for an actual explanation or even a justification from you for your behaviour, Raj? Like I said, I came here looking for Bharti, not to talk about "us".In fact, now that you have mentioned it, I'm only glad that you've opened my eyes to the reality of the situation.You need not talk about the past for there could never have been an "us" in the equation of the feelings that you or I harbour.I would term it as an impossible attraction that we must have felt at the beginning , something which could not have lasted in any way.Bye, Raj!!(unlocked his cabin)
Raj:Wait a sec; whoa,that's it? You're breaking up??
Niharika:Raj, oh God, there is nothing between us to even consider it a break up.Come on, be practical and move on, k?? I'll find out about Bharti on my own.. (left from there)
Raj:Nihar..Damn it!! How could she just come and leave like that..She..(bumped into Mahi as he opened his cabin door, dropping her files)Sorry!!
Mahi:Raj..(saw him storming off to the staff lounge and headed to his cabin to put the file comprising of the photo collages designed by her and Sonali) What is this?(flipped through a thick file) Miniatures of this fall..A photographer's lens to the inside world of fashion..(just then she heard a loud thud and quickly slammed the file before she turned around)
Raj:Mahi, what are you doing here?
Mahi:Came to give you the collage designs you asked for..Is everything ok?
Raj:Yeah, great designs!!
Mahi:I meant you and Niharika..
Raj:Don't even mention her name..All of a sudden, she just decided she has got nothing to do with me..She came here looking to get Bharti's whereabouts from me..Hah, like I know where she is nowadays..
Mahi:You do know that you're talking to me, hmm??
Raj:Mahi, I'm..I just need time alone, k?
Mahi:Yeah, I get that from our colleagues these days so no worries.. (left from there)


Mayank was engrossed in his work, such that he didn't even realize the presence of Niharika.Just then, Gaurav called him on his mobile and he answered, without even glancing at the name of the caller.Niharila instantly disconnected the call and garnered her brother's attention.

Mayank:What..(voice mellowed down) Nihu? ? What brings you here?
Niharika:Can I seriously kill you?? First, you create a drama, not coming to Trends for days and today, out of nowhere, you were missing from home..Then, you engross yourself in piles of irrelevant files here..Couldn't you have told me something at least?? Do you even know how worked out I was??
Niharika:Yeah you are..Mayu,get a grip, please!! I don't want history to repeat itself like what had happened six years back..Right now, I'm here for you..Back then, I wasn't so please help me and yourself!!Mayu!!!
Mayank:Nihar, I... (she felt his eyes soften with remorse and pain) I just want to see Bharti..I miss her so much!!(Niharika started to cry and hugged Mayank) What happened??
Niharika:I tried asking Raj, and even Armaan and Payal..No one has a clue to where she is..She is not even answering my calls..
Mayank:What??? Where could she have gone to??(both of them withdrew from their hug and looked blankly at each other)