Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, September 11, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 306~

Payal:Anything for you, Bharti...But..
Bharti:Ok I've gotta go..Will call you when I reach there, k??(Payal nodded and sent them off with wavering thoughts while heading back to her radio station)

Ishaan:Hey, u alright? Why did he come by?
Shreya:You know, I broke up with him so that he would take the right step and be with Bharti, for God's sake!! It just pissed me off that he's thinking of taking a job promotion and running away to UK..Now he wants me to pretend everything's fine till he's gone and organize a surprise farewell party for him..
Ishaan:He closed the chapter on you as well as Bharti?? That's just so strange..Why is he making it so difficult for himself after a relatively easy breakup with you?? Don't you smell something??
Shreya:I do but he's just impossible, I tell you..(headed off to have a quick lunch with Ishaan without a clue that Niharika had overheard them both and without further ado, she rushed to Men's Universe to meet Raj)

~Men's Universe~

She rushed inside, heading towards the foyer after avoiding Jenny.Her eyes skimmed through the room and just then, she froze upon seeing Raj in front of her.
Raj passed his file and was chattering away with Mahi when she pointed towards Niharika.He couldn't believe his eyes.He was meeting her after quite some time and all he could think of was Armaan's moments with her and his earlier advice to him to not give up on his feelings for her, just because of an identity he couldn't forget about.He excused himself and progressed towards her with great stride, and without caring about anything, he held her hand and brought her to his cabin.She was taken aback by his gesture as he locked his cabin door.

Raj:Itz been a while..
Niharika:Sure, a long while..But that's not what I'm here about..Do you know where Bharti is?
Raj:Bharti? She doesn't work here, Niharika..In fact, why are you even bothering?Your brother just..
Niharika:Raj, I'm not interested in your sarcasm or accusation on Mayank..Sure, what he did was wrong but I'm not here to justify him either..Look, I couldn't reach her on her mobile and I thought maybe she might have contacted you, Armaan or someone..
Raj:Ok..You seem quite tensed..Have a glass of water and sit down.. (she sat down) She didn't tell me anything whatsoever so that basically means I have no clue of her whereabouts..Great, she's not picking up..(hung up after trying to call Bharti) This is one habit of hers which I so get pissed off..She's never answering when she is needed the most!!
Niharika:It's ok, I'm sorry if I have bothered you..Maybe I should just leave..
Raj:Wait, Niharika..Tell me what the matter is..Why are you so tensed?
Niharika:I don't think there lies an intimacy between us that actually makes me want to tell you..Just let it be!!
Raj:Wait, Nihar..I'm really sorry that I had acted like a jerk way before..In fact, I believe Armaan must have mentioned it to you as well but I'm really sorry..I just didn't want to create a new rift in Bharti's and Mayank's friendship..Bharti does mean a lot to me and I don't wish to ruin the friendship that I share with her and...I really do like you a lot, hence that's another reason why I had kept my feelings for you all these while..
Niharika:What makes you think that I came here for an actual explanation or even a justification from you for your behaviour, Raj? Like I said, I came here looking for Bharti, not to talk about "us".In fact, now that you have mentioned it, I'm only glad that you've opened my eyes to the reality of the situation.You need not talk about the past for there could never have been an "us" in the equation of the feelings that you or I harbour.I would term it as an impossible attraction that we must have felt at the beginning , something which could not have lasted in any way.Bye, Raj!!(unlocked his cabin)
Raj:Wait a sec; whoa,that's it? You're breaking up??
Niharika:Raj, oh God, there is nothing between us to even consider it a break up.Come on, be practical and move on, k?? I'll find out about Bharti on my own.. (left from there)
Raj:Nihar..Damn it!! How could she just come and leave like that..She..(bumped into Mahi as he opened his cabin door, dropping her files)Sorry!!
Mahi:Raj..(saw him storming off to the staff lounge and headed to his cabin to put the file comprising of the photo collages designed by her and Sonali) What is this?(flipped through a thick file) Miniatures of this fall..A photographer's lens to the inside world of fashion..(just then she heard a loud thud and quickly slammed the file before she turned around)
Raj:Mahi, what are you doing here?
Mahi:Came to give you the collage designs you asked for..Is everything ok?
Raj:Yeah, great designs!!
Mahi:I meant you and Niharika..
Raj:Don't even mention her name..All of a sudden, she just decided she has got nothing to do with me..She came here looking to get Bharti's whereabouts from me..Hah, like I know where she is nowadays..
Mahi:You do know that you're talking to me, hmm??
Raj:Mahi, I'm..I just need time alone, k?
Mahi:Yeah, I get that from our colleagues these days so no worries.. (left from there)


Mayank was engrossed in his work, such that he didn't even realize the presence of Niharika.Just then, Gaurav called him on his mobile and he answered, without even glancing at the name of the caller.Niharila instantly disconnected the call and garnered her brother's attention.

Mayank:What..(voice mellowed down) Nihu? ? What brings you here?
Niharika:Can I seriously kill you?? First, you create a drama, not coming to Trends for days and today, out of nowhere, you were missing from home..Then, you engross yourself in piles of irrelevant files here..Couldn't you have told me something at least?? Do you even know how worked out I was??
Niharika:Yeah you are..Mayu,get a grip, please!! I don't want history to repeat itself like what had happened six years back..Right now, I'm here for you..Back then, I wasn't so please help me and yourself!!Mayu!!!
Mayank:Nihar, I... (she felt his eyes soften with remorse and pain) I just want to see Bharti..I miss her so much!!(Niharika started to cry and hugged Mayank) What happened??
Niharika:I tried asking Raj, and even Armaan and Payal..No one has a clue to where she is..She is not even answering my calls..
Mayank:What??? Where could she have gone to??(both of them withdrew from their hug and looked blankly at each other)

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