Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, September 21, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 307~

Mayank:Nihar, I... (she felt his eyes soften with remorse and pain) I just want to see Bharti..I miss her so much!!(Niharika started to cry and hugged Mayank) What happened??
Niharika:I tried asking Raj, and even Armaan and Payal..No one has a clue to where she is..She is not even answering my calls..
Mayank:What??? Where could she have gone to??(both of them withdrew from their hug and looked blankly at each other)Ok, stop crying..We need a plan!! Wait, what if she's at her university?? Maybe she just isn't picking up her mobile..She has that habit!! Come with me..
Ash:Sir.. (Mayank and Niharika just ignored her and dashed from there) Ok, that's not meant to be funny..(saw Shreya and Ishaan stifling their grins and she went away from Mayank's cabin)
Ishaan:Now, that's cool from Mayank sir..
Shreya:Sure it was..By the way, did you notice something? Mayank sir had come to the office after a couple of days..That surely doesn't make sense at all, considering how much of a workaholic he is..
Ishaan:That is due to firing Bharti..I mean, her resignation has surely impacted him...Guess he must have had big plans for her after all..
Shreya:Bharti..That name just seems to be resonating in my ears today..Personally and professionally!!Anyways, just let it be..Let's get back to work..Hey, you'll help me with the farewell party, right?
Ishaan:You seriously are sure you wanna go ahead with this??
Shreya:Yeah, this might be the last thing that he's gonna ask me to do...Plus, I wanna have a special farewell, an end to our chapter rather than a stupid breakup!! It'll do good to both of us to start anew..
Ishaan:If it's that important to you, I wanna be a part of it too Shreya.. (both Shreya and Ishaan smiled at each other and got back to work)

~ Men's Universe ~

Jiya:You mean she came here just to break up with you?? How decent of her..
Raj:How could you even side her, Jiya?? Complimenting her in addition to that, huh??
Jiya:At least a girl has got the guts to do it straight to your face..imagine the endless number of times you would have done to the numerous models, designers and the hotshots you must have dated..(saw Raj pausing) Come on, itz nothing different, is it now??
Bhaskar:Heyy, did anyone see Armaan anywhere?? No?? Thanks.. (was on the phone with Mayank) No Mayank, he's not here..I'm not sure about Bharti's whereabouts either..I'll get back if I find out anything.. (hung up and left from there and Jiya followed him)
Raj:Bharti is unreachable?? That means Niharika's concerns were not unfounded?? Oh God!!(rushed from there and bumped into Mahi once again, annoying her to the core)Mahi, Bharti's missing!!(Mahi and Sonali were stunned by his revelation but they kept their files by his desk and brought him away from there to the staff lounge)
Mahi:Raj,care to explain what the heck is happening??I mean,both of us are so dumbstruck by whatever that has been happening for days..We are deeply concerned for our colleagues, especially you, Armaan and Jiya..
Raj:For starters, Armaan has strangely accepted a job promotion in UK..
Sonali:You aren't happy for him?
Raj:Of course I'm happy for him..More than ever..Itz like finally he's taking a golden chance to heart!!Thatz not the point..He's acting so strange nowadays..Like he has been super cool with Bharti and both of them are now talking, as though nothing drastic had happened between them..And he has also been talking to Niharika..
Sonali:Someone's jealous??
Raj:I'm not, not now..We have so called broken up.mBut according to her, it wasn't a breakup for there had been nothing between us at all..
Mahi: OMG!!!
Raj:Yep, I'm single..All over again and I feel really different this time!! My singleton status had never bothered me so much till now..But I guess itz meant to be, since I took a step so as not to complicate matters between us since she is Mayank's sister..
Sonali:So much for screwing your first ever serious relationship that you could have taken to the next level..Mahi, why are all guys the same??
Raj:Anyways, worst news of all, Bharti's missing!! She is unreachable and God knows where she is..I tried her uni friends but they haven't seen her today for her coaching classes either..I'm gonna go and find her but please don't tell Jiya anything about Bharti..She is one puzzle I have to seriously figure out soon..Bye girls.. (left from there)
Sonali:From the way he was uttering everything, we should have asked him about Project M3, yaar..
Mahi:Stop it, Sonu..I'm worried for Raj!! But Bharti?? All of a sudden, she's missing??

~Radio Station~

Payal was desperately trying to reach Bharti but she was still unreachable.She couldn't fathom why her best friend was ditching her now.She very well knew that Bharti would have reached San Diego by now but why wasn't Bharti picking up her calls??

She slammed her eyes shut in frustration.Just then, she was startled by Armaan who had knocked on her cabin door.It has been a while since she's seen Armaan but she wasn't ready for embracing this visit of his now.She recollected Bharti's instructions clearly,"Not a word to Armaan or anyone regarding my trip to SD" and she was pretty damn sure that Armaan might have questions for her; he always does!! She straightened her hair and went forward to open the door and welcomed Armaan with open arms.


Mahi:Hi Shreya..Is Mayank around?
Shreya:No, in fact, he has been gone for a few hours for now, with Niharika..He was tensed!!
Mahi:(wondered to herself) Maybe he's angered by Niharika's and Raj's relation? No, that doesn't make any sense for he could have stormed into Raj's cabin and hammered him, big time!! Maybe he went in search of Bharti..Yeah, probably... (looked at Shreya) Hey, could I borrow your mobile? I think I left it at my cabin..
Shreya:Sure..(Mahi dialled Mayank's number)
Mahi:(murmured) Pick up, Mayank..Pick up!!(waited) Hello??
Mayank:Shreya? Don't tell me this is something trivial..I can't come to the office right now...
Mahi:It's Mahi...I'm actually calling from Shreya's mobile..Where are you now?
Mayank:Why, Mahi? Look, I have an urgent work so I can't really talk..
Mahi:Yes you will.. (went to a corner) For this is pertaining Bharti..I want to know that she's ok..
Mayank:Look, I'm searching for her but I have had no luck as of yet..She hasn't been to her university as usual..I have tried Naina's art school and Payal but she is not picking up her phone either..I'm at a dead end now!!
Mahi:Try Payal..She must know something while let me ask Bhaskar!! I'll call you soon.. (hung up and deleted her last call history before handing the mobile to Shreya and left from there)
Ishaan:Something is up, Shreya..
Shreya:Ditto..Something is surely amiss!!

Armaan:Payal, itz been a while, na??
Payal:Yeahh..(tried to sound as calm as possible)
Armaan:Why are you so tensed??
Payal:Tensed?? Nope, not at all!!
Armaan:So tell me..
Payal:What?You tell me..Bhaskar told me about your big promotion and all, hmm??
Armaan:Yeh Bhaskar bhi na..Itz nothing like a big promotion, k? I'm just, you know, relocating to a new branch of MU in UK..
Payal:In that case, we might probably meet up often since I will have to leave Mumbai too with Bhaskar...
Armaan:You don't sound too upbeat about it, Payal..
Payal:Well, of course itz a big shift now..I have to leave my RJ job and especially Bharti to be with Bhaskar there...Itz easy for him but I will have to start all over from UK now..No choice, Armaan!!
Armaan:You two are so close, na?? Like her and Radhika??
Payal:Not as close as them but yes, we are intimate buddies..She's a total gem, no matter how much messed-up she can be..
Armaan:Wow..You can accept her flaws just like that..
Payal:Excuse me, you're talking about my best friend here...What flaws are we discussing here??
Armaan:Well, like how adamant she can be at certain aspects of her life..The way she goes beyond extreme for her close pals, to get justice for them if anything were to have gone awry..Do you think she would go to any extent to seek revenge against anyone who would dare harm her close pals??
Payal:Armaan, what are you even trying to imply???
Armaan:Looks like you don't know your best friend after all..(Payal glared at Armaan, as if he had just screwed up with her brains)


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