Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 308~

Payal:Armaan, what are you even trying to imply???
Armaan:Looks like you don't know your best friend after all..(Payal glared at Armaan, as if he had just screwed up with her brains)
Payal:Who do you think you're talking to, Armaan?(wondered to herself) He's sure as hell trying to instigate me to reveal Bharti's whereabouts..
Armaan:(smiled to himself) This is the perfect way to stop Bharti from her craziness..Payal will do the honours since she's practically unaware of her friend's laid out plans..(looked at Payal) I know Bharti is missing, Payal..You know her whereabouts, don't you?(Payal just looked straight into his eyes) But you know what? I don't give a damn of where she is..(Payal widened her eyes slightly in relative surprise) Itz my duty as a good friend of your's to remind you what kind of secrets she's keeping from you..(Payal recollected that Bharti wanted to tell her stuff but insisted on saying so, only at the right time; Armaan knew he was sucking her into his words and she was slowly giving him the right to engulf her) She told me about her dark secret..About her devious plot to seek revenge for her best friend's death which she and Mayank had witnessed before their eyes..
Payal:I don't believe you!! You're merely doing this to get me to reveal her location..
Armaan:I'm not, Payal..(told Payal about Gaurav and how Radhika had died and even how Bharti wanted him to support her but he didn't) I am approaching you because I know very well that you can stop her and her obsession!! I don't want her to fall into murky waters which will only bring her close to her own destruction!!

Payal was dumbfounded and speechless.She couldn't grasp the fact that Bharti was not the friend she and Bhaskar knew. She was shocked to hear the facts from Armaan that perhaps Bharti had possibly come to Mumbai to find Radhika's killer.There was only one thing she couldn't understand.Why her and Bhaskar? Why was she using them for her benefit?? All these while, she had been using them and what about Armaan and his family??

Payal:I need to go..Excuse me!!(left from there and went home straight away)
Armaan:Mera kaam toh filhaal ho gaya..I'm sorry Bharti, but I had to do this before leaving you..You may hate me for doing this but I'm only doing this for you and only you!!

3 Days Later

Bharti landed at Mumbai airport.All by herself.She knew she had not picked up Payal's or Bhaskar's calls.They will be probably mad at her yet again but she knew she did the right thing for her darling Naina.She had to put her actions past her now and focus on only Gaurav.She called up Gaurav to meet her at his home.

Gaurav:Mayank, you can handle the other investors and stakeholders from here..I've gotta go!!
Mayank:Excuse me?? You organized this whole set up and now you're leaving?? All of a sudden? Who was it??
Gaurav:A highly personal call..Mayank, I will have to go for an hour or two but I will be back soon!! I promise..(left from there)
Kitna sawaal karta hai Mayank?? Baap re..
Hey Shreya..
Shreya:Hi Gaurav..
Gaurav:Hi...Listen, I need a big favour from you..Chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye, Mayank ko kisi bhi tarha 4 baje tak thaal dena..I've got a hot date now..Sshh, itz a secret, k?(Shreya smiled and agreed instantly)

Gaurav picked up his red suit and bought a gift hamper for his lady love, Bharti.He couldn't believe that she would come over to his place straight from the airport.Just then, it hit him.Naina could also be there with her and he was getting so excited for no reason after all.He got some chocolates for Naina on his way as well before getting into his Jaguar.

While driving, it slightly pricked his conscience, thinking of his audacity in trying to impress Radhika's best friend.The very same girl whose death he couldn't avert and seemed very much inevitable.Just then, he applied the brakes hard enough to avert an accident which could have been caused by him, to a dog which was crossing the road unexpectedly. He was really tensed as flashes of Radhika's death kept coming back at him to haunt him.He could have easily averted Radhika's death, preventing it from occurring, just like the accident a few moments back.He calmed himself down, taking a few deep, long breaths and smiled as he continued driving, just thinking about Bharti.

Her short tresses, her eyes and her ever confident and empowering attitude towards life regardless of the harsh circumstances she must have had to face.Having parked his car at home, he adjusted his hair and took the gift bag for Bharti.He was quite shocked to see Bharti by herself.Not accompanied by Naina!!

Bharti saw his car and stood up, smiling widely.Gaurav hid his gift hamper behind as he reached next to her.

Gaurav:Heyy, where were you?? I mean, Mayank was dead worried for you as you weren't picking up his calls and all...
Bharti:What's that behind you??
Bharti:(held his hand and slowly brought it before him and looked at him intently)Wow, hamper?? From someone special, hmm??
Gaurav:Why are we talking here?? Come in..(thought to himself while unlocking the door) Iss ladki ka kya karoo?? Itna bhi nahin samajh sakhi ki yeh khaas kar uske liye hai?? Bata nahin Armaan ne kaise dosti aur pyaar nibhaane ki koshish kiya tha itne waqt tak...(invited Bharti inside and placed the gift hamper aside)
Bharti:You have a lovely home..
Gaurav:I think I have invited you over a couple of times but alas..You always had excuses of your own..Waise, where's Naina??
Bharti:(averted his question) Well, you know what? I didn't come here to dwell you in my matters..
Gaurav:Oh really?? So what is your true intention behind your visit tonight??
Bharti:Well, if you put it that way..(observed the hamper and decided to open it up to take the bottle of vodka) May I, Gaurav??
Gaurav:Sure but let me help you...
Bharti:Hmm yes of course..

While Bharti held the intoxicating bottle, Gaurav took out two new wine glasses from his cupboard.Bharti thanked him and opened the bottle, splashing a small amount, directly aiming at his eyes out of fun.Gaurav loved Bharti's enthusiasm but he went to clean himself a bit in his washroom while she poured the drinks out.

After a great conversation with Gaurav, she realized that he was getting more and more tipsy.She enjoyed her drink to the fullest as she watched Gaurav laying his head on her shoulder.Bharti smiled wickedly as she imagined her plot to be implemented.

You have no idea what I'm about to do to you, Mr Gaurav..You have no idea at all!!!(She smiled as she looked at the perfect tools laid before her)

Bharti turned her mobile to silent mode and began her work as she began to set up the stage for Gaurav who laid very much inebriated and unconscious of Bharti's vicious thoughts.

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