Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 309~

Bharti smiled wickedly as she imagined her plot to be implemented.

You have no idea what I'm about to do to you, Mr Gaurav..You have no idea at all!!!(She smiled as she looked at the perfect tools laid before her)

Bharti turned her mobile to silent mode and began her work as she began to set up the stage for Gaurav who laid very much inebriated and unconscious of Bharti's vicious thoughts.

~5 Days Later~

Bharti knew that her mates,Sanjana and Alisha were looking out for her.Despite the excuse she gave to them both about her calling in sick,she knew that it wasn't going to work.Hence she started to treat her home as a miniature version of a sick girl,staying alone at home.Beginning with disheveled mattresses and bedspreads to stocking up of Panadol pills on the table top adjacent to the sofa in her living room,she lied down with a thick,velvety bedsheet.She smiled,satisfied with the whole setting she had created.

After some time,she switched off  the TV set and attended her mobile.She knew she couldn't hide from Mayank forever,hence she conversed with him.

Bharti:Hey Mayu..Kaise ho?
Mayank:Margaya tha..Tumhe kya lagta hai,huh???Tumhe andaaza bhi hai ki main kitna pareshaan tha??Itna bhi nahin hua tujhse ke tum mujhe phone karo aur yeh bataao ki mere galti kya tha,huh??
Bharti:Kyun itna senti ho raha hai tu??Main bas thode din se bhimaar thi aur kuch nahin...
Mayank:Bhimaar??Main bas abhi aa raha hoon..
Bharti:Shut up,Mayu..Issi liye tumse main kuch nahin kehti...Tum theekh tarha se Trends nahin jaate ho aur mujhe sunna padh tha hai...Nihu kitni pareshaan hai yàar..Uske baarein mein bhi toh soch,Mayu!!Sab cheez mere baarein mein nahin hoti hai...Hum dono kareebi dost hai lekin tum mujhe aise treat kar rahe ho jaise main koi bachi hoon aur main apne aap ko sambhaal nahin sakti hoon..Itz really sick,Mayu..
Mayank:Uff Bharti...Ab main tumhe kya samjhaao??Jabse tumne Trends ki naukri chodi hai,main bas itna khoya khoya sa rehne laga hoon...I'm just not myself!!Aur upar se,Trends ki atmosphere aaj kal bohat zyaada tension mein hai...Aur bata nahin yeh Gaurav kaha chala gaya hai..5 din se lagaatar phone kar raha hoon lekin woh hai ke phone nahin uthaa raha hai...Arre,agar woh kisi ladki ke saath busy hai,toh woh kam se kam mujhe message bhejta tha pehle lekin iss baar...Bata nahin kaha margaya hai...
Bharti:Tumne kahin yeh toh nahin bhool gaya ki tumne shayad kisi kaam se usse baahar bheja tha,hmm??
Mayank:Nahin yaar..Shreya bhi mujhe bataa rahi thi ki woh keh raha tha ki 5 din pehle usse keh raha tha ki woh shaam tak busy hai aur kuch nahin..
Bharti:Well,i'm so sorry i can't help you in this,Mayu...
Mayank:Bharti,i need your help..Maybe he might pick up your calls..You did know he was going gaga over you for some time??
Mayank:Arre yaar...Usne kaafi luksaan kar chuka hai Trends ke liye aur ab bohat saare stakeholders sawaal pooche jaa rahe hai..I mean,you can try to help me,na...Warna mujhe Trends ko bechna padega...
Bharti:Mayu,don't do anything stupid out of haste,please....Main kuch karne ki koshish karti hoon...Par ek shart par!!
Mayank:Mujhe har shart manzoor hai...Bolo!!
Bharti:Tumhe Radhika ki kasam..How did you get close to Gaurav and how did he become the stakeholder of Trends??I want the answer from you,not now but after my attempt at finding out where Gaurav is,k??
Mayank:Bharti,yeh sab achanak..(heard an engaged tone on the other end;Bharti had hung up)

Bharti couldn't risk telling Mayank the entire truth about Gaurav's missing scenario.That was definitely not what she had planned in mind.She will plant her calls to his mobile for sure,for maybe the whole day but only to seek answers from Mayank,who clearly had some deep explaining to do about Gaurav.Until then,she planned on keeping Gaurav where she has hid him,away from his home.

Armaan had just received the news about Bharti's sickness via Mahi who had pestered him for details.Mahi felt strange that Armaan wasn't reacting at all to her news.

Armaan:What,Mahi?She's just sick..She'll get better soon...
Mahi:You're not worried..Guess everything is so different now,eh??
Armaan:Yes Mahi,everything has changed!!She is changed and so am I and do you know why??I'm so elated to actually head to London for the promotional job which Jiya and Bhaskar had worked so hard for,ok???
Mahi:That doesn't give you any right to shout at me in anger,Armaan...If you don't want to go,just don't go...Itz that simple!!Don't you give me that attitude..(Mahi left from there instantly)

Armaan:(inhaled and exhaled,calming himself down)I don't even know what I'm doing..She is just so unbelievable..Everyone,inluding me,have been looking for her but no,not a word..She can tell me about her journal or even Radhika but not about her disappearance for the last 5 days..(recalled how he clearly told her that he wouldn't support her in her mission)Is she punishing me for not being supportive??


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